Zhan Long Chapter 1231

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„Heals from a wound well, then gave us."

Holds Frost is lying down on the bed after desk, I pat her shoulder, said with a smile: „Relax, the dark blue billows have also been injured, he now is only a frightened person, will not have too counter-attacks, you rest by all means well, other all did not need to be worried again."

I just about to turn around, Frost has actually held on my hand.

„Really...... Ok?" Her sound is very light.

I showed a faint smile, have referred to the military rank on shoulder, above mark three refined vines with four golden Chinese redbuds, that were being dominate in the military rank on general: „You looked, but I day plume empire holds the spear greatly, in the entire mainland the military authority biggest person, believes me, I will certainly replace you to defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den."

„Um, be careful." She nods gently.


I turn around to go, has not turned head again, outside many matters really need me to be responsible for now.

A front door, the cold wind heads on immediately, although the purgatory deep cold aura of dark blue billows summon diverged much, but also has as before circles on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, is affecting the player and strength of NPC army.

The distant place, the dragon crystal artillery is wreaking havoc as before, but Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior lead a troop Tian Ling Empire player to prey are rushing to the demon palace in city wall to ride with the spirit umbrella insect, the Hybrid Demon army had not cut off, the attack of small stock must guard, otherwise made them kill the city to be difficult to manage massively, especially now the attribute of player large scale receives weakening of deep cold air current, needed the concentration of effort to attack these to step Hybrid Demon of city, these matters I have not gone to do, was good is numerous because of the Tian Ling Empire master, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others.

Is treading the snowy area, I gradually move toward the front, actually saw that many Dragon's den armed soldiers are towing to entrain the corpses of freezing to death, ships to Dragon's den south, in the meantime, on the southern mountain road also one after another innumerable NPC armies start to move into the city.

„Loses how is it?" I asked.

Nearby, Chief Dragon Rider Qing Luo raises Dragon sword, the look was saying dignifiedly: „Sir, the attack that the dark blue billows lead, we altogether died in battle 4000 + people, but......"

„But how?"

„But......" Qing Luo is nipping the silver tooth, said: „Person of dying in battle does not calculate, on Dragon's den the situation of incomplete statistics, our altogether over 10 thousand people froze to death, the Dragon's den armed soldier surpasses 2 thousand people to freeze to death, the casualty in unceasing increase, here too was cold, the body of mortal is unable to withstand, is freezing to death every second of some people, even, this deep cold flame can unable to burn, the casualties are beyond control, the fire god Gaia's strength almost by the extinction, we were been very difficult to resist this type to be cold."

I look at the south, the troops of vault of heaven armed forces am entering Dragon's den unceasingly, although they have bound very solid, but enters the Dragon's den domain time is obviously cold trembles, this is not the good deed.

Lin Qiongti the long sword is walking, the look is unattractive: „General, Dragon's den soon became together the weak, the words that we defend, instead add the frozen to death casualties, the words that does not defend, Dragon's den will possibly fall to the enemy, what to do should?"

My sigh: „Samples 5000 to cultivate from the Empire Armed forces for the deepest person guards Dragon's den, under the body and spirit insufficiently tyrannical person the city wall, in vain do not bring death here, collects some things of ignition, the combustion fire in the city, do not burn the city and that's the end."


Lin Qiong turned around to handle matters, I looked to the scenery sound, said: „You know that I want to ask anything, knife point mountain there...... How?"

Jing Yin the eyes are red, soon cried, the sound sobbed was saying: „Sir...... Blue plain Yorozuo long died in battle, Xia Yefu commands the severe wound, on the knife point mountain, 27000 + palace guards die in the dark blue billows strikes, 3 invincible might artillery and 93 dragon crystal artillery were destroyed, the palace guard has not withstood that many battle losses for a long time."

I hurt, said: „Only leaves behind the heavy artillery camp defense knife point mountain, other people withdraw to Lingnan."



At this time, a [Prague] player progressed to come, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, please go to a [Legend] position, major Guildmaster were discussing official business, needed you to go."


I turn over to the sheath the long sword, the summon god fierce fine horse, speeds away to go, resists really sees Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai and Mu Xuan and the others, moreover, the political integrity yue rumor of day imperial book repository, Wang Ze Cheng and Situ overlord and Soaring Dragon these people was one does not lack, wants to come, although in the civil war hit badly battered, but campaign everybody of this life and death very united.

As soon as I arrive, the conference also started, Fang Ge Que is raising proud Tianzhang, said: „Said, what to do should?"

Ye Lai Axe on the shoulder, said horizontally: „What to do has anything should, we casualties that many people, continued to breakneck with the dark blue billows here, I do not believe this old boy to be able our several million players to kill a none remaining, I also 5 Brother thousand under the mountain can come up at any time the reenforcement, has anything to be good to be worried."

Yan Zhao Warrior also said: „Approval, I think should pledging to fight to the death cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!"

But the objection has, Wang Ze Cheng is raising the long spear, said: „I do not think am this, you also saw, the dark blue billows summoned the cold current to cover entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, here present degenerated into a cemetery of murder, we stayed here, the attribute was weakened large scale, physical defense was weakened 40%, did this also hit? In vain in usually cannot hit in our Hybrid Demon with it death here, would rather falls cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, goes to Ba Huang City to continue to defend imperial, turns head to recapture cold uncultivated land Dragon's den greatly again and that's the end!"

I get angry from the heart, raises the eyebrow to visit him: „Wang Ze Cheng, you , to retreat you to retreat, nobody is blocking you, but do not instigate others to retreat, once cold uncultivated land Dragon's den were attacked and occupied by Hybrid Demon, the dark blue billows and Sif assume personal command, who has the skill to capture cold uncultivated land Dragon's den under this terrain inferiority, can you?"

Soaring Dragon mediates: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, should not be angry, now discussed that , did not have to decide."

Saying, he looked to the rumor, said: „Rumor, you are day imperial book repository political integrity yue, numerous member Guild of day imperial book repository should listen to your verbal command, now what to do do you think us should?"

The rumor has not discontinued as before, keeping aloof looks at our one group of people, said lightly: „On according to the speech of Cang Cheng and Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I thinks that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den should not fall, but cannot cling to tenaciously."

Fang Ge Que said: „This saying is any meaning, stated clearly."

The class said: „Is very simple, we will cling to tenaciously here only sustaining a loss in vain, with its this, we will be inferior to the concentration of effort, sending a group of people circuitous from Lingnan, uses the NPC warship, will go to Tu Dragon Fort in wild Dragon Clan territory from the sea route directly, will sneak attack the dark blue billows the rear supplies place, like this will could obtain to win, you will look, burning down Wu Chao of Battle of Guandu will be a classical example."

Liu Ying claps hands to say with a smile: „Good means that not to have thought that political integrity yue can also think of such means."

His implied meaning i.e. rumor such idiot cannot think that this ingenious plan, the rumor somewhat is obviously disgruntled, but also knows that Liu Ying this fool to praise oneself, the mouth does not select the word, does not haggle over, but showed a faint smile saying: „Guildmaster thought that this means are what kind, we do not need to go to too many military strength, 100,000 players, were OK while the night sneak attack."

Fang Ge Que is silent.

Q-Sword depends upon near the city wall, said lightly: „Too has take risked, perhaps the person will definitely have not to return."

The class said: „Does not enter the tiger's den, tiger?"

Simple looks to me: „Xiao Yao, do you think?"


I silent several seconds, said: „First, Hybrid Demon does not need to supply, they are eat the slough or the absorption soul, we sneak attack their supplies, what sneak attacks? Burnt down the dying in battle player and NPC skeleton? Even if must burn, many Cooldown and preparation, the fuel does not have, burns is also an issue."

The rumor somewhat is immediately annoyed: „You said that was means did not have, except this means that you had anything to suggest to speak frankly, otherwise shut up."

His manner is very bad, Ye Lai got angry immediately: „Rumor, will not close your foul-mouthed in a moment, don't forget, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den can defend now, Xiao Yao strategy that uses, is not your rumor defends Dragon's den to defend now."

The rumor is angrier, but was stopped with the look by one side Fang Ge Que.

The Fang Ge Que biggest ability is his prestige, black and white sweeps the decks, he smiles lightly, said: „Did Xiao Yao, say your view?"

I nod: „Generally speaking, Hybrid Demon does not need grain and fodder, which they arrive eat to, therefore broke grain and fodder saying not to need to consider, but we can consider to break their manpower resources, you also know that majority of Hybrid Demon was the dark blue billows directly summons from the purgatory, but each purgatory entrance had the waiting on monk who magic in addition held, so long as killed to wait on the monk to interrupt the dark blue billows the manpower resources channel, another, the dark blue billows opened the purgatory channel, the summon cold current, this cold current entrance can also defeat together, I supported to sneak attack, but I did not support ‚burning down grain and fodder', I supported. Attacks the purgatory gap."

Ye Lai is raising Axe: „That was needless saying that our [Judgement] is willing to sneak attack!"

I nod: „I go with you together!"

Fang Ge Que actually shakes the head: „No, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den as before is the strongest working point, Xiao Yao you are in the regiment system the status highest person, you must defend in Dragon's den map out strategic plans in an army tent, sending other person to go."

I look to the people: „Who wants?"

[Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior stands up, says with a smile: „My this does not go to the old bones, but also who goes? The [Prague] remaining 4 thousand people are willing long-distance to sneak attack together."

Ye Lai said: „Adds on our [Judgement] 5 thousand people again!"

Misty Clouds smiled: „The [Enemies at the Gate] 3 thousand people go together, this 12 thousand people, sufficed."

Not far away, demon mountain raised the fire god spear to walk, on the face a tranquility, said: „East China Sea goes to the journey in wild Dragon Clan territory to be very winding, I recognize the road, I go with you together!"

Fang Ge Que cannot bear say with a smile: „Demon mountain is Guildmaster willing to help really?"

On the demon mountain face is having color of the pain: „Father manages Tu Dragon Fort that for a long time has built in this fights is destroyed in a moment, this enmity did not report, I almost am unable to base in the highest heaven city."


Zhan Long Chapter 1231

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