Zhan Long Chapter 1214

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Three days later.

After several days of efforts, transcription successfully by me and Wan Er, Dancing Forest, Darling Duck, Dong Cheng Yue this five people of squads puncturing, S5 failed 4 entries, S6 failed 9 entries, S7 failed enough 11 times to find out the BOSS details subsequently to go through customs, because of this, we became the team that first punctured the existing transcription successfully.

Is good because, is massacred in the transcription will not fall the level, but falls part of experiences, after having hit the transcription, can make up the empirical value.

Inquired slightly, [Hero's Mound] Guild projected on S6 unable to pass by Q-Sword, Tang Qi and home team of Tang Gu leadership, but the [Legend] Guild Fang Ge Que team projected on S7, but has caught, attempted unable to pass repeatedly repeatedly.

Actually conceivable, S6 final BOSS has strong attack power, general MT cannot withstand, even if after is I also hang several times, goes through customs, but S7 BOSS is resilience astonishing that many that attack power is insufficient the words that radically hits HP that insufficiently restores finally, in the Fang Ge Que team no doubt has Fang Ge Que I and Enchanted Painting, but the attack output is as before insufficient, were too inferior many compared with our [Zhan Long] team, in the [Zhan Long] team, has world Country Weapon to shoot Dancing Forest of day bow absolutely is a big main force, in addition the output of me and Wan Er, East city, the output of everyone. Noticeable, the entry was also not the issue.

Waited for that the transcription reset Cooldown is quite idle, then after and other transcription 72 hours of resets, must act as the coolie, we have decided that I and Dancing Forest + Darling Duck, 3 belt 2 patterns bring Wolf and Xing Lie, strives to collect the S7 coverall these two people, what somewhat disconsolate is one round hits, can only obtain 2-3 S7 coverall parts each time, the words that wants to collect want not to be possible for half a month.

My Charm increased 2000 + points, killed the monster drop rate to be also high, therefore each time was the final BOSS end matters, was good, regarded the springboard that transcription BOSS I promoted also yes. Only those who make me not be feeling well was the overlord rebirth effect of overlord coverall is forbidden in the transcription, died one time unable to drop down, only if Healer brought back to life to me, this caused the attribute to have no way to superimpose, but this was also reasonable, otherwise my only Shua S7 was also a piece of cake.


In the afternoon, in the balcony accompanies Lin Wan Er leisurely and carefree drinks the afternoon tea, Dong Cheng Yue is sitting on the opposite sofa reads a game magazine, it is said in the building block kite tactic of study high-end, how to be unknown as for me, one year of Cooldown, East city has promoted the ranks of Chinese top master from the initial first-class master, depending on her present strength with Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan three person compound Master in Zhongguo the peak, some Mage skills, she knows sufficiently, but I do not know, therefore I also frequently consult the tactical skill of some of her and Wan Er master and assassin, knows oneself and other side.

„Toot toot......"

The cell phone ring tone has rung suddenly, is the Li Mu telephone, after the connection, saying that he pants: „Xiao Yao, are you doing, how to have on online?"

I said with a smile: „What I want to ask is doing, pants?...... Hey, did you have the girlfriend finally?"

Li Mu concentrates to choke speechless: „Had really well...... Right, I call you to not talk nonsense, that anything...... The Hybrid Demon territory had the sound, we submerged the warhawk of northern boundary to ride to search discover Hybrid Demon army rapid building up with the assassins on the death plain, moreover had part to start east-bound."

„East-bound?" I in consternation, said: „To attack Tian Ling Empire, is Dragon Yu?"

„It is not." Li Mu said: „Qing Qian disclosed in the friend of Indian server that this Hybrid Demon army in the highest heaven city fort to wild Dragon Clan territory, I officially informed the demon mountain, that side the demon mountain was a little hurried . Moreover, our does Tian Ling Empire also send out many NPC armies to reenforce that fort is not? Were we should also defend the border?"

I nod: „The brothers who OK, you call guild prepare to move, does not have the accident is the war that large-scale Hybrid Demon counter-attacks, moreover in the main house gate mouth of Chinese area, we cannot miss."

Li Mu smiles: „Good, my this manages, supple, Qing Qian has been supervising, hey!"

„Can be earnest kindly!"

„Ha, you were jealous!"

„I do not have!"

„You have!"

„I hung!"

„A meeting!"


Hasty after hanging the power failure words, nearby Wan Er and opposite East city also understand that had anything is, immediately wore the coat to go to the room, I also returned to the room, got online, this was 1 : 00 pm, it is estimated that today has no way to rest to be good to think, did not have the means that capable work more, I collected this JP equipment to go against displays own value in the fronts of various wars.


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, players and NPC in bustling about is going through in the street, many players in preparing card, potion and other military supplies, it seems like soon after must rush to rescue of highest heaven city „Tu Dragon Fort", this fort builds in out of office Dragon Clan territory, actually gave such a name, Queen Zi Shu already wants to go all out with them, moreover this also reflected that from another demon mountain the arrogance, the nature, this cannot separate with his behind fire god Gaia, Gaia has the superior god strength, although is not the Frost match, but is as before supercilious, Already wants to fight it out with the dark blue billows and zither Ge, Pearl and other kings approximately!( Note: To save a matter, does not give the demon mountain the fort to give the name, but...... Probably now has to get up, this matter regarding having the leaf of dragging sickness later period was really too painful......)

In my opinion, fire god Gaia this is courting death actually, does not know the immensity of heaven and earth simply, her understanding to this mainland also stays tens of thousands years ago, actually does not know that now was already earth-shaking, the genuine god is the dark blue billows, no longer was she.


Airborne is reverberating as before the system ting, the notice about Hybrid Demon territory, the past edition duty sprang up everywhere, coast of the Hybrid Demon army attacked all cities, formed one type „fairly", however this time was different, the system System Notification edition activity formally cleared, named „the struggle of Tu Dragon", the Hybrid Demon territory concentrated all superior forces to fiercely attack Tu Dragon Fort . Moreover the goal was only Tu Dragon Fort, will overcome Tu Dragon Fort they to stop.

Yes, has fired off Tu Dragon Fort, north the boundary will be thoroughly unified, was a that following goal cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?

Does not need to suspect that can confirm, this war is directs by Pearl as before, the entire Hybrid Demon territory also only then this Hybrid Demon king thinks that step by step tactic of advancement, she does not have the unruliness of these Hybrid Demon kings, has the calmness and judgment of Pearl.

At official forum, noisy, it is said many US, Russia, Britain and other war zone in the players are busy crossing the sea to reenforce Tu Dragon Fort, what what a pity is, Tian Ling Empire is the Chinese area, they do not dare to surmount the land of enemy, can only never turn over to a into the sea Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to approach shore, across the high mountain ridge to Tu Dragon Fort.

Actually, at this time the sky rose wanted a few words, I was glad to convince Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Ye Lai and the others to allow to pass actually, after all I do not hope that Tu Dragon Fort fell into enemy hands, they were the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den natural blockades, once fell to the enemy, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den must faced with challenge.


Has repaired equipment, supplies potion, afterward summoned raspberry, stood up from failure to jump onto Dragon Bei, directly soared the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction to fly, all the way, a long transportation channel was being protected by the cavalry of palace guard, the massive grain and fodder military baggage were being transported to Tu Dragon Fort, there had 25 thousand Tian Ling Empire armies to guard, once Tu Dragon Fort had the war, they must enter the war directly, perhaps if necessary, the palace guard also together will enter the war.

Naturally, I have decided actually, the Hybrid Demon army does not kill the dragon territory, the palace guard does not accept a challenge, I do not want to make under the hand elite army ruin under the city of demon mountain, is unworthy.

As for two armies of guarding, one is few Master Yang farm tractor armed forces, he wishes the person of sea, has disagreed with me, dies was pure, another is hundred strong wind from afar armed forces, actually the strong wind from afar armed forces are the Pearl direct descendant army, army that now actually must meet head-on the Pearl direction, has saying that is a sorrow, but, the strong wind from afar armed forces go to battle, as if the Yan Zhao Warrior opportunity came, he is one of the current strong wind from afar armed forces two vice- commanding, so long as in this fights obtains enough many meritorious value, I on having the means carry in the throne that him commands..

Immediately has reported a news to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, Hybrid Demon has attacked, you and [Prague] must display well, killed some Hybrid Demon, the meritorious value fishes enough possible became commands, hundred was old, should retire, after I can, suggested with shallow Lin."

Yan Zhao Warrior whole face red light: „Good, many thanks Xiao Yao, I will refuel! I was also old, before good and evil retirement, must become one of the Tian Ling Empire commanding, after retiring, can fish the department level retired treatment, is right?"

„That is, refuels......"

Really for the fellow of old lecher.


After several minutes, arrives in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, today's weather is good, has not rained, the warm sunlight projects above Dragon's den, but Frost, Zi Shu and Qing Luo and the others in deploying the defense of Dragon's den, the massive dragon territory army has garrisoned under the mountain, barrier tall Zhu, looked that the stance is the plan makes war under the city, but cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has hundreds of thousands crack troops now, really had the capital of like this speaking the last words.


Jumps to carry on the back to leap from the dragon, while I leave Dragon Bei raspberry also to transform the human form, pulls my arm to fall to the ground together, directly causes Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other players to look askance, groans, in the look YD in the extreme, seemed saying: „Boss, you rides a young miss to calculate that any matter, we also want......"

Is maintaining a tranquility of face, I said to Frost: „Pearl director the army attacks Tu Dragon Fort, what cold uncultivated land does Dragon's den have to plan?"

Frost sip the red lip, said with a smile: „Supposes to defend with large army, waited for the impact of army Pearl leads, if the highest heaven city army in Tu Dragon Fort can resist, I can send the Dragon Rider gentleman to reenforce actually, snort......"

She purses the lips, on the pretty face passed over gently and swiftly a disgruntledness: „Previous time Gaia uses one's office to redress personal grievances, this account I also record, wants to let I do not count the price reenforce Tu Dragon Fort, has a dream!"

I laugh in one's heart, although the beautiful woman teacher had has gone beyond the ability of superior god, but in fact the temperament is actually a concubine, actually thinks carefully that pours also thinks very adorable.

Zhan Long Chapter 1214

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