Zhan Long Chapter 1237

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Wish the sea to be mad by me results in the whole body to shiver, completely lost the reason, immediately kneels on the ground kowtows again and again, has not pulled out the intestines on the difference to the shallow treetop Mingzhong heart.

What exaggerates is the tears fell, wish the sea wipes tears, while turns head to visit me wickedly, puts out a hand a finger of my nose, said loudly: „Your majesty, the old minister supports empire wholeheartedly, but this Li Xiao Yao...... he relies on the merit of going on an expedition, becomes friends with the partisan above the temple, Situ Xin, Lin Qiong, Huyan pear and the others is the Li Xiao Yao trusted friend, this person relies on to favor to be arrogant, never pays attention to your majesty, your majesty you also saw, Li Xiao Yao has hoodwinked the public in the imperial capital, the hand grasps the heavy power, in the hand the signal flag wields is 1 million brave soldiers, when the time comes was perhaps a traitor to the imperial capital is not the issue, your majesty bright mirror!"

The shallow forest sits in the throne, unexpectedly smiled: „Sea male, are you why?"

„Your majesty, you?" Wish the sea to look at the shallow forest astonished.

The shallow forest sits from the throne suddenly sets out, said: „Once believed the slanderous talk orphaned, has recalled Li Master military authority, but can protect the landscape finally as before is he, if Li Master has the non- feudal official's heart, sits here perhaps already was he, he does not need to endure all sorts of humiliations, listening to your sea male to pester continuous slandering here, not?"

Wish the sea to have a big shock, kneels to kowtow hurriedly, said: „Your majesty bright mirror, the old minister has not slandered him, are true your majesty!"

„Shut up!"

Shallow Lin Di drinks one, said: „Sea male, you in the population to empire, resources, land knew from A to Z, is right-hand of orphaned king, but Li Master is the orphaned king opens up territory Bi earth the sharp sword, is the kind teacher of orphaned king, you are not thinking and Li Master lives together in peace and harmony, actually everywhere aims, what truth is this?"

Wish the sea whole body to tremble: „Your majesty...... Your majesty, the old minister knew mistakenly, please...... Asked the flight of steps leading to a palace hall to drop the crime!"

The shallow forest said lightly: „Read your statesman who has served under three consecutive emperors, did not investigate, but you must record sincerely, do not frame by planting stolen goods on Li Master carelessly, otherwise punished mercilessly inevitably, shape synchronous case!"

Invisible within, the shallow forest draws a sword to sweep, the corner/horn of table tumbles in the place, the skill in wushu of this boy also had the progress.


This I spoke, therefore holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Your majesty, wishes the sea position high weight, governs the economy and administrative style and achievements of local officials life of nation, I heard that his illicit sale government position and taking by force and deceiting, already stirred up the seething discontent among the people, hopes that your majesty can send for the intelligent apprehension, if has its matter to punish exactly, punishes, sending me to search his family, this I am an expert."

The shallow forest nods: „Orphaned king will send for looking up, Li Master felt relieved."

Huyan Li laughs: „End will hear that in the sea government has raised 17 wives, youngest was 15, usually the living expenses are also the sumptuous lifestyle, the empire goes on an expedition in successive years, already deficiently could not withstand, does not know where the sea male must come that many wealth, it is said that he in the Jiu Li City Ducale Palace, constructs the assets of using is empire three years of military expenses, doesn't know real? General Lin Qiong, you once were Jiu Li City heavy, this situation you should be very clear, had this matter?"

Lin Qiongzheng being startled, nod said: „Ducale Palace has constructed for 7 years, the expenditure truly not poor."

Wish the sea to be angry, an eye as if must torch same looks at Lin Qiong, gets angry: „Forest arched, always waits you not to be thin obsolete, you why such serving the interest of outsiders, colludes to falsely accuse me with the bystander, what advantage Li Xiao Yao has given your, lets your such being dead set on?"

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand, in a pair of limpid pupil is passing insisting on, said: „Sea male, Lin Qiong has no intention to affront, but after following holds the spear, greatly to know that to be utterly loyal to serve the country, but does not do the matter of shamelessly seeking gain, after end will follow holds the spear greatly, fights up and down the country, attacks the Qingyan city, to expedite Full Moon City, to fight vigorously Hybrid Demon, only in this year, Lin Qiongcai thought one have made one for this matter of doing, in this year, before can be as good as forest arched all years!"

The imperial guard commands Situ firewood look to be excited, said loudly: „Said well, for the duty is utterly loyal to serve the country, I and others followed to hold the spear greatly, wholeheartedly going on an expedition for country's, this then to high honor!"

The shallow forest is the emperor who a military person comes, where can withstand this atmosphere, the complexion was red, holds the sword hilt to stand up, wields the sleeve of imperial robe, said: „If I have not put on this clothes, perhaps I extremely am also willing to follow Li Master to fight up and down the country, I vainly hoped for that the life is so, sometimes general, the orphaned king also really envies you!"

Lin Qiongwei smiles: „Your majesty chatted, I and others also hoped one day to be able the peace throughout the country, retires inevitably, my Lin Qiong is a master of martial arts, the believer, farms, grows flowers and fishes, takes care of the natural lifespan."

The shallow forest looks to me: „This...... Li won't Master have this idea?"

I cannot bear smile: „Does not have, I do not have the forest arched such good ambition, I am not this world, after helping your majesty series seven big kingdoms, I will go into seclusion voluntarily, hand over all military authorities, is not considered as that retires , but also was the idle cloud wild crane."

Han deep pool press the saber, said with a smile: „Which when the time comes the general goes, which Han Yuan as you like goes, leads a horse the falling step on, ten thousand do not dismiss painstakingly!"

Dragon Xing, Xia Ye also together nod: „Is willing to follow to hold the spear greatly!"

Situ Xin said with a smile: „Seven big kingdom series, do not say that what has retired, otherwise your majesty is perhaps anxious, has retired, who comes to hit this world for the empire?"

The shallow forest nods: „Yes!"


At this time, wish the sea as if as before not to be willing to give up, said: „Your majesty, the war of this dragon territory, Li Xiao Yao resorts to arms the fault, had frozen to death total 47 thousand troops by the cold current of northern territory, the south camp was also sneak attacked by Hybrid Demon , the buckle more than 10,000 people, the palace guard has guarded the knife point mountain, was struck to kill several thousand people by the dark blue billows, this is Li Xiao Yao director is improper, about 50 thousand armies are destroyed in a moment, your majesty did not question that Li Xiao Yao this does hold the command capability of spear greatly?"

Lin Qiong knit the brows: „Sea male, has sufficed, so is why impenetrably thickheaded?"

Wish the sea to scold to shout to clear the way: „You shut up to me, stray cur!"

The shallow forest actually shows a faint smile, the manner is quite temperate, said: „Sea male, you think that Director Li Master has caused improperly all these? You thought that I should recall Li Master military authority?"

Wish the sea route: „Empire military law, character character like [gold/metal], since is the Li Xiao Yao director causes such loss improperly, how that can appease?"


A shallow forest palm pats on the table, shook the entire main hall slightly to shiver, said: „Right, this fought the empire truly buckle many officers, but how, we finally have defeated Hybrid Demon, has routed the army of dark blue billows summon, orphaned Wang asked one, besides Li Master, who can lead the Tian Ling Empire army to obtain so wins? Who can guarantee won't one be destroyed by the dark blue billows army?"

Saying, the shallow forest said lightly: „Sea male, such matter, I hope that last time puts out from your mouth."

Wish sea dull standing there, appearance that a face loses.


This time, the shallow forest was to fully the face of my this teacher.

Yan Zhao Warrior is promoted to the strong wind from afar armed forces to command , to continue to reorganize the army and preparing for war, other military officers also received 11 to enjoy, even Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword were sealed to enjoy hundred area units fertile farmland, but seems to be useless, are actually more on the taxation, the effective income is about each month many with 10,000 gold coins about, holds the spear as for my this greatly, thousand area units fertile farmland Feng Shang, every month many with 10 thousand gold coins, converts into more than 10,000 R motherfucker, um, the regiment system achieved here to have practicality receiving finally!

„Many thanks Xiao Yao!"

Yan Zhao Warrior looks at the front the commanding badge, intent is successful fully, expressed gratitude unceasingly I, somewhat thanked me to be embarrassed, as for Q-Sword and Ye Lai with my smalltalk several, the general meaning is to let me also much looks, when their immediate superiors have hung, helped them speak words, lets position that they also returned to command.

Plays the family belongings to command also well, direction is more flexible, but regarding me is not the good deed, directs NPC to command is the blood and iron principle, directed the player to have scruples some, was good because, becomes the player who commanded mostly is the friends, did not have anything not to be convenient, the matter of a few words.

The people are almost exposed, the old waiter retains me, lets my back garden having an audience with sovereign.


The shallow forest sits in the stone of back garden, said with a smile: „Li won't Master, live that to wish being mad of sea today? Your Sir are massive, do not haggle over with this man old before his time generally."

I nod smile: „All right, your majesty has considered thoroughly, how I with wishing the sea lower oneself to the same level."


The shallow forest picks up a small stone to throw into the lake water, said: „Wish sea truly position high weight . Moreover the partisan is numerous, Jiu Li City and people of Tian Ling Empire many holding an important post once were his disciple and good friend, Li Master you know that marched to go to war your I to be an expert, but governed the city, managed the farming, smelted the pointed weapons wait / etc., reason that these must by wishing the sea and his disciple, I also remain are wishing the sea, was because he was the important safeguard of effectiveness, if this Tian Ling Empire did not have wished the sea, the output of our warhorse, weapon and grain will reduce 20%, this did not say things just to frighten people."

I show a faint smile, has not spoken.

The shallow forest has a look at me restlessly: „Li Master, your other light smiles does not speak, lets the shallow forest whole body infant......"

I said with a smile: „No matter, I smile , because the shallow forest has grown up, understands to weigh the importance, understands to keep in balance the status and power and influence between ministers, naturally, these ministers besides me, in the main hall, your majesty to my shield anyone to look today, next time, can reduce my salary to shut the mouths of these people greatly."

The shallow forest actually makes a fist, said: „No, since the father and elder sister died, I have decided that does not let the active feudal official by a wee bit grievance!"

I look at the shallow forest, this immature face becomes even more mature.

This empire king, truly day-by-day grew up.

Zhan Long Chapter 1237

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