Zhan Long Chapter 1236

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„Shua Shua Shua......"

Golden light flow swiftly to fall, making me go straight up to 234 levels, this Level is a new domain, and also obtains a skill book? Was known as that star territory Wu Jue, this has not seen!

Unties the package hurriedly, a Zhen's blue skill book in the package flood the moving gloss, this skill seems actually similar to the Frost stars crystal shield, grasps to look that the moral nature is wild with joy, is a skill book of [Epic] god level, from the consumption of study skill, this star territory military Secret Art level of three stars definitely was not lower than the [Epic] god level

【The shield of stars】( star territory military Secret Art ★★★): Summoned the star territory stars, took the strength of stars to condense for the shield, kept off the injury that then can withstand for the user standard, protected the shield toughness to be related with attack power, the study needed the Level 230 levels, needs to consume the Charm 200 points!


Immediately studies, the shield of stars changes into the blue light to vanish in my palm together, in next quarter my skill fence presented a Zhen's blue skill, LV-1 the shield of stars!

Starts, summons, immediately the weather presses slightly, „Shua Shua" the innumerable stars crash, the condensation in my left hand is a great megacryst shield, radiant, extremely fine jade beautiful, but along with my turning around movement, this shield together will also move along with me, this also means that I must be the player use shield such use likely it, can make it keep off the injury for my standard, otherwise my shield lifts in the front, some people attack me from behind, this injury wants 100% to eat, utilization clever of this skill is very high, but 100% standards. Keeps off the injury is actually other protecting shield skill institute absolutely no special effect.

The arm shakes slightly, the shield of stars changes into the dissipation the star light to linger around my left arm, for a very long time is not loose, the waiting next summon, the consumption of this skill to magic value is quite fortunately big, but my magic value is very high, does not care about this point, practices, earlier practices the shield of stars to 20 levels is the kingly way, after all I also lack a such defense skill now, [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor is the passive defensive, the shield of only stars is the active defense.

Nearby, Meng Yao visits me to summon, the shield of cancellation stars, cannot bear say with a smile: „Elder brother, this skill is really graceful!"

„Yes, is very graceful?" I also smile: „Not only commander-in-chief, but also use effect is also strong! Meng Yao, what did your edition duty reward obtain?"

„It is not very good, my rank more than 70, attain equipment of day plume, but in also has well, Charm and Level + 2 rewards, is good."


Besides me, [Zhan Long] counted the reward of Dancing Forest to be best, four star magical instruments, what a pity were the armor wristers, therefore 60% discount sold to Li Mu inexpensive, as for Xue Rou, she was Heavy Armor that [Zhan Long] ranked among the best is the player, previous time I killed four star magical instrument order chest armor that [Judgement] attained to give to her, was collecting the coverall, once the collection were together extraordinary!

Big characteristics of order coverall are „order" this special effect, revises the player attack angle and strength, the attack effect that the maximum degree optimizes the player, actually this effect than promoting 100% attack power is also better, uses to know interesting part, Xue Rou present attack power and Wang Jian are almost exactly the same, but passes through the test, after single unit set of revision, the attack output must be higher than 10% compared with Wang Jian, if can collection uneven 5, not need to think that same attack power, at least must be higher than 50% revision attack injuries compared with Wang Jian.

Xue Rou strength was placed there, making people relieved, when my this Boss only needed to her equipment, other she naturally was capable of collecting, such master also made the person be free from worry much.

Enters the Dragon's den administration hall, saw Frost, her injury easily has not convalesced that was good has drawn back because of Hybrid Demon, recuperated wound later cold uncultivated land Dragon's den relatively speaking also to compare the security.

Also has processed the thing in the guild, this offline, in an instant is the next day evening.

Is bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, plays knife and fork later sleeps.


Sleep wakes up is next morning, 7 : 00 am awoke, rest the foot 12 hours, play knife and fork, get online continues to work, although I do not know when the third round country fights opens, but I continuously strengthened own strength to be right before then.


After getting online, first has repaired equipment, then the package picks small JP equipment that takes to throw into the auction room to auction in completely, invisible in can also make tens of thousands money spending money to oneself, good deed, when I am in the auction room last equipment loses, in the top of the head transmits whips the sound of wing, an imperial guard warhawk rides to search to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, your majesty soon after will discuss official business in the imperial palace main hall, holds the spear to go invited greatly!"

It seems like struggle war later aftermath about dragon territory.

Summon god fierce fine horse, speeds away to the imperial palace, has met along the way also Yan Zhao Warrior and Fang Ge Que, fellow regiment status quite high players were informed, Yan Zhao Warrior raises the sword to walk side-by-side with me, two people do not have the conscience makes him raise staff to run very much Fang Ge Que leaving behind, then Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Hundred died in battle, can my this time become commanding of strong wind from afar armed forces to look how Xiao Yao you had a glib tongue."

I am at a loss for words: „Scratches, what has a glib tongue, the good and evil should also call capable in argument."

Yan Zhao Warrior laughs: „I study few, forgives my terminology, ha."

Two people fire into imperial palace greatly with a smile, Fang Ge Que „Shua Shua Shua" space booklets leap the twinkle to chase us, but more flings is farther, even if the server first master, to hurrying along this matter is helpless.


Above the main hall, Drunken Spear, Wang Jian and Jian Feng Han and the others, as for Li Mu, he is cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Yorozuo is long, attended this conference competently, but this goods it is said last night together got together Qing Gong to drink with several [Zhan Long] members in Yangzhou in a big way, now is also too fond of sleep has not gotten out of bed, that can only miss.

When running up to main hall when Fang Ge Que pants, discussing official business also started.

An old waiter hand is holding the reel, said with the trembling sound: „My day plume empire extends the thousand years, this for the sovereign wise supernatural might, the direction in the right way, making the invasion of Hybrid Demon plan to change into the powder pink / white, protects the empire territory to be complete, the peaceful world common people, decide the boundary of whole nation!"

One bunch of words of flattering, the shallow forest also heard somewhat to be red in the face, the interruption said: „Has sufficed, defeats the Hybrid Demon army is the merit of fellow officers, has what Gan with the orphaned king? Read out this empire success directly."

„Yes, your majesty!"

The old waiter turns around to bow, was reading then also out to the whole body of ministers: „After holds spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, on the general Lin Qiong and other empire military officer of fighting a bloody battle, the Tian Ling Empire army repels the dark blue billows and zither Ge, Sif and other kings successfully is the Hybrid Demon army of head, has defended the empire dignity, considered after your majesty over and over that decides Feng Shang, grants south of a Fan Shu City thousand area units fertile farmland holds the spear greatly, commanded west of a stele forest hundred area units fertile farmland to bestow on the forest arched general, other audiences will have Feng Shang respectively!"

I and Lin Qiong hold the fist in the other hand together: „Thanked your majesty."

Lin Qiong gains ground, said: „Your majesty, we should not forget dying in battle, hundred senior general urges valley magic use casting a spell heavy losses giant beast Stella forcefully, he died in battle for the empire heroically, should obtain a higher glory!"

The shallow forest stands up, said: „Hundred li (0.5km) senior general is the empire palace first master, immediately bestows a posthumous title for ‚Saint demon teacher', its remains bury into the imperial imperial mausoleum, according to crown prince ritual."

„Your majesty is wise!"

The directly opposite, wish the sea to grasp inscribed tally, some alerts visits me, afterward takes a step to leave ranks, said: „Your majesty, hundred senior general dies for one's country by the body, but the song is lamentable, the strong wind from afar armed forces still left over several thousand troops, the without owner, old minister here does not have senior general allow Liang, can draft cleverly in fighting, invincible, may new command for the strong wind from afar armed forces."

Old fogies, was cultivating own influence?

I cannot bear smile, said: „allow Liang, if can draft really cleverly in fighting, perhaps expedites the Hybrid Demon territory time can decide the universe?"

Shallow Lin Wei smiles, seems also thinking anything, supple sound track: „Li Master, what view do you have?"

I: „Each army has its military spirit, joins fills one to command forcefully to the strong wind from afar armed forces, perhaps will affect the battle efficiency of this army, I suggested...... Original Yorozuo who lets the strong wind from afar armed forces is long, the current proxy commands......?"

Thinks of here, I think suddenly that does not know Yanzhao uncle names, turns round to ask: „Uncle, what did you call?"

„Zhao Kaiguo!" A Yan Zhao Warrior face is pale, short spear trick, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others has smiled immediately, Fang Ge Que represses laughter, but the corners of the mouth have the happy expression as before.

I go all out is enduring the smiling face, turned around saying: „Makes Zhao Kaiguo be promoted to command!"

The shallow forest nods: „!"

Wish the sea to say anxiously: „Your majesty, does not may!"

„Why can't?"

„Because...... Because of Zhao Kaiguo this name treason and heresy, your majesty you look, found a country, this clearly has the non- feudal official's heart, requesting earnestly your majesty three to think, do not entrust by this person of heavy responsibility."

I have gotten angry immediately slightly, sound enhanced several decibels, said: „Your majesty, the senior general can draft cleverly in fighting has been OK, what the trivial name can prove, then, my this Li Xiao Yao name has violated also the big death anniversary, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and unrestrained, can say that didn't pay attention to your majesty? In my opinion, is wishes sea old with a wish to incriminate to have no lack of a pretext, he so aggressive, will attempt to be intimate with the military officer with by the key position, definitely wants to dominate the royal government, will murder host's heart apparently, requesting earnestly your majesty to recall wished the sea government position, eliminated its title, reduced to the common people, flatter, did not tow Going out to cut directly well!"

The shallow forest stares: „Li can Master, really like this?"

He understands to my meaning, but pretends a very shocking appearance.

Wish the coast air to blow beard actually: „Li Xiao Yao, you...... You hold the spear greatly, is the broken cauldron male, actually slanders the minister, you...... Are you what mind?"

I show a faint smile: „Wish the sea, you are the empire duke, actually must falsely accuse others with a name, if I slander, that also learns from you, what kind, by other [say / way] body, this taste hasn't felt better?"

Asked the monthly ticket! Hiring by the month then obtains 1 monthly ticket, as long as throws 500 distinguished guests to obtain a monthly ticket to [Zhan Long], an account number most can throw 5, in has the schoolmate of spending money to help on hand!

Zhan Long Chapter 1236

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