Zhan Long Chapter 1226

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The curtain of night arrived at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den slowly, sun set, the space has hiked up snowflakes, the frightening ice-cold heavy snow arrived at the city once more, actually the season was the autumn, NPC army only equipment that majority of Tian Ling Empire came unpadded garment and armor, even the soldier of many legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and palace guard also wore the brand-new autumn military uniform.



A palace guard military officer stands in me behind, the Yorozuo long rank, is a heroic woman, wears the straight military uniform, on the dark blue sleeve is embroidering two gold-rimmed, a front Chinese redbud design, is the symbol of empire serviceman, her look is exceptionally solemn, on the pretty face does not have this age female to have the flavor that slightly, actually the draw increased for several points to be capable and mature, the sound said very much calmly: „The army that greedy desire drinks the fire arrived in Dragon's den beyond five li (0.5km), uniform Asura rides, quantity about 200,000."


I nod, have a look at the name on her top of the head, said: „Jing Yin, the signal flag of Han Yuanxiao severe direction can also be able to see that has snowed, this snow does not know how long under meets."

Jing Yin shows a faint smile: „This point Sir felt relieved that General Han commands the soldier to take the flame as the signal, even if snowed we to see the situation on knife point mountain as before, but Sir, once the heavy artillery camp on our knife point mountain opened fire, perhaps the Hybrid Demon king will attack the knife point mountain with the Hybrid Demon main force immediately, although that mountain peak was precipitous, how long but could not defend."

„All right."

I look in the wind and snow, the distant place, flames are glittering in Daxueli, finally came, 5 thousand Fan Shu City Flame Hawk Archers, has I 110% attributes, has resisted the Hybrid Demon army that attacks the mountain with their strengths sufficiently . Moreover, after again shortly afterward, 5 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry catch up, has their this gang of new forces, absolutely is to the fatal blow of Hybrid Demon military strength.

In the past, we attacked the Hybrid Demon territory I unable to bring the Fan Shu City NPC army to walk are too far, now the Hybrid Demon army plans to attack to contract malaria uncultivated land Dragon's den unexpectedly, that must make them know the price.


On cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has been completely ready in full battle array, Jing Yin and Dragon Xing, summer leaf several Yorozuo long lead 4 thousand + palace guards to meet head- in the city, the heavy artillery stands in great numbers . Moreover, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the hot axe armed forces, the fall harvest armed forces and other regiments in the soldier are also many on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, other was the players, the sphere of action of player was broader, probably the 200 000 person defended on Dragon's den, but under the Dragon's den northern dike, at least gathered over 100 thousand players to wait for that impact of Hybrid Demon, this time behind is leaning on Dragon's den, no longer has been isolated and cut off from help.

„Holds the spear greatly, the cutting edge armed forces arrived in the position." A warhawk rides to search to drop from the clouds to say.

I nod, the cutting edge armed forces are the navy, Qin Yi coveted life and feared death, I set up the place navy for the cutting edge, making them meet head-on Hybrid Demon under the city, was good, making these timids as a rabbit the people serve as the cannon fodder, can live will become the unyielding serviceman, dying was not worth regretting.

Jing Yingen in me behind, asked: „Sir, Qin Yi this person...... Really reliable? I suspected, once battles their rapid rout, as the matter stands was inferior on the contrary did not put them to act as the cutting edge in the front position."

„I have also thought will have this result."

Looks down the snow that in the tread accumulates gradually, I said: „That this, scenery sound you lead 10,000 palace guards now on below Dragon's den, in the rear military governor, once there is a person who does not fight to draw back to cut to kill at the scene, takes is holding the spear signal arrow greatly, nobody does not dare, since."

On Jing Yin the cheek passed over gently and swiftly to be pleasantly surprised and disturbed: „Sir, really?"

„Anything, has not gone!"

„Yes, Sir, Jing Yin fulfills certainly their mission!"


Looks that this young heroic woman turns around to go, I actually somewhat am gratified, in me in the palace guard, many military officers did not grow, the palace guard altogether 15 Yorozuo are now long, command 15 thousand soldiers and horses, besides the Han deep pool and Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, fine silks, already many new people gradually can assume sole responsibility for an important task.

Not far away, Frost, Zi Shu and Qing Luo and the others is arranging the defense, the rear area, was the Dragon Rider gentlemen has been ready, they have not met head-on Hybrid Demon for a long time directly, since obtaining Dragon Rider, this was the first participation regiment war, on the face excited with anticipating to reveal in speech and appearance, moreover this Tian Ling Empire, Jiu Li City, Ba Huang City and Fan Shu City deployed the army to come, absolutely was an unprecedented great battle, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den turned into the focal point of entire server instantaneously.

Frost raises is cutting Hua sword, turns around to smile to me: „Thank you, lets reenforcement cold uncultivated land Dragon's den that the day of plume empire almost turns out in full strength, otherwise my also really not many bottoms."

My some want to smile, but worried that actually coagulates on the face: „Frost, you thought how many stratagem which ensures success this time we do have? The empire deploys 1 million military strength to reenforce cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but the quantity of Hybrid Demon army are not less than us."

„Temporarily did not have the fate." Frost tranquil looks that the lights of distant place Hybrid Demon army are waning, said: „Dark blue billows, Sif, zither Ge and other kings attack personally, this being able be underestimated, to be honest, without the words that the king comes, I can guarantee that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den solidifies like the impenetrable fortress, but the dark blue billows came personally, all unknown, we do everything possible, other looked at the divine intervention."


At this time, Qing Luo put out a hand a finger of distant place, said: „Looked quickly that greedy desire drank the fire to start attacks!"

Really, conch sound gets up, the Hybrid Demon army has sounded the bugle of attack, a Dragon's den northern darkness, but can actually see the blue flare that the innumerable Hybrid Demon armies light is shivering in the heavy snow, drinks the fire to lead subordinates 200 000 Asura to ride, in addition seperately the 200 000 inferior brand Hybrid Demon army together launched the first wave of attack!

Under the mountain, the crowd of player and place navy stopped the vacillation completely, all people look at the distant place anxiously, rides to raise until a leader Asura is fighting the blade edge to appear in darkness, finally, the war started!


Xue Rou, Li Mu and the others has led 1 thousand + [Zhan Long] player to meet head-on under the city, I naturally cannot continuously in the rear area is staying and defending one's post, draws out the double sword, greeted with Frost and Zi Shu and the others rushed to Dragon's den, meets head-on directly, for points, to slaughter some Hybrid Demon.

When I fly high falls, a troop Asura rides ten thousand blade edge running amuck skills in the crowd to harvest, but my [Ice Domain] + [Tempest Sword] tore into shreds their lineup, Xue Rou has killed from the rear area, summoned a starry sky domain, significantly promoted own attack defense, afterward the star territory fast cut + [Blade Spin] to kill in the monster group, Li Mu and Wang Jian instigated the big dragon, the low-altitude flying, killed the skill to flow swiftly to fall the group in the monster group unceasingly, but the true main force was several thousand elite melt god cavalries, progressed to defend same place, rode to kill Asura a piece by piece is in-situ.

Is distanced [Zhan Long] position about 500 meters away, the [Legend] position is also attacked, Enchanted Painting and Fang Ge Que direction crowd resists furiously, the position also changed the position, another direction, the [Prague] about 2 thousand + person goes against in the front line of all positions, but Yan Zhao Warrior is the [Prague] forefront, this uncle breaknecked bets must win the edition points good position surely.



The distant place, a flame surges in crowd, sweeps across a crowd, is drinks the fire the group to kill the skill!

But was drunk crowd that the fire wreaks havoc is the male tyrant wind and cloud Guild position, Liu Ying is also enough bad luck, drank the fire everyone not to look to look for his Guild directly, without the means that can only brace oneself, at this time Liu Ying does not dare to be thorough, under assistance that the young pig ran, the male tyrant wind and cloud had just retrieved some human spirits, was creating a super Guild image, if at this time rout, before that on must have all efforts wasted diligently completely.

„Knight goes against on the shield, cannot withstand must withstand to the father!"

Liu Ying is raising the sharp sword, [Assault] punctures suddenly suddenly, wipes out to drink fire 18000 + HP, the rapid backlash was not affected, but actually also displays fiercely praise worthy, retrocedes, while said loudly: „Our male tyrant wind and cloud cannot be looked down upon by others, we must make these look down upon our people to shut up, even if today killed off completely, does not permit to lose this stretch of position, since the greedy desire drank the fire to choose our position, that killed him is our mission!"

The words said also raise morale but actually, the strength is also other is what a pity same, the young pig runs orders the archer dizziness and Mage to decelerate effortfully, but drinks fire king level BOSS not dead is fighting continuous, Axe brandishes each time can massacre dozens people, a position of Cooldown male tyrant wind and cloud was killed completely damaged.

Large quantities of Asura rides to start to impact our positions violently, I stop up in the [Zhan Long] position front, the double sword brandishes kills unceasingly strangely, did not attend to own HP, hung well, today I had the consciousness of having hung, in fact, if my non- overlord rebirth several times, cannot add on Frost anything busy by my current strength, perhaps, the overlord coverall is today the variable of this decisive battle!


The sword blade edge cuts open the nape of the neck that a Asura has ridden, the blood spatters in all directions on my face, boiling hot, I raise head to erase the bloody water, simultaneously gains ground to have a look on the city, should be the time!

At this moment, on the city boom makes noise suddenly, the dragon crystal artillery in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den opened fire!

The next quarter, the dead ahead starts to explode, mushroom cloud shock-waves make cooling the ground instantaneously scalding hot, but Asura rides under bombing of fierce fire loses the serious, greedy desire drinks the fire to be in an uncontrollable rage, immediately ordered to continue [Assault], their population were too many, the dragon crystal artillery is unable to cover comprehensively.

I look to the direction of knife point mountain, should come?

After several seconds, suddenly thunders, the front earth shines like the daytime, a shell of invincible might artillery explodes, almost rides to sweep across over a hundred Asura . Moreover, many lighting the lamps corpse ghost and bright moon Asura were also attacked by this invincible might completely damaged, some were killed by the second directly, torn to pieces.

„Good powerful......" Xue Rou unable to bear smile.

Continuously is bombing of 9 invincible might artillery, the front already soon turned into stretch of ruins, no one has thought that the human the heavy artillery so will be fierce, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon definitely are unable to resist!

Zhan Long Chapter 1226

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