Zhan Long Chapter 1216

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„Careful gun carrier attack!"

On the city, Yan Zhao Warrior shouts one, was late, the incendiary bomb that the gun carrier throws flies high to fall, has fired the ashes soldiers of one crowd of strong wind from afar regiments directly, in the city wall has ignited roaring flame.

„Fire fighting, fire fighting!" Yelling that in the crowd a Yorozuo long goes all out.

Tu Dragon Fort is city who is newly-built, the water supply system is not very naturally ordinary, and this fort constructs in two nearly in the desolated mountain ranges, the topography is too high, although „mountain has is high, water to have high", but now is actually not this, absolutely does not have the place to fetch water, let alone has fought fire, can only to the flame incinerator city wall, when propellant cut-off naturally has extinguished.

The incendiary bomb that the Hybrid Demon army uses was inside has poured into the cheap weapon of mysterious tree oil, properly speaking attack power was well below the dragon crystal artillery, but the quantity were too many, under the city tens of thousands of made the labor cheap gun carrier unceasing ejection, to throw the loose oil and ammunition to fall in the city wall, more fell on the city fills the interior, the NPC army from highest heaven city was stationed in the camp that to be burnt links up into a single stretch.

Other did not say that I know in any case, this highest heaven city was the loss is serious.



The demon mountain cursed one, raises the fire god spear to progress to run on the city, gets angry: „Hybrid Demon army how so many attacking a city weapon, is really hateful!"

12 gods an eternal water truck unloading the long sword will be following close on being bewitched mountain, said: „Boss, the sky rose, smile, Waterloo and other group of people led western the player of boundary treaty of alliance to enter the mountain range region, will kill again shortly afterward from the west side valley in shensi, the sky rose reported the news to me, making me echo them, once the western boundary treaty of alliance launched the attack, our Kaesong gate army went out of town to meet head-on!"

The demon mountain nods: „Also good, cannot depend upon Tu Dragon Yaosai to defend, mother, like this was again passive perhaps over 24 hours of Tu Dragon Fort do not turn into stretch of ruins!"


[God of Thunder] hammers the Guild person to resist the attack of Hybrid Demon furiously, but the spirit flowered insect speedy approach city of bunch explodes, under the city, spirit umbrella insect is the spirit umbrella defense, Jie Jie was yelling to the city in angrily, the coccygeal vertebra swayed from side to side, flutters a spirit flowered insect just liked the stone car(riage) general the spirit flowered insect to throw, the city wall in Tu Dragon Fort was in an instant tattered and torn.

I am raising the sharp knife blade soaring in airborne, breaks out killing of spirit flowered insect through sword air/Qi, simultaneously said loudly: „Small dance, aims at the spirit flowered insect, do not make them near the city wall!"


Dancing Forest stands in the city wall, continual drawing of being entirely still, in [Zhan Long] informed and experienced nearly more than one year, the archery of small dance already had the considerable progress, at least the accurate aim is the world top rank, shot the day to bend arrow arrows to graze, almost every struck can the hit spirit flower insect, in addition Xing Lie, Fox, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and other long-distance were the attack of player, the spirit flowered insect cannot near this city wall that the [Zhan Long] 2000 people of institutes were.

Other, no matter, my goal here as far as possible delays the footsteps of Hybrid Demon army, does not make them bribe cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and that's the end.


However, under the city dense and numerous Hybrid Demon as if cannot kill general, the promotion was 8 levels of Hybrid Demon demon palaces rides, the barbaric wolf to ride attacking in groups to kill under the city, brandished the denticle blade and long sword to make an effort to cut to strike the city wall, the root of entire city wall must become less crowded approximately before long . Moreover, the airborne wings demon and predator also in the unceasing launch attack, on the city the dying in battle speed of player were much quicker, in an instant is a piece of corpse.

„Be careful, what gadget is that?!" Yan Zhao Warrior cries suddenly.

I look up, only had the flight of great multi- antenna is the monster flew in the upper air, one thump, one of the most fearful Hybrid Demon types came at heart finally, immediately shouted loudly: „Be careful, is thousand monster, 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, are good at swallowing with the thunder and lightning technique, was careful! Long-distance collection fire, massacring!"

Six he raises the long sword to stand in the city wall edge, said loudly: „Collection fire, kills!"

In the [Prague] position, innumerable arrow arrow and magic flying apsaras goes, but in not far away, a guild position in highest heaven city also receives two thousand monster attacks, but they as if do not care, the firepower has not concentrated, long-distance is many to pursue a higher injury loses the arrow arrow and magic to the city under crowded the monster group, result thousand monster from the sky dive , the tentacle brushed recklessly in the crowd has formed the killing evil, yawn has an a highest heaven city NPC soldier, afterward „chirp chirp" was yelling, the airborne thunder and lightning fell together, breaks out. An arrow tower, has killed several archer player seconds together!

„Was bad!"

The demon mountain also saw thousand monster fearful places, immediately raises the lance to overrun, jumps to jump the fire god spear pricks in a thousand monster skull, this highest heaven city first person is truly fierce, the lance has not drawn out on one gets the handle, another draws out the waist saber to pierce thousand monster skull one times once more, has formed the weakness injury, these thousand monster whin to crash into the city, nature by one group of German war zone players tearing into shreds.

The demon mountain raises fully is being the fire god spear of blue blood stands up from failure to start, shouts loudly: „Aims at thousand monster head overhead attacks, there is their weakness, can make them lose the ability of flight!"

I kills thousand monster, while acclaimed secretly, the demon mountain was truly fierce, then short Cooldown has discovered thousand monster weakness, this point compared with me.


On the city has killed one group, entire Tu Dragon Fort is covering by the blood and raging fire, the war cries soar to the heavens unceasingly.

Less than 20 minutes of Cooldown, the distant place suddenly also has heard the startled day war cries, the person from western boundary treaty of alliance, the US, UK , France and Japanese Han, Philippines, Vietnam and other server of the people came, the player of blotting out the sky rushes ahead from the valley in shensi of one side mountain range, the morale like the rainbow, has shut off the lineup of Hybrid Demon army directly around the middle.


The demon mountain cannot bear laugh: „Comes the person, opens the west gate to me, the brothers in highest heaven city, kills to go out of town together with me!"

He has not invited the Chinese war zone and Port City 7 K Guild and the others, thinks that did not plan made us go out of town to slaughter, was feared that we did snatch points to be inadequate?

However...... The present situation is in the points list of struggle of edition Tu Dragon, first ten li (0.5km) only then I and Fang Ge Que **** the player, I ranks 9 th, Fang Ge Que ranks 7 th, other 8 people completely are the people in highest heaven city, they seized completely the opportunity, perhaps this way, finally the points list first three thrones of struggle of Tu Dragon must be occupied by them.

„Do they want to go out of town to kill? We...... We what to do?" Wang Jian knit the brows, said: „Going out of town words, our are too few, once were sphered to be beyond redemption, but defends here, is really some are not willingly! Xiao Yao elder brother, we what to do?"

Wang Jian is a brave and resourceful player military officer, but is actually not a courageous policy-maker, this is he and I and Li Mu difference, excels at the dozen of small scale campaigns, but policy-making overall situation aspect actually somewhat lacked exercises.


I review to have a look at the 2000 [Zhan Long] players in city wall, endures to show a faint smile, said: „You thought that the people in western boundary treaty of alliance and highest heaven city kill to go out of town, can repel the Hybrid Demon army outside the city?"

One Second Hero raises the lance to smile lightly: „If they can defeat the Hybrid Demon army, my live transmission eats to fly in circles."

Old K hey said with a smile: „You eat to fly in circles anything's nobody to be interested in looking that the key is the words that we do not go out of town, points fallen were too many were too many, turned head to pursue cannot overtake."

I nod: „Therefore, we must maintain own strength at the same time, the player who in the struggle of this Tu Dragon died in battle is unable to enter Tu Dragon Fort once more, we want Going out to snatch points, must have the ability that can go to be able to return, therefore I suggested that only then has the players of flight department to go out of town, at least we must be able to live coming back."

The Li Mu racket the nape of the neck of Red Dragon, said: „All right, my valuable LaBelle can carry most 9 people!"

I smile: „OK, that again takes some people, forms 30 people of squads, samples the sharpest person!"


I also relieved thousand frost wings, raspberry roared obedient crawling in the city wall, immediately Meng Yao, the small dance and other people jumped to leap to the raspberry back come up, I also only brought Meng Yao, Dancing Forest, Yue Yao Yan, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, One Second Hero and Darling Duck altogether 6 people, Knight to be responsible for protecting the bowman and Mage, Healer am responsible for treating, very perfect squad lineup.

Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian also travelled by some people with the sacred big dragon, afterward, over 20 melt god cavalries request to go together, they release their riding to favor the space, left beside the melt god warhorse also mount of flight department, this has sufficed, can enter to draw back, which goes not to fear.



I issue an order, raspberry impatient lowly has eaten delicacies to rush to the city, supine first time Dragon Xi, swallows one pile of wings demons, but behind, the [Zhan Long] dozens people also followed.

In city gate that opens wide, the innumerable highest heaven city players gallop, hammers the Guild player to be most by [God of Thunder], the hammer of [God of Thunder] was known as that supreme Guild of highest heaven city, after half year development the population or the prestige in the highest heaven city at the height of power, the registration player have reached as high as 32 thousand people, often the online player has 15 thousand people, the subordinates divides pledge altogether 72, it is said that the demon mountain holds the minute of pledge Guildmaster party in Munich, was only the player who divided the pledge Guildmaster level came 100 + people, the momentum was astonishing, was lucky that the demon mountain was quite rich, otherwise that on can eat to be poor he..

Now thinks that war sharp knife blade Guild of sky rose also so, the population are much more, then has a look at the Chinese war zone, [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild to control the population throughout, the pursue is simplifying, the strengthened fight member, took the different paths, but obviously, by the battle efficiency is we, for example [Zhan Long], we often online 10 thousand people, but if one-to-one, we can absolutely crush demon mountain hammer of 15 the thousand online players [God of Thunder].


„Be careful, has the Hybrid Demon king!"

The distant place, does not know that was who shouted, I and Wan Er looked at each other in blank diamay, did the Hybrid Demon king come early?

Zhan Long Chapter 1216

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