Zhan Long Chapter 1205

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After the new edition renews, as if NPC also knows that the status of player, recognized we from the different world „strange people", were blessed by the temple, cannot kill.


System System Notification: You received the SSS level ultra master line duty 【Found truth】!

Task definition: The one person alone enters the Hybrid Demon territory, found purgatory purple, verifies her life experience, but you must be careful, the disposition of wearing became exceptionally cruel, and side has a substantial number of Hybrid Demon masters to protect her secretly, if you died in battle, then the duty will be defeated voluntarily, after verifying the truth, replies to give Frost, you will obtain very rich reward!

„Li Xiao Yao."

Frost stands before my body, very earnest saying: „Allowed you to enter Hybrid Demon too to be perhaps dangerous, I will send 10 Dragon Rider gentlemen to shield you in the upper air, once the bitter experience to any mishap, you can initiate the keenly blowing as warning, the Dragon Rider gentlemen will shield you."

My partition window has a look in outside wind and snow the form that practices the controlling dragon flight Dragon Rider gentleman, cannot bear say with a smile: „Ok, the life of Dragon Rider gentleman is so precious, do not take risk, I can handle, you wait for me to come back here and that's the end."

„Um, earlier comes back, if not really able to wear close, that do not approach." In the Frost eye gushes out a hesitation, said: „Is great we then to fight to the death with the Hybrid Demon territory!"

I deeply inspire: „No need, my this!"

Turned around to leave the gate of administrative hall, closed later has a look outside wind and snow, actually in also heard the sound that transmitted child Queen Shu: „Frost, you should not hesitate, you have hesitated, can not hate to let the true status that Li Xiao Yao verifies to wear, you must understand that the general situation is more important than individual safety, I know your treasuring Li Xiao Yao how, but something must do by him."

The Frost sound is forceful: „This certainly is last time, after I let his one person alone braves hardships and dangers, have such matter again, anyone of you do not urge me, otherwise I am impolite!"

Child, Seurre: „Knew, you calmly, the good and evil you are Long Yu wielding, cannot be so impulsive."

Frost: „Not."

Both feet takeoffs slowly, revolves ice wings, I am quietly entered in the wind and snow, turns on the duty map, the duty has pointed out greatly slightly the direction that wore is , seems the storm abyss direction, her possession was sealed in the scarlet mountain range, but truly has not remained behind the scarlet mountain range, but patrols in the Hybrid Demon territory, this is also more suitable this Hybrid Demon army commander-in-chief the status.

A person moves, simple quickly.

Breaks through the wind and snow, enters the blood original, afterward from the sky passing over gently and swiftly spirit rope way, but actually saw that Dragon's den armed soldier of one crowd from dragon territory is transporting various types of commodities to bustle about by the abyss, they in the reconstruction spirit rope way, do not build this spirit rope way, Long Yu is unable the army to arrive at the Hybrid Demon territory.

Increases speed the peak, the whole person just likes meteor has delimited the horizon.

Flew for nearly 30 minutes, arrives in Asura, present cultivation Loshan vanished does not see, what replaces it is a piece of flame abyss, innumerable white souls in abyss purgatory miserable howling unceasingly, but in the both sides of abyss, then there is a substantial number, wears the death mage of blood robe in lifting up high the scepter, in the mouth recited the incantation that I could not be understanding.

They are building up these captured player soul, the player who although died in battle resurrected, but they should also know that their shadow keeps here by the suffering.

Regarding these, I am helpless, the vision institute and place, the non- distant place of death mage was Asura of being ready in full battle array rides the square formation, here probably guarded has surpassed thousand Asura to ride, I may absolutely not have the interest to dispute with them, moreover rode the lighting the lamps corpse ghost who beside also had makes me dread except for Asura, their Shi Dengli spirit flowered insect was the nightmares of all peak players, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and player of Enchanted Painting this level could not undergo several spirit colored insect knocking, my definitely also having no interest list selected these mighty force here.

Continues to proceed to fly, proceeded again is the scarlet mountain range.

Present scarlet mountain range already different in those days, the entire mountain range no longer is the scarlet, but has filled the green jungle, among the jungle was living a leader ancient times beast of prey, faint can also see the player to shuttle back and forth, killed to gain the empirical value and equipment from the ancient times ominous beast, these people were the player in seven luminaries city, the Indian.

Because the player joins the Hybrid Demon regiment system, the Hybrid Demon territory as if also opened much „back door" to them, unexpectedly stored up these ominous beasts to make the player kill in the mountain ranges to obtain the promotion experience, this made me somewhat worry slightly, after the Indian server obtained the seven luminaries city, the strength was replying rapidly, although the clear pupil developed black ink to pledge me, third and fourth country will fight her not to participate, can her words all believe really? In any event, my this Tian Ling Empire holds the spear and [Zhan Long] Guildmaster to make some countermeasures greatly.

Again shortly afterward, has flown over scarlet mountain range, proceeding is a piece of length and breadth plain, a piece was flooding the death and frightened plain, but in the end of plain was the storm abyss, this map was away from our Tian Ling Empire too to be really far, probably also took about one -and-a-half hours at my flying speed, here distance iron skull city and Ze deep pool city relatively was actually nearer.


By far the wicked beast that on the plain a leader corner flood moves Lei Guang exudes to roar to airborne me, was a pity that I fly am very high, they cannot project on my, in this time, front airborne was presenting dense one piece suddenly, seems the wings demon appearance, when close storm abyss, they have alerted in the surrounding!


Fights the boots to tread the air, suddenly a booklet to increasing speed, the whole person pen non-stop flew to the upper air, entered in the dark cloud, at present is unable to see clearly things outside several rice, all „radar" flew depending on system map, thinks that the wings demon definitely could not see me in cloud layer, this can avoid them smoothly.

Also I have ability of flight luckily, will otherwise march forward from the ground is discovered in any event.

Flies again for about a half minute, already was in the storm abyss airborne, this abyss I more than once had come, the present storm abyss was bigger, and has completely realized the militarizing management, the original several corridors had made a connection completely, bottom of all around circuit continuous nonstop abyss of abyss, on the circuit is a Hybrid Demon army piece by piece, as well as spawning place, forging furnace, blood pond and other small maps.

Bottom of the abyss, the storm sweeps across the roaring flame to ascend together slowly, direct impact airborne I, an unendurable flame strength heads on, wears, under of this abyss?

Carefully observed storm abyss several minutes, seeks for the way that I can enter repeatedly, kills to be not quite realistic directly, the monster on storm abyss circuit were too many, had not seen that wore fears me to dismember a body, directly words that from airborne flew, probably did not demonstrate, in the abyss the crowds of wings demons opened the wings to circle around the flame column.

Considers repeatedly, finally determined that I can enter the storm abyss bottom way only following abyss center ascension, but the flame column enters, although the central temperature possibly burns my half dead, but the flame column at least several meters radius, the length at least several kilometers, inside are the roaring flame, is almost not transparent, goes nonstop to the cloud layer, if I enter following the flame column from the cloud layer, could avoid monster along the way, arrives in the site that wears directly, this is also quite more realistic, although extremely in boldness, once had problems possibly on a narrow escape.

However, thinks take risks like this, I become somewhat am instead excited, has the challenge to be interesting!

Again toward the forward flight about hundred meters, was entering in the cloud layer in the flame column of screw rotation, this was the direction that I must set out, were not many thinks that opened [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] Armor to crash in the flame column, when my body wrapped by the roaring flame, thick smoke and hurricane, the feeling that one type almost suffocated transmitted, HP also fiercely was dropping simultaneously, probably fell 10,000 blood every second high and low, my total HP was thousand, in addition the [Cleansing Rain] technique, returned to the blood effect, most can stop over for 120 seconds in the flame column, cannot hesitate, embarks!


The body in the ignition of roaring flame, cannot bear exude one stuffily, but I have not stayed, both feet step on treads void, the whole person caught up to dive, in the roaring flame and storm are almost unable to open the eye, can only narrow the eye to proceed speedily to fly, what coming was the death flame column storm, blew my behind overlord cape flap flap to make noise, as if wanted to melt general my armor, the whole person looked like a fish of swimming against the stream, going all out downward was flying.

Each inch skin under the ignition of flame, in the HP fierce drop, I hurriedly fills next health potion , to continue to pay close attention to the blood strip, once HP were insufficient, if necessary on the body of opening not extinguishing!

Meanwhile, I also note, I in flame column „adverse current, but under", but one crowd of Hybrid Demon armies on storm abyss in-line circuit actually as if „ignoring" to me general, has not noted my moth of this fire-fighting, is still bustling about own matter, some in the boil flesh, some are swallowing the animal bones, some at the mutual duel, are busy forgets oneself.




HP are getting fewer and fewer, I also almost breathed am about to stop, continued to clench teeth to go against is making the heat wave that the human is unable to endure clash forward, but the base of closer storm abyss, storm even more intense, the wind blade edge that storms formed also started to form the injury to the body, making my HP rate of descent quicker!

7. seconds a [Cleansing Rain] technique, thousand HP, as if has become my straw to grasp, but the dual injuries of storm and roaring flame probably consume my near thousand HP every second, soon could not support as before.

Again downward, has almost been able to see the storm abyss the place bottom core, there, a giant and blood red eye is seeing clearly all in abyss, but in the pupil of eye grows energies, formed the fountainhead of storm and death roaring flame, downward can see that again was similar to the thing of diaphragm, penetrated this energy diaphragm to avoid the storm and roaring flame, entered the storm abyss most bottom!

„Clang clang!"

The double sword comes out of the sheath, I put together the completely final strength to clash suddenly, the double sword cut to strike swiftly and fiercely!

„Bang bang bang"

The energy spatters in all directions surges, the energy diaphragm was chopped one by me stiffly cavity about one meter radius, but I not hesitant flushed!

Zhan Long Chapter 1205

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