Zhan Long Chapter 1222

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„Kills Stella with casting a spell?"

Li Mu the nape of the neck that rides from an demon palace draws out the long sword, carries over to burn the fierce blood, at the same time shook the head saying: „Always thought that not too credible appearance, hundred is also two-star BOSS, can the second kill the king, the wizard letter."

I also turn around to have a look at hundred Ningxia, said: „Ning, you want three to think, not necessarily wants you to overdraw the life to kill the masticator."

Hundred has actually smiled, on dark green Yan Zhi, a pair as if completely understood that all time the eyes visit me, said: „Holds the spear greatly, when you initially took the post only the palace guards of 4000 military strength command, wears settled on you, thought that you are one may make the material, now you are the three services marshal, had proven wears the original vision of your highness, I heard the tomb pit that wears was dug up and rob, her corpse was reactivated into Hybrid Demon, even becomes a person in Hybrid Demon command"

His expression suddenly becomes bitter and astringent incomparable, said: „I think that she grows up since childhood, wears has the child of aspiration, but is a pure good girl, becomes matter that the Hybrid Demon king is not she wants certainly to do, therefore, no matter this success or failure how, Li Xiao Yao, you must wearing bring back to the home from the Hybrid Demon territory, Tian Ling Empire is her family."

Saying, his vision becomes firm: „If she is not willing to go home, destroys her, do not let the body and soul that these evil spirit tarnishes wear, knew?"

Hundred post lower a lot compared with me, but he is an elder, is the Tian Ling Empire unique demon teacher, I have not disobeyed, the nod said: „Ning felt relieved that I accomplish certainly!"


How many minute of gratified in hundred eyes gushes out, turns around tremblingly Stella who looks at the distant place, looks that hundred decays the senile body dry, I do not know how many strengths really such in a body can burst out, can kill Stella this prehistoric giant beast really?

The distant place, Stella is going against saturation bombing forward running of Long Jing artillery, every step as if made the mountains and rivers disintegration general, the highest heaven city cavalries' outside city under Stella's great foot were ground the flesh and blood, but also was not limited to this, Stee did not pull lowered the head to carry on to buy in the attack, twisted subsequently to swallow broken the innumerable heavy cavalry induction ports, this let NPC soldiers courage Ju Lie in city, the fear became covers the dark cloud in people heart together ;.

The players are but actually good, this BOSS designs again disgustingly again fiercely, massacres us is also only the sensation of pain of flash, later can return to the city resurrected, small gift.

„Collection fire, attacks Stella's eyes!" I raise the double sword to say loudly.

This Stella as if also had a liking for the [Zhan Long] position, step by step turns toward on the city that we guard to make great strides forward, this is not considered as that any good news, Stella's attack everybody has experienced, it has instantaneous destroys the ability of this city wall, but the player appeared under Stella's swallowing and angry flame attack extremely is tiny.

Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Xing Lie, Lian Po and the others will attack to fall in torrents, Stella from city less than 100 meters being away from, our long-distance were the player aims to attack BOSS through the ejection way, simultaneously Long Jing artillery was keeps manifesting suddenly, in the head spot continuous explosion of giant beast, but is unable to prevent Stella's vanguard, although Long Jing artillery can cause heavy losses to Stella's watch case, but is unable to injure and physique.

„Stops bombing!" Hundred shouts one suddenly.

I gawked staring, Q-Sword have raised the arm to say immediately: „The farm tractor armed forces, stop bombing quickly!"

Fang Ge Que also raises Ao Tianzhang, said loudly: „Brothers, stop the magic attack first, what to do has a look at hundred."

The people Qi Qi stop attack, the city high and low only remaining players with the scenes of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon preying, as for Stella, this prehistoric giant beast likely were monster standing and waiting for a long time in Tu Long Fort front, the double pupil fixed the eyes on the player and NPC who army Tu Long must insert, first trod fully slowly, must lead the way, so long as went forward again half step, we entered Stella's attack range!

At this moment, hundred lowers suddenly roars, the under foot fluctuation wind system energy, is rolling up and pushing along the soaring his body in the midair, staff in hand raises high, the sky instantaneously becomes a deep blue, innumerable six glow star law transform the condensation unceasingly in hundred under foot, the prelude of this casting a spell looks like exceptionally is really astonishing.

„Buzz humming sound"

The sharp energy maneuver sound conveys, in hundred palm rapid revolving is condensing one group of blue energies, is that the so-called storm seed?

On the city, the rhine crown prince and few Master Yang, demon mountain and the others raise head to look at this big demon teacher from Tian Ling Empire all, now almost all people hoping to pin on this old person's body, I gripped tightly the double sword, raises head back that looks at hundred, suddenly in the heart gave birth to many not to endure, he was the teacher who wore, can such die?

About 10 seconds of Cooldown, the storm seed of hundred palm had already taken shape, his look is dignified, delivers gently, that blue sphere slowly flew, directly soars Stella.


Stella also somewhat is obviously ignorant, does not know that this is any thing, arrives at its front until this group of storm seeds, finally Stella was angry, the yawn is one whooshes, the formidable spiral suction wreaks havoc unceasingly, swallowed to one this group of storm seeds directly, and as if also twisting to break to pieces this group of energies!

„?" Rhine crown prince in great surprise: „Did this attack expire?"

Hundred shows a faint smile: „Ubiquitous wind, will the invisible colorless wind, how be swallowed? Stella, you thought simply, greeted the death, that was you best home to return to!"

Saying, hundred opens the five fingers suddenly, roared loudly, the world changed color instantaneously, the innumerable dark clouds from the sky condensed, but the abdomen that one group of blue energies sank to Stella, this energy ray punctured thoroughly the cerebral cortex of giant beast unexpectedly, ray unceasing rising suddenly, looked like as if can blast Stella to be ordinary really!


Airborne, the floating mine layer on layer shells together in the top of the head of giant beast, afterward, in the thunder clouds jumps out over a hundred thunder and lightning bombardments instantaneously in the top of the head of giant beast, the entire world seemed illuminated well-illuminated, the storm seed of Stella endo-abdominal was also detonated simultaneously under hundred strength, „bang" explodes!

I look clearly, the Stella abdomen front outer covering blasted out ten several rice openings directly, the blood red giant intestines are wriggling, the blood spatters in all directions, as if a flood is common!

„Succeeded!" Li Mu is stunned.

Xue Routi is turning over to Yuan sword dull standing in the city wall, muttered: „How possible, two star god level can BOSS massacre the king? Is unlikely"

Lin Wan Er also shook the head saying: „Is absolutely impossible!"

In fact also so, even if abdomen blasted out a giant opening, but Stella's powerful place also lies in its also wants the tenacious vitality compared with the big dragon, in abdomen ripped open situation, actually before brandishing the claw, roars to whip in the front city wall, immediately three Long Jing artillery was ripped the smashing with several hundred the soldiers of strong wind from afar armed forces together, was also patted together with a big section city wall has broken to pieces, strikes merely, the outer wall of Tu Long Fort had been destroyed!

After destroying the city wall, Stella raises head to roar to airborne one, the strength revolves, is pulling hundred body forcefully!

But at this time, hundred face whiten, just liked the dying old man was already ordinary, his all strengths almost by thunder clouds storm casting a spell to suck dry, which also had the strength to contend with Stella's buying in?


Miserable howling, hundred goes all out raises the staff condensation wind system strength, the hurricane appears between him and Stella together circles violently, is leaning on the repelling force, the letting body will was not absorbed the past by Stella.

But at this moment, not far away airborne golden light blooms suddenly together, that is Sif's attack, was bad, Sif came, that hundred was dangerous!

My almost same Cooldown thousand frost wings jump, raises the sword to overrun, does one makes the defense gesture the sword horizontally, but Sif corners of the mouth are having the contemptuous smile, the numerous sword rumbled!


The entire left arm as if discarded generally, in short Cooldown could not mention any strength to come, the body shell instead shook to fly, but I actually did not forget a hand to grasp hundred Ningxia when the hastiness, rescued from the mouth of prehistoric giant beast him!


In airborne, I exclaimed loudly.

The innumerable Long Jing artillery starts unceasingly, but Sif body week has the war guard shield, almost disregarded the attack of Long Jing artillery.

„It is not wonderful, retreats?" Xue Routi is turning over to the Yuan sword to say.

„Without enough time!" Lin Wan Er said: „Flight moored imperial enemy, the melt god cavalry brought long-distance to assist Class to evacuate, dies is unworthy here!"


„Bang", I lead hundred layer on layer to stumble in the stretch of ruins of Tu Long Fort city wall, in the long city walls was ripped open a big opening, this is Stella's masterpiece.

„Ning, are you all right?" I look to hundred.

Hundred supports the body to stand forcefully with staff, said: „I am all right, holds spear to go to the imperial enemy greatly, I am all right!"


Yorozuo of several strong wind from afar armed forces long flushed, is protecting hundred Ningxia, although hundred has just liked the lamp bowl that loses plant, but the strong wind from afar armed forces' command, they are not willing to give up him after all.

Jumps to jump onto the city wall, actually discovered that Sif has slaughtered in the city wall, erupts several attacks in the [Legend] Guild crowd, has killed to the second [Legend] first knight Xuan Yuan Feng directly, the Fang Ge Que decisive order retreats, the city has fallen into enemy hands, resists again here also suddenly brings death.

The Long Jing artillery in city wall remove, simply does not have this Cooldown, but soldier in one crowd of heavy artillery camps is a face dreary does not know not to know what to do.

I look at the distant place, ordered hurriedly: „Long Jing artillery, aims at Stella abdomen wound, gives me the heavy bombing!"

„Yes, Sir!"

Hundred has ripped open Stella's abdomen with the thunder clouds storm, the price is his life, shortly after hundred has assigned, that cannot make him die in vain, even if today were Tu Long Fort fell to the enemy, but Stella must die, if did not massacre this giant beast, I am not really able to imagine Stella to arrive under Dragon's den to be what kind, with his indestructible body and spirit, should be able to dig on the ice ridge mountain directly?

That all ended!

Zhan Long Chapter 1222

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