Zhan Long Chapter 1217

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„First killed said again!"

I pull down raspberry suddenly the main item, leading her to clash, Dancing Forest and Li Meng Yao also carried on the back to leap from the dragon, summoned mount to start to meet head-on, our match one crowd of a large number of demon palaces rode, come from storm abyss 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, was 7 levels, recently promoted, when production costs rise , prices rise too, along with equipment and Level of promotion player, did not promote perhaps has no way to form to threaten to the player.

However, at present at least surpasses the 200 000 demon palace to ride, this threat is not little!

The butterfly, does one horizontal, I already entered the effects of thousand frost wings, protects launches the attack in Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Dong Cheng Yue front, [Tempest Sword] + treads the broken heavenly thunder to start together, kills a Pandemonium to ride covered with blood, struggle of edition this time Tu Dragon I had not died in battle, the attribute addition is 0, naturally cannot be too rampant, but I have also been mentally prepared, king level BOSS more and more words, I need to receive in exchange for their lives with Level.

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also together launches the attack, Lin Wan Er raises the dagger to leap Dragon Bei, the bright moon storm + beautiful woman dance kills a Pandemonium to ride not to have the strength to hit back, simultaneously I also note, the lethality of bright moon storm has significantly been increased, does not need to think that the Wan Er coverall is the bright moon coverall, definitely has the lethality of promotion bright moon storm!


The [Zhan Long] 50 people rapid base in the sea of Hybrid Demon army, and our points of attack are the demon palace ride this close combat branch of the services, avoidance lighting the lamps corpse ghost and spirit umbrella insect and spirit flowered insect the region of desirably, our are few, may not begin the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket the wanton bombing of flowered insect, chooses the demon palace to ride as the target is purely for the Shua experience and points.

The distant place, demon mountain Military Control the mighty force of hammer of [God of Thunder] is launching the frontal attack, the momentum is enormous and powerful, is very astonishing, troop crowded highest heaven city cavalries attack swiftly and violently, kills the spirit umbrella insect and barbaric wolf to ride to retreat in defeat again and again unexpectedly!

However does not last forever, after several minutes, in the front crowded crowd blows out a bang suddenly, about after 2 seconds , the shock-wave raids, blows my behind overlord cape flying high chaotic dance, fixes the eyes on looked that in the crowd of distant place a beautiful woman soldier raises the sword blade edge to wave, the long sword wields is one time exterminates the attack, the surrounding player HP large scale attack, over 80% direct seconds kills, in the meantime, her body week is lingering a golden flame guard shield, making the surrounding player near body not probably, can only degenerate into the hunted and killed object!


She calls out one, the long sword appears suddenly, immediately chops together the astonishing hundred meters sword air/Qi, even also left behind a deep gully in the ground, the sword air/Qi has surged the overlay, has extended at least 200 meters far, players in one crowd of highest heaven cities were deducted directly the remnant blood, without enough time returned to the blood to be strangled to death by the sword air/Qi complementary waves radically, struck merely, this king level BOSS at least has massacred thousand highest heaven city players.

We look dumbfoundedly, One Second Hero „thump" swallows saliva, said: „Really fearful, is this eternal moon/month blade edge Sif's battle efficiency?"

Right, Sif was known as that antiquity female war-god, had this strength to be inevitable.

Demon mountain violent anger, lowly exclaimed: „Clashes to me, paves the road of slaughter god with corpse, Sif calculates that the P female war-god, gives on me, her fight guard shield has the toughness, wiped out can the direct production attack, withers her who I made an effort, mother, a sword massacred my many people, after butchering her, the father wanted J her corpse!"

It seems like that demon mountain was flickered to kill that many people, was crazed.

If [Zhan Long] by the second thousand people, I were thought instantaneously I possibly like this will be also crazed, but is insufficient this situation.


Sif obviously is the person of opening to persuasion but not to coercion, where can manage the player to say anything, the strong gale wraps her tender body, the battle dress is dancing in the air, around the sword blade edge circles in flight golden color sacredly is being the energy, the corners of the mouth raise, „you with any J" the expression, she does not visit the earth, is takeoffing about 3 meters altitude steps vanguard, every step has the strong energy to surge, is facing impact of one group of highest heaven city cavalries, she lifts the right leg suddenly, „bang" tramples together the golden energy, unexpectedly just likes the sword air/Qi generally one group of player bang to become Canxue, Although in also revealed has fought the white under skirt to be small in......

The demon mountain is in an uncontrollable rage , to continue to lead the person to attack, pledged that must use in blood incarnadine Sif's small, therefore a slaughter at present is deducting in us.

Even if the hammer of [God of Thunder] has 15 thousand players unable to withstand such slaughter, short is less than ten minutes, died in battle the player under Sif sword at least to cross ten thousand, regardless of the demon mountain, ocean waves and eternal windmill and the others how diligently, Sif's fight guard shield had not been crushed, even if covered entirely the crack as before broken, this also means that Sif or full Xue, the players in highest heaven city sacrificed ten thousand people not to wipe out Sif, even if were a drop of blood.


The Lin Wan Er dragon tooth sharp knife blade shuts off the nape of the neck that an demon palace has ridden, she reviews to have a look at the distant place Sif direction the tactical situation, said: „Demon mountain, she had not been considering Sif's attribute, according to the fight scene, I can determine, female war-god Sif through slaughtering to promote the guard shield energy, she kills people are more, the guard shield in outside body tenacious, the demon mountain delivered that many close combats is brings death, poured might as well to make long-distance encircles an attack, this might defeat Sif's fight guard shield actually."

I remembered greedy desire to drink the fire suddenly, this BOSS made us suffer loss in Asura, he also had similar attribute, the murder were more, then returned to the blood more, we cannot massacre to drink the fire in any event diligently finally, the present situation was how astonishing similar, the demon mountain truly is hoodwinked by the hatred sanely.

However I do not have to remind, the present demon mountain definitely does not listen to my this „competitor" persuasion.



The golden sharp knife blade the great shield will cut in half at the same time, the cutting edge entered a body of highest heaven city player, jumps out 40 thousand directly + the injury digit has killed to the second, Sif draws out the sharp knife blade slowly, the corners of the mouth raises, the smiling face is beautiful and bewitching, a scalding hot strength wells up the long sword, evaporates instantaneously the blood on sword blade edge, she looks up player to present one crowd of highest heaven cities, the happy expression is thicker: „Also who?"

A troop player was almost killed the broken balls, even if the urging of demon mountain is also useless, few individuals are also willing to continue to give Sif this antiquity female war-god to deliver to experience.

Actually also at this moment, suddenly the airborne together flame blade falls!


Flame blade numerous falling on Sif's guard shield, making the crack of guard shield obviously, airborne bright, sees only a person suddenly in airborne, raises single-handed, the innumerable flame linger to condense a big fireball, is fire god Gaia, she gave up to lend a hand to help the people in highest heaven city finally protect Tu Dragon Fort!

„Sif, meets to incur!" Gaia gives a loud shout, the big fireball throws to fly in the palm is holding.

Sif also gains ground, sneers saying: „Gaia, your this sediment had not been killed unexpectedly, that today makes me deliver you a regulation!"

The front surface goes, Sif's guard shield front impact Gaia's fireball!


The earth was shaken, shock-wave sweeps across the four directions together, the airborne flame spatters in all directions, a Sif sword cleft in two Gaia's fireball, the price was own guard shield is defeated, finally, after slaughtering countless people, Sif's protecting shield did not have!


Condenses once more protects the shield to be doomed section Cooldown, this Cooldown was the highest heaven city player and fire god Gaia's opportunity.


In the strong gale, the Gaia clear colorful cheek reveals that in the hand holds up the lance that handle flame is condensing, drops from the clouds, furiously long jab Sif, but Sif does not avoid, a body spin has divided Going out with the long sword! Also is a bang, what making Sif unable to think is Gaia's long spear in instantaneously suddenly once again becomes the flame, has penetrated Sif's sword, the next quarter once more condensation is the entity, suddenly bombardment on Sif's shoulder armor!


Shoulder armor was shattered, the blood spatters in all directions, Sif fell section of HP instantaneously, suffered a loss, she has not thought completely Gaia also has this unexpectedly, in gambling of mixture of truth and deceit she lost first, since is the female war-god, Sif impossible, only then this skill, does not go to the control wound, lifts the hand to hold the sharp knife blade of flame lance suddenly, the ignition results in palm „psst" to make noise does not care, actually lifted to fight the boots is the violent foot tramples in Gaia's abdomen!

In the bang sound, Gaia's blood strip also fell one section, whins a body in the airborne anxious spin, left hand condenses flame to fight the shield instantaneously, the standard parry Sif's sharp sword cuts to strike, but she does not think that Sif's attack is continuous, after a sword cuts is spatial, immediately the second sword assassination, Gaia put together completely the energy of flame shield actually by near body, near body fight, how the fire god possibly was the match of female war-god, Sif links the disappearing belt to hit, the left hand armored hand was condensing the strength of extermination, the consecutively three fists rumbled, Gaia fluttered immediately Going out, flew high to sprinkle. Next piece of blood.

Ended, fire god Gaia has defeated, which can also be Sif's match?


At this time, demon mountain also raised the lance to catch up, a standard kept off for Gaia has striven for Cooldown, left to draw back anxiously, loudly was shouting to clear the way to behind one crowd of NPC armies: „Bang!"

When does not know, Tu Dragon wanted Cery to push to ship out several dragon crystal artillery, unknowingly approached under the cover of shield, the gun tube was red, has aimed at Sif completely!

„Bang bang bang......"

The thick smoke is intermittent, the Sif surroundings explode torn to pieces, if the attack of spirit flowered insect is the destruction, the attack of that dragon crystal artillery is explodes fiercely, no matter the player or NPC cannot disregard the attack of dragon crystal artillery.

The thick smoke has not dissipated, the dragon crystal artillery continues two rounds bombing, already over 30 shells „giving" Sif.


„Killed?" NPC Yorozuo long excited saying: „Was female war-god Sif killed by us?"

The cool breeze sways, the smog dissipates slowly, this Yorozuo's long smiling face also slowly coagulates on the face, in the cool breeze, Sif long hair flies upwards, raises flying high that the golden sharp knife blade is calm and composed even in press of work to stand, the whole body reappears is fighting to protect the shield together, the critical moment, her fight protected the shield to cool......

Zhan Long Chapter 1217

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