Zhan Long Chapter 1218

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In the firm friendship whining noise, the Sif hand strength of extermination wreaks havoc in the crowd, formed a shock-wave to sweep across all around, is away from the impact injury that she more near received to be stronger, „bo" an infrasonic sound impact eardrum, making people feel that extremely ill, the demon mountain and Gaia cannot be able to prevent Sif this deicide, then, probably slaughters Cooldown!



The players in highest heaven city have not given up, as in the impact of mighty force Hybrid Demon army, but Sif looks like stands and waits for a long time in the idol of Hybrid Demon army front, directs the Hybrid Demon army to advance step by step, lets the players and NPC in highest heaven city is unable to resist.

„Ended, the demon mountain hit."

Xue Rou rides the warhorse, in the advance causes heavy losses to an demon palace to ride , to continue saying: „We also slowly withdraw the fight place, otherwise one will be surrounded possibly flushed does not flush Going out."

I nod, raise the sword to kill being bewitched palace to ride with Asura furiously ride, in the meantime, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others also in abundance turns around to returning to kill, Dancing Forest is holding up the setting sun bow, times long-distance execute the monster of remnant blood and half blood, Movement Speed in shooting day bow „quick line" under effect is getting quicker and quicker, immediately achieved moved to the fast upper limit, round trip like wind, walked the position just likes the lightning is ordinary.

Moves fast is too quick, this is also an issue, can the archer of rapid traverse be fastidious about „walks to shoot" the skill, is called „H & R" in many games or flies a kite, in other words was in the superior attack place in the gap China Mobile position of two attack by oneself, shot the day bow addition Dancing Forest to attack fast, her attacked the fast gap to be most also during for 0.2-0.3 second, must make the position operation in this Cooldown, that must by sentence in advance, sentenced in advance too slowly , will then lengthen the attack gap, reduced the output imperceptibly, sentenced in advance too quickly possibly on not being able to make under. An injury, therefore this is a skill of unusual high-end.

But Dancing Forest controls also well, walks shoots, retreats under Li the protection of Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan slowly, is not chaotic, was only this cultivates to make many archers blush with shame, Dancing Forest was an extremely bright girl, many skills were self-taught, but more skills were to study the world top archer, but studied, pulled closer with the distance of top archer oneself imperceptibly unceasingly, then surmounted!


The distant place, the war cries are shocking, the player team and Hybrid Demon army from western boundary treaty of alliance kills inextricably involved, the player tidal emerges from the valley in shensi, but oppression that step by step the Hybrid Demon army does not let, faint can also hear the sound of thunderous writings, airborne purple thunder light passed over gently and swiftly, in the player crowd also erupts purple thunder wreaking havoc rays.

„What is that?" Yue Qing Qian looked at a distant place restlessly.

I the abdomen that rides from an demon palace draw out the long sword, tranquil [say / way]: „Purgatory purple thunder Pearl, she also personally got rid finally."

„That Pearl attack was the war sharp knife blade Guild position." Yue Qing Qian said.

I deeply inspire, has not said anything, at this time does not need to take pleasure in others'misfortunes, once the sky rose defeats, next was one's turn us, until this moment, Sif, the Pearl of two big kings Hybrid Demon territory appeared, and rank before the king, the situation of war of this time Tu Dragon Fort absolutely imagined us must be more stern.


Our right transmit one piece to soar to the heavens the flame suddenly, has outshone this nighttime sky, a sea of fire is spreading to the crowd, is responsible for outside the city originally form protecting the highest heaven city players who the square formation that immediately is also fired, one surpasses the 200 000 injury digit chaotic dance piece by piece, the next quarter then started the soul ray flying shuttle.

„What thing is that?" Yue Wei Liang is grasping the dagger, in beautiful pupil is passing a restlessness.

„All right, some people are playing with fire." Yue Qing Qian hits younger sister's fragrant shoulder, smiles the comfort, but this comfort sounds to make people feel as before very restless.

Which that plays with fire, the length of sea of fire about 200 meters widths, just like the scalding hot mighty current generally are rolling on the plain, but above tide, is one is raising the Axe brave general, wears the flame armor, the whole body is dense the roaring flame, in the mouth is roaring anything, stimulates to movement the sea of fire to spread to wreak havoc to the front.

The greedy desire drinks the fire, the third Hybrid Demon king also appeared!

This time I felt that was somewhat restless, raises the double sword to sweep away the front demon palace to ride, said loudly: „We prepare on the city, the Hybrid Demon army wanted [Enemies at the Gate] immediately!"

„Is insufficient to be so quick?" Lin Wan Er said in consternation.

„So will be quick, believes me!"

I jump, flies high to open the hand to press to below, six glow stars formed a horizontal plane under the palm, raspberry flushed from the different space in the howling sound, entered rides the shape of big dragon, took Dancing Forest, Meng Yao and other teammates completely, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er also one after another carried the companion, spun the body to fly to Tu Dragon Fort.


The sharp claws of raspberry layer on layer spike in city wall brick, opens the wing, making on the back several players get down one after another, at the same time opens the giant mouth, sound that puts out the young girl: „Elder brother, I feel many strong strengths, raspberry even not independent thinks to shiver, what to do, do we look for mother? I fear......"

The strength of Hybrid Demon king dominates above raspberry obviously absolutely, she shivers should also be, in fact link me also to think to shiver, therefore received raspberry immediately, enters thousand frost wing conditions, does not make her make an appearance and that's the end, the matter of this killing gives the man to be done.

Player complexions on city are not quite attractive, the player complexions of many highest heaven cities are pale, because they saw a slaughter, thinks defends imperial Tu Dragon Fort is one captures the activity of edition points, has not actually thought that now degenerated into a slaughter, moreover a slaughtered side, under the city, the Hybrid Demon army is divided into over a hundred assault waves, is cutting outside the city unceasingly the crowd of player, on the plain of entire Tu Dragon Fort West degenerated into purgatory existence, in the highest heaven city on having several million players kills Going out, west adds on the player of boundary treaty of alliance., At least player team intensive distributions of over 1000 thousand in mountain valley, but looks like as if as before is slaughtered now, without the NPC heavy artillery and city the solid superiority, the player is unable to contend with the present Hybrid Demon army!


Is less than ten minutes, some Hybrid Demon armies arrived under the city, immediately builds the scaling ladder and Lou Chelai attacks a city, these attacking a city instruments are humanity, finally now Hybrid Demon also starts to grasp, although works very shoddily, but the effect difference to does not go, everyone can look at the transformation that the Hybrid Demon territory has, they started to think.

„Comes the person!"

In the city Xia Huojun a NPC Yorozuo long raises the sword blade edge anger to exclaim: „Heavy cavalry prepares to go out of town the rush, retrieves to command the Sir and fire god your highness, the Kaesong gate, [Assault]!"

„" The East city wall opens by the right three city gates together, the heavy cavalry, welcomed lighting the lamps corpse ghost and other monsters to clash Going out one after another, fierce did not fear, simultaneously on the city a NPC military officer held up the signal flag to shout to clear the way loudly: „dragon crystal artillery preparation, launch!"

Under the city everywhere is chaotic wars, has NPC to have the player, this artillery Going out will be doomed to have the accidental injury.

Ordering is not others, was few Master Yang of farm tractor armed forces, on the city guards at least over 2 thousand farm tractor armed forces, the quantity of dragon crystal artillery also has achieved about 50, the might no small matter.

Few Master Yang orders, that highest heaven city Xia Huojun vice- commanded has gotten angry, raised the lance to clash, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Few General Master, our armies under the city, have not been able to fire off, what to do otherwise has injured accidentally our soldier and my family commands?"

Few Master Yang corners of the mouth bring back, show a cruel smiling face: „That made them strive for fortunately, the Hybrid Demon army were getting more and more, was getting more and more crowded, is similar to does not use the words of heavy artillery, this city wall over double-hour did not fall into enemy hands on the necessity, you think that is the life that your family commanded is important, was Tu Dragon Fort is important, once Tu Dragon Yaosai were broken through, many of highest heaven empire laborious must waste!"

That commanded is said one, unexpectedly had nothing to say in reply, multitude of people long drew out the waist saber actually suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Few Master does Yang, you dare to launch the dragon crystal artillery? Although tries, do not think our highest heaven empire nobody, even if the day of plume empire is strong, we did not fear, the words that you do not believe try freely!"

„Trivial secondary general, dares below to defy superiors unexpectedly!?" Few Master Yang sneers, looks that commands, said: „General Zhao, you may really govern with an improper method, such being the case, teaches below for you well also! Comes the person, has killed him!"

Few Master Yang behind bodyguard kills suddenly, but , the sword blade edge comes out of the sheath, several rays flash through, Xia Huojun the multitude of people long have fallen to the ground dead, few Master Yang turns around immediately, raises the signal flag, shouted to clear the way: „dragon crystal artillery, launch!"

„Bang bang bang......"

Large flames put out on the city, the next quarter, distant place of beautiful mushroom clouds under the city explode, no matter NPC or the player also or Hybrid Demon, the bang kill together, this few masters are really positive ruthless enough, I in Tian Ling Empire had not discovered that this farm tractor armed forces do command cruel-heartedly to this degree?

The players in pitiful many highest heaven city have not awakened what happened are rumbled to massacre, but after the dragon crystal artillery covers, poured also makes the offensive of Hybrid Demon army weaken much, however the war under city was also getting more and more chaotic.

In the city the military strength had been found time much, even in Tu Dragon Fort was also more void, was the time, I and Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, a Yan Zhao Warrior and the others sum total, opened the east entrance of Tu Dragon Fort, making the Chinese players emerge the coordination to defend a city unceasingly, only then put in more military strength to defend Tu Dragon Fort.

The player from East just liked the tide has welled up generally, was not only the Chinese player, many players from highest heaven city also reenforced, this Tu Dragon Fort was the highest heaven city the first strategy that established outside heavy, regarding their function big, is not willing to see that Tu Dragon Fort such fell to the enemy, they are doomed to stake everything on a single throw of the dice to defend a city.

Zhan Long Chapter 1218

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