Zhan Long Chapter 1230

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The giant head crashes in the place, arouses the innumerable snows, Stella's blood also sprinkles the expansive sky, as if stench heavy rain, the relations that because died, the blood in airborne starts to form the ice, finally changed into hail „dingdong" hit on player and NPC shield.

„Frost, be careful!"

Seurre opens the long bow suddenly is one time shouts , the arrow arrow goes to the string, changes into together time long jab Frost behind, but there, the form swiftly condenses, that is an appearance very youth demon god of outstanding ability, is not others, is the dark blue billows!

„Frost, can you still remember me?!"

The dark blue billows are laughing, in the hand the long halberd brought the innumerable flame to fly, long jab Frost, simultaneously around the long halberd was wrapping the thick storm energy, ripped the day crack imposing manner!

Frost turns around hurriedly, because beautiful cheek stars chains consumption too many strengths, but is slightly pale, cuts Hua Jian one horizontal, the shield of stars condenses in the front, the long halberd of dark blue billows hits suddenly on the shield of stars, immediately the world changes color, entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den shivers fiercely, but Frost is still the body trembles, draws back dozens meters continually, stops the personal appearance forcefully.

The long halberd flies back, dark blue billows steady holds, he laughs in the strong winds, raised the long halberd once again, the anger exclaimed: „Changes into the powder pink / white with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den together, this potential surface has not needed the god!"

Around the long halberd the energy surges, even starts to twist including the space, the dark blue billows need to gather the strength to be able unexpectedly to send out this to strike, this Frost cannot eat absolutely hardly!

Child, Aodiliya, were drunk the fire and qin song to tie down by Sif, Seurre was beyond control, is away from Frost recent person unexpectedly only remaining me!


On the city the cyclone backflow, I left together same place, is raising the double sword direct impact on the dark blue billows, simultaneously opened [Wall of Dou Qi] directly and not the body of extinguishing, does not dare to pull rank, was directly invincible!

The Frost tender body is shivering slightly, she was locked by the god level pressure of dark blue billows, is unable to avoid this to strike voluntarily, from her anxious look can see that this struck the no small matter, I not hesitant, the body sank suddenly, the numerous hits on the shoulder of Frost, hit directly from the home position her, turned around to raise the double sword to resist the dark blue billows the struck!

In the instance that I turn around, that flame long halberd appears suddenly, a boiling hot feeling has swallowed the body, that long halberd directly has as if put on my body, cuts into from my shoulder directly, cuts from the right leg place, in a flash, since a big injury figure flies from my top of the head


The second killed me to be given the second by the dark blue billows unexpectedly directly!

Whether system System Notification comes back to life same place, immediately has chosen the confirmation.


In the instance that I resurrect, the bang transmits, the long halberd of dark blue billows divided kilometer [Vanguard], has cut my body, fell on behind the knife point mountain of distant place directly, in a flash, that dangerous mountain peak cut in half directly, the flame spattered in all directions, Long Jing artillery and invincible might artillery detonated voluntarily, the countless palace guard changed into the powder pink / white directly!


Standing of my god in airborne, feels like a knife twisting in the heart, has the palace guard such encountered the total destruction?

„Li Youngster, you hesitate!?"

Broadcasts the Old K sound, the next quarter, I noticed that he and Death God's Elegy, the Tang Xin three person vertical horses left the city wall together, the sharp knife blade have divided directly to the direction of dark blue billows, ended, definitely will be killed! The certain attacks of dark blue billows completely disregard invincible skill, including my body of extinguishing directly by the second, they definitely could not be withstood!

„Walks quickly!"

The body side, the Lin Wan Er form appears suddenly, holds on my arm to return to fly, another direction, Frost is built on the cold wind, both hands grasp but are actually cutting Hua Jian, the innumerable wind spins are stirring the battle dress, stars are rotating in the body week, she is also gathering the strength, can the person who the dark blue billows pose the threat perhaps also only then she.

On the dark blue billows face full kills the intent full fierce color, is grasping the long halberd, calls out one suddenly: „Go away!"

He swept the long halberd, the fierce blade edge swung in the crowd, carried over murder shock-waves, immediately Old K, Death God's Elegy and Tang Xin three people died in battle in the intense flame together, change into the white light to return to the city, I was a pain, the strength of dark blue billows strong, the instantaneous second killed two of our [Zhan Long] palace to move into the member!


I shout loudly.

Frost knows that I am worried about her safety, but light smiles: „Goes back quickly."

Saying, her suddenly was already raising the arm, immediately lingers in the innumerable stars of Frost body week flies all, circled has formed a plane in the upper air, looked like Milky Way reappears together sky over our top of the heads general, the mighty waves were grand, in stars was full of the strength from star territory, Frost palm slowly is opening, in pair of bright eyes was passing having made up mind: „Imperial day"

Can she control the stars that oneself summoned with the imperial day unexpectedly?

The next flash, that wild stars as if were attracted, start to send out the violent ray, shines earth well-illuminated, Frost is nipping the silver tooth, looks angrily at the front dark blue billows, the anger shouts to clear the way: „To bribe cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, that oversteps my corpse!"

The single arm wields, the innumerable stars as if meteor fell rapidly to the direction of dark blue billows, the dark blue billows know formidable, hurried both hands waved the long halberd, unexpectedly was condensing one to protect the shield same place!

„Bang bang bang"

The sound is lingering on faintly, stars bombardments in the protecting shield of dark blue billows with, the explosion can form approximately the space crack of fist size each time, their strengths were too strong, in preying has ripped unexpectedly open the space crack imperceptibly, forms the attack that the space tears to the match, the stars are innumerable, attacks unceasingly, the long halberd in dark blue billows hand is rapid, is unable to condense shield Armor again, he can only depend upon the body to resist the stars chains + the imperial day attack.


In the miserable howling sound, the battle dress of dark blue billows changes into the fragment unceasingly, bought in the space crack, even these space cracks try to tear into shreds the body of dark blue billows, this demon god too was what a pity strong, the attack of this degree is also insufficient to massacre him, the bonus is so, the dark blue billows do not result in as before distressedly like the appearance, on the arm, thigh and shoulder everywhere are the wounds that the strength of stars creates.


The dark blue billows bellowed suddenly, in the eye cover entirely have killed intent: „Frost, I must kill you!"

He flushed rapidly, but Frost unexpectedly dull is built on same place, has not moved, she did not have the strength to move, this attack as if has exhausted her strength!

„Was bad!"

Aodiliya panic-stricken [say / way].

At a crucial moment, I turn around hurriedly, raise the arm to start the strength of imperial day directly, immediately behind long sword and lance in one crowd of Dragon's den armed soldier hands in abundance let go to fly, in an instant from the sky condenses dense one piece, my strength delivers, these pointed weapons all bang like lightning to the direction of dark blue billows, the good and evil I died an attribute to promote 30%, these lances and long swords wreak havoc rapidly on the body of dark blue billows, the collision sound link up into a single stretch, although has not caused the too big damage, but also sufficiently made the dark blue billows this time attack by surprise Frost not to go well.

Probably was protects the shield just by the relations that the Frost stars chains shattered, several long swords and lances pricked the body of dark blue billows unexpectedly, although the wound was not deep.


Draws out a lance, dark blue billows are in an uncontrollable rage looks to me, sneers saying: „Unexpectedly also has the person of imperial day ability!"

Not far away, Sif raises the long sword, the body Zhou Longjing artillery is thundering unceasingly, said: „Sir, Stella had been killed, we lost the situation, retreats, recuperation troops fought again, wear your highness to resound the repulsing the enemy conch!"

The dark blue billows clench teeth: „Removes, the recuperation one tidies up this flock of ants again!"

Saying, the dark blue billows have captured the front two handle long swords, jumps to fly toward the distant place, Sif, drinks fire and the others also in abundance to diverge, only leaves behind the small stock Hybrid Demon to continue to attack the mountain, but was unable to form too strongly to us threatens.

Knot rapid Beng San who on the city, fire god Gaia unifies, her strength has soon exhausted, that endless cold covers Dragon's den once more.

Child Shu changes into the human form, in the shoulder, arm, thigh, almost everywhere is the sword marks, she, drank the fire and Qin Ge to prey in the dragon shape and Sif, was almost the entire Dragon's den strongest tank, received such heavy wound also to be able the look to be usual unexpectedly, walked to go forward rapidly, is holding the arm of Frost, said: „Quick, commanding the soldiers to take strict precautions against the alert, we enter the meeting hall discussion next step battle plan."

My some surprise, what is she discussion next battle plan making anxiously?

When we enter the administrative hall, the Frost body trembles suddenly, knees down directly, in the mouth spouts a blood, the body week is glittering stars, cuts wounds on her skin.

„Calm, stands firm the mind!" Child Shu fierce [say / way].

Frost kneels there, actually looks up me, the corners of the mouth ripple the smile that makes the human love dearly: „Dark blue billows repulsed the enemy, we have the opportunity, not?"

Originally she has been supporting, yes, Frost is a flesh and blood flies upwards for the god eventually, but the dark blue billows radically are not a human, is one is dormant ten thousand years of demon in the purgatory, how Frost possibly with such monster Shan Tiao.

Seurre turns round the palm rapidly on the shoulder of Frost, supernatural powers flow, said: „Her within the body the strength of stars starts to make a false counter-accusation, the long-term usage two stars chains really surpasses the load bearing of her body."

Aodiliya is cleaning on the arm the wound blood, said: „Well rest, then cold uncultivated land Dragon's den defended imperial does not need you to get rid personally, we put together completely to defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, came the human, went underground, fought the soul to call Old K, now he does not need the hammering, to be the time gets rid."

A Dragon's den armed soldier nods saying: „, This said."

Crossed some little time, Frost within the body the strength of stars no longer has made finally a false counter-accusation, but her condition actually missed scary, the whole body was the wound, she injured may are more than the dark blue billows seriously, child Queen Shu saw her situation luckily, making her on the human by Dragon's den not be seen by one that own strength made a false counter-accusation, otherwise the morale of troops was chaotic.

Frost is the Dragon's den flag, is taking advantage of all people, once she has defeated, all people will lose the courage of fighting.

Zhan Long Chapter 1230

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