Zhan Long Chapter 1219

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„Shield before, bow and arrow."

In city wall, Li Mu loud scolds [Zhan Long] to defend a city the player, at the same time is teaching everybody fight skill: „Knight raises own shield, the shield goes against to own neck position, does not affect the field of vision of archer, can reduce at least 25% for you are hurt, the master projects the attack directly, with the camp attacking mode, do not injure accidentally the person outside city!"


The crackle of gunfire is unceasing, but only the farm tractor armed forces and 100 + heavy artilleries of strong wind from afar armed forces two NPC armies are opening fire, the firepower big insufficiency, is unable to prevent under the city the offensive of Hybrid Demon army, the flight attack of especially spirit flowered insect, has blown up about 20 dragon crystal artillery, perhaps such got down immediately in the city not to have the heavy firepower to cover again.

The raising sword that in the NPC army crowd of highest heaven city, heroic woman delicate eyebrows tighten stands in the city, commanding of Longxu Armed forces is known as 15 thousand military strength, Ai zither, is the heroic woman who highest heaven city only commands the level, naturally, Tian Ling Empire is also same, can arrive to command the woman on position too to be really few, the war is the game of man.

Nearby qin, a row of dense and numerous dragon crystal artillery already shell in chest cavity, but Ai zither looks that the tactical situation outside city is actually not able to order to launch, she leans in the back crenelation, on the face full is the color of pain, no matter what everybody will feel the pain, is in a dilemma.

Few Master Yang progresses to go, is raising the long sword, looks down Ai zither, said lightly: „zither commands, if you did not order the heavy artillery camp of Longxu Armed forces to open fire, perhaps Hybrid Demon can throw off the western city wall in this slaughter Dragon Fort immediately!"

Ai zither gains ground to have a look at few Master Yang, said lightly: „How to take responsibility, I have area, does not need the bystander to talk too much."

Few Master Yang sneers: „I lead the farm tractor armed forces ten several thousand armies to arrive in Tu Dragon Fort help to defend imperial, highest heaven city and Tian Ling Empire present destiny already tight binds together, you thought that I now am also a bystander? Immediately orders the dragon crystal artillery launch, otherwise Tu Dragon Fort, once falls to the enemy, my farm tractor armed forces hundreds of thousands brothers must be buried along with the dead to you!"

Ai Qinyao the red lip, was already nipping to bleed, the demon mountain has gone out of town, now in the city in the military officers in highest heaven city counts her military rank to be highest.

Not far away, a young military officer of highest heaven city general speeds away to come, to ice the shield armed forces commander, called allow Ying, the entire highest heaven city, three people spoke usefully, demon mountain and Ai zither, allow Ying, now two people have arrived in full, allow Yingti the long sword of bloodstained, on the battle dress also full was being the arrow hole, wiped the face on blood, said: „zither commanded, does not need hesitant, the dragon crystal artillery launch, the marshal ordered to us!"

The demon mountain is the marshal in highest heaven city, imperial decree in allow Ying the hand thinks that came from the demon mountain.


Ai Qinwo the fist standing body, was saying suddenly: „That has fired off, ordering heavy shield to defend in the city gate place, do not make the Hybrid Demon army break through the city wall!"

allow Yingdao: „These repugnant insects unceasingly from exploding destroy our city wall roots, snort, that group of idiots of ministry of public works seek after to ship facilely, picks the stone that from the mountain and insufficiently firm, if Tu Dragon Fort falls into enemy hands, after the father returns to the city, certainly completely killed off the officials of ministry of public works vice minister following thousand stones, injured the country to harm people simply!"

Ai zither is silent, looks dragon crystal artillery bombing that the distant place opens fire unceasingly.


The dragon crystal artillery, was almost humanity resists the Hybrid Demon biggest card in a hand, once the dragon crystal artillery is unable to overcome the enemy, that humanity really does not know that also what can depend on, by Spiritual God? Obviously, fire god Gaia is not any king level Hybrid Demon match, even, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Frost also not necessarily is at present the matches of that many Hybrid Demon kings.

After Sif, Pearl, drink fire, presented two kings, the strings of various god zither Ge, masticator Stella, is good because of the qin song is only distant looks that has not launched the attack, otherwise by her piano music attack, I did not determine that the city wall in this slaughter Dragon Fort can resist several impacts, even, I thought that possibly most three times must break the city!

Has a plan for the present, can only control distance between zither Ge and city, the piano music attacks to the distance requests to be very high, probably over 500 meters did not have enough lethality, but the range distance of dragon crystal artillery was 1000 meters, could melt zither Ge the threat using the dragon crystal artillery to the city.

„Roar roar......"

The earth hears bang the roar, the heavy cavalry from highest heaven city Xia Huojun is rushing ahead in the monster group of lighting the lamps corpse ghost, the cavalry soldiers brandish fight the blade edge to conquer by killing the lighting the lamps corpse ghost, kills the whole body to be bathed in blood, these people should also be the entire highest heaven city sharpest NPC military strength, I look from afar, in this group of heavy cavalries many accurate BOSS levels, no wonder the battle efficiency that may not look down on.

However, the roaring sound from bottom is getting bigger and bigger, suddenly the earth splits open hundred meters opening, several hundred heavy cavalries are miserably howling to crash together along with the surface rock and soil, again next quarter, bottom roars slatingly was clearer, a shadow flees rapidly from the place bottom, is a giant beast is opening the big mouth, and in swallows together directly several hundred heavy cavalries and soils and rock!

The heavy cavalries enter in the giant beast mouth time immediately has been strangled to death flesh and blood by the strength of anxious spin, even connected Canhao the sound was unable to send out is massacred, finally, this prehistoric giant beast presented masticator Stella!

Actually I thought that the prototype of this giant beast certainly is Godzilla, the huge body climbed up the surface from the place bottom slowly, the body must also be higher than half compared with Tu Dragon Fort, once such a giant beast impacted the city wall, we should resist?



Few Master Yang roars: „This...... What thing is this?"

The strong wind from afar armed forces command hundred one stuffily: „Ended...... This build giant beast, yes...... Is 10 levels of big games, topest giant beast, food chain top exists...... We, we are unable to resist today!"

Few Master Yang turns head to get angry exclaims: „Hundred li (0.5km) old, did not want chaotically the morale of troops!"

Hundred sneers, immediately raises the arm, said: „The dragon crystal artillery of right wing, aims at masticator Stella, once it enters the firing distance rapidly to bomb, raises some cold water to come up the cooling barrel, these did not need me to teach, quick!"

The soldiers of strong wind from afar armed forces sufficed to be busy.


Counts carefully, came 5 king level BOSS, now does not know when the dark blue billows will start have attacked, once the dark blue billows appear, should also be the final general attack of Hybrid Demon army?

Thinks of here, the moral nature somewhat trembles, Tu Dragon Fort will soon not guarantee, I am not the pessimistic person, but I also understand that the topography of Tu Dragon Fort is not suitable like this defense war, Tu Dragon Yaosai is connecting the plain, is different to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den stands and waits for a long time in the palatial summit, at least Stella this colossus is unable the direct attack city wall, but the ice ridge mountain is solid, Stella is also not necessarily able to break through these rocks, therefore does not have the superiority of absolute altitude, here establishes some Tu Dragon Fort non- wisdom, this was also I and Frost initially thought that established the slaughter dragon fort not satisfactory reason.

Hybrid Demon is not a person, meets head-on these monsters unable to use the conventional tactic, on the flat land builds the fort obviously is a matter of non- wisdom, especially in the Hybrid Demon territory, the highest heaven city has guarded about 1 million NPC armies in Tu Dragon Yaosai, a little delivered to the meaning of tiger mouth fat.

„Roar roar......"

Masticator Stella roars to crawl on the plain, brandishes the sharp claws killing crowd, acted as the Hybrid Demon territory „cutting edge officer" the role, he was away from Tu Dragon Fort, be only less than 1200 meters, must try to obstruct, others were not suitable, can only I go.


The sole air current revolves together, I greeted with Wan Er and Li Mu and the others flushed Going out, delayed Cooldown as far as possible, hoping this domain activity to have the time limit, after the Hybrid Demon army for a long time could not capture, naturally can retreat.

Above the double sword is condensing strength of the Holy Domain, speedily I of flight likely together the meteor generally have fired into Stella.

In the ground, the demon mountain, the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others direct the mighty force to gather round Stella to start fiercely attack, they have regarded king level BOSS Stella as before, a little snatches the meaning of BOSS very much, but is not true in fact, Stella body was extremely huge, the sharp claws wield each time can be run over and die a piece of person!


It opens the huge mouth suddenly, is starting to start the spiral suction to the crowd, likely is a giant vacuum cleaner, immediately the crushed stone, soil, plant and person ground were attracted together, many people were attracted with horse, but in Stella's mouth can grow the spiral storm to strangle to death the game, looked like in a mouth of vacuum cleaner has installed a shredder, after buying to enter the game that kills first digests, therefore turned into the grandson monkey to enter Princess Iron Fan within the body to pull the tactic of intestines basically not to need to want, will dismember a body by the shredder!


The double sword raises, I occupy a commanding position strikes layer on layer rumbles on Stella's right eye, one string of injury figures fly, subsequently is one time rides the wind to cut, the sword air/Qi penetrates Stella's hard shell directly, hits the blood to spatter in all directions, this time has made a connection, this prehistoric giant beast raised the head to visit me, in the vision was passing the anger.

„Come, grandson!" I beat a drum, but does not forget to provoke.


Stella will not speak, roars is opening the big mouth, the vacuum cleaner starts, can also attract me?

Immediately, a vigorous suction has locked me, binds the body unceasingly to his direction attraction, I furiously struggle, will fly the strength that accelerates to urge the valley unceasingly, Cooldown has formed a marvelous sight, looks like a giant beast in the going all out sorption air/Qi, but the struggling flight that a moth breaknecks is ordinary, my strength is not weak, like has not been these ordinary players is absorbed, but is unable to work loose, such reaches a stalemate.

At this moment, suddenly has after death transmitted the familiar silver ray, is the bright moon storm!


The giant bright moon corona bang on Stella's forehead, Lin Wan Er is in the midair, the dragon tooth sharp knife blade wields surrounds and attacks continually pricks the body of giant beast, simultaneously comes a time beautiful woman art of dancing energy again!


I have been separated from the immobilization instantaneously, immediately retrocedes, said loudly: „Wan Er, walks, does not hit!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1219

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