Zhan Long Chapter 1213

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Turns on this FLASH page, immediately connected in the additional red post that the forum topped , the post person was Ji Yuan

【Tops】( Post person: The players record park): The Hybrid Demon territory, witnesses Xiao Yao Zi Zai to challenge the dark blue billows!

Afterward, is the content of post, nothing else but Ji Yuan brave and resourceful across spirit rope way, under the powerful enemy who in the innumerable lighting the lamps corpse ghost and demon palace ride peeps at enters the storm abyss, finally sees the scene of me and dark blue billows war, in addition has me to fight vigorously the Pearl screenshot, especially Pearl launches the purple thunder attack, illuminates the well-illuminated picture the sky, splendid sight!

Has swept a receipt, the receipt number altogether already over 30 thousand, thinks that the players were too bored in Cooldown of system maintenance, this post results in simply red does not make sense, I hurriedly sweep one, summarizes the content of receipt, praising the person of my talented and skilled are bold to account for 25%, said that I have accounted for 25% recklessly, other 30% in sending the micro-signal asked the younger sister paper good friend, remaining 10% in the inquiry discipline park final output, recorded the park naturally not to know that he died in front of me, final 10% were experiences in the water.


At this time, data buffering finished, gets online!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, immediately obtains System Notification, holds contact surface of spear to remind me greatly, 7 minutes, in the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace will have an important meeting, requesting me to participate, naturally, if I online have not regarded as another matter, should not wait for me, the plot in game has its propelling force.

Summon raspberry, stands up from failure to ride Dragon Bei, although raspberry is the beautiful woman dragon, but after is Dragon Shen the daughter, the body is quite huge, and is full of the dignity, when I stand up from failure rides Dragon Bei, has also raised up a blood red war flag, is the effect of war flag of dragon, all patterns that I use now, the surrounding player can enjoy the BUFF effect of war flag of dragon immediately, expressed admiration.

Skices enters the imperial palace, before the gate, guards respectful saluting, I have not said anything, urging raspberry to enter the main hall rapidly, afterward summoned her to enter the pet space, should better not lets her sees by the shallow commanding of forest and each regiment, otherwise extremely in shocking everybody.

„Holds the spear greatly!" A transmitting orders officer pulled the throat roar to call out.

I take a step to enter the main hall, before having arrived directly most the head, stands is being away from the shallow forest recent place, the shallow forest smiles the nod to express best wishes, said: „Li Master, you come!"

I: „Um, your majesty, what happened, will summon the audiences to come together?"


Shallow forest majority of civil and military officials arrived shortly, therefore suspends the robe sleeve, said: „That starts to discuss, the treaty of alliance of highest heaven city, how do you see?"

„What matter is?" I asked.

Opposite, the vault of heaven armed forces command Lin Qiong to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, is this, several days ago the sovereigns in highest heaven city send the special envoy, the request and Tian Ling Empire treaty of alliance, will hunt for Hybrid Demon in the north territory together, they out of office Dragon Clan territory has built a fort, is guarding 1 million armies, hopes that our Tian Ling Empire can also deploy the army to go to assist to battle, subdues northern throughout, annihilates all Hybrid Demon armies."

I knit the brows: „Where this causes, can cut."

The shallow forest is stunned: „Why, Li Master?"

I said: „Is very simple, the dark blue billows went out, and Xinli 7 big commands are the kings, the present Hybrid Demon territory has been flooding massively from the purgatory the devil, we can only defend the counter-attack, if attacks on own initiative, the final fate specially is certainly dreary, the highest heaven city depends fire god Gaia, therefore the corrupt merit advances recklessly builds the fort in the Hybrid Demon territory center, if our Tian Ling Empire army passes together, the fate is mostly same."

The imperial guard commands Situ Xin to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „End will second the motion."

The directly opposite, must Ran Jiebai the wishing sea sneer, said: „I heard that the broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao conduct attitude is discrete, today so is really ordinary, Tian Ling Empire prepares for war, recently from Full Moon City and fire Yun City, Jiu Li City recruitment hundreds of thousands , the total military strength has achieved the audiences of 2 200 000, the casting dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery are innumerable, the officers drill diligently, fight intent to be soaring, such strength also wants unexpectedly passively waits for the Hybrid Demon territory to attack, holds the spear greatly, is the easy and comfortable day passes many, already buckle once fighting spirit?"

I let somebody cool off or calm down visits him, said: „Sea male thought many."

The shallow forest stands up, said: „Li Master, Princess Pearl tomb pit was the victim, this matter can you know?"

„I have seen Pearl, but also saw died in battle later Xu Yan." These words said very lightly, but the military commanders on the scene actually dumbfoundedly.

Flame Dragon Jun commanded the Tantai feather „thump" to swallow a saliva, said: „Held the spear to see the princess greatly really?"

„It is not considered as that sees......"

I somewhat was slightly sigh with emotion, said: „The Pearl body had been occupied secretly, what now is occupying her body is only other evil spirit, but as before maintains Princess Pearl wisdom is being resolute, this is also the adventurer team attacks the Hybrid Demon territory nearly in the whole army has been annihilated reason, in addition the adventurer team has defeated, which the Empire Armed forces go to the frontage to contend can good to go."

A shallow forest face with amazement: „Li Master...... Had you entered the Hybrid Demon territory?"

„Yes." I turn around to look to this young sovereign, said: „I enter the storm abyss, saw Pearl, saw the dark blue billows Great Emperor, almost dies, present Hybrid Demon territory several years ago is much stronger, my suggestion do not dispatch troops to reenforce the fort in highest heaven city, will otherwise possibly bring disaster to our own strengths."

The shallow forest nods: „Shallow forest respectfully follows Li Master military order."

Wish the sea not to be actually glad, said: „Your majesty, the army important matter, how may be decided by a Li Xiao Yao person, he said that what is what, your majesty, the lord of this Tian Ling Empire, is you, is he?"

My heart fire in a stove gets up, the hand according to the waist sword hilt, wished one could a sword to chop this to wish the sea.

Few Master Yang also said: „Yes your majesty, Tian Ling Empire, although supports the soldier several millions, but also after is an empire, we need more allies, the highest heaven city grain and fodder is plentiful, weapon is complete, military strength is abundant, didn't our why forming an alliance highest heaven city, get through this difficult time together? Since holds the spear also to think that greatly the present Hybrid Demon territory is too strong, we should unite, not?"

The navy commanded Qin Yi to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „End seconding the motion few General Master Yang, but also looks at your majesty to consider, Li Xiao Yao commands, although wise, but not necessarily everything can expect enemy in Xian, otherwise the adventurer army will not be routed by this."

This saying said that is the short spear trick that commanded is not glad, iron (spear gun) finger of Qin Yi, said: „What old fogy you said that what relations the adventurer team failure and do Li Xiao Yao have? Do not throw filthy water casually!"

Qin Yinu: „Week commands is also the empire heavy, how can so slander the old man!?"

The shallow forest lifts the hand, fills dignified saying: „Audiences do not quarrel, such being the case, that personally was ordered by orphaned Wang!"

Saying, the shallow forest grasps the sword hilt of waist saber, draws out the long sword, said: „Cannot make the highest heaven city fight single-handedly, but cannot make our too many military strength fall into the Hybrid Demon territory, therefore orphaned Wang Jue decides, by few General Master Yang is the commanding general, leading 13 thousand farm tractor armed forces to go to reenforce . Moreover, hundred is the vice general, leading 12 thousand strong wind from afar armed forces to march together, Tian Ling Empire sets out two big regiment altogether 25 thousand troops, was the treaty of alliance of doing right by highest heaven city sovereign, immediately indicates the troops, instantly, the palace guard is responsible for the grain and fodder sending under custody with the supplies of weapon weapon."

Few Master Yang, hundred hold the fist in the other hand together: „Compliant, your majesty!"

However behind some people shout, impressively is Han Yuan of palace guard, this old boy is not glad, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Strength and theory excellent degree, our palace guard which aspect was inferior that your farm tractor armed forces, why make our palace guards be responsible for the rear service, does this to ship the broken matter of grain and fodder, your majesty, end will refuse to accept!"

I cannot bear somewhat speechless, sound one cold, said: „Han Yuan, shut up, share that here you have not spoken!"

Others' scolding Han Yuan does not show respect for somebody's ability, my such, he immediately the silent did not speak, the one side, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, the palace guard military officers of Xiao severe three big Dragon Rider ranks hey with a smile continued to provoke Han Yuan, the fellow who these anxioused to stir up trouble as if wished one could Han Yuan to be able the top of this palace raising was the same, was really not free from worry.

To the shallow forest, I was holding the fist in the other hand, am full of the apology saying: „Your majesty, Han Yuan violated muddily, but read, in he fought in the fierce merit, do not haggle over him to say a word on error."

The shallow forest loses one's voice to say with a smile: „Li Master, few days ago I consulted the equestrian skill and spearplay to Han general, he is also my half teacher, how the orphaned king will blame with him, and General Han the natural disposition is straightforward, I already knew. This time makes the palace guard be responsible for convoy grain and fodder not appointing at will, what accident once the tactical situation of farm tractor armed forces and strong wind from afar armed forces has, the palace guard must reenforce promptly, this point important Li should Master be clearer than orphaned Wang?"

I am certainly clear, the farm tractor armed forces and strong wind from afar armed forces are doomed are not the matches of Hybrid Demon army, at this time must the palace guard wipe the buttocks, but is also good, at least did not need us to take the lead, since the palace guard recently the recruitment achieved 15 thousand not to continue to increase troops, instead strengthens the training, the present palace guard 15 thousand people, everybody are elite, crossed ten thousand people to have the temple Knight strength, in the strength absolutely was outstanding person under Tian Ling Empire and even the entire day, called „the first under heaven strong soldier" not to be overrated, can save the point to use on the province to use, these 15 thousand were my one's favorite, Slightly some damages can make me love dearly quite a while.

Han deep pool grade of boorish fellow naturally does not understand these, but Xiao severe, summer leaf these two natural disposition discrete combat generals understand my idea.


After my military tally gives Han Yuan and the others military authority, they voluntarily dispatch the palace guard to be responsible for the grain and fodder and military baggage going, I do not have other matter, therefore hits the transcription with Dancing Forest and Lin Wan Er together, merely 20 minutes have made a connection with A1, afterward 24 minutes make a connection with A2, about three hours have projected on the S1 transcription directly, do not have what difficulty as before, after 2 : 00 o'clock at night have made a connection to the S3 transcription, offline, then a little small difficulty, adjusts the biological clock, waits to raise the full spirit to hit again.

Zhan Long Chapter 1213

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