Zhan Long Chapter 1210

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The attack of Pearl is very no doubt painful, but I will not die because of the attack of Pearl, after 150% entire attributes promote, the resistant enhancement is not little, was king level BOSS cannot large scale broken defend, but the [Cleansing Rain] technique, drank the health potion returning blood effect actually significantly to promote, occasionally started one time to attack [Drain] to the spirit umbrella insect again, basically will not have hung.

However my heart even more is agitated, because a mysterious strength is approaching rapidly, moreover is an overwhelming strength, even if this air/Qi field I have not realized on the body of Frost.


„Buzz humming sound......"

Entire earth in shivering, but I am in the underground, unceasing upward impact excavation, surrounding soil and rock layer after was chopped by my Jianfeng has divided unexpectedly starts to have the giant crack, obviously in the storm abyss domain started the earthquake, but the fountainhead of this earthquake is not I, but is blood deep pool dark blue billows peerless sovereign!

Pearl is in hot pursuit, but I also unceasingly examine the map, was getting more and more near from the surface, the aura of dark blue billows is also getting more and more rich, that is a pure dark aura, making people feel to suffocate.

100 meters and 50 meters and 10 meters!

Is getting more and more near from the ground, I almost am furiously with my body and pointed weapons in the fierce hit surface soil, here did not have the rock layer, the soil is moist, unearths to be simple, simultaneously turns around to look that Pearl is concentrating on the purple thunder to attack me with the long sword as before, but my HP already less than 20%.


At present a dazzling ray, has emerged as the times require suddenly finally, a front surface demon palace rides the rush to come, my without hesitation direct one time rides the wind to cut the bang on his body, turns round a time [Combo] skill to fall on another spirit umbrella insect again, directly HP attracting, turned around completely, the Pearl sword blade edge pricked my chest!


It is painful, I look at the Pearl simple and beautiful appearance, did not speak, lifts the hand held her to shake the hand of sword hilt, strength suddenly to increase its arm counter- buckle holds in my arms, thousand frost wings started, rise straight from the ground, bringing Pearl to fire into the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction, even if Pearl were king level BOSS my attribute were too but strong at this time, the strength value was much higher, keeps her from struggling unexpectedly.

„Lets loose me, your this sediment!"

She was roaring angrily, both arms horizontal, the whole body is only swallowed immediately by the purple thunder, but I must grasp her to by the purple thunder be killed, the whole body transmitted the strong burningly painful feeling, Pearl was demon Wu Shuangxiu, the pure purple thunder of magic attack hits too to be really painful, was not good, this has not brought back to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den I possibly to be electrocuted her.

Also at this moment, bottom deep place broadcasts the sound that is full of dignifiedly actually brooks no intervention suddenly: „Boy, lets loose her, otherwise I make you lifelong regret the storm abyss!"

Is the blood deep pool dark blue billows, the dark blue billows Great Emperor in legend!

I hold Pearl speedily upwardly to fly, from the ground about 100 meters place, the bird's eye view gets down, the southern plain of discovery storm abyss is actually shivering, next quarter „bang" a startled day bang, how many li (0.5km) long earth caved in suddenly together, is not right, is not the collapse, but was all soils is changed into the powder pink / white by the dark strength directly, that stretch of earth turned into an abyss unexpectedly directly, can the strength of dark blue billows destroy the material completely?

Quite fearful!


Electric lights are glittering in the abyss, a form the abyss that from just formed reappears slowly, that is a whole body covers the person in black mail-armor and helmet, throws over the scarlet cloak, in the hand is grasping a handle lance, the head has not even worn the iron helmet, a brief and hair of outstanding ability drags in the cape slightly, but his face also makes me quite astonished, the blood deep pool dark blue billows in legend I original think that is a monster, has not actually thought that unexpectedly is a 25 -year-old high and low youth image, leads some in the extreme, just. On the face is bringing the vicious tendencies and affected the overall impression fiercely, otherwise such BOSS certainly will become in the heart of young girl player the idol.


Not far away, broadcasts a sound unexpectedly, I turn the head to look, is a player, moreover is the [Hero's Mound] acquaintance, Ji did Yuan, this assassin rush to here to come?

„Hey, ants?"

The dark blue billows look at my arms straightly Pearl, said with a smile: „Lets loose female who I most have a high opinion, Pearl belongs to the Hybrid Demon territory, is not you, lets loose her, I will bestow your entire corpse!"

I am grasping butterfly sword as before, is threading up the Pearl nape of the neck, said: „Puts P, Pearl belongs to Tian Ling Empire, you have swallowed her soul, but also wants to continue to enslave her mortal body?"

The dark blue billows hey smiled: „Do the world all during my control, how I enslave her? The boys, you are just one, you think that you can contend with me really? You think that your Frost goddess can save you? Revives from the fond dream, I do not kill Frost, but gives her Cooldown to enable her to grasp the strength of stars, to facilitate my later swallowing, doesn't your this truth understand?"

On my face as before tranquil, but the moral nature actually shocks, if such as the dark blue billows said, he did have stratagem which ensures success more than enough to Frost? If is really such, Frost was dangerous, because she grasped the strength of stars now, this dark blue billows so self-confident, regarded the cattle that the superior gods raised?

In the dark blue billows hand is grasping the lance is condensing the strength of darkness slowly, black mist linger around the lance, his surroundings presented to be similar to the space crack strength flood move, and what is more, dark blue billows surroundings about 100 meters away formed scarlet to tie, the strength of this knot derived from the body of dark blue billows, as if, did the dark blue billows tie from this scarlet in strengthen the strength?

It seems like that today Pearl could not carry off, now I want to do does not carry off Pearl, but tries this dark blue billows fierce!


Lets go to loosen Pearl suddenly, after she is separated from the immobilization, immediately holds up the sword to counter-attack, some of my early expectations, the knee lifts hits in her abdomen, lifts the left hand, does layer on layer attacks fiercely the sword hilt of sword on her shoulder, rumbles with the sword Pearl non-stop flies goes to the ground, sees Pearl to go far away, I catch up immediately, the whole person changes into together the flowing light direct impact on the dark blue billows!


The breastplate layer on layer hits, in the scarlet ties on, unexpectedly is similar to the hit on the iron wall general, this knot does have certain protective effect unexpectedly?

The double sword brandishes, punctured thoroughly the attack directly several times, directly in tying on makes a gap, jumps to go, the double sword raises, above the sword blade edge is passing the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] gloss, come dark blue billows!

The dark blue billows look up me, in a pair of pupil of outstanding ability is having the ridicule, he lifts the arm suddenly, the lance meets my challenge above the top of the head horizontally!


Spark spatters in all directions, the butterfly + will do will shake the dark blue billows hardly the lance, the sound that bursts out unexpectedly like will be together the infrasonic wave uncomfortable, not far away, Ji Yuanduo will flee like a scared rat the avoidance energy shock-wave in the thick patch of grass, in an extremely difficult situation, has not forgotten to turn head to look that the airborne tactical situation will come the screenshot.

In the both arms transmits a numb feeling, the counter- tension of dark blue billows was too strong, places in the reality to run into such person, it is estimated that my tigers mouth must explode has bled, but after blocking my attack, the smiling face of dark blue billows even more rich, that is one type ridiculed the expression that in addition despises, the lance trembles slightly, horizontally in the front, the dark energy is suddenly turbulent, has formed the links of 7 darkness on the lance instantaneously, said with a smile slightly: „Come, tries my war technique!"


The lance broken wind comes, speed is too fast, I keep off without Fahger am unable to resist, can only have the defense stance, the double sword horizontally in the front, and brings certainly to select the strength that flying square keeps off, but I thought ideally, even if has promoted 150% strengths, I was inferior to the dark blue billows, his lance carried under the arm the strength of rushing is not being humanity can resist, „clang" a double sword was hit, the lance punctured thoroughly my armor directly!


Really was painful enough, the attribute of dark blue billows was higher than Pearl was not little!

Also continues this, the lance links on 7 darkness also change into the continuous shock-wave to attack my body, the ring of each darkness makes the person have the body torn into shreds feeling, the attack probably consumes my 10 thousand HP each time, in a flash, I turned into the remnant blood from the full blood condition, this is only the dark blue billows disposable attack!

This is what attacks?

Under the mind shocks, does to spin an arc to attack from the left sword, the dark blue billows direct lance standard keeps off, but at the same time my butterfly has the arc to shake directly in the left arm of dark blue billows, spatters in all directions 200 000 + the injury, simultaneously I suddenly am sideways, body spin spatial both feet flies to trample two feet continuously, „bang bang" two acoustic shocks the dark blue billows defense is unbalanced.

It seems like that this BOSS attribute no doubt strong, but the wrestle skill is actually well below me, even is also inferior to Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han this level player.

The golden light shoots up to the sky together, I started in the body unbalanced situation of dark blue billows slightly has ridden the wind to cut, did not wait for 15 attacks that rode the wind to cut to fire off, projected on the 8 th attack the time has attracted over 50% HP, then the counter- tension, jumped to retrocede, just liked the kite with broken string same left dark blue billows knot.


At this time, the dark blue billows realized that could not bear says with a smile ferociously: „Your this ants, but also wants to run away?"

In the ground, Ji Yuanti the dagger is looking in consternation I dive to come, said panic-strickenly: „, I passed by, do not take to me the hatred value, I have not thought single Tiaocang the billows!"


The domain pressure of dark blue billows was extremely intense, I turn from the diving flight directly die, stumbles loudly in the thick patch of grass, entered the effect of thick patch of grass technique instantaneously, proposed the double sword half step to fire into the south in the thick patch of grass, there was a piece of jungle, but provided the institute of better escaping for me, but this painstakingly the discipline park, he has raised the dagger also to follow me, but a solemn assassin ran unexpectedly my speed, the face was green: „I depend, my how that cruel fate!?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1210

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