Zhan Long Chapter 1224

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Hundred exhausted the life energy to wound Stella with casting a spell, but actually never thinks one will perish in Pearl this passes on the hand of disciple, the margin on that head was flowing the blood in Bo Bo as before, in one side, hundred wore the body of white long gown to lie down there, above dyed completely the blood.

This time Pearl radically is not Pearl, on her face does not have one to pity, stands in the city wall, condenses the purple thunder energy to concentrate on suddenly in hundred head, makes noise, must change beyond all recognition hundred head ignition, subsequently completely becomes the thunder and lightning energy body, Pearl eats delicacies clear, then throws Going out the head!


The earth trembles slightly, hundred head completes became a bomb, explodes in the strong wind from afar armed forces under city, about hundred brave warriors turned into the flying ash instantaneously.

Yan Zhao Warrior holds on the reins suddenly, looks strong wind from afar sergeant soldier who behind died in battle, cannot bear the face whiten, grieved loudly shouted to clear the way: „Mother, where this Pearl can be Pearl, walks quickly, removes into the domain of awe state, hurry up, behind the cavalry does not need to protect, you walk first, can preserve many military strength is many!"

[Prague] player almost also in going all out, six he raises the long sword to lead one crowd to ride the war is the player returns to the body to meet head-on Hybrid Demon, takes own Level to receive in exchange for strong wind from afar armed forces many survivals as the price, but the airborne innumerable wings demon and predator kill violently, in addition about dozens thousand monster thunder and lightning kill, NPC and player who many people in the ground flees are hard to escape death by a hair's breadth.



A bang, the main city gate region complete avalanche of East city wall became one pile of ruins, that was the greedy desire drinks the fire the masterpiece, Pearl lowers the head to have a look to drink the fire, could not bear the corners of the mouth flood a happy expression, said: „Slaughtering heartily, drinks the fire!"

„Yes, Your highness!" Drinks the fire also yes to smile.

Mentioned also strangely, Pearl ranked king 4 th, drank the fire to place 6 th, properly speaking two status of people will not have greatly is too disparate, but drank the manner of fire to Pearl actually very respectfully, it seems like that the dark blue billows thought highly to Pearl this new captain, therefore gave the status and glory that she others have not been able to enjoy, even ranked the king 3 rd Sif possibly also to Pearl be respectful.

Instance that the east gate destroys, means that entire Tu Dragon Fort fell to the enemy completely, can withdraw the player and NPC of army city naturally all evacuated, but in the city the population are too many, has been detained at least hundreds of thousands of people as before, these people either go all out escapes toward the city outside, either degenerates into the killed object, horrible to look, simultaneously airborne hears ting, ended, the next goal has also surfaced


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, 【The struggle of Tu Dragon】 The edition defends the imperial failure, the Hybrid Demon army will continue to attack to kill the south, the next determination of target for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the edition activity promotes as automatically 【The struggle of dragon territory】, The contribution values and meritorious values of all players automatic along recording new edition activity, wish good luck!


Looks at this System Announcement, my moral nature chill in the air, Hybrid Demon army this is must while convenient together destroy completely cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, was the next goal Tian Ling Empire or Ba Huang City?

Opens the wings, in airborne speedily flies to south, at the same time reviews to have a look at the purple of distant place, Pearl here, can she really ruin itself once to pledge to fight to the death now personally the protection empire?

In the guild channel, the people noisily were also discussing

Li Mu: „His mother, was one's turn cold uncultivated land Dragon's den finally, the dark blue billows really did not have the peaceful good intention!"

Dancing Forest: „You said that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den can defend?"

Wang Jian: „Was difficult saying that the words that but we went all out, Hybrid Demon was also not necessarily able that smoothly captured cold uncultivated land Dragon's den."

Wolf said: „Must depend upon the strength of NPC army, I do not believe Tian Ling Empire to be known as that about 200 thousand NPC armies will be routed instantaneously, feared that only feared Tian Ling Empire is not willing to reenforce cold uncultivated land Dragon's den fully."

Yue Qing Qian micro smile: „All right, Brother Xiao Yao holds the spear greatly, he should be able to transfer these armies, did Brother Xiao Yao, you say?"

I coughed: „Really has this authority, but as if transferred too many troops to through the agreement of sovereign, everybody removed to defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den rapidly, I was responsible for Tian Ling Empire inviting the reinforcements!"



Pulls out City Return Scroll, the discovery golden reel ray is not , the map of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den region also entered the confinement domain, does not need to think that this is the strength of dark blue billows, where regardless of he arrives, can open a huge defense cover, making the transmission skills of all players expire completely, this to our mobilities is a fatal blow.

Did not have the means that flew back to Tian Ling Empire to go, was good is quick because of my raspberry speed, returns to the city not for over 20 minutes!

When I fly sky over cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, turns head to look that in the ruins in awe empire burst out dragon crystal artillery rays, does not need to think that was the palace guard guards there army starts to block Hybrid Demon, had Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other star-level stars to protect, believe the palace guard absolutely not like the army of highest heaven city the rapid rout, moreover Stella was seriously injured, the migration was slow, should not have to arrive in the battlefield quickly.

Cooldown, now regarding us, Cooldown is the life!

The bird's eye view gets down, on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has been ready in full battle array, an all trades heavy artillery is listed in the city edge, the sword armor bright Dragon's den armed soldier grasps the long sword and Fang Dunshou there, the archer was already the point of no return, Seurre, Zi Shu and the others also appeared on the city, there are them, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den absolutely did not have to be attacked and captured easily.



Speedily the flight, the passing over gently and swiftly cloud layer, entered Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries, soon after saw the Tian Ling Empire outline in the floating clouds, several minutes later, flew directly the imperial palace airborne dive, straight falling on the main hall stair, after the both sides guarded one, hurried good military salute: „Holds the spear greatly!"

I nod, stepping into imperial palace main hall in step by step.

In the main hall, the civil and military whole body of ministers , the shallow forest also put on black to fight the armor majority , the hand grasp the long sword, appearance that soon the royal cart will go to battle with, but, the people as if were still debating unceasingly.

Wish sea to grasp the inscribed tally, said respectfully: „Your majesty, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, although is the treaty of alliance city of empire, but we use the soldiers of whole nation for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den after all extremely in improper, if our main strength arrives in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the Hybrid Demon army actually never turns over to the sea to launch the surprise attack, presses up to Tian Ling Empire by a crack force, how do we work as the imperial enemy?"

The navy commanded Qin Yi also to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Seconds the motion below, your majesty, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Frost is unruly, relies on is the superior god, actually cannot pay attention, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is after my empire professes allegiance actually has not sent the messenger to worship and present tribute, but now, they received the threat of Hybrid Demon army to think of us, is really the villain!"

The imperial guard commands Situ Xin to sneer: „Was General Qin Yi perhaps that real villain? The cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 15 thousand armies resist the attack of Hybrid Demon by the flesh and blood, they did not seek the reputation, did not seek the officer position, only to protect behind seven big kingdoms, had where attempts? Now General Qin Yi the malicious talk stabs here, this doing right by cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?"


Qin Yinu shouted to clear the way: „Situ firewood, I early know that you looked I am not pleasing to the eyes, you so slander me simply are fabricated!"

The shallow forest knit the brows, said: „Do not quarrel!"

At this time I the steps entered the main hall, nearby transmitting orders officer shouted to shout immediately loudly: „Broken cauldron male, holds spear Li Xiao Yao to enter the palace greatly!"


Wipes the gratified happy expression to appear on shallow forest face, makes a fist saying: „Li Master returned finally, said quickly how the empire should, the Hybrid Demon army arrive, how many military strength they set out, set out several kings?"

My look was tranquil, said: „Military strength is unclear, blots out the sky a piece unable to count, at present presented 7 Hybrid Demon kings, includes the dark blue billows Great Emperor."

„What?" The shallow forest trembles slightly: „even connected Canglan did also send out? That...... Should Tu Dragon Fort unable to contend?"

„Tu Dragon Fort fell to the enemy." I said.

My simple a few words, surrounding one crowd civil and military has shocked completely, a Ministry of War Shangshu face with amazement, said: „Holds the spear to joke with us greatly? Tu Dragon Fort was known as that guarded the highest heaven city to surpass 50% main armies, how less than three days will fall to the enemy, this was absolutely impossible."

I he he smile: „Some time ago matter, I just came back from the ruins of Tu Dragon Fort, the nature understands compared with you."

Saying, my vision was sinking, said: „Your majesty, the strong wind from afar armed forces command, hundred senior general died in battle."


The shallow forest trembles, whole person dejected sitting of falls on the throne: „What's wrong...... How possible? The senior general has fought many battles, dead how in battle...... Li Master, Hybrid Demon army already to which?"

I: „Now should arrive in the ruins in awe empire, palace guards and massive adventurers there imperial enemy, but definitely is unable to resist, soon after they will remove defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, therefore, hopes that your majesty allows me to transfer empire all armies, goes to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den reenforcement, otherwise cold uncultivated land Dragon's den one broken, our northern natural defenses barriers lose, soon by Hybrid Demon army vast stretch of flat land trampled flat seven big kingdoms."

The shallow forest clenches teeth: „Good, orphaned Wang Zhun, Li Master you now are the empire marshal, can transfer any empire soldiers and horses willfully, anybody dares to defy, but vertical cuts!"

My grateful nod: „Thanked your majesty!"

Wish a sea actually face ugly look, said: „Your majesty invited prudently, once our entire force gathered near the dragon territory, likely must have the opportunity by Hybrid Demon, your majesty does not forget, the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city and highest heaven city three military strength abundant cities eyed covetously to us as before, did not turn over to the sea-nymph clan in sea also to covet the Tian Ling Empire rich resources, we must leave behind a major part military strength to defend imperial."

Nearby, Qin Yi held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, end is willing to lead the navy 10 thousand armies to remain behind Tian Ling Empire, protects your majesty to be complete!"

I sneer, Qin Yi this old boy coveted life and feared death, is never willing to request a combat assignment on own initiative, one is thinking all day retains the effective strength of touchdown navy, now unexpectedly requests to remain behind Tian Ling Empire, moreover he also wishes the person of sea, I also somewhat worried that this old boy will start the mutiny in our armies after the city, the armed remonstrance shallow forest recalls my holds the spear position greatly, or changed from one dynasty to another, was not the good deed.

Zhan Long Chapter 1224

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