Zhan Long Chapter 1228

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The Hybrid Demon army majority is the dark blue billows summons infinitely from the purgatory, in fact is also a system mechanism, kills unable to kill, the system will not make the player not have the monster to kill finally, therefore kills many Hybrid Demon not too big significances, is the player and NPC on quantity Dragon's den is on the contrary limited, 1 : 1 exchange will cause us to lose absolutely, therefore, I must adopt the special method to reverse this relative strength.

But now, was this time.


The flame signal of palace guard ignites in Dragon's den and knife point mountain two same places, we ambushed the ambusher on plain also to start to adopt to move, the next quarter, „bang" a flame soared to the heavens, buries erupts suddenly in the plain bottom blasting explosive, swallowed one flock of spirit umbrella insects and barbaric wolves rides, was two sounds, between two blasting explosive had the thing of ignition to link, 1 passed on 2 and 2 to pass on 4 start violent explosions, in an instant on the plain under city bang completely degenerated into a sea of fire!

In the explosive sound that million Hybrid Demon armies are blossoming in all directions whins unceasingly, they are scared, has not thought that underground will have unexpectedly also the ambush, probably hasn't Pearl expected?

Under Stella's body one after another is also exploding, exploded it to be opened the hole abdomen rottenly, injury serious, pitiful Stella who let this giant beast, had 40% + blood strip before, now only remaining 17%.


The flame soars to the heavens, under the city the plain becomes the genuine purgatory seems to be common.

A Frost fine cheek was shone by the flame full is astonished and joyful, she has not thought similarly I also will have laid down many blasting explosive in these hundred li (0.5km) fertile plains, the dark blue billows send out 1 million armies to attack Dragon's den, at least has reimbursed half during this explosion.


Li Mu excited looks at the soaring to the heavens roaring flame under city, said: „Xiao Yao, is this you lays down?"

I nod: „Otherwise you think you , in the awe empire ruins goes to war, I am making anything."

Saying, me was holding the butterfly sword to stand outside the city, touches the nose, saying with a smile that in the chest surged up: „NND, for this ambush, I over 70% the gunpowder Tian Ling Empire transferred completely, the output of entire less than half year fire god mountain range dragon crystal mineral lode completely erupts completely in these ten minutes!"

Q-Sword throws the joyful smiling face: „This struck approves!"

The sea of fire under city is spreading as before, but the player and NPC in soldiers city have cheered, although I have spent the Tian Ling Empire many gunpowder stocks, but this strikes can actually make the morale of troops to unite, gave the people to bring some confidence, can consolidate my this to hold the military status of spear greatly.

The navy buckle is serious, remains less than 30%, Qin Yi was angry-looking, already wants to look for my theory merit to lose, but I laid down the innumerable gunpowder under the city the struck, actually directly can make Qin Yi shut up.



Wang Jian raises the sword to overrun, chops the city wall a lighting the lamps corpse ghost sword, many Hybrid Demon have avoided the explosion area, in started to launch the attack to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den as before as scheduled, this was also we with the points golden opportunity, majority of Hybrid Demon had been killed, the remaining parts many were also half blood or the remnant blood, killed not to be difficult.

At this time I also discovered that the demon mountain led players in one crowd of highest heaven cities also on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, obtained about less than 30 meters defensive region from Fang Ge Que there, even the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others also appeared on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, this was on the city of Chinese to present many foreigners, said that also really had dramatic, we each other preyed before, now actually must shoulder to shoulder the imperial enemy.

Hybrid Demon that under the mountain clashes are getting more and more, but Stella actually started to retrocede, Hybrid Demon that these flushed also has become the cannon fodder, I also distant seeing, flushed in front Sif, drinks the fire and zither Ge and other kings to retreat, did they give up attacking to contract malaria uncultivated land Dragon's den?

Thinks carefully that is impossible, will the [Enemies at the Gate] Hybrid Demon army easily give up?

Xue Rouhe Wan Er raised question, thought that does not know that side Pearl to think now any method, I did not have what good means that ordered everybody to strengthen the alert, oneself raised the double sword to fly the city to cut to kill points.


After two hours, has killed dawn, Hybrid Demon army one after another came several hundred thousand to consume the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength, but did not have the too big action.

Nobody knows that the Hybrid Demon domain is doing.

„How long did warhawk ride to search Going out?" I asked.

Jing Yinzhan in me behind, has brushed off being snowing on shoulder, making the palace guard Yorozuo's long golden color badge dew come out, said: „Sponsors the Going out 50 warhawks to ride to search to inquire the news, but has not come back until now, should be more unfortunate than fortunate, sky over the Hybrid Demon territory were too many thousand strangely, the wings demon."

„Um......" I start to consider one on Tu Dragon Fort ruins had a look at the dark blue billows and Pearl to make anything personally in the past.

However has not waited for me, suddenly a shadow sway dropped the city from the wind and snow, Jing Yin an arrow step caught, sees only the both feet of warhawk to be cut to pieces, the Knight abdomen also pierced a hole, the blood has flowed continues, Jing Yin pulled out the haemostatics to spread hurriedly for him, at the same time said: „How, Tu Dragon Fort how?"

This warhawk rides to search opens eye slowly, said worn out: „Our scouts were killed...... Only remaining I come back...... I saw that I see......"

Nearby, Frost and Zi Shu also came: „What did you see?"

He is mad, if the gossamer, said: „Dark blue billows have punctured the ground, in Tu Dragon Fort summon purgatory strength, I sees...... The innumerable dark blue rays concentrate a piece, but also sees...... That controlling wind Kate strength is stirring the storm, will not be long, soon storm will arrive at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den...... we...... We only see these, was killed the wiped out to the last man by Sif......"

My moral nature sinks, said: „Delivers therapy him."

„Yes!" Two palace guard soldiers lifted him.


„Now what to do?" I saw the thick restlessness in the Frost eye.

„Storm will come quickly."

I look that in the city is breaknecking the player who fights with all might, said: „If I have not guessed that wrong, this is the Pearl next strategy, kills us frozen!"

„Kills frozen?" Zi Shu is stunned: „That is any meaning."

I implored the tone, said: „The army that Tian Ling Empire comes does not have the cotton-padded jacket protection against the cold majority, now over 20% people were sick to lose the combat capability because of the severe coldness, I think that Pearl also saw these, therefore planned that removing firewood from under the pot in the true sense, beats the defense army on Dragon's den thoroughly, the dark blue billows summoned the cold current from the purgatory, controlling wind delivered to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to come the cold current using the storm, our genuine disasters came."

Frost cannot bear the tender body tremble, in the beautiful pupil is passing the anger: „How Pearl she can like this......"

I let go saying: „Now we are facing two choices, one type is to remove defends Dragon's den, enters in the Dragon's den castle to avoid the cold current, like this will be insufficient to freeze to death, but Hybrid Demon will not fear coldly, they will seize the chance to capture the city, will then kill us completely in the castle, the second type will be to take out all thing of ignition, will erect bonfires on the city, making the soldier be insufficient to freeze to death directly, but this should not extremely in the endurance."

Frost is nipping the silver tooth: „With the second method!"

Saying, Frost looked to Zi Shu, said: „Queen Zi Shu, ordering the Dragon's den armed soldier to ship out all charcoals, tree oil and other ignitions, instantly builds the tent near the city, puts out the thing of all protection against the cold to come, takes to cross this cold a day!"

„Yes, Sir."

Zi Shu was biting the lip, getting down of starting to speak but hesitating.


Actually the majority of players worried actually very much that is killing the monster and mutual joke as before, I cannot affirm that cold current can cause the damage to the player, the pray cannot.

We do not have other choice, cannot fall cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, otherwise the dark blue billows and Pearl will certainly lead killing of army vast stretch of flat land to come, first extinguishes Ba Huang City, time to extinguish Jiu Li City, afterward advances troops to Tian Ling Empire, we were really when the time comes beyond redemption.

Sends the messenger to give palace guard of guarding on knife point mountain to transmit orders, making them instantly build the tent protection against the cold, simultaneously made them use appropriately Flame Hawk Archers mount, the flame hawk is inborn, has them , the palace guard should be insufficient to freeze to death . Moreover, guarded on the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den approximately 200 000 Tian Ling Empire army complete supplies the cotton-padded jacket, we almost gave all cotton-padded jackets with, other 100 thousand + military strength were ordered to enter south in the Dragon's den warm jungle to guard by me completely, does not need to make them bring death on Dragon's den in vain.

South Qing Luo also sent for going to collect lumber to go, but far water puzzled near thirsty, is not a big help most probably.


Approximately toward noon time, the Hybrid Demon offensive is getting more and more weak, but the danger was getting more and more near, the American, German and Russian accepted my suggestion, shrinks the protection against the cold under the city wall, although the player mostly does not fear coldly, who knows that the dark blue billows summon the cold current can have the influence to us personally?

„As if, came......" Wang Jian distantly looks at the distant place to say.

I also look clearly, distant place was mass-criticized the ruins on by dragon crystal the earth becomes snow Bai Qi comes suddenly, that is the severely cold situation launching vapor rapid condensation to cover all phenomena incorruptible, came, this cold current imagines me by far must be more fearful than!

Naked eye obvious speed, incorruptible domain was getting more and more near, continuously spread to the Dragon's den under foot.

„Has been careful, approaches your bonfires!" Frost said loudly: „All people, enter the tent, without my order, no one permits!"

Saying, Frost this incorruptible goddess was jumping leap to stand sky over Dragon's den, appeared on her body incorruptible, turned into the white she handsome fine frown directly, above covered thick one to be incorruptible.

Players dumbfounded looks at all these, immediately was one's turn us.

Suddenly, the biting cold coldness has swallowed all people.

Zhan Long Chapter 1228

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