Zhan Long Chapter 1211

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The palm ray of dark blue billows flies high to fall, is having the huge black energy, crushes the form that Ji Yuan ran directly in stretch of ruins, even, did not see to be evaporated the corpse, the golden ring that in the ground only then huge being in charge as in charge rolled, blew out equipment unexpectedly, at the same time, after Ji Yuangua fell, the injury figure flew




I have held breath an cold air/Qi, was I promotes 150% total defenses to be able to bear the attack of dark blue billows, the ordinary attribute player directly by the destiny of second killing, attack power of dark blue billows so was been really high, even if perhaps is Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior attribute is also killed by the direct second?

It seems like that the player of this stage was impossible to challenge first BOSS, went also to bring death.

„Shua Shua Shua!"

In the thick patch of grass, I was mentioning the acme speed, is almost in the thick patch of grass grazes, the thick patch of grass technique surpasses the [Stealth] place lies in concealment, assassin [Stealth] will also possibly be solved by BOSS, but I hide in the thick patch of grass technique actually am the aura completely go into hiding, even if Frost stands before me is also not necessarily able to discover that hides in thick patch of grass me.

The dark blue billows as if could not perceive that my position, standing from the sky roars, raises the lance to shout to clear the way lowly: „Predator, your lazy stinking insects, gives me to go this ants to look, dares to excel at rushing to my imperial palace, courts death simply!"

Continues to run away!


Short one minute, I have passed through half woods, at this moment, the rear area broadcasts bang the sound suddenly, the woods in distant place flew to soar to the heavens the flame suddenly!


The flame soars to the heavens to go, is very scary, the dark blue billows start flame casting a spell unexpectedly, has burnt down half woods, it seems like hated to the marrow of the bones to me, is good has raspberry because of me, when mount, Movement Speed, was fast slow one step perhaps to by the dark blue billows discovery personal appearance!

Looks at the distant place, spirit flowered insects in the jungle sky soaring, in the ground hear bang the hoofbeat, the demon palace ride, the barbaric wolf to ride are chasing down me, even, how many huge forms airborne is also floating, is thousand monster, my goodness, this 9 levels had Hybrid Demon been sent the ground to come up? Perhaps next time will engage in a decisive battle time, these thousand monster will certainly make the players broaden the outlook!

Even, I also saw part of seven luminaries cities the form of player, the Indian have joined unexpectedly also the search, wants to come to be the dark blue billows has issued the duty, therefore these joined the player in Hybrid Demon territory also to receive the message, once massacred me, the reward that obtained decides however will not be few.

Continues forward the terrain flight, ten minutes, I had appeared in a sea area forest edge, proceeds not to turn over to the sea, finally, I left the Hybrid Demon territory, the dark blue billows are concealing at present still one's abilities and biding one's time, should be insufficient, for I do cross do not turn over to the sea to chase down? At least now compares the security.


Sits under a Chinese sweet gum, I deeply inspire, the nerve of whole person also tightened, this time was living luckily, otherwise made the dark blue billows kill one time, my overlord coverall possibly cannot preserve completely, in that case, even if were [Judgement] who massacred the king level is greatly has also owed, was right, after killing [Judgement], blew out one pile of equipment, has not looked to the present!

Moral nature suddenly excited, unties the package hurriedly, is about relations that because kills only, [Judgement] only blows out three equipment to me, heavy armor chest armor, at the same time Zhen's blue war flag, a ring of flickering flood light, looks like as if very good appearance, first looks at the attribute of armor, holds in the hand, is heavy, puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute flutters at present

【Order chest armor】( Magical instrument ★★★★)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 6950

Strength: + 655

Stamina: + 630

Agility: + 625

Magic: + 620

Additional: Promotes user 160% magic defense and 120% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 80000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 140% attack power and 3200 foundation attack power

Special effect: When order, attack revises the attack angle and strength voluntarily, has the enormous probability to form to own superiority

Special effect: Remits sacredly, reduces the 25% injuries of own receiving

Coverall part: Order coverall armor

Introduced: Order, the protectors of three orders, the justice and peace vanguard, this set of order armor obtains various god's blessings, has in the world the most enormous most and powerful healthy tendency, the legend obtains the person of order coverall to obtain the purest bright strength, by one and had the strongest counter-violence strength

Needs Level: 220

Needs the charm: 1100


Unexpectedly is one of the four star magical instrument coverall parts, and seems like first, such came to be able through various triggering duties to collect one set of equipment, such a equipment value simply endured to compare God Tier!

Admits package the order breastplate rapidly, this turns head to have a look to whom, Matcha, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others, Cooldown is also hard to decide to give who is good, when the time comes made their several decide, ROLL or played a finger guessing game, did not injure friendly.

Continues to look, second equipment is a blood red war flag, the war flag class goods I knows that with the goods of shoulder patch class is the same type, is used to strengthen and assist, but the drop rate of this type of goods is very low, generally the player absolutely does not have the opportunity to see, even many player shoulder patch class goods fences are spatial, the clock of my shoulder patch class war, Saint Tier goods, but said that Going out will not lose face, others only astonished visit you: „You have the shoulder patch goods unexpectedly, simply Commander tall Fu!"

[Judgement] is king level BOSS, the war flag class goods that explodes think that won't be bad?

Puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute of this war flag appears before me, really strong!

【The war flag of dragon】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Type: War flag class goods

Strength: + 725

Stamina: + 720

Agility: + 705

Magic: + 700

Effect: After wearing, the friend side goals within surrounding 1000 yards scopes promote 25% attack power and physical defense, and promotes in 1000 yards 400 magic defense of all teammates

Needs Level: 220


The attribute of war flag class goods is very simple, the request is also very simple, request Level, but the attribute is quite good , to promote 25% attacks and resistances, and can also promote teammate 400 magic defense, this point was quite terrifying, so long as the player who under the war flag covers believes that general Mage hit did not move, after all this was the attribute that provided additionally.

On rapid equipment, changes the clock of war.

Continues to look, last equipment is a ring, flood the ring of just gloss, was seeing attribute had a scare me instantaneously, has not thought that unexpectedly left God Tier to me, and is one is suitable my God Tier rank the ring

【The abstention of order conservation】( God Tier)

Strength: + 770

Stamina: + 755

Agility: + 740

Magic: + 735

Additional: Promotes user 175% attack power and 55% attack speed

Additional: Promotes user 120000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user all swords to be the skill 50% attack injury effects

Special effect: When order, attack revises the attack angle and strength voluntarily, has the enormous probability to form to own superiority

Special effect: The conservation, the user receives treatment result to promote 50%, receives in addition to hold the BUFF effect to continue Cooldown to promote 100%

skill: The eternal boundary, provides a domain effect of eternal boundary for the surrounding 1000 yards, in the range the player restores 20% HP every second, and physical defense promotes 150%, attack power promotes 50% , to continue for 10 minutes, consumes 200 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 12 hours

Needs Level: 220

Needs Charm: 1800

Needs Class: Swordsman


This attribute visits me to stare dumbfounded, especially that skill, simply is casting a spell of r-line, will the player who under this corona covers also possibly be massacred? And continues Cooldown is the fearful 10 minutes, basically is invincible!

The eternal boundary, was strong somewhat excessive!

However the request somewhat was also excessive, requesting 1800 Charm not saying that used only once must consume 200 Rage points, after all had equipment of angry promotion special effect too to be really few, my overlord shinguard promoted 100 Rage points one time, was just good enough to use, this also means that I must enter the fight, after gathering the full anger, might use skill of this eternal boundary!

In brief, the abstention of this order conservation truly has had no qualms in the name of God Tier!

Exchanges rapidly, the attribute also had some changes

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Town day Dragon Rider)

Level: 224

Attack: 69875-87200

Defense: 47732

Life: 767520

Magic: 67592

Charm: 2103

CBN Battle Ranking: 2

Title: Broken cauldron male


This is the foundation property panel, has not calculated that 150% comprehensive BUFF effects, the life value have achieved 76 thousand, but in fact, my present life value is 190 thousand, has been able to attempt to challenge any king level BOSS, naturally, the dark blue billows are an exception, I now as before by far am not his match, and zither Ge, Sif several people have not challenged, does not know the victory and defeat geometry.

Moreover the after effect of overlord rebirth is offline, vanished, I am impossible to keep in the game, as for another idea, challenges other king level BOSS with such attribute, considers as finished, was victorious said fortunately that knit the words overlord coverall possibly to blow out 1-2, when the time comes went for wool and came back shorn, instead has become others' laughingstock . Moreover the dark blue billows flew round in the Hybrid Demon territory, I did not plan that touched the mildew head.

Returned to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to assign the duty!


Flies not to turn over to the sea, has been separated from the confinement domain of Hybrid Demon territory, afterward pulls out City Return Scroll to return to the city, cures a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den again.

Just, this duty...... As if I can only account orally, because any duty goods do not have the belt to come back.


In flying snow, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den stands erect in the cold wind.

After stepping into the dragon territory, I skice to the administrative hall quickly, opens the front door saw instantaneously Frost sat from the seat, excited visits me: „You were really living!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1211

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