Zhan Long Chapter 1235

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In the city, initially entered cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Guild few to be complete, [Judgement], [Prague] and [Enemies at the Gate] almost whole army has been annihilated, [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster died in battle completely, the [Legend] battle loss above 70% , the [Zhan Long] situation slightly is also better, the battle loss 65%, which basically also very to go as for other guilds, male Ba Fengyun, [Flying Dragon] and other Guild almost killed off, especially [Flying Dragon], only remaining Drunken Spear lead 1000 + people also to defend in the city, other have been buried in building up the hand of soul and in Hybrid Demon.


The [Legend] position, Enchanted Painting progresses slowly the line, on the face brings to be dispirited and weary, walked while said: „Was too miserable, several Guild must die certainly......"

Ben Lveru fire Guildmaster and political integrity yue rumor has not actually died, is raising the long sword, said: „Should next step we kill Going out? Has defended on Dragon's den, was too passive, assurance that has not won, in my opinion, this Hybrid Demon territory did not have the military strength to continue to attack us, might as well kill Going out, continued to exploit the victory."

Fang Ge Que said: „Not necessarily."

I look at the distant place distantly, what the Hybrid Demon territory direction truly do not have too big sound, only then Hybrid Demon of fragmentary small stock is also attacking cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Tu Dragon Fort direction, the blood cloud dissipated, obviously was the dark blue billows almost left Tu Dragon Fort region, did they give up really to the invasion of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?

Lin Wan Er walks leisurely, in the hand raises is still bringing the dragon tooth sharp knife blade of blood, supple saying with a smile: „Pig, our can [Zhan Long] also attack Tu Dragon Fort together?"

I shake the head: „No, must attack makes them attack, making the [Zhan Long] main force almost defend on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the edition duty did not finish our one not leaving."

„Um, good, I also think!"

Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest are supplementing the medicament on the city, the firebase loss of [Zhan Long] is not small, now the edition duty had not ended, therefore everybody does not allow to idle.


Enough waited for nearly a half hour, Tu Dragon Fort direction does not have any sound as before, even, I also suspected that Pearl was gave up, if so, made use the pursuit truly also to gain to many victories, but I could not lose, the extant [Zhan Long] players were absolutely elite, could not accommodate the little accident.

Ben Lveru fire Guild, the dark blue flag has set upright at the same time, is the player self-made war flag, above writes two in a big way „day plan", unexpectedly is the banner of day imperial book repository, such effect that came to play has hundred responses to a single call, the rumor raised the arm shouts, said loudly: „Brothers, we were bullied roll up by the dark blue billows and Sif were long in small cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, is the man together kills Going out with me, teaches well these Hybrid Demon, making them know that attacks the price of Chinese war zone, instantly starts to chase down, the day imperial book repository member can come to come as far as possible, making these monsters have a look at the courage and uprightness of Chinese player, kills to me!"

Jumping that the rumor pushes to the front leapt the city, the horse's hoof has trod above the dike, body light such as swallow descended the mountain, the player of innumerable Ben Lveru fire.

Look Wang Ze Cheng of Call Me Master doubts, asked: „Guildmaster, do we go?"

The Wang Ze Cheng nod said: „Spent force cannot put on the thin raw white silk, Hybrid Demon fiercely attacks for a long time is the spirit exhausts, when now doesn't seize the chance to capture edition points also to wait till?"


The rising sun such as the flag of blood also raises, about 3000 + people to descending the mountain.

Jian Feng Han lets somebody cool off or calm down looks under the mountain, said: „Did not fear that was ambushed by Hybrid Demon? This group of people are really......"

Simple said: „Do you want to enter points first ten, the words that thinks attack, lead few people, was ambushed will not lose are too many."

„Does elder sister go with me together?"



Therefore, the [Vanguard] sister and brother also descended the mountain, is bringing Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears and North Pole three giants, as well as about 2000 people of [Vanguard] teams.

On the city, [House of Prestige] and sword porch, [Moonlit Lake] and [Emerald Porcelain], every and other Guild players somewhat are also unbearably anxious, everyone wants to be able finally many with points, therefore rushed to the city wall to chase down one after another, finally, [Legend] Guild also decided to attack under leadership of Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting, set out about 5000 people of appearances, the player who in addition mixed the regiment system much led the small stock NPC army, as a whole approximately over 200 thousand military strength to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den north, the decisive battle place approximately are Tu Dragon Forts, did not have other.


The [Zhan Long] people are the heart are also itchy, Li Mu is grasping the long sword, said: „To go to rush ahead one time with them really together again."

Wang Jian said with a smile: „Do not be impulsive, the price will be very big."

I also nod saying: „Um, although Pearl is not real Pearl, but inherited the Pearl strategic vision, although the Hybrid Demon territory attacked cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to be defeated, but the main force , the dark blue billows, Pearl, Sif, Dahlen, qin song these kings was also still in good health, they gave up attacking to contract malaria uncultivated land Dragon's den not to mean to give up defending, since Tu Dragon Fort fell in their hands, thinks that easily will not drop, we do not act rashly, are waiting for the news, arrived at the city, Hybrid Demon of small stock can take the experience."

Lin Wan Er looks to me, said: „Dear, I lead some points rank high people to enter the blood original, Qing regulated the flow of blood in original remaining Hybrid Demon, made everybody rise points."

„OK!" I smile: „I also go to the blood in original to stroll, many lighting the lamps corpse ghost also hides there."


Therefore, [Zhan Long] does not have the choice to attack Tu Dragon Fort, organized several hundred people to enter the blood actually original, cleaned up the monster on plain under the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den field of vision, although many people online Cooldown has surpassed for 24 hours, but the edition duty did not end does not give up offline, was strolling on the plain, cut to massacre to seek some edition points some Hybrid Demon of completing the order form.


After one hour, the news comes, the day imperial book repository allied armies have swiftly captured Tu Dragon Fort, belongs to this ruins the territory of human empire, I slightly somewhat am also accidental, has not thought that so will be really smooth, has Pearl planned to give up really?

In a half hour, recent news comes once more, many guilds in day imperial book repository do not satisfy recapture Tu Dragon Fort merely, therefore enters west of Tu Dragon Fort plain and forest massively, chases down these Hybrid Demon skirmishers, but here has also encountered the ambush, at least over 300 thousand demon palaces ride, the barbaric wolf to ride them encircle, and also dispatched many all Shen skeletons and thousand from Asura and death plain direction monster and other levels of Hybrid Demon, Sif, drank the fire, Dahlen, the Kate strength four big kings to attack hand in hand, the numerous guilds of day imperial book repository entered the monster encirclement ring thoroughly..


Li Mu reads the screenshot, the body of not being able to bear trembles slightly, said: „Good sly Hybrid Demon, understands to lure the enemy in deep unexpectedly, this Fang Ge Que they must but actually big mildew."

Yue Qing Qian blinked, said: „You have made a mistake, [Legend] and [Vanguard] two Guild have not gone out of Tu Dragon Fort, seizes time Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han of Tu Dragon Fort is not wonderful to the situation on the vigilance, stops the player of line of business meeting to go out of town promptly the pursuit, what therefore surrounded is headed by the rumor and Cang Cheng day imperial book repository about 170 thousand players."

Saying, Yue Qing Qian was raising up three fingers, said with a smile: „Most over three hours, these 170 thousand certainly completely will not reimburse."

I asked: „What manner was Fang Ge Que to encircled is?"

The Yue Qing Qian dimple smiled faintly: „What manner can also be? He said does not listen to advice must attack, he does not have the means that said again Sif has at least 20,000 thousand to circle strangely, in Tu Dragon wants outside the Thethi city wall, as long as some players want to go out of town the reenforcement to die, therefore Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han expressed that cannot reenforce, now led two big Guild people to come in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction."

„Doesn't Tu Dragon Fort want?"

„Um, is stretch of ruins, therefore NPC killed off, transmission was destroyed, was completely useless."

Nearby, Yue Wei Liang female asked: „Guildmaster, our can [Zhan Long] attack the reenforcement? Otherwise, perhaps will pin a hat of seeing somebody in danger and doing nothing by rumor that villain to us!"

I smile: „Buckles on the buckle, I do not think, for a fabricated hat makes the [Zhan Long] tens of thousands people brave hardships and dangers, moreover this does not calculate braves hardships and dangers, brings death simply, a Sif adds on 2 thousand thousand monster, our [Zhan Long] 30,000 people radically are not the matches, will unable to save others will also harm itself."

„Um, that is good."


Again shortly afterward, [Legend], [Vanguard], [Emerald Porcelain] and other Guild the people came back, Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han are sobbing of face, obviously Pearl is far from everybody thinking that simply, no one has thought that Pearl will be located outside the ambush point the city, at least the rumors and Wang Ze Cheng these people have not thought that looked down on the NPC intelligence quotient, being doomed must suffer a loss.

Cooldown every little bit is passing, but that 170 thousand encircled players frigidly are also fighting, for points, has delivered finally actually own life, does not have with the person especially.

Near 4 hours pass by, 170 thousand people almost died in battle completely, only then less than 10 thousand people run out of the tight encirclement, enters does not turn over to the sea the domain, actually did not turn over to the sea-nymph clan interception in sea, finally only then less than 7000 people arrived in the Tian Ling Empire domain, was simply horrible to look.

Also at this moment, ting from the sky reverberates finally, this edition activity came to an end by achievement of player finally


System Announcement: Congratulates fellow players, 【The struggle of dragon territory】 The edition finished successfully, under the people tried hard to uphold Dragon Yu the dignity and sovereignty, player Xiao Yao Zi Zai captured the points list first rank successfully, obtained the reward: Level + 6, Charm + 120, 【The shield of stars】( star territory military Secret Art ★★★), player Fang Ge Que obtains points to place second, obtains the reward: Level + 5, Charm + 100, 【Beacon-fire sword】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), player Dancing Forest obtains points to place third, obtains the reward: Level + 4, Charm + 80, 【Dark storm wrister】( Magical instrument ★★★★), the 4-10 th player respectively is: Cang Yue, Mu Xuan, Q-Sword and demon mountain and Cang Tong, to like tracking down, Yan Zhao Warrior, the respective rewards of all entering the war players also will provide!

Zhan Long Chapter 1235

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