Zhan Long Chapter 1227

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„Careful airborne!"

Fang Ge Que had shouted in the crowd, one crowd of [Legend] Guild riding war was the player downward shrinks the forehead in abundance, the body also sank the shield along the route below, the next quarter, the innumerable predator and wings demon rapid flight, has looked like the blood pendants is the same, the player has evaded, but NPC has not evaded, the soldiers of several hundred place navies have not moved aside with enough time, the head cast off directly, the blood swayed airborne, dissolved with the snowflake in one, horrible to look.

Fire rumble unceasingly, but the Hybrid Demon army as if kills endless general, after Asura rides died in battle completely, a troop barbaric wolf rides, but, dense and numerous continues the crush, to impact under the city the player and position of NPC army, is in inverse proportion, the player quantity of under the city meeting head-on are getting fewer and fewer, after four hours of struggle , the combatants sharp decline to the original making up blade 20%, many Guild started to retreat, climbed up on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den along the staircase with a handrail.



The long sword layer on layer pricks the abdomen that a barbaric wolf rides, Yan Zhao Warrior shouts at to erupt the blade edge of fire god, rode that barbaric wolf to the direct second, afterward looked to the surroundings, the corpse of [Prague] player has piled up very high, his eye was slightly red, because not only the loss of [Prague] was serious, the loss of strong wind from afar regiment was not small, after hundred died in battle, the buckle rate has been over half.

„Uncle, removes quickly!" Yue Qing Qian leads one group of [Zhan Long] players to reenforce.

Yan Zhao Warrior is raising the sharp sword, in the eye full is angry and unwilling: „Withdraw!"

[Prague] removes, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Judgement] and other Guild also along with together retreated, the players under city not only need attack faced with the ground, the airborne wings demons, predators and thousand blame in the unceasing stirring up trouble attack, this feeling is too simply uncomfortable, most primary cause that however we retreat is not these, but was the distant place presented a huge form, prehistoric giant beast Stella killed once more!

„Xiao Yao elder brother, we?" Wang Jian instigates to fight the dragon from the sky to circle to ask.

My distant hand, catches the maneuver to come fully, is doing of blood the sword, but also the sword turns over to the sheath, said: „Withdraw, all retreats, enters the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den defense!"

Under we remained to defend a city the military strength also rapidly to evacuate finally, the tens of thousands of staircases with a handrail went nonstop to Dragon's den, after our last group of people evacuated, these staircases with a handrail also completely interrupted have destroyed, cannot leave Hybrid Demon these important highways, otherwise they attacked Dragon's den to be simpler.



Falls to the ground gently, just falls on [Zhan Long] and middle of palace guard position, looked at an everybody, basically Old K, One Second Hero and Death God's Elegy and the others like that fishes from the bloody water, Xue Rou kills people are not less than them, but the technicality is too high, even if will be the position faces her also to have the consciousness walking position, the blood that therefore the body will catch will not calculate too, the white battle dress for the time being also will be the white.

„The Hybrid Demon population are really many!" Xue Rouwo a turning over to Yuan sword sigh of bloodstained, was saying with a smile: „This Hybrid Demon territory turned out in full strength absolutely!"

Dancing Forest said: „Yes, kills unable to kill!"

Under the city, the fire is as before unceasing, on Dragon's den is maintaining the suppression of absolute firepower, otherwise Hybrid Demon had already attacked a city . Moreover, the fire of knife point mountain direction is also quite formidable, has their reenforcement luckily, otherwise the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den safe and sound preservation now, a Frost two stars pupil will not look to the knife point mountain, shows a faint smile to me, seems thanking me to arrange the palace guard to suppose the position here, distant reenforcement Dragon's den.


„Rallying battleline, prepares to greet them to attack the mountain!" Q-Sword progressed Ben Hang in city edge, the [Hero's Mound] elite player has been responsible for defending about 50 meters length imperial, was not too big, but Q-Sword was stern-faced, incomparably earnest was arranging the defense, with he was handling the same matter has Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan and Misty Clouds and the others, major Guild have shared the defense position, no one dares to be negligent, this Hybrid Demon attack was too ferocious, cannot make cold uncultivated land Dragon's den lose, otherwise suffered if either one suffers!

Is slightly far from the city edge place, the soldiers of strong wind from afar armed forces in the recuperation, Yanzhao uncle is also raising sword silent standing there, when I walk, a strong wind from afar armed forces Yorozuo long holds the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „Holds the spear greatly, you came!"

I look to him, the nod said: „Was laborious."

„End will strive only for defeating Hybrid Demon, although dies not resentfully!"


Yan Zhao Warrior also stands up to look to me, in the look full is dignified: „Was too miserable, strong wind from afar regiment altogether 12 Yorozuo is long, now only dies remaining 4, includes my one!"

I nod, is long to one side all strong wind from afar armed forces Yorozuo, multitude of people long point at Yan Zhao Warrior saying: „Now I appoint him to command as the proxy of strong wind from afar armed forces, immediately starts the fitting out army, prepares the following fight, the wounded all returns to Tian Ling Empire to heal from a wound, leaves the battlefield."

„Yes!" People Qi Qi nod.

In the pre-combat situation, my this holds the spear to have the authority to appoint the proxy greatly to command, now also uses this authority time, Yan Zhao Warrior gratitude smiles to me, said: „Thanks, Xiao Yao!"

„Is impolite, the preparation continues to make war!"



Under the city, the dense and numerous Hybrid Demon army armies have threatened the border once more, this time is more flagitious, north on the Dragon's den entire plain almost overspread the purgatory hot skeleton and spirit umbrella insect, the spirit flowered insect and lighting the lamps corpse ghost, these four Hybrid Demon monsters very thorny, purgatory hot skeleton demon Wu Shuangxiu, once steps the city to erupt very fearful attack, the spirit umbrella insect can unearth the ground, enters the Dragon's den underground rock layer, launches the attack from the place bottom, the spirit flowered insect is depending on the spirit umbrella insect and lighting the lamps corpse ghost, the explosion attack that launches absolutely is also fatal, as for lighting the lamps corpse ghost, this type. Monster slow-moving, but after being close , the body of dying, unceasingly did not summon the spirit flowered insect and carrion to launch the attack simply, making people crazy!

„Military strength at least above 1 million, is crowded."

Ye Lai is raising Axe, a foot pedal on the crenelation of city edge, spat a saliva, said: „Weather so is cold, mother, really made the person have no way to live, the player was good, NPC quick freezing to become grandson!"

I nod.

Observes the situation all around, subordinated 15 thousand Dragon's den armed soldiers in dragon territory said fortunately that they guarded adapted to the severely cold region here, and Frost and Zi Shu were these armed soldiers have prepared the cotton-padded jacket, under their mail-armor and helmets also the cotton-padded jacket returned the protection against the cold, in addition lived in Dragon's den for a long time adapted severely cold, 100 thousand + troops but who Tian Ling Empire came are unlucky, Dragon's den of this day especially cold, including the palace guard, many soldiers was trembling to tremble, even many people have had a fever falling ill, NPC and player were different, their birth and death, did not have the body of dying with our these „Strange people" are completely different.

At heart even more heavy, I know that the player can the protracted war, NPC actually unable, from the beginning, they to disregard cold preying with the doggedly sincere here, Cooldown is long, perhaps could not support.

„Quartermater?" I said loudly: „Makes the quartermater come!"

„Yes!" A palace guard messenger rapidly.

Soon , a military officer of under wear Tian Ling Empire military uniform progresses to come, to stand up from failure the training ground: „Holds the spear greatly, looks for end what?"

I refer to the troops in city, said: „The cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cold weather, they actually put on the unpadded garment armor to fight, this cannot be lasting, immediately returns to the Empire Armed forces storehouse to ship the cotton-padded jacket to come and ensure everyone can put on the cotton-padded jacket protection against the cold."

On the face of quartermater passed over gently and swiftly a embarrassment, said: „Holds the spear greatly, in the empire the domain experienced continuously for 7 years ‚green winter', the coldest time temperature over 10 degrees, in the state treasury absolutely does not have too many cotton-padded jackets, even if has, most 100,000 sets, but these year wars, the Empire Armed forces expanded about 200 thousand troops again and again, where will have many cotton-padded jackets to use to the officers?"


My moral nature cannot bear one coldly, afterward the helpless look distant place, said: „That transports that 100,000 sets of cotton-padded jackets, first gives the soldier use in position, orders the household department to catch up to produce the cotton-padded jacket again, can make many to make many . Moreover, ordering rear service each food to cook the system jinger soup, must guarantee that each soldier can drink one bowl, otherwise, they feared that could not support on Dragon's den."

„Is the Sir, end purchases the ginger and cotton-padded jacket this, certainly does everything possible!"


I do not have to feel embarrassed him, feels embarrassed him to be also useless.


„Hybrid Demon attacked a city!" The distant place, one crowd of People sounds were shouting.

I flew hurriedly, under the mountain the dense and numerous spirit umbrella insects, the lighting the lamps corpse ghosts and others had taken place, start to climb up the mountain range . Moreover, the colossus Stella also approaching city wall slowly, exudes the roar that makes the person tremble, NND, can't this gadget kill really? Cast a spell to attack one time by hundred, had been strangled to death the period of time by me in the endo-abdominal, unexpectedly hasn't died?

„Cannot make Stella close city......" Mu Xuan say one spookily: „Otherwise was difficult to hit, we, who was Stella's match?"

The Yan Zhao Warrior corners of the mouth one, said: „Mother! Hybrid Demon was slier, unexpectedly sends Stella this king, when the cannon fodder breaks the city, really does not love dearly."

The Lin Wan Er dimple smiled faintly: „Stella is thick-skinned . Moreover the intelligence quotient is low, therefore does not need not to use in vain."

In the Yue Qing Qian eye is passing thick worry: „Their military strength was too crowded, the dragon crystal artillery cannot rumble!"


I look at the surrounding dragon crystal artillery, barrels burn red, severely cold is unable to make the barrel cool rapidly, before the palace guard artillery transmitting frequency on distant place knife point mountain does not have, was so quick, even on the knife point mountain also transmits an explosion sound, the warhawk rides to search the repayment, the dragon crystal artillery was too hot, explodes the chest cavity, but also had killed several artillery brigade soldiers, was really the room leaks meets continually the night rain.

Frost draws out to cut Hua sword slowly, said: „The Dragon Rider soldier, prepares to meet head-on! Must massacre Stella, otherwise Dragon's den ended."

„And other."

I put out a hand to hold down the arm of Frost, said: „Also not when the time comes."

„What's wrong?" She is astonished however visits me.


I deeply inspire, turn around to look to a palace guard Yorozuo long beautiful woman scenery sound, said: „Jing Yin, with the flame to Han Yuan sending a message number, making him detonate our ‚ambush'!"

The scenery sound naturally knows is anything, beams into a smile: „Yes, Sir!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1227

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