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The chill in the air passed over gently and swiftly, immediately on my armor reappears white to be incorruptible, shakes the hand of sword also slightly to tremble, as if entire hand instantaneously passed out generally.


Fight System Notification: Please note, you entered „penetrating to be cold" condition, Movement Speed reduce 50%, attack speed reduced 70%, attack power reduced 30%, physical defense reduced 40%, leaves to freeze the domain, the attribute will restore, the biting cold severely cold effect, making you reduce 1% HP quantities every second, please must be careful!


Not is only I, Lin Wan Er and Xue Rou, Li Mu and the others is also same, remained behind one group of melt god cavalries in city edge as if to turn into the snowman completely, on incorruptible with horse package, the people was dumbfounded, could not say including the words, as if a yawn that cold current can freeze our heart and lungs to be common.

„Incites" the sound makes noise, is severely cold is spreading, my behind NPC army tent covers on hoar frost rapidly, but in the tent lit a fire, the light smoke departs from the crown, no one knows whether these NPC can resist like this severely cold, looks again to the distant place, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild player dumbfounded standing there, feels helpless.

„Healer, the attention treats." I said in a low voice.

Luckily, [Zhan Long] remains behind Healer Class in Dragon's den to be many, otherwise was really difficult to manage.

However, the whole body is wrapping incorruptible, the attack and defense attribute significantly reduces, this regarding us absolutely is not the good deed, at this time Hybrid Demon must go attacking a city that mostly quickly enters!



The battle drum sound is thunderous, is less than ten minutes, on the distant place earth presented the dense attacking forces, the majority of barbaric wolves ride with the demon palace ride, this clarified must get sick to want him to assign while him.

„Prepares to meet head-on!"

Jing Yinti the long sword, is cleaning incorruptible in delicate eyebrows, said loudly: „Palace guard, defends the defense line!"

Palace guard heavy cavalry of the troop's temple Knight rank from bright temple raises the shield and lance to go forth to battle in abundance, their warhorses have not been able to enter the war, because the majority had frozen to death, the warhorse has not practiced, the body and spirit naturally was inferior to temple Knight, the Dragon's den last present tens of thousands of warhorses had frozen to death, horrible to look.

The Dragon's den armed soldier also refuses to admit being inferior, many mentioned the pointed weapons reluctantly, defended in the city edge, the heavy cannoneer difficultly transported the shell to force in the barrel, the dragon crystal artillery opens fire once again, wreaks havoc on the severely cold earth, but the obvious lethality must be weaken, because over 50% dragon crystal artillery the temperature was too low fails to explode unexpectedly.

Is good because, on the distant place knife point mountain hears the fulmination sound, the invincible might artillery can also launch.


The piercing cold wind passed over gently and swiftly sky over Dragon's den, „crash-bang" throws off a tent, under is garrison troops of one group of vault of heaven armed forces, but under the tent, we actually saw have frozen corpse, in the body full is the cold frost, dozens people did not have the life, completely freeze to death!

Lin Qiongti the long sword, in eye is gushing out the thick unwillingness and angry, makes a fist saying: „These bastards, kill my many brothers, this enmity did not report the oath is not a person!"

„Be careful, Stella appeared probably!" Queen Zi Shu looks at the distant place to say.

In the battle drum sound, Stella's form slow-moving, the wound of its abdomen as if has sutured much, which god knows northern boundary Hybrid Demon comes that big battleline, unexpectedly can that big gap to sewing, carefully look, that is not the battleline, but is tenacious rattan from wild Dragon Clan territory, the body of this prehistoric giant beast was too big, only then such rattan can act as the sewing thread.

In the eyes of Queen Zi Shu passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, said: „Dragon's den was frozen becomes this, Stella wants close city, we inevitably ended, what to do?"

I ordered directly: „Heavy artillery aims at Stella's sores, rips open his abdomen, looked how it attacks a city!"

Frost actually raises the arm, said: „No need, Li Xiao Yao, ordering heavy artillery to attack these Hybrid Demon ground forces and that's the end, Stella gave me to be good."


I never suspected to the Frost strength that immediately made Jing Yin the transmitting orders knife point mountain palace guard artillery position attack these demon palaces to ride, the barbaric wolf to ride.

Frost turns around to look to Qing Luo and other group of Dragon Rider gentlemen, said: „A meeting, when Stella from city wall less than 500 meters time, you and I attack together, you are responsible for leading away Stella's attention, is responsible for ending it by me, good...... Seurre, you goes to castle to invite fire god Gaia, she understands the flame element, should be have the means to resist severely cold."

„Yes, Sir!"

Seurre turned around to go down the city.

Again after shortly afterward, fire god Gaia and other in the accompaniment of group of German war zone players stepped onto the city in the demon mountain, demon mountain and the others almost soon gave up the edition of struggle of this dragon territory, killed again, the empirical value and reward that the player obtained also insufficiently fell the level loss that many. Gaia appears very weak, face whiten, fights her to cause heavy losses by Sif, zither Ge in Tu Dragon Fort, even on the shoulder is also tying up the bandage, the blood passed, Bo Bo is flowing.

But the people on the scene, the only fire god Gaia's blood can also flow outside body, so long as other people bleed, the blood freezes immediately, will not bleed, this had also proven a point, Gaia's blood is scalding hot, is unable to be cooled, is this is about fire god BUFF?


Fire god Gaia looks at Frost, the look in eye is quite complex, initially she even with the Frost duel, but this cold uncultivated land Dragon's den actually accepted the defeated troops of Tu Dragon Fort, if we also likely are Tu Dragon must insert time such fear Hybrid Demon to reject the Kaesong gate, perhaps they must be buried outside the city completely, Gaia straight looks at Frost, asked: „What needs me to make?"

Frost raises is cutting Hua sword, observes the situation the surrounding countless skeleton, said: „Gaia you looked that dark blue billows summoned the depth from purgatory to be cold, froze to death our many heroic officers, the depth on Dragon's den cannot circle coldly, but I...... My body was cold, I the understanding the flame understand very little, therefore hopes that you can relieve depth cold encirclement of Dragon's den, makes this penetrating the words that continues unable to circle, Dragon's den not need to attack again coldly, our people on one's own side completely will freeze to death."

Gaia has been startled being startled, said: „Knew, I will do my best!"


The next quarter, Gaia diving posture illness draws back, single-handed, a handle flame lance condenses in the hand, shouted at the lance hit on the earth, immediately „buzz" a flame shock-wave swept across the surroundings, has brought a warmth to us, this was knot that fire god Gaia opened, this knot unceasing extending outward, entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den will cover finally , the snow and ice melts gradually, on us negative BUFF also swept to go, but made people think what fear was, the fire god Gaia's front blood started to freeze, she started entire ties actually. Causes own body deeply to make a false counter-accusation coldly, it seems like makes this decision is also extremely difficult.


Demon mountain kind looks at Gaia, raises the lance to defend in the one side.

Gaia looked at demon mountain one, the corners of the mouth has raised a delightful smiling face, said: „Great General, does not need to be worried about me, I am all right, you lead following the crowd to prepare to defend a city quickly, Stella must come, do not let him break my flame to tie, I many strengths have not maintained this temperature, the strength mighty waves of dark blue billows are turbulent, is not I can contend."


Demon mountain and Gaia...... What won't have?

Does not manage, defended a city said again!


Soon, Stella crawled the Dragon's den front, swallows under the city all the way unceasingly the player and skeleton of NPC army, this Stella's appetite also was really good.


Qing Luo is grasping Dragon sword, is riding the crystal dragon, said: „Prepares to attack Stella! Converging attack his injured spot!"

Seurre is grasping deep red Yun Gong, said: „I will reenforce for you with the arrow arrow, but is careful, Sif and drank the fire also to come."

Zi Shu grasps the fist, said: „These two give me, Sir Frost solves Stella rapidly, saves me again."

Frost nods: „Motion!"


This time, almost did not have the matter of player, I and Li Mu and the others was responsible for killing slightly monster, BOSS gave our god level NPC to handle.

Airborne, 200 + Dragon Rider gentlemen attack together, the splendid sight, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentlemen are the process especially teach, is away from Stella still left over 200 meters time starts to mobilize Dragon Qiang, Dragon sword the long-distance attack, air/Qi glow bombardments in the wound place of giant beast, once more have ripped in an instant open the wound, but Stella waves angrily pair of claws attacks, actually like is a giant beast killing house sparrow, but the Dragon Rider gentleman was extremely clever, how unable to kill.


The golden light blooms together, was Sif appeared, the abdomen that the long sword penetrated a Dragon Rider gentleman, again a sword, passed a body of Black Dragon, unexpectedly stiffly cut in half together with Knight this Black Dragon together!

Queen Zi Shu roars, starts [Dragon Transformation] directly, changed into military might Red Dragon to throw, opened the sharp claws to carry on the back on the claw struck after Sif, this struck too fiercely, Sif flew high to sprinkle next line of warm-blooded, on the shoulder completely incarnadine, but did not concede, turned around the energy guard shield to prey with Queen Zi Shu together.

Moreover, the greedy desire in ground drinks fire one to roar, raises Axe to shoot up to the sky, the Axe seal on the meat pterodactyl scale of Zi Shu, the blood spatters in all directions, instantaneous Zi Shu was also injured.

Seurre pulls open deep red Yun Gong in my side, the direct violent shoots, the arrow arrow penetrates Sif's right leg, the archery of elf queen is truly extraordinary.


„Roar roar......"

Was besieged under by numerous Dragon Rider gentlemen, giant beast Stella roars unceasingly, raises the nape of the neck, starts to buy in the attack, energy rapid screws emerge in its huge mouth, bought in together with three Dragon Rider gentlemen, extremely tragic occurred, the Dragon Rider gentleman was known as that in the mainland the strongest soldier, may actually directly be massacred three people.

Stella is a crazy demon of slaughtering, but, this time it has not noted a small form to revolve her pate to fly for one week.

Frost flies at the same time, in the palms is towing a long energy, that is the strength of stars.

When Frost flies for one week around Stella's nape of the neck, catches up suddenly, the both arms open together, drinks in the sound to start the stars chains tenderly, the flash Ling Lie chains swiftly condenses and draws, forced in Stella's body instantaneously, was the sound that the skeleton cracked, was less than 5 seconds, Stella's roar vanished, a giant head dropped from the body.

Has succeeded, the Frost second kills Stella!

Opens schoolmate who hiring by the month reads to pay attention in 17 K, you clear hiring by the month at the same time will obtain a monthly ticket, please throw to [Zhan Long], asked monthly ticket T. T

Zhan Long Chapter 1229

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