Zhan Long Chapter 1225

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„Li does Master, how your opinion deserve?" The shallow forest did not have the idea.

Was in the top digit, the shallow forest now could not possibly have seen clearly the countenance of Qin Yi this person, after all Qin Yi many movements did in private, shipped out a person of loyalty and righteousness in the palace the countenance, this person too saw.

I smiled, said: „Many thanks the good intention of General Qin Yi, Tian Ling Empire was the foundation of empire, naturally needed some people to defend, but was not the navy, the imperial capital should defend by the imperial guard, the empire imperial guard expanded manpower 18 thousand, was known as that the empire military strength strongest regiment, General Situ, you remained to defend a city!"

Situ Xin is astonished, said: „Holds the spear greatly, why doesn't make me go to battle as you like?"

I show a faint smile: „Because you most suit to remain to defend a city, protects your majesty to be complete."

Simply put, others remain to protect the shallow forest, I did not feel relieved, but Situ firewood gallantry, actually not necessarily compares favorably with wish the sea in political strategy, Cooldown is not quite unexpectedly clear, makes a fist saying: „Holds the spear greatly, the son works as able to move unhindered the thousand li(500 km), holds the long spear, to strike the day wolf, you had me keep this Tian Ling Empire......"

I cannot bear laugh, the racket his shoulder, said: „Good brothers, when the next time, I lead the palace guard to protect your majesty, you go on an expedition, but is good?"

Situ Xin then satisfies nods: „That...... Wish you to win victory!"

Who once thinks that the shallow forest actually knits the brows: „Li Master, must accompany the armed forces to go to battle orphaned, does not need the imperial guard protection."

I shake the head immediately: „No, your majesty is lord of the country, cannot violate the danger by the body, said again, under your majesty knee son half females do not have continually, if there is an accident, who inherits the empire?"

Huyan Lixiao: „Your majesty, holds to mean that greatly you should set up a queen for the empire!"

Shallow forest complexion somewhat is slightly awkward: „Hybrid Demon does not extinguish, does not have this thoughts orphaned. However...... Such being the case, remains behind Tian Ling Empire orphaned, holds the spear greatly, wish you to win victory!"

I nod, continue to order: „Audiences will obey orders, defends a city besides imperial guard, flame Dragon Jun goes not to turn over to coast of the sea to deploy troops for defense, other regiments select the uneven all troops completely, went to battle with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den along with me, the sunset must arrive in south cold uncultivated land Dragon's den before, otherwise the military law served!"

The people said: „Yes, end will obey orders!"


This time truly was the soldier of Northern Expedition whole nation.

I juggle, repair equipment to continue to go to battle, cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the palace guard as in the dragon territory northern imperial enemy, my this commands in really cannot be justified.

When I arrive in awe state ruins, here almost degenerated into a human purgatory, innumerable player and NPC army casualties here . Moreover the player almost did not have the division of national boundary, the German in Chinese or highest heaven city, or the American from western boundary treaty of alliance, English and others, crowds completely in the same place, all people are seeking for the channel that retreats, walked slightly is slower is drunk the fire to overtake an axe result.

The position of palace guard is also quite complete, barbarian blade shield grasps emphatically the shield, resists the attack of enemy furiously, at the same time does not forget to divide the steel knife, tears into shreds the Hybrid Demon body, about 4000 people of blade shield soldiers form several hundred meters defense line, the rear area is the dark Moon Elf archer team that the fine silks lead, again rear area is rumble the dragon crystal artillery of outbreak.

Airborne, Han Yuanti long blade is dividing blade air/Qi to wreak havoc in the Hybrid Demon crowd, is farther, is Sif raises the golden long sword to impact the position of palace guard heavy cavalry, the heavy cavalry of palace guard is the entire Tian Ling Empire sharpest humanity cavalry soldier, the heavy armor uses the rare material casting, facile, but physical defense is full, may actually as before unable to block Sif's sword air/Qi, the strength of extermination as if sharp knife blade the cutting to pieces soldiers body, but the palace guard after is a heavy cavalry, has the combat general of temple Knight strength furiously the sword air/Qi bombardment on Sif's energy guard shield, although does not have too big attack effect.

„Bang bang bang......"

Sword air/Qi unceasing spatters in all directions on the guard shield, Sif has killed to get angry, every strikes the life that at least can take away several palace guards!

„Go away, your this **!"

Airborne, Dragon Xingti long blade was instigating Thunder dragon to clash furiously, „bang" a bang, the long blade chopped together the crack on the guard shield, but Sif so was can it be that easy to be defeated, she lifted the hand such to wield, the palm met the bang to result in the dragon whetstone to drop Going out with the dragon firm and straight, a blood sprinkled the expansive sky, but struck, under four one my hand will give to injure, this Sif strong!

„Roar roar roar......"

The position of impact palace guard in the ground, leader 8 levels of Hybrid Demon person surface lion beasts go all out, but was actually mass-criticized by dragon crystal torn to pieces.

Li Mu and Wang Jian also appear in chaotic fighting, leading [Zhan Long] about 5000 + people of melt god cavalries to shield long-distance is the player retreats fighting, the Lin Wan Er soaring from the sky reenforces, Xue Rou raises is turning over to the ground team leader who the Yuan sword acts as the melt god cavalry, I had a look at the surroundings, the strong wind from afar armed forces and people of farm tractor armed forces two armies to retreat again, even, Xia Huojun of highest heaven city and others also retreated, even connected Moshan brought running that the person of hammer of [God of Thunder] was dying to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction, on the forefront, only then [Zhan Long] and palace guard were fighting a bloody battle.


Flies high to fall, my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang has killed several person surface lion beasts of remnant blood, simultaneously raises the arm, locks Sif's position, directly is [Thundering Heavens]!

Gets angry Thunder Xunlie to bomb, Sif hum miserable snort, guard shield flakes piece by piece, soon could not support has attacked like this, she looks up my one eyes, in the eye fills to kill intent, afterward raises the sharp knife blade to start to retrocede, Xia Ye, the Xiao severe two people sit in the dragon carry on the back, take out long bow „whiz whiz" two arrow arrows to fly!

„Wrestling of ants!"

Sif retrocedes, while with the sword standard parry two arrow arrows, in the eye kills intent to be thicker, but she is also a smart person, knows that cannot resist with all one's strength, stands in same place, waited for that large quantities of Hybrid Demon submerge us.

I am not silly, immediately ordered: „Retreats, do not prolong contact! Palace guard heavy cavalry guard everybody retreats, hurry up!"

The Han deep pool nods, directs heavy cavalry, the palace guard almost deployed troops for defense all heavy cavalries here, the entire 7 thousand + heavy cavalries, this was also the reason that Sif is not willing to put together hardly, she hardly spelled here, was very likely unable to go back.

The distant place, the Hybrid Demon army blots out the sky to come, but they to wait for the lighting the lamps corpse ghost, the purgatory hot skeleton, bright moon Asura and others moved the slow regiment, therefore was waiting for that did not march eagerly, so methodicalness direction, approximately Hybrid Demon territory also only then Pearl can achieve, in addition the woman can also achieve approximately, the clear pupil develops black ink, but was a pity that she in the Hybrid Demon territory status, directs the army unqualified.


Everybody's ordered start retreats, Han Yuan has helped up the injured dragon whetstone, is good is not quite heavy because of the injury, the big dragon can also fly, the wrap recuperation one can fight slightly again. Xiao severe raises the long spear to instigate Thunder dragon to arrive at side me, said: „Sir, we have arranged about 100 dragon crystal artillery here, but the motion is hasty, is unable to move away, what to do? Must dig an earth pit, buries these dragon crystal artillery temporarily, after the war ended, excavates to appoint again?"

I think that shakes the head: „Does not need, to blast these dragon crystal artillery."

„, Why?"

A shock of Xiao severe face: „Sir, these dragon crystal artillery may be the family properties that we breakneck to gain, how can say that ruined ruins?"

I show a faint smile, said: „Because I do not want to make these dragon crystal artillery the sharp weapon that shells cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Xiao hasn't severe you understood this point? Hybrid Demon army attack methodicalness has, has levelled off in one vigorous effort Tu Dragon Fort, then presses up to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but does not advance by rushes, this explained that they behind have a person to direct, a very wise person, she , the dragon crystal artillery certainly will be used by the Hybrid Demon army, must therefore destroy these dragon crystal artillery, does not leave her absolutely!"

Xiao Liqing sighed one, as if also understood many matters, said: „Sir, is your highness she...... Oh, once she was our old hosts, was one raises with your person, Your Highness Pearl did she really become the lackey of dark blue billows? Now, the Sir actually must in being forced under the helpless region and Your Highness Pearl the showdown, this mood......"

I smile bitterly, the racket his shoulder, said: „Brother, let alone, Pearl will certainly have revived in one day, but we can do is before then, absolutely cannot be defeated by her!"

Xiao severe nods joyfully: „Although Your Highness Pearl has the military strategy, but the Sir you same are the command ability that the non- world leaves, end believes that the Sir will certainly not be defeated by Your Highness Pearl!"

In my eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes proudly: „I have you, naturally cannot defeat!"

Xiao severe laughs, only said half language, actually full was the noble spirit, even if were also fearless facing the dark blue billows, serviceman who this truly was unafraid of death, because of existence of this group of people, Tian Ling Empire can continue to contend with the Hybrid Demon territory.


100 dragon crystal artillery that explosive sounds, leave behind turn into pile of scrap iron completely.

As the palace guard retreats together, marches forward while looks at the surrounding terrain, the awe state does not have the danger to defend, must give up, is the vast stretch of flat land to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den under foot, but the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den city area was placed there, on the city established 500 dragon crystal artillery is the limit, once killing of Hybrid Demon army sea of people, our firepower possibly could not find unable to suppress the match.

Must seek for the new firebase, can reenforce the Dragon's den firebase directly!


Is riding raspberry, from the sky circles for one week, had found, the mountain top that in the Dragon's den West, prominence, at least has been higher than 200 meters compared with Dragon's den highly, the mountain road is quite rugged, but above the summit is quite smooth, is the good commanding point.

Immediately issues the order, making the Han deep pool and Xiao severe lead 50,000 palace guards guard this named „knife point mountain" above the summit, simultaneously ships 10 invincible might artillery and 500 dragon crystal artillery, I start to call the Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces, assembles 5 thousand Flame Hawk Archers and palace guards guards the knife point mountain together.

Afterward, orders Dragon Xing, Xia Ye to lead several thousand people from at the foot of the hill excavation tunnel of knife point mountain, passes through on the several hundred meters flat land of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den front, buries the gunpowder of dragon crystal shell in the gallery all, 22 connected.


conceal in the evil spirit of Pearl within the body, since that wants to fight it out with me, that fought it out in this cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!

Zhan Long Chapter 1225

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