Zhan Long Chapter 1212

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Red glow, raspberry leaps from my pet space, jumps into the arms of mother, the Zi Shu grinning opening arm supports the daughter, the sentiment of spoiling reveals in speech and appearance.

„What kind , haven't you been injured?" Frost walks to go forward to ask.

Before I arrive at her desk directly sits down, said: „All right, greatly understanding slightly the Hybrid Demon territory exactly what happened."

Nearby Seurre body trembles slightly, said: „Said!"

I nod, said on and on: „This time my one person alone enters the storm abyss, saw Pearl, and can confirm that is Princess Pearl body, but Princess Pearl soul was compressed in the deep place of body, what replaces it is a soul of demon, she has swallowed the Pearl will, is controlling that body, I also saw the dark blue billows!"


A Frost face is shocking: „Dark blue billows he...... You saw unexpectedly the dark blue billows actually can also the whole body draw back......"

I show a faint smile: „Actually is not the whole body draws back, has paid the quite expensive price, the strength of dark blue billows is very strong, at least wants to be stronger than Pearl and zither Ge, Sif, Dahlen these kings."

Queen Zi Shu is stunned: „Sif was very strong, how many compared with her do the dark blue billows strive to excel?"

„Dark blue billows, can hit about 10 Sif." I replied truthfully, in fact, I thought that even if 10 Sif will be also gingerly in front of the dark blue billows, the courage of radically beginning does not have, the pressure of that dark domain is not the general Hybrid Demon commander can withstand.

Queen Zi Shu has opened the small mouth, turns around to have a look at Frost, said: „This is not any good deed, you just had told me yesterday, you can hit 2-3 Sif approximately, now is booing, the dark blue billows can hit 10, you are not his match."

The Frost look is dignified, she may not have Zi Shu to be so relaxed, mutters: „This I already knew, but has not thought that Li Xiao Yao this time went to the storm abyss to draw out the dark blue billows unexpectedly, early knew this, I should not make him go to the storm abyss."

Her meaning is self-evident, dark blue billows were too strong, I am doomed to have not to return, but Frost has underestimated my Movement Speed and escape skill, in situation that in 150% move to the fast promotion, I have the thick patch of grass technique, the surrounding terrain specially is in addition good, therefore ran away assigns, this two were indispensable, otherwise might probably in the Hybrid Demon territory be killed really infinitely, even if had the overlord rebirth, after killing to 1 level, continued the rebirth? Died the time, the drop rate definitely will have the hideaway to promote, perhaps when the time comes the overlord coverall exploded several to cry, if I returned to 0 levels, this absolutely was to the fatal blow of [Zhan Long], does not know that many people are looking at my this CBN second person and [Zhan Long] Guildmaster trend!

„All right, I am all right." Looks at Frost, I comfort smiles, Ji Yuan who remembers the tragic death, then cannot bear say: „If just has next time, I am not certainly willing to face the dark blue billows alone."

Frost sip the red lip, was saying: „Um, I will not make you face him alone."

Saying, her was turning around to look at Zi Shu and Seurre, Odelia, Qing Luo and other cold uncultivated land Dragon's den leaders, said: „Our Dragon Yu developed until now, including the preparation, had over 200 Dragon Rider soldiers and 150,000 regular troops, protected the human homeland, when with a Hybrid Demon war, since the dark blue billows left the den to move at will, that war was not far, in the later day must promote the Dragon Rider soldier and intensity of training and strength of dragon territory army, prepared and Hybrid Demon territory at any time fights to the death!"

Four beautiful women nod together: „Yes, Sir!"

Frost has turned around to visit me, supple smiles: „You are also laborious, this time certain experienced many hard and dangerously, a narrow escape, come, how must give you a benefit."

Hears the benefit, I somewhat slightly was excited, but the next quarter, the system ting broke my daydream


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have completed task 【Found truth】, Has verified Pearl status truth, obtained the following reward: Level + 3, Charm + 75, gold coins + 2000!


Looks at this reward, I smile, Frost was too mean-spirited, Level and Charm give that many, but the gold coin only has given 2000, it seems like Dragon Yu truly was short of money, could not take including many rewards, but was also good, I wanted was also Level and Charm, these two came materially beneficially.

Looks at fingers abstention of God Tier ring between order conservation, is at heart feeling pleased, this time goes to the storm abyss, was killed 5 times, fell 5 levels, but killed strangely, kills BOSS to make me rise 5 levels, has made up to lose, now Frost gives me 3 levels of rewards, trip has not been made in vain . Moreover the the God Tier ring and dragon war flag of were give in vain simply, gained in a big way!

Had a look at Cooldown, 9 points of distance system maintenance to differ less than 10 minutes, I also stayed up late to be so long, should rest, at this time also discovered that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue as before online, it seems like accompanied my one night, and my Level fluctuating time they sent the information I not to have Cooldown to return to me, should comfort.

Replies Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, I have completed the exploration task of Hybrid Demon territory, not too for a long time the system maintenance, have we earlier eaten a thing to rest?"

„Drop", Lin Wan Er reply: „Um, my this offline, you also a bit faster."


Replies one to Dong Cheng Yue again: „East city, offline ate the thing!"

Dong Cheng Yue reply: „You major BOSS do play the rubber ball same pull out the draw off in the Hybrid Demon territory? Sees you to massacre System Announcement of [Judgement], I think really you must be killed to 0 levels, was good, a bit faster offline, drank a milk to rest."

I am speechless: „Drinks a milk?"

„Right, eats a bread, drinks a yogurt to make in the stomach have the thing to rest again, otherwise do you think? Hey, was inferior, if you have this demand......"

Saw that she must play the hoodlum, I said hurriedly: „Did not say that offline!"

Runs away summon system elf offline that also resembles.


After washing the face, goes out of the room, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also successively walks from the room, first was congratulates me to massacre [Judgement], afterward started to closely examine [Judgement] to blow out anything, I then truthfully said with the attribute of war flag of dragon the abstention of order conservation, caused that two female sobbed, God Tier was really too scarce, especially high Level God Tier, simply each was the priceless treasure.

The destiny made in a big way tray of this game, it is said in this game the daily entire server turnover has surpassed 70 hundred million USD, its economic potential could be imagined, but God Tier was few top equipment, caused each God Tier, although was the virtual goods, but the true value might be considered as was truly priceless, my hand will the conservative value of abstention of the order conservation at least achieve 2 ER motherfucker?

2 E is any concept, can purchase a middle-and-small Comercio Square, can buy a SU-27 fighter aircraft.

Is eating the bread, I while said: „3 hours, the transcription system must clear, what situation the transcription terrain of Chinese area is, have you understood?"

„After this must wait for the system maintenance Shua new map, knew." Lin Wan Er is holding the yogurt, the both arms natural pressure on the milk-white bosom, said with a smile: „I heard that Tian Ling Empire domestic transcription map is most complete, has to the S7 transcription from D1, is prepared, but other servers are uncertain, the iron skull city and in Ze deep pool city transcription map is incomplete, some S1-S 7 maps possibly want the cross-domain to hit, is not same."

„Um, that is good, fire Yun City, should Full Moon City within the boundaries have the transcription map?"

„Has, but definitely not entire."

„Um, no matter, we rest first, awoke looked again must hit."



Finished eating early has then rested, in game system maintenance, did not have the matter that any need we worried about, as for the composed design firm, basically entered regularly, Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng respective faction several primary assistants has given the daughter, let the human relations of composed design directly is not general, the business thinks that is not good not to be good, moreover Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female truly were blazing with anger, the work that in the company designed might be called industry-leading, poured has not owed own father.

Approximately is meets Pearl and [Judgement] and dark blue billows the time was extremely tired, I sleep soundly, but the consciousness domain does not have the complete deep sleep as before, even if also extends the intent sea in [Lullaby], at least can induce by my present ability to ultra energy within 10 kilometers, the person but who by my ability, does not surpass the Royal Air scala media does not need to wake up close, the master who after all in this villa also lives in a Tang Qi such Royal Air peak, the common match gave him to solve on the line, otherwise the money of Dong Cheng Yue father flower on was useless.

Waking up time the dark night, around 7 : 00 pm, the chefs have prepared the feast once more, Tang Qi and Qin Wen also at the right moment appeared, has had the supper together, afterward then got online continues to bustle about various matters, the game developed the later period, I was busier, on the one hand the regiment system must worry, on the other hand some [Zhan Long] also many matters needed my own strength to kiss are.

Returns to the room, connects to play.

The system elf is turning the graceful petite physique, reminded me to start to read in the character data.

While this Cooldown, I then turned on the Chinese server homepage of destiny, that finally heaves in sight actually had a scare me, on the large screen of official home page has made a FLASH page unexpectedly, in the dreadful roaring flame, two people in airborne shake mutually, the entire picture fiercely is shivering, and my eyes saw clearly these two people, one dark blue billows Great Emperor who is to grasp the lance and whole body lingering dark strength, is insufferably arrogant, another operates thousand frost wings and double swords to press on dark blue billows lance me unexpectedly, two people are both same the combative appearance., The right of contact surface, is shivering several striking large characters: Comes face to face with an adversary, who can defeat dark blue billows?


This picture was too familiar, should using the effect that the game screenshot of discipline park makes.

Zhan Long Chapter 1212

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