Zhan Long Chapter 1206

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Breaks through „diaphragm", I raised the two handle god bright sharp knife blade to enter the base of storm abyss, at present lets the flame and storm that the human is unable to endure vanishes instantaneously does not see, displacing truly together the light beam that projected from the heaven falls into the boundless darkness, I looked up, only saw that fierce big eye was stirring the storm and flame, made me realize that this big eye was the energy storage of storm abyss, because it formed such one to be similar to the terrain of energy funnel.

Flew following the light beam, flew approximately for nearly 10 minutes, the skylight discarding above a main hall, that is the main hall that the blue stone brick paves, simple, but **, the main hall surroundings are standing sword Armor bright military, looks are dignified, if not corners of the mouth corruption slightly, I even think that these people are not the dead souls, but is the live person.

But I drop from the clouds, the wings opens, suddenly the feelings of some heaven being near angels, naturally, I to do not think attentively weakly really one are the angel, I am a player, comes to here is to seek to wear.

As if has not noted me in space, in the ground one group of military are practicing diligently.

Grasps the old man of walking stick, the beard and hair is all white, the one side of trembling arriving main hall, said with the old sound: „This is the fourth selection, becomes the demon palace guards looked today's has fought, Zhao Jin, you to fighting Xu Yan, who can win, who can obtain side the great honor that wearing your highness holds the post to guard!"

Two military walked, grasps the long sword to bow, said: „Yes, elder!"

Xu Yan?

My whole body trembles, wasn't this crazy Lei Jun's once commanding? Is the country is utterly loyal in Fan Shu City died in battle, how to appear here? Looks at the appearance, truly is Xu Yan, was he resurrected into the dead souls soldier?

It seems like truly was this, Xu Yan once was also the department audiences who wore, now is competing to wear the great honor of near body guard with another dead?

Moral nature even more heavy, who this is, if the real Tian Ling Empire little princess wears, why she does not go to Tian Ling Empire to look for me, why will mobilize the army to slaughter the Tian Ling Empire player? Certainly is not, this person possibly is not wears.

In the field, Xu Yan and Zhao Jin two people have fought with all might in the same place, the feat of arms collision burst out the roaring flame and incorruptible, the entire main hall slightly is also shivering because of the fights of these two people, I fix the eyes on to look, Xu Yan feat of arms as if compares living time nearly strove? Carefully looked that discovered that Xu Yan is two star god general officer levels BOSS, but Zhao Jin will be a star god, this no wonder, but after Xu Yan died in battle, unexpectedly the strength will not fall instead rises, this many will make people somewhat be hard to approve.

After several rounds, a Xu Yan advance cuts to strike, immediately that Zhao Jin drops down slowly, the nape of the neck place presented a bloodstain, the body collapses to disperse into pile of rotten hashed meat suddenly, Xu Yan sneers, the bending down body is gnawing the flesh and blood of match, buys to change into oneself to use his part of strengths.

„Xu Yansheng!"

The elder is raising staff , to continue to say with the old sound: „Zhao Jin Jingzhong duty, died, he is an honourable person, what a pity, he did not have the qualifications to become guarding of your highness! Continue, met to meet Wang Chao by Qin Xiong, a person that in you determined the final outcome may also become demon palace guard who wore your highness!"

Another two BOSS level military also fight with all might in the same place, I understood finally, here is one compared with the practice grounds, moreover is a god level compared with the practice grounds, in this main hall is standing all people are star-level BOSS, fearful, in the purgatory like this selects the talented person? Must know that BOSS of god general officer level is rare in Tian Ling Empire, entire palace guard not over 5 people, but in this small main hall has over 20 god level BOSS unexpectedly, was too fearful!


Qin Xiong Axe flood Lei Guang, was shining the surrounding all, under one of the match time selected to cut ingeniously, his Axe by the Georgian parry came, to let go to fly!


Brings Lei Guang Axe to dash to me, but I am hurried am sideways to evade, but dozens god level BOSS in ground saw me, Xu Yangeng is one recognizes me, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Is commanding Li Xiao Yao of Tian Ling Empire palace guard, will he arrive in the purgatory? On, kills him together, takes his head to take undeserved credit to your highness!"

Xu Yan jumps, the long sword belt the flame is dividing to me.

Once defeated, I naturally cannot pay attention, let alone he is only two star gods!

Occupies a commanding position, under my double sword raises to press together, „bang" flame spatters in all directions, under the heavy pressure must back up directly the hit Xu Yanhong above the main hall, the blue stone was shattered, this demon palace guards is really also distressed enough, but several other god level BOSS also flushed, I cannot a person select that many people only , can only in the riches and honor danger ask, dives directly, directly soars that elder, captures the ringleader first!


The Zheng of butterfly with doing above will be calling the sword air/Qi sound, started 7 times to cut to strike instantaneously swiftly and fiercely, performs to scold above staff of this elder, but the elder is the five-star god, but as if did not plan that with appearance that I battled, raised staff with the aid of instead to shake the strength to draw back dozens meters continually, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Li Xiao Yao, what do you come to storm purgatory to make?"

I am built on same place, ice wing fan slightly, said: „Leads me to see to wear."

„Sees your highness?"

Long on shameless passed over gently and swiftly heterochrosis, said with a smile: „You want to see to wear your highness, for what?"

„Because she is my old friend."

„, Right?" The elders show a faint smile, lift the hand saying: „Audiences, will stop attacking, this person must see to wear your highness, since this, that obsolete led him to see your highness to be good, you continued to stay here to select the demon palace guard, Xu Yan, Wang Chao, you were selected in the demon palace guard, with me together, sending under custody Li Xiao Yao to go to the demon palace to see your highness."

„Yes!" Two two star god level BOSS respectful holds the fist in the other hand to acknowledge.

In this purgatory was too dark, I then lift the arm, holds up the butterfly high, the ray of five-star magical instrument shines a about 10 meters range, lets me to obtain some precious fields of vision.

Nearby the corridor along main hall walked for nearly 10 minutes, proceeding is black sea, I cannot bear say: „What is this?"

„The sea of death." The elder corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Holds the spear not to come the ghostdom greatly, thinks that hasn't seen this sea? Careful, do not fall down, even if otherwise had the exceedingly high skill to be also beyond redemption!"

I frown to have a look, indeed, including the sea water is the black, turns in mighty waves that wells up face of faintly visible calling out, looked like the ghost that sought for the scapegoat is the same, falls down perhaps really died, but I, since came not to fear death but actually, so long as can see to wear, basically my duty has been accomplished, now what I most want to know, this was Tian Ling Empire?

The elders lift staff, the acme of barrier in the nighttime sky flood the blue ray, simultaneously he also loudly shouts: „One-eyed, ferries quickly, the guest came!"

The distant place, a pale yellow small lamp was slowly near, was one swings the person of small boat to come, really be only an eye, a fierce eye, the rickets the body was bending down in the stern, the elder embarked immediately, I also stepped the deck, simultaneously gained ground to have a look at the sky, as if shadows from the sky passed over gently and swiftly, what was that?

„Do not look." The elders ponder visits me, said with a smile: „Holds Ge Ke not to try to enter the sky greatly, otherwise your fate beyond redemption will be more miserable."

I: „"

Unexpectedly had been threatened by NPC, this taste does not feel better, but this had the suggestion of threat expression I to accept with pleasure, stubborn of not needing donkey temperament, in this place, the smart person can live for a long time.

The small boat dragged slowly in the sea of death, this ferry nearly 20 minutes, the distant place has transmitted the dim light finally, shortly after proceeded again, finally was brilliantly illuminated, the innumerable lanterns were hanging by the path, the front was a quite palatial palace, was almost equally matched with the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, but the guards were some deads, and distant can see that some lighting the lamps corpse ghosts were in the garden You Yi, these lighting the lamps corpse ghosts to the player was the symbol of death, but to Hybrid Demon, the lighting the lamps corpse ghost probably with delivering express similar, ignored.

„Holds the spear greatly, don't you want to see your highness? Comes with me!" The elders show a faint smile.

I disembark with him slowly, proceeds following the track, corpse ghost who the both sides fiercely roar, the step of elder is slow, I do not worry, step by step.

Walked for several minutes, finally entered this palace.

Is being ready in full battle array demon palace rides all the way everywhere, just here demon palace rides no longer is 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, but was promoted 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the attribute violent increased much, the skill also strengthened, these wear the branch of the services that trained in the purgatory? Wears before death is a girl of being competent, after dying, has such achievement as before, as if I early should think.

One crowd of Pandemonium ride to me glower, as if momentarily planned that rips the smashing me.

Endured with great difficulty entered the road in main hall, the stair of first-level level went nonstop to hundred meters high main hall, when I stepped the main hall unexpectedly has had an illusion, was here the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace?

Obviously some superficial elephants, but real actually missed were too many, was built on by the main hall was not the civil and military hundred officers, dead but who whole bodies covered entirely the livor mortis, but has swept one, I was secret the heart startled, in this small main hall, 12 five-star god level BOSS , 30 + four star god level BOSS, let out completely can definitely cause the worldwide chaos!

And, highest is also not five-star god level BOSS, two king level BOSS!

On the throne of command, an exquisite fine form sits there, is throwing over the blood red cape, a handle long sword slanting by near her leg . Moreover, the front of this woman is embroidering a very striking golden mark, that is the Tian Ling Empire symbol!

Zhan Long Chapter 1206

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