Zhan Long Chapter 1220

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Stella's suction was too strong, looks like a vacuum cleaner of super power, generally the player is unable to resist his screw to strangle to death, even if Lin Wan Er has the silver dragon to help in the fighting, but after is a young assassin, advocates additional is also Agility, but is not the strength, once were locked definitely unable to escape Stella's killing.



After the giant beast yawn has swallowed one group of highest heaven city players, gains ground once again, to the appearance that Lin Wan Er and silver dragon as if never forget, Lin Wan Er jumps to jump onto Dragon Bei, urged loudly: „Little Bai, walks quickly!"

However as if late, giant beast already to Lin Wan Er, had been opening the big mouth, immediately hurricane bone-chilling cold condensation.


The butterfly sword breaks out the storm, since I from the right full speed flight, lift up high the double sword unites the strength, staking everything on a single throw of the dice strike fall on the cheeks of giant beast directly, „bang" surges innumerable Spark, its outer covering was really too hard, this struck has not caused the too big damage, but has disrupted its attack rhythm actually, Lin Wan Er flew away with the silver dragon.

In the roaring sound, Stella lowers the head to seek for my position immediately, on the fierce face full is the ominous severe look, this time must massacre me not to be possible, but, previous time suffered a loss, this time also studied intelligently, I no longer flew, flew also to fly Stella's buying in attack, a long sword pendulum, the overlord boots treads Stella's cheeks skin to fire into its root of the ear, must seek for the scotoma of this giant beast, otherwise it will be doomed also close slaughter dragon fort.

In the ground, the demon mountain raises the lance to puncture in the giant beast footsteps continuously suddenly, looks up me in giant beast nape of the neck place, said loudly: „Xiao Yao, useless, he has the compound eye, you could not find the scotoma!"

Suddenly, on Stella cheeks several hole holes open suddenly, above unexpectedly is the dense and numerous eyes, stares the round eye to visit me, at least this face did not have the scotoma!


The air fluctuation transmits, does not need to turn head also to know Stella before the claw in killing me, without hesitation starts [Seven Stars Teleportation] directly, completes a time ultra long-distance range the booklet to leap, „bang", the giant beast this struck to whip on own face, but after struck, unexpectedly has had a flame shock-wave, flushed out my 7 thousand + HP as before, this attack power was really terrorist!

„" Overlord boots tread the outer covering on giant beast back to proceed to dash, the ice wing opens for me maintains balanced, but on Stella back every other about ten meters have opened an eye, this gadget whole body is the eye, didn't have the weakness position?

The roar is unceasing, Stella while monitoring my, pair of claws wields continually, the player in sweeping ground, the appearance of this giant beast has let the player buckle of highest heaven city and western boundary treaty of alliance were many, especially buys in the attack effect, even if the mighty force also together strangles to death, does not count the quantity, this also makes us clear, present king level Hybrid Demon was different from before greatly, before least can also pile the dead king with the huge-crowd strategy, now is many people, enough good strategy has not been useless.

The greedy desire drinks the fire to kill people the blood, Sif has the war guard shield, this Stella can form the large-scale killing effect, the huge-crowd strategy also is just delivers the empirical value to give BOSS much.


Is treading Stella's back, I am upward Ben Hang, finally steps its back of the head time, discovers in its top of the head unexpectedly three corners, moreover around the corner does not have the compound eye, finally, found its field of vision blind spot!

Speedily has flown behind its corner, when my war boots tread above, this colossus becomes restlessly is immediately anxious, crazy fierce is moving the head, Cooldown I was flung to drop almost, received hurriedly has done the sword, firmly held a corner, afterward lifted the hand layer on layer to rumble the butterfly sword in the under foot!


The head astonishing hardness of giant beast, the butterfly sword is sharp, a sword gets down to leave behind together the shallow mark on that hard shell unexpectedly, less than one centimeter depth.

No matter it , to continue to unearth, when I dig out the head of giant beast time, this Stella did not have the means to attack Tu Dragon Fort.

The long sword occurred repeatedly the attack, caused more than ten times to cut to strike instantaneously.

My attacks Jeance Tela thoroughly manic, it opens the big mouth suddenly, this time does not buy in the attack unexpectedly, but spouted thick smoke roaring flame to sweep across the surroundings, a Cooldown demon mountain, the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others have had bad luck, the massive German war zone and player in US war zone was killed by the second, no one has thought that Stella also had such one.

It seems like my attack is very effective, cannot stop , to continue to chop!

„Right, is this, continue!"

The distant place, the demon mountain only remaining 3% remnant blood, progress to retrocede, at the same time raises the lance, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Xiao Yao does not use politely, [Gouge] puts on the head of this bastard!"

Cooldown, as if had the feeling of ally, it seems like in absolute strength front, even if were demon mountain such dauntless man also has to not submit, the words that he did not submit, must kill off all guild members by Stella.


Long sword falling, finally, in Stella's head outer covering were left about one meter gulf by my [Gouge], my attack also makes this giant beast manic cannot withstand, halts in same place, times are roaring, emits the roaring flame in the surroundings, it does not even know that is who in attacking oneself, because the compound eye could not see that I entered its blind spot, can therefore vent anger the player in surroundings ground.

I while heavy bombing, vision glances, airborne is also flying many players, majority is the highest heaven city and person in iron skull city, including people ride the warhawk, some people ride lion vulture, white-feathered bird and other flight mount, but does not have the big dragon, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er retreated in the city wall, they understand now [Zhan Long] needs to do did not come out to fight with all might, but defended in city wall imperial.

However, I am detained in the blind spot of giant beast, the unceasing attack also really diverts the step that the Hybrid Demon army went forward but actually, Stella is their secret weapons, this secret weapon halts, these clash, in front Hybrid Demon can only degenerate into the spoils of war under heavy artillery.

Suddenly, the warhawk of body rear highest heaven city rides to search shouts loudly: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, be careful, some people came!"

„Has the person?"

My astonished, after the brain, has actually transmitted a strength certainly, hurried spin body, the double sword defends before the body horizontally imperial, what no matter is, this strength has formed the overwhelming superiority to me!

Turns round, really Zhang Qingli's facial features print the view, is Sif, does not know when she also stepped Stella's back & top of the head position, in the hand on a handle long sword flood the strength of golden extermination, flies high to divide to me!


Is shining, my this time standard kept off unexpectedly successfully, but the taste did not feel better, above the both arms has transmitted a fierce numb feeling, almost soon could not grip the long sword, body in Sif struck to draw back dozens meters continually, fell directly in Stella at present, it has opened the huge mouth to swallow me immediately, was good is also quick because of my reaction rate, direct [Seven Stars Teleportation] glittered the right blind spot.

„Courts death!"

In Sif hand the long sword raises, is an explosivity injures, this time is above the sword blade edge sweeps Ling Liejian to be mad the storm together, buzz passed over gently and swiftly, wipes out my 30 thousand + HP at the same time also creates has continued the flame ignition effect, this is not good, here was massacred owes in a big way!

Sif was away from me to be too near, the war guard shield almost soon covered on my body, my body seeped in the war guard shield unexpectedly, this made my some not think actually that the right hand butterfly sword got rid rapidly, the sword hilt buckled suddenly covers Sif to grasp the wrist skill of sword, the body sinks slightly, the overlord boots trampled Going out fiercely!


A foot tramples in Sif's calf spot, female war-god also astonished low of this Hybrid Demon territory drinks one, made use to pass over gently and swiftly in my top of the head, strengthened the war guard shield rapidly, simultaneously turned around is a long sword sweeps away, was the sword air/Qi long-distance attack, my [Wall of Dou Qi] was immediately lax, cannot hit again, without [Wall of Dou Qi], I at least will be divided over 40 thousand HP by a sword, was difficult to rescue on the deity.

Not slightly hesitant, then Sif the struck the strength I to back up to fly rapidly Going out, flew following Stella's spine path its end, pasted to increase speed full speed, departure like lightning, has only heard Sif's ridicule sound: „The Frost student is also mediocre, but also any Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, collapses at the first blow simply!"

Sif taunted me unexpectedly, was calm, goes back surely dead, Sif and Stella two kings attacked together, are doomed not to have the player to live coming back.


Non-stop flew in the city wall in Tu Dragon Fort, when I fell, Yue Qing Qian worried saying: „Brother Xiao Yao, we also thinks that you must die on the giant beast!"

I shake the head with a smile: „How can, I be so smart."

Lin Wan Er looks at the Stella huge body from afar, said: „The build of masticator was too big, a meeting...... Does not know that we can block its attack, what a pity, you found its scotoma not to help matters."

As soon as I let go: „Does not have the means that Sif gives Stella to protect buddhist law personally, I found the scotoma truly not to have any achievement."

Li Mu wields the long sword to mount Hybrid Demon of city to chop several, at the same time said: „At least slightly postponement their attack steps, then what to do?"

I deeply inspire, look at the city wall a row of brightly burnished dragon crystal artillery, said: „Had a look at the heavy artillery to be able to block Stella."

Saying, I order to say loudly: „All subordinates the Tian Ling Empire heavy artillery camp to obey orders, once Stella enters the firing distance immediately to fire off, aims at its head spot bombing!"

„Yes, Sir!" These NPC armies belong to Tian Ling Empire, naturally also obeys orders in me, I am the three services commander, the priority of order want high few Master Yang and hundred Ningxia, naturally, this is only in the surface, the friend or stranger is able to discriminate, sometimes their directly commands possibly orders more powerful.


The earth vacillates slowly, Stella started to take a step to move toward Tu Dragon Fort once more, the palatial body looked like a mountain range is ordinary, the NPC soldiers face whitens that Tu Dragon must insert, many people lost the courage of fight, they were trembling and are fearing such a colossus, but stemmed from a status and responsibility of serviceman, therefore they have not been defeated and dispersed, if Stella near body attack, were defeated and dispersed is also only sooner or later matter.

Zhan Long Chapter 1220

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