Zhan Long Chapter 1207

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Is this person wears really? She has with wearing the common figure, has all makings of wearing, and accessories of clothes with wearing exactly the same, do I also hold true by thinking this woman am not wear?

But if, she wears , can also sitting safely here?

Even if at heart 10,000 question marks, but I have stood here, the glory can not I go to think much.

Commands the one side of throne, the Hybrid Demon king who wears the flame mail-armor and helmet stands there, the hand is grasping a handle golden color long sword, Hybrid Demon king [Judgement] who is listed 7 th!

In body of [Judgement] not livor mortis, does not have what corrupt sign, BOSS of genuine king level does not have slight defect that their statures tended to be perfect, this [Judgement] about 30 -year-old high and low appearance, an imposing healthy tendency of face, naturally, this should be the false appearance, a face imposing person will not stand there.

„Hey, boy!"

[Judgement] looks to me, lets somebody cool off or calm down says with a smile: „Were you scared? Sees to wear your highness, why ritual of not the good worshipping on bended knees?"

I use the equally ice-cold sound saying: „I know that this person is not wears!"


Sat woman on command throne lifts the hand to lift the cape, immediately a beautiful cheek appears in me at present, the voice and face smiling face, in the woman who in my mind cannot circle, who wasn't wears can be?

„You" my words choke up all of a sudden in the throat, does not know that said anything was good.

Wears visits me with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, you said actually that I am not wear, who am I?"

Standing that I had nothing to say in reply there.

In wears stands up, shakes hand the pointed weapons, lets somebody cool off or calm down says with a smile: „Good deed that Li Xiao Yao, you do, I entrust the palace guard and empire to you, making you assist two emperor brother government day plume empires well, finally you have made anything, your illicit intercourse Seurre has killed my two emperor brothers unexpectedly, then brought in the northern barbarian to enter Tian Ling Empire, what was more hateful was you assists that barbarian's son shallow Rinden to get up the throne unexpectedly!"

In her eye gushes out boundless angry and disappointment, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you disappointed me, I am these that wanted you to do? Tian Ling Empire had been ruined by your one, the bloodlines of imperial family already no longer pure, but your this despicable power secretly for win the throne of empire marshal, made that many to be unfair to my matter, you told me, the throne of this empire marshal, did you sit do not think such as the point in the back?"

I stand there silently, was worn a series of words to ask feels like a knife twisting in the heart, yes, I do what is?

[Judgement] Jie Jie laughs, seemed ridiculing my distress.

Several seconds later, suddenly I gained ground, an eye becomes limpid, looks at present, said: „All that I made in the past think to have a clear conscience, dies in his clinging to authority, succeeding to the throne of shallow forest can let the empire long-term peace and good government, can cut off truly to watch for the idea of imperial throne, the internal disorder and foreign invasion, I have defended the day of plume empire with a conscience, and turned into three from one empire main city, I have a clear conscience, but you, are not wear radically!"

Wears stares, corners of the mouth reappearing smiling face: „I am not wear, who is?"

I smile lightly: „Wears passes on my Saint day jue, wants me to give priority to the world, how such woman will support the soldier to be self-possessed in the purgatory, how to take sacrificing the life chooses the demon palace guard as the price, how also to train that many Hybrid Demon armies to threaten the safety in seven big kingdoms, you are not wear, you do not match her name!"

Wears stands up suddenly, in the eye full is the spunk, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Li Xiao Yao, what thing you are, do you dare to question me? Told you, you come here not to live today, I will make you die here!"

Saying, her was jumping suddenly , the left hand area pulled out the family background side sharp sword, personal appearance such as electricity arrived in front of me, before I resisted turned around to strike, the sword blade edge chopped in my front, carried over thousand + the injury digit, the good pain, this was only the injury of ordinary attack!

Is suppressing the ache, I prick in the butterfly sword her arms rapidly, turned the hand a buckle, the sword hilt covered her sword hilt, simultaneously did the sword makes an effort to strike, almost notch completely my full strength hit forward, „bang" will wear hits left same place, layer on layer hit with me together on nearby stone column, the dust rustle sprinkled, the entire palace also position slightly trembled, I looked straight ahead her look, the anger am exclaiming: „Who you are, which did you wearing get so far as? You are not wear, you at all are not wear!"

In her eye is bringing light teasing, said: „No, I am wear, hee hee, besides me, but also who can be wears? You come, feels my breath, feels my hug, feels my human body, you will discover that I am wear, my whole body does not have one is not wears, but"

She presses aggressively in my front, suddenly put out a hand to refer to own chest, the demon said: „Just here is not wears, this heart, is my, ha"

On my shoulder transmits the fierce ache, is the attack of [Judgement], fell 200 000 + HP.

Wears continues to visit me, the pretty face becomes fierce, Ha Ha said with a smile: „You asked that which I got so far as your went, I can tell you now, I have swallowed her, Ha Ha, the old lady has swallowed this small **, what no matter I she were what empire princess, I only know that this leather bag let me to attract the talented people in many ghosts to be adopted by us, come, Li Xiao Yao, you were the snow and ice goddess Frost disciple, weren't you very strong? Cuts open my chest, casts off this heart, you can drive away the body of wearing me, do you want your? Ha Ha, has killed me, making you obtain princess of a having no interest, how is it?"

Is facing her crazed, I will erupt [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo suddenly, the bracing cold will wear to shake rapidly, simultaneously will mobilize the abdomen that will ride the wind to cut the bang in wearing, will blow out a series of injuries at the same time, carried on the back and encounters has struck, the order [Judgement] attack of [Judgement] was too strong, in an instant polished my HP, player could a flesh and blood, how possibly withstand the collaboration attacks of two demon god level Hybrid Demon kings?

Sobs, at present one bright, hung.

However has chosen in same place rebirth, under the overlord rebirth effect promoted 30% entire attributes, the defensive power also violent to increase much, turned round is [Tempest Sword] + 3 times attacks the bang to draw back [Judgement].

Transmits the tepid feeling, wears opens the snow white arm to grasp me unexpectedly, the steam was saying with a smile near my ear: „Li Xiao Yao, don't you want to feel to wear princess's body? She is a princess, doesn't the princess of descendant of the imperial family, you want to hold? Come, I in you, so long as you take an oath to give loyalty to me, I make you hold me."

I am angry, the both arms shake to hit her suddenly, is sideways is an attractive side kicks, tramples her continually to draw back several steps, gets angry: „The body that shame like this do not wear, your this despicable devil, tumbled out the body that wore!"

She actually and does not care, stands up slowly, raises the long sword to say with a smile: „What's wrong, do you that treasure her body? Ha, Li Xiao Yao, will your this ordinary people understand that type joyfully? You do not want me not to relate, have this perfect body, I can recruit more god level powerhouse, I can wait upon in their crotches persuasively, I can make them enjoy my each inch flesh, this body for me is only a human body, what kind, vitality? Come, massacres me, does not massacre me, I make [Judgement] enjoy this body tonight, making him fully enjoy to be overwhelmed with emotion the taste of eclipse bone!"

[Judgement] is raising the golden long sword, said with a smile lightly: „Wears, did your agree make me probably recompense finally to look?"

Wears sneers: „Premise is, you can massacre this Tian Ling Empire held the spear to say greatly again! So long as removes this person, Tian Ling Empire numerous regiments command definitely meet the internal strife to be unceasing, when the time comes our cavalry soldiers trample flat Tian Ling Empire simply are easy as pie, on, massacres Li Xiao Yao with me together, making his soul forever stay in the storm purgatory!"

Looks to wear, my aggrieved in the extreme, the tears almost fell, this time, what I can make, what can I achieve to protect once that empire princess?

About hundred star-level BOSS flushed together, various skill connection, even if my resistance has promoted 30%, but HP rapidly falls, stuffy snort fell once more first-level, choice same place resurrecting, I do not dare dead in battle as before, if dies here, the overlord coverall will be very likely to fall one, the uneven words, my many efforts were in vain!

Must clash, here can only die!

Has promoted 60% attributes, the flying speed also violent increased, I turned around am a [Tempest Sword] anxious spin bang kill, twist to break to pieces the war armor of many Hybrid Demon commander, escaped, but [Judgement] and wore the keenly blowing to kill, they killed me to feel at ease assuredly.

On the face of [Judgement] full is just, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Empire holds the spear greatly, do not walk, accepts just [Judgement]!"

I am burning with anger, this so-called just [Judgement], after [Judgement] ends me, again in the body that on the bed „[Judgement]" does wear?


The [Ice Domain] effect frozen was occupied by many people, I already ran out of the main hall, although behind also with dozens people, but flushed as before, goes to the ferry to go back?

Not was too possible, that one-eyed person certainly will not ferry first me, next, the ferry is too slow, may be killed on the ship. That can only fly from the space, is this airborne giant shadow, what are these?

Steels one's heart, shoots up to the sky, flies!

No matter these are anything, spells to try also to fly!


Ices the wing outbreak, the whole person changed into ices the color advantage arrow to fire into the sky together.

„Jie Jie"

Airborne hears the crying out strangely sound, my rashly raises the sword directly is [Tempest Sword], the flame of airborne eruption makes me see the present all, that was one has the monsters of innumerable tentacle, did not have the face, only then filled the big mouth of innumerable advantage tooth, looked like extremely fearsome, 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, thousand strange!

Zhan Long Chapter 1207

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