Zhan Long Chapter 1238

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Next day, in the afternoon.

The butterfly sword changed into flash to chop the head of BOSS, this was S7 last BOSS, but was a crazy demon of belt Shua transcription, this was also third S7 that I made a connection with, Tang Xin female was seeking under the BOSS corpse, afterward cheered was grasping hand guard, said: „, My S7 already collection uneven three, good!"

I show a faint smile, discovered because one massacred the relations of BOSS to rise 235 levels, when rose to 235 levels, the ting passed over gently and swiftly in the ear together, System Notification I am unable to continue to promote


System System Notification: Congratulated you to promote 235 levels, your Level has reached the limit of mortal, is unable to continue to promote, wants to continue to promote to fly upwards, because you were third achieve 235 levels of players, succeeded to trigger „flying upwards illussion" edition, only then after flying upwards, enters the player who the illussion also obtained a godship to continue to promote!


Flying upwards illussion?

In next quarter, is a ting reverberation in airborne, the system announced the new edition


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, three players have reached 235 levels of rank limits, wants to continue to promote to fly upwards for the god, announced specially that „flying upwards illussion" edition soon will issue after the system maintenance, after server 20 minutes closes, asking the player to leave to practice the level map voluntarily, so that does not affect your game motion, the server after maintaining for 5 hours opens!


„illussions? illussions what's the matter?" Dancing Forest stands in the S7 transcription main hall, face confused asking.

„Does not know that has returned to the city, waits for the new edition to announce that knew."


Pulls out the City Return Scroll crumb, after changing to flash, returns to Tian Ling Empire, has a look at own Level and equipment, truly did not have what is good to enter the step, offline, just in the afternoon nothing, accompanies the girlfriend to handle a meaningful matter.

2 : 00 pm, offline.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also left to play, this comfortable in the afternoon does not know that makes anything is good, result two female must draw me to window-shop, said that was the autumn arrived, must acquire the new clothes, was good, accompanied their Going out to walk.

Is driven by me as before, A4 has driven out of the Liu Hua University school gate slowly.

Lin Wan Er sits on the copilot, has drawn the front safety belt, I shot a look at one, cannot bear laugh in one's heart, the stature of young girlfriend was too good, the front twin peaks are tall and straight and clear, in safety belt „fetter" under will be naturally uncomfortable, therefore she is always very repugnant with the safety belt, Dong Cheng Yue sits in the back row actually, in the hand takes the fruit jelly to lie crooked there, two snow white longlegs build on the driver seat plate, so long as my vision glance on can see that this enticement is not small.

„My 233 levels, but also missed 2 levels also to meet the request of flying upwards illussion." Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „Does not know that this illussion is any meaning."

I drives, while said: „If as expected, should be that type is similar to Deva and god place, how otherwise the player seeks for the godship, now rises to 235 levels of player that few three, I and Fang Ge Que, a sky rose, I planned that illussion opening goes to have a look, gains in an experience for everybody."

„Um, this should be."

Dong Cheng Yue takes the cell phone to flip, said: „The edition content of flying upwards illussion has issued, the illussion in fact is a flying upwards boundary, the god who in the legend the world of mortals flies upwards will enter the illussion, they call god, but is not that of pavilion building and fairyism encirclement, but is a place of law of the jungle, after the player enters the illussion, should need to kill the god of death level powerhouse to capture the godship, subsequently captures after his godship, builds up to turn into own."

I pout: „As expected, the style of destiny company is this, law of the jungle, not utopia."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Looked at you to say."

Dong Cheng Yue continued: „After flying upwards enters the illussion, does not demonstrate the illussion the Coordinate, moreover map big of illussion, big arrives oddly, the player is unable to form a team in the illussion, said that wants to obtain the godship to need look, has not formed a team this saying . Moreover the player was also not necessarily able to find in the illussion each other."

I deeply inspire: „This pattern a little meaning, was painstakingly Healer, after Healer entered the illussion, single Tiao definitely has hit any god level BOSS, wants to fly upwards is too difficult."

Lin Wan Er said: „Yes, if sought for godship to be defeated must also fall first-level, that was more awkward."

I smile: „Does not know that my overlord coverall does have the effect of rebirth in the illussion, if no I a little am also difficult, this year single Tiaoshen level BOSS casually was not saying plays."



In the afternoon, strolled has met market, two female both bought many clothes, Lin Wan Er has also bought one set of fall clothing for me, put on very energetic that delivered to the thing the vehicle, but Cooldown was a little as before early, therefore decided that watched the movie.

Arrives at the theater, three people stand before the conductor table indecisive, several flat and thin pieces that now screens as if very well look, two are domestic-made, narrated the love, narrated the spy war, finally our decision looked animated cartoon «Tamed Dragon Master 3», the Lin Wan Er head has a doll of night ghost, since the girlfriend liked, that together looked.

„Does handsome fellow, buy several tickets?" The ticket sellers asked.

„Three." I confirmed that about, two female both hope for visits me, expressed that also wants the puffed rice with the drink, as if not have these not to look that the movie was the same.

The ticket seller is 20 + -year-old little elder brother, visits me astonished, two beautiful women who also has a look at my side, envied the feeling soon the full house, said: „Actually, you can the late point watch the evening performance."

„Why watches the evening performance?" Lin Wan Er asked.

The ticket sellers looked at Lin Wan Er one, said: „Because evening performance person are few, suits the lover to observe the shade together . Moreover, your three people...... And wants, when light bulb......"

The meaning that he must express is about...... The evening performance person are few, a darkness, the lover watches the movie together, what KISS or hugs is very appropriate? In a flash, the pretty face of Wan Er somewhat was red, does not know that said any good, nearby Dong Cheng Yue fast is pulling my left hand actually, said: „Little elder brother you said anything, we are not the electric lamp bulbs, our three people are the same places."

Ticket seller little elder brother almost hits on the computer, resentful ticket after to me, the complexion hidden bitterness, probably thought that I held the JP two beautiful women that simply am the careless and wasteful use of nature's products.


After entering the shade hall, the person are not truly many, Dong Cheng Yue holds one barrel of puffed rice to sit in my left, Lin Wan Er in the right, naturally is holding my hand, but my hand also gently places on her snow greasy leg, today the young girlfriend has not worn the silk stockings, the touch is very creamy soft, Cooldown I was happy to faint soon, the old man often said that I cultivated also well, but cultivated the mind not the line, was about because virgin's relations, the old man also had Wan Er and East city beautiful women like this to indignant disturbed to my side, wishes one could to discard own cultivation for immediately. Is again young, what a pity he did not have such opportunity.

Dong Cheng Yue is only peaceful watches the movie, the right hand places on own leg, once for a while visits me secretly, actually I know that she also imagines Lin Wan Er same to hold my hand, what a pity she does not have, she knows that something are undoable, only then before bystander, to adjust the atmosphere will make some actions, looks at her desolate appearance , is really makes the person somewhat love dearly.

But I could not make anything, the love was selfish only, was imparticipable, otherwise really did not love.

Is good is not long because of movie Cooldown, shows quickly, three people simply have the dinner outside, finished eating the dinner is around 6 : 00, immediately the driving return trip, just can catch up with flying upwards illussion edition to clear.


Returns to the dwelling, gets online!


Just in enters the game that the server clears instantaneously, within seconds, the Tian Ling Empire population full house, several hundred people from the beginning rapidly rose suddenly, the new edition can always attract more players to enter the game, player almost over 500 thousand that less than 10 seconds of city got online, Tian Ling Empire area already enough big, actually as before crowded has become one group.


System Notification, came from system, right my contact surface also presented one to spread the golden phrase of flame: You have satisfied the flying upwards condition, please immediately go to „flying upwards god stone" place to apply to fly upwards the permission, Tian Ling Empire domestic flying upwards god stone Coordinate situated in the ice ridge mountainous region chart ( 27181,72838 )!


Examines the map, the flying upwards god stone on the ice ridge mountain, approaches cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, walks you!

Summon raspberry, beautiful woman Dragon roared sharp claws to grab the wall of Dashengtang to circle in the midair, but I jumped to leap, ride carry on the back in the dragon, racket her back: „Raspberry, walks, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!"

The beautiful woman dragon also roared, both feet caught up to fire into the sky, whipping wing promotion flight altitudes, in Tian Ling Empire many players raised head to visit me, almost all people recognized me, without means that since CBN fought the net I entered first ten, the exposure rate has been promoting, the regiment system and country war, the edition war, all stood in the front row, thinks that was not paid attention is also unlikely.

Raspberry flying speed is fast, less than 20 minutes already arrived in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, I do not have the choice to enter the city, but flew directly to that flying upwards god stone, the beautiful woman dragon broke through the wind and snow, was leading me along the ice ridge mountain continuously to the west, about after two minutes, in the distant snow curtain was glittering unexpectedly together the golden ray, after flying to be near, discovered that a great crag float in airborne, flood the golden light of soaring to the heavens, was being the flying upwards god stone.

Moreover, nearby the flying upwards god stone, over a hundred Dragon's den armed soldiers guard unexpectedly there, the side also quartz dragon, impressively is Qing Luo has the person to guard here.

„Qing Luo?" I somewhat am astonished however.

Qing Luo also astonished visits me: „Sir, can you also fly upwards?"

I nod: „Um, my rank sufficed."

Qing Luo shows a faint smile: „God ruler to has transmitted the supernatural power fluctuation, this god stone does not know when arrived on the ice ridge mountain, Lady Frost was worried about the flying upwards god stone by the unprincipled person about, therefore sent me to be in shifts to guard here, she also urged me, once saw after you, must tell you, in the god illussion has been full of the danger, making you probably be careful!"

„Um, I knew!"

„Also has." She also said: „Lady Frost made me tell you that the godship of lower position god do not build up to melt, that will only waste the Sir your intelligence and talent."

„Um, understood that I flew upwards!"

„Good, is careful!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1238

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