Zhan Long Chapter 1221

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„It entered the firing distance, hey!"

Few Master Yang shakes the hand of sword somewhat to shiver, on the face actually full is the excited color, he was anticipating such a fight proves itself, but of a prehistoric giant beast Stella challenge Hybrid Demon kings, this most can show that obviously own combat general status, has drawn out the long sword slowly, few Master Yang shouted to clear the way loudly: „Obeys holds command greatly, the dragon crystal artillery, the colony launches!"

„Wait / Etc.!" I am suddenly loud the [say / way].

„How, Sir?" Few Master Yang asked in consternation.

I said: „The army of highest heaven city still outside, making them retreat."

Saying, me was relating the demon mountain immediately, the demon mountain also rapidly responds, was leading the players and NPC in highest heaven city retreats, for Stella making way path, he also knows that the next quarter will have anything.

After all preparations are ready, the heavy artillery attack of farm tractor armed forces and strong wind from afar armed forces started finally!


Tu Dragon must insert surpasses 30% heavy artilleries to be the NPC army of Chinese area, opens fire together the splendid sight, entire city as if shivers under the recoil force of heavy artillery, flame intensive fleeing moves, after 1 second, Stella of distant place was covered by the explosive shock wave of dragon crystal artillery instantaneously, mass-criticizes innumerably again in its top of the head spot, in the meantime, accurate of heavy artillery is not 100% , many dragon crystal artillery fall in Stella's surrounding ground as before explode, the player and Hybrid Demon who small monster bang will not have retreated with enough time massacres together.

Under crowded heavy artillery bombing, Stella is whinning, this type by the collection hot feeling is thought is very certainly painful, can be bombed by several hundred dragon crystal artillery together, this treatment also only then its this colossus can have, but after the fire clears, we actually noticed that Stella is pushing onward Tu Dragon Fort as before step by step, its defense capability I was too clear, my butterfly sword how, let alone is the dragon crystal artillery? If this Tu Dragon Fort can Tu Dragon, Stella obviously dominate the species really above dragon.

„Not?" Old K is raising Axe, cannot bear body tremble: „This does not die, how many blood strip does not see to reduce, does this round heavy artillery, have the bang to fall Stella to surpass 2% HP?"

Yue Wei Liang shakes the head: „No!"

Death God's Elegy is raising the shield and lance, but has a look at behind brothers, said with a smile: „Prepares near body fight Stella!"


The NPC aspect, few master positive and the others have lathered, even, wore NPC of Chinese dress to step the city at this time, the waist is wearing a handle golden color long sword, rides the flame warhorse, having one crowd of own health/guard, the front to wear the badge of highest heaven City Emperor's clan, he comes, immediately Xia Huojun several Yorozuo long all single Xi kneels down in the place, said loudly: „Young prince!"

„The prince......" I am somewhat speechless, is this crown prince in highest heaven city?

Indeed, this NPC name is „rhine crown prince", was the name called the rhine? I usually only pay attention to the regiment system, this aristocrat system has not paid attention actually.

The rhine swept my one eyes, the corners of the mouth has brought back, said: „Originally Tian Ling Empire held General Ge also to come greatly."

I nod smile: „Crown prince."

This greeted, few minutes, the demon mountain led part of [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild player to come back, he manner to the rhine crown prince was also respects, simultaneously the heavy artillery sound was unceasing, has covered our majority of dialogs, the rhine had shouted several, probably was orders the dragon crystal artillery do not stop , to continue to bomb Stella's meaning.

„It is not good, Stella was getting more and more near!"

The demon mountain makes a fist, the vision is staring at Stella of distant place, said: „Also who can how this giant beast, mother, the dragon crystal artillery cannot rumble its armor, what defense this is!"

The distant place, Stella raises the nape of the neck, the roar several, continued to tread the player and NPC corpse continues to advance, has been away from us less than 500 meters! But Stella's buying in striking distance is about 100 meters , means that once she steps into Tu Dragon Fort to enter 100 meters range, we momentarily will be attacked.

The rhine crown prince draws out the saber suddenly, the look ruthless offense, said: „Still in anything, the accumulation military strength prepares to go out of town to meet head-on, must this giant beast obstruction outside the city, otherwise Tu Dragon Fort did not have! Your majesty used the strength of whole nation to cast Tu Dragon Fort, to not let her was destroyed in a moment here, came the person, prepared to go out of town to meet head-on to me!"

The demon mountain looks at the rhine crown prince, starts to speak but hesitates, will say several seconds later: „Crown prince Sir, sends for Going out meeting head-on now is makes them bring death...... This......"

The rhine sneers: „What's wrong, the marshal thought the words that does not attack will have the stratagem which ensures success? The masticators want close city, all of us must die, don't forget, the string , the greedy desire and eternal moon/month blade edge these people various god hid in the masticator behind, they were waiting for an arrival of slaughter, but the masticator did not die, we slaughtered object!"

Although this crown prince looks like has a high and respected position, but this point has not spoken incorrectly actually, does not take Stella to obstruct truly Tu Dragon Fort outside the city ended, once lost the city wall as the protection barrier, the player and NPC army could not block the Hybrid Demon mighty force absolutely.

„Fire god Sir Gaia?" The rhine crown prince asked suddenly.

Demon mountain road: „She was wounded by Sif, has been treating."


The rhine crown prince said lightly: „Since could not save us the gods, that can only help oneself, came the person, bringing my Bodyguard to go out of town together, obstructs Stella!"

„Yes, Crown prince!"

The own health/guard of rhine crown prince approximately in 1000 + people, but is the elite soldiers who wears the silver mail-armor and helmet, built up under the city, the next quarter rode the warhorse to go out of town, the demon mountain but also can only order, ordering Xia Huojun, the Longxu Armed forces and ice shield armed forces also to send out 10 thousand military strength to go out of town to meet head-on, the player was also voluntary going out of town many people, decided the life and death under the city of Tu Dragon Fort with the Hybrid Demon army.

But clearly, such military strength is unable to prevent the invasion of Hybrid Demon army as before, because basic can prevent Stella's footsteps on nobody, this prehistoric giant beast trod near, from city, only then less than 200 meters, even Dancing Forest, so long as started the purgatory meteor skill to be able direct attack BOSS.


I have also drawn out the double sword, prepares to meet head-on once more, but can also have any means.

The [Zhan Long] people are also Qi Qi hold breath an cold air/Qi, the short distance and Stella gamble, this is the matter that anybody is not willing to face.

The right is not far, Fang Ge Que is grasping proud Tianzhang, looks at Stella from afar, suddenly said one: „Once the masticator broken city, we retreat cold uncultivated land Dragon's den immediately, does not bring death here."

Q-Sword expressed the support, nods: „Um!"

Not far away, [Prague] Yan Zhao Warrior is raising the long sword again, vision calm Stella who looks at the distant place, has not said anything, but rapid penetrates to mount in city the mouth of lighting the lamps corpse ghost the long sword, strikes to kill it directly, until now, the output of Yan Zhao Warrior is not low, already entered first 10 in the points list of Chinese area, is very rare, the post that for it seems like he this strong wind from afar armed forces command also truly spelled.

Also right, since the regiment system clears, player's site classification also came out, becomes the armed forces of NPC army commands, is not only a great honor, is a symbol of tyrannical strength.

Why Soaring Dragon regards as important to Drunken Spear, on the one hand, the individual strength and cohesive force of short spear trick to [Flying Dragon] important, on the other hand, regiment system Shua of short spear trick must enjoy the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, in the hand grasped the fall harvest regiment 90,000 NPC armies, this point sufficiently is also making Soaring Dragon hold in high esteem, otherwise, by hiding shortcomings of Soaring Dragon, the short spear trick and Fierce Tiger had that big contradiction, he perhaps already short spear trick kicking guild.


In an intermittent fire, Stella's face had been rumbled bumpy, but in furiously is very as before near to the city, with roaring, unexpectedly somewhat solemn and stirring feeling.

At this time, rhine crown prince was raising sharp knife blade, slowly arrived in the Tian Ling Empire NPC position, looks that the strong wind from afar armed forces commanded hundred Ningxia, said respectfully: „Hundred li (0.5km) senior general, boy was here overly courteous."

Hundred shows a faint smile: „Is the rhine, long so was big, when my previous time sees you, you are young young fellows."

The rhine crown prince said with a smile: „Teacher chatted, the rhine knew that the qualifications were still shallow, before the teacher until now is also a young fellow, this time, Stella attacks, the strength of this giant beast was really too strong, the ordinary fire is unable to end it, therefore, but also hopes that hundred li (0.5km) teacher can make the contribution for Tu Dragon Yaosai, for humanity."

Hundred is startled slightly: „Crown prince what is this?"

The rhine said: „Teacher, you were known as person who the Tian Ling Empire first palace master, I know that you have promoted the status of demon teacher, has the ability of control casting a spell . Moreover, casting a spell of teacher should be the casting a spell thunder clouds storm in wind system, the seed of storm can erupt the strong might, so long as the teacher is willing to send in Stella's within the body the storm seed, certainly can disintegrate the body of this prehistoric giant beast from the interior!"

Hundred has not spoken, his behind Yorozuo long angrily rebukes to say actually: „Rhine, you may know that thunder clouds storm casting a spell extremely in the great strength, an demon teacher can only use his entire life one time, but Ning has used one time in the 7 th garrison war, uses again one time, is overdrawing his life!"

The rhine nods, single Xi kneels down in the place, puts out a hand outside a finger of city, said: „But Stella...... He is swallowing the body of officers crazily, we do not have the means that the fire god Gaia severe wound, the dragon crystal artillery is invalid to Stella, the rhine really cannot think that any means can preserve Tu Dragon Fort, really does not have the means to continue to fight for humanity, Teacher, the rhine pleaded you, must rescue Tu Dragon Fort, this was our painstaking care crystallizes!"


Hundred is grasping staff, turns around to look to not far away Stella, suddenly a sigh, said with a smile: „, I am old bones, the Tian Ling Empire military administration important matter had the shallow forest, Li Xiao Yao and forest arched and the others to be enough, I...... After Pearl dies, I am one keep the ghost in this world likely, was my time actually already not,......"

His look is extremely green, I look cannot bear moral nature acid.

Was hundred glorious time to pass, was my glorious time, will happen one day also will be gone forever.

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Zhan Long Chapter 1221

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