Zhan Long Chapter 1234

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„That Q-Sword, came!" In the position of male tyrant wind and cloud, the young pig runs shouts to clear the way in a low voice: „The collection fire [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, strives for the dizziness to fall him, should the dizziness 237 levels of people, not be difficult?"

Liu Ying layer on layer nods: „Proper is not difficult!"


„Whiz whiz whiz......"

Brought the [Seven Stars Teleportation] ray arrow arrow to fly Going out, however mountain soul of actually rapidly under Q-Sword transferred the reins, that warhorse in the walking position that on the dike went easily and freely, „" innumerable MISS, unexpectedly with walking fell the attack of arrow arrow on MISS, in the archer player of male tyrant wind and cloud on few masters, naturally did not raise sentences anything in advance.

Liu Ying also plants, holds up the sword to swoop, front surface direct [Combo] + sword air/Qi daybreak, but the opposite party does not show respect for somebody's ability, that evil „Q-Sword" a scarlet pupil revolution, the corners of the mouth raise the contemptuous happy expression, the long sword send out suddenly, the standard keeps off in [Combo] first strikes, arrived at Liu Ying's right taking advantage of strength personal appearance one revolution, erupts the combo thunderous Liuhe suddenly!

Sweeps away + chops to cut + chops to cut + sweeps away + sweeps away + the flame of rapid fire, in 1.4 seconds are completed, every struck has surpassed the attack outputs of 15 thousand, has almost killed Liu Ying on the second instantaneously, the Situ overlord could not apply at this matter, the soul of Q-Sword has promoted 100% attacks, moreover was the overlay on Q-Sword attack power originally, basic can eat up this set of combo on few players.

„Q-Sword second Boss!?"

The players of several male tyrant winds and clouds are dumbfounded, in the Mage hand the fireball pounds randomly, several Knight crazy raising swords rushed to the dike, as we all know, HP of soul of this Q-Sword is also Q-Sword two times, about 100 thousand + appearance, although physical defense turns time, but the massacring later advantage has, after all has massacred Q-Sword, although is the replica.

Facing impact of one group of people, the operation sincerity of soul of this Q-Sword is good, spin body MISS falls Knight shakes spatially punctures suddenly, the long sword one cold starts the fire dragon to wrestle, makes 60 thousand directly + the violent struck the injury, the second has killed, turned around again Black Dragon broken, rode the war two is the player second kills together, jumps, started the hawk to strike to cut the skill, changed into the goshawk to throw the city with horse, long sword seal in a chest of archer, was the second kills, when a male tyrant wind and cloud Guild troop player planned to massacre him, this. „Q-Sword" body sinks, pricked the earth the long sword, the pack of wolves breaks through the enemy lines the skill to start!

„Roar roar......"

One crowd of flame Greedy Wolf are wreaking havoc in the crowd, simultaneously Q-Sword raises in the hand once again the long sword, is a large-scale skill casts hundred swords, the flash innumerable long sword flying high thorn falls, the player of male tyrant wind and cloud has all cried, even if Q-Sword is I also never has that fierce, but a soul was built up to melt, unexpectedly powerful to so boundary?!

Is following closely Q-Sword, the rear area was Yan Zhao Warrior rushed to the city, one time did not have the double click second to kill one person, blade edge of + [Absorb Strike] fire god the second kills one person, rushed ahead with the soul of Q-Sword shoulder to shoulder forward, the rear area, more and more building up souls rushed to the city wall, Cooldown soon was beyond redemption, at this moment, the [Hero's Mound] person came, Q-Sword raised the long sword, the anger is shouting to clear the way: „Kills, cleans up the gateway!"

Tang Qi appearance with a smile in the crowd, in the hand the copper cash change, six tells fortunes by the eight diagrams swiftly and violently strikes, the dizziness the soul of Q-Sword, Sword Tears and Jian Tan two wings have attacked to kill together, the archer broken guards, Q-Sword my progressing frontage advance, thunderous Liuhe + [Combo] together starts, the people joint effort, gave the second the soul of Q-Sword at one fell swoop!

However at this moment, outside the city wall is person of electricity shoots to come, in the hand is grasping handle proud Tianzhang!

„Was bad!"

Q-Sword complexion one cold: „Opens the invincible skill quickly!"

Comes the person is the soul of Fang Ge Que, starts the skill is his most strong impact skill fire god roars!

Flame impact that in 50 yards forms sweeps across instantaneously, + 100% Fang Ge Que Magic attacks, the flash have not opened the invincible player to be killed by the second with enough time all, a big piece of over 50 thousand injury figure flies, Q-Sword, Sword Tears, Jian Tan and Tang Qi and the others dumbfounded standing there, no one has thought of attack power of soul of this Fang Ge Que abnormally to this degree.

„Be not gawking, massacres him quickly!"

I behind open the wings, flew from the city edge, distant is [Blade Spin] kills the effect, „puff puff" hitting on the protecting shield of soul of Fang Ge Que, but since he as if fearless my attack, lifts hand staff to fly the flame, a spiral figure skating falls, „", my presented the ice layer, was imprisoned there, his ice and fire storm + glorolers move almost fall on me together!



In a flash, unexpectedly my Shuanglong effect hitting, looked at hurriedly to Q-Sword: „On!"

Q-Sword direct [Assault], the long sword belt the skill gloss is strangling to death continuously on the Fang Ge Que protecting shield, but Sword Tears and Jian Tan two people spell to withstand an injury of flame impact, the [Combo] + sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills together flow swiftly to fall.

I restored some HP also from the imprisonment of spiral figure skating is separated, the personal appearance violent walks, speed such as flying high of electricity, but, raising of both hands biggest strength, the double sword falls on the shoulder of soul of Fang Ge Que loudly, this time almost can the second kill him!

But no one has thought that a soul of wrist skill revolution Fang Ge Que, started an invincible skill unexpectedly!

proud Tianzhang in a flash, the flame wind + roaring flame melted has massacred to the second the Q-Sword main body unexpectedly directly, NND, this goods Magic attack power strong?

I fly rapidly backward, am separated from the attack range of soul of Fang Ge Que, simultaneously asked loudly: „Fang Ge Que, how long your invincible does skill continue?"

Fang Ge Que did not hide contraband at this time, said: „18 seconds, you are careful, our Cooldown cannot pass."

Is separated by about 200 meters, Fang Ge Que does not ride to fight the department, naturally runs is not quick.

But I from the sky circle, at the same time in the heart counts the seconds Mo Shu, saw that the soul of Fang Ge Que raises proud Tianzhang to ride in the crowd to wreak havoc in the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools, in 18 seconds massacre 70 + people, in the instance that invincible skill vanishes, I tread a [Seven Stars Teleportation] position displacement to arrive at his directly, the double sword erupts to ride the wind to cut, second!


At this time, on the city randomly has become a piece, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and Mu Xuan and the others building up soul was wreaking havoc on the city as before, CBN fought the net to place first 1000 player at least over seven Chengdu to be built up the soul, faced this crowd of entire attributes to strengthen 100% building up soul, was really too difficult.

What is more difficult, the riding war of this group of people was the player has formed cavalry soldier [Assault] unexpectedly, one round attacked, the melt god cavalry could not resist, the [Legend] kamikaze rode same cannot resist, in an instant I and Fang Ge Que must cry.

And, sharpest on number headed by the Tang Gu and the others hundred souls of deep pool riding, altogether about 2000 + people, formed colony [Assault] unexpectedly, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry who Xue Rou led has washed out directly, the position that Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting were at rapidly was also cut to pieces, one crowd of hundred souls of deep pool riding back and forth galloped to meet no resistance on the city.

But is more dangerous is, the building up soul of this group of players opened up the perspective, starts to wreak havoc on the city, the rear area is the demon palace that dense and numerous, has numerous number rides, hundred deep pools to ride, many four star and five-star BOSS direction fight, although this is the Hybrid Demon army finally strikes, but as if is also the last trick up sleeve strikes!

„Could not block, the Boss, help......" Xue Rou is almost the remnant blood was defeated, launch of hasty turns over to Yuan sword skill, immediately the surrounding player was moistened, but this is unendurable.

I turn around decisively, loud order: „Chi Yu Han , coming up imperial enemy!"

Chi Yu Han brought 5 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry to wait in the mountainside, after hearing my sound, immediately gives a loud shout, leading the Fan Shu City heavy cavalry to mount the city, battered, these built up the soul to have the 200% attributes of player main body, but these Cliff Dragon Cavalry had my 120% attributes, at my equipment excellent degree, was almost in fact impartial.

Therefore, Cliff Dragon Cavalry collides the hundred souls of deep pool riding, wreaks havoc directly, but I shield Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue long-distance output to help in the fighting, simultaneously Qing Luo also leads one crowd of Dragon Rider gentleman upper air to kill, on Dragon's den over 50% area had been seized by Hybrid Demon, we must little aspect reversing.

Old K fights the soul also in roaring to slaughter, shortly afterward, Seurre's form will go out from the administrative hall again, flies in the day, will pull open the long bow, an arrow solution Tang Qi and Enchanted Painting and the others building up soul, on Dragon's den will never be having that lively.


Has continued fully for nearly 2 hours, finally, Dragon's den forcefully from building up the hand of soul army recaptures by us, with the help of numerous NPC, 1 million builds up the soul army to be killed most, this wave of they were also game is as good as lost, was driven away by us forcefully dropped the city, rode, the barbaric wolf to ride to push the demon palaces of several million audiences in the blood in original, degenerated into the living target of palace guard heavy artillery, shells got down, the entire blood quickly turned into the purgatory cemetery, the goner killed again one time, matter that is we now done.

Builds up the soul army to draw back, the entire aspect in our grasped, and dark blue billows have not imagined are so wise resolute, he did not have to attack under the Frost frightened strength once more personally, the struggle of edition duty heaviest winner this dragon territory had determined that now was we, but the price was also too big.

I turn around to arrive at the south wall, looks on the southern plain the tent of innumerable Tian Ling Empire army to link up into a single stretch, and distant can hear the miserable howling sound of wounded soldier, even if the victory is also the hard victory, the Tian Ling Empire army froze to death many people, had been massacred many people by Hybrid Demon, is the strength has damaged greatly, but reviews the iron skull city and NPC army of Ze deep pool city actually slightly motionless, does not have a wee bit losses.

The NPC army of highest heaven city was almost conquered by killing fortunately only, does not need to think that the NPC army total in highest heaven city will not surpass 200 000 now, Port City and balance of highest heaven city started to the Port City crab, next time the country war, the highest heaven city to us will have completed is not the threat.

Zhan Long Chapter 1234

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