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„The struggle of Tu Dragon" is an edition moves, therefore the NPC army can first Cooldown not enter the war, but the player should meet head-on, especially wants to win to move points to place the first 10 players, should first Cooldown enter the war, otherwise fell after the person, based on this point, Li Mu and a Lin Wan Er soldier, sampled 2000 people of elite from the [Zhan Long] guild, prepared to enter Tu Dragon Fort to help in the fighting.

2000 people of quantities regarding big Tu Dragon Yaosai simply is a drop in the bucket, but these 2000 people are [Zhan Long] absolute elite, this has regarded as another matter, although the population are few, but the explosive force may compare favorably with 20,000 people fully!

The [Zhan Long] remaining about 10 thousand players were arranged to practice the level to go in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Hybrid Demon territory between Tu Dragon Forts, in fact is guarding there, momentarily can reenforce each other . Moreover, on this piece of map has A6, S1 and S3 three transcriptions, enough made the players play, these three transcriptions belonged to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but usually in was not only the Chinese player, the people in highest heaven city also frequently passed, but also coming secretly, in the highest heaven city, the S1-S 7 transcription lacked S3 only, therefore usually, this transcription outside usual was. Corpse horizontally repeatedly, transcription contest constantly not.


Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wan Er three people control the big dragon to circle in airborne, as the [Zhan Long] air effort, I summoned the god fierce fine horse, progressed with Meng Yao and Old K and the others Ben Hang on the earth, the reason that rode the god fierce fine horse was very simple, was not quite free, the low key was in itself luxurious cool dazzles, this truth everybody understood.

Not is only we, massive from the Chinese the player from war zone and Port City war zone also runs on the plain, the goals of all people are consistent, reenforce Tu Dragon Fort!

However, when our [Enemies at the Gate], the front door of Tu Dragon Fort is actually closing, under city noisy, many Chinese players the highest heaven city players who guarded with the place above have abused each other.

My progressing leads 2000 [Zhan Long] members to approach, a brow wrinkle, asked: „What's the matter?"

The one side is [Prague] vice- Guildmaster six he, she ablaze with anger said: „These German do not allow us to enter Tu Dragon Fort unexpectedly, said that Tu Dragon Fort is the highest heaven city, they can defend, does not need us to help."

I in great surprise: „This matter?"

Not far away, raises the Axe [Prague] guy to shout to shout: „Grass, but also said that many to do to this group of bastards, on, Day his immortal board board, seized this group of Kameji child Tu Dragon Fort of we to defend together!"

This saying said links me to be happy in moral nature dark to praise, but, if we so were really dry, perhaps will fall the Chinese war zone in the situation of injustice, after all now is not the country war, but was the entire server treaty of alliance resists the Hybrid Demon territory together, at this time started seizes the war of city to fall the person handle.

Calls gets back one's composure the fierce fine horse, I summoned raspberry, in the radiant six glow star rays, the body of Xiaolongnu military might appeared under the city, I stood up from failure to ride Dragon Bei, controlled her to fly slowly, the crown with fort looks at the above player impartially, drew out the butterfly sword, said loudly: „I am Xiao Yao Zi Zai of Chinese area, calling the person who you can speak to come, otherwise we have attacked a city, what matter do you person Chinese area keep off in out are?"

My this is not the threat, in me behind, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian three Dragon Rider gentlemen at daggers drawn, the players in city was impossible unable to see our angers, and they as if also saw our strength, their west city wall must resist Hybrid Demon, the East city wall, if were attacked by the player, perhaps that must fall into the beyond redemption region.

„You...... You wait slightly, I find the person." Young archer gingerly saying.

The highest heaven city almost does not have the Dragon Rider gentleman, but a [Zhan Long] guild put out 4 Dragon Rider gentlemen, these people had no reason not to be afraid, and this Tu Dragon Fort from highest heaven city over 5 hours of remote, the Chinese players came actually to have more than enough from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for 1 hour, stake they should be very clear.

After several minutes, on the fort city rides female Knight of white horse to graze to come, will be the ocean waves, the 12 gods of demon mountain subordinates will place 2 nd, [God of Thunder] will hammer Guild vice- Guildmaster, this woman was can speak.

Looks at our stances, the ocean waves as if also understood anything, on the face ripples a smiling face, said: „Originally is Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster, does not know that is who stirs up you such to fly into a rage?"

I show a faint smile: „I have not flown into a rage, but Lu Jian does not put down lends a hand in emergency, the struggle of this time Tu Dragon is an edition moves, everybody can participate, the Chinese players request to enter Tu Dragon Fort to assist together, this is the perfectly justified matter, but I actually noticed that the players in your country prevent us to enter a city, the front door shuts tightly, is this not quite good?"

The ocean waves endure to be out of control throws smiles, said: „I think that Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster has misunderstood, you look, this slaughter Dragon Fort not long, the city area is also well below the first-level lord city newly-built, how many players can hold? Highest heaven city many people have reenforced, in the city the population over 400 thousand, one by one, again the words of coming in player have almost been doomed to affect the fight efficiency, therefore we only allow the NPC army from Chinese war zone to enter, other...... Temporarily does not need, but......"

She has the profound meaning smiles, said: „If the allied armies of Chinese war zone are willing to help us, you looked that in this east continuous mountain ranges has a track, you can from the track circuitous in the past, appear in the front of Tu Dragon Fort directly, resists the most positive Hybrid Demon army for Tu Dragon Fort, how?"

Lin Wan Er is narrowing pair of beautiful eyes, said with a smile: „Ocean waves, are you make us work as the cannon fodder?"

The ocean waves let go, the language smiles sweet: „The Cang Tong beautiful woman has spoken discreetly, my such suggestion, Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster, how should be you to choose."

I raise head to laugh suddenly.

The ocean waves are astonished: „You...... How?"

I lift the hand, will do the sword directly comes out of the sheath to throw Going out, „clang" a flame spatters in all directions on the city wall brick, the sword blade edge directly enters in the hard stone, the entire East city wall as if has shaken shaking.

„Immediately the Kaesong gate, puts 10 thousand China area players to enter the city, otherwise I assemble the palace guard heavy artillery to level off immediately the East city wall, making my brothers be able to go to the western city wall to defend, you have not chosen, immediately Kaesong gate." I every single word or phrase said that not polite.


Ocean waves face spunk, but is facing many of Chinese war zone elite, does not have the means to reason with, has saying: „That please wait a bit, I asked for instructions the demon mountain."

„Um, hurry up."

After several seconds, the ocean waves said loudly: „Opens the city gate, puts Chinese Allied force to come, but can only enter 10 thousand people, later immediately closes the city gate, waited for after the city the player quantity consumes, again Kaesong gate."


The city gate starts to open slowly, I have restrained, making the [Prague] player advanced, the [Prague] player is the strong wind from afar armed forces in the regiment system, but NPC of strong wind from afar armed forces almost fully entered the city, they have the reason first to enter, is good also shows due respect for the feelings because of Yan Zhao Warrior, after [Prague] gradually enters 2 thousand people, gives other Guild the quota, I naturally made the [Zhan Long] 2000 people go advanced, later gave Fang Ge Que this day imperial book repository festival yue to manage, relatively was quite awkward as for the situation of rumor, he was day imperial book repository political integrity yue, properly speaking was the Chinese war zone most can speak the person, but he under city. Shouted nearly a half hour, others demon Shan Li do not have to manage his, my threat made the demon mountain probably actually the Kaesong gate.

Facts showed that the fist hardly is the top priority!


When we enter Tu Dragon Fort, the discovery inside or outside the city is entirely different, in the city the present almost degenerated into a sea of fire, from west airborne, the bunch is wrapping the fireball of roaring flame and thick smoke throws to enter the city, is burning down the construction in city, that is...... The stone car(riage) of Hybrid Demon army?

In my memory, Hybrid Demon little applies this type of instrument, it seems like truly was the return of Pearl makes the tactical style of Hybrid Demon army occur to change.

The sound that airborne transmits Jie Jie, an only wings demon and predator in calling out, are frequently launching the dive surprise attack to stand the player in city wall, large quantities of players when shoot the arrow, to execute the law to be entrained to abandon the city by the monster, dies a tragic death.

„On city wall, that!" I put out a hand a finger, the city wall soon had been broken through, the massive demon palaces on foot ride to carry with the hand the long sword to mount the city.

„On!" Li Mu and Wang Jian howls, two Dragon Rider gentlemen overran together, the fresh breeze passed over gently and swiftly, rides under a Pandemonium the bang the city wall.

Old K, One Second Hero, Death God's Elegy and Li Meng Yao and the others progresses to rush to the city wall in abundance, has hit Hybrid Demon with Axe, lance and heavy shield, quick, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Fox, Xing Lie and other long-distance were the player has also come up, started to adopt the suppressed tactic, letting Hybrid Demon is unable to approach the city wall.

Really, the [Zhan Long] battle efficiency is not the common guild can place on a par.


I enter the conditions of thousand frost wings, double sword chaotic dance after airborne rips the hashed meat one group of wings demons the return city wall, looks at side „Shua Shua Shua" archery Dancing Forest, cannot bear say with a smile: „Small dance does not use the frugal arrow vector sum magic, keeps attacking, we brought arrow vector sum potion to you, you shot three days three nights not to have the issue."

Dancing Forest is not the lamp of province oil, the cheek blood flushes: „, Shoots three days three nights I to dehydrate."

I: „......"

On this day cannot chat, therefore raises the sword in the crowd that jumps to enter the Hybrid Demon monster to slash one once more, I was not worried in any case one were killed by the second, the defenses of 76 thousand HP in addition about 5 thousand, king level BOSS no one is my match, what a pity after offline, in addition of overlord rebirth held, otherwise the entire attribute promoted 150%, king BOSS came out also the photo to kill, the dark blue billows did not come on the line.


However, looks at the West densely and numerously, the Hybrid Demon army, blocks the sky, the entire Western plain has covered entirely, one end, the ground and space are very shortly crowded, look at this stance, the dark blue billows mostly are the after-wedding meeting originally.

The slip of the pen, had written 225 levels the order eternal, over carries Level, specially the correction is 220 levels of equipment . Moreover, recent Cooldown leaf is too busy, the weekend YY live transmission cancels, the schoolmate who finally, plays the micro letter can add the public micro letter of leaf, micro-signal: shiluoye2014

Zhan Long Chapter 1215

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