Zhan Long Chapter 1239

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After flying to be near, the choice and flying upwards god Stone talked, immediately jumped out a dialog box

System System Notification: Please note, each position satisfies 235 levels of players to obtain the flying upwards qualifications, but every in 7 days only then an opportunity flies upwards to enter the illussion, in the illussion obtains the godship can choose to build up, but the godship cannot carry over the illussion, when the player in the illussion falls the level less than 235 levels, voluntarily is emigrated, flies upwards to enter illussion one time to need to spend 10000 G, did you confirm fly upwards?


My goodness, is really harsh enough, one time collects fees that much money, it seems like that this flies upwards simply is luxurious, was doomed to have many players to keep off in 235 levels rises less than 255 levels . Moreover, did the player fly upwards after the god, built up the godship should not have NPC to be so strong? However thinks...... As if the god is not valuable, Han Yuan are the three stars gods have challenged, but single Tiao the words, have the player to kill him as before, Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que and the others has the opportunity, wants to come god's setting to have the true God and false god difference, Frost, the dark blue billows, Sif, Gaia these superior gods belong to the true God, but Chi Yu Han and these five-star gods in Han Yuan as well as Hybrid Demon territory below is the false god, after the player flies upwards, mostly is the false god, but was also good, sounds to be very of pleasant to hear.

The confirmation, flies upwards!


In sound that the gold coin falls, I and raspberry was transmitted Going out together, the body week transmitted tearing the pain, the person and dragon as if were torn into shreds into granules to be common, this hyperspace transmission truly wanted the pain to be too more than a use transmission feeling were too many, at present can only see the flowing light flying shuttle, the body as if entered in the radiant stars, the dizziness feeling of not being able to say covered the whole person, has continued fully for nearly two minutes, finally at present one bright, with dragon falling maliciously on the ground!


The raspberry hard body has broken a great crag, leading me to continue to leave Going out forward, even she has exuded the cry of young girl: „, Good pain!"

I strive the support body, as before is at present dark, flies upwards the impulse that brings to let me and raspberry tumbles out about hundred meters to stop in this Pian Shan stony soil belt, HP also fell most probably, has filled next health potion hurriedly, afterward started with the [Cleansing Rain] technique treatment, was caressing the raspberry head gently, hinted her do not act rashly, we just arrived at this potential surface, was unable extremely in making widely known, will otherwise likely die a tragic death.

At present a desolateness, without a plant, it may be said that is infertile . Moreover the stone looks like also suffering the years, must look for an adjective to describe that this space words, that is the nihility! The true nihility is about this, making the person heart press a pale feeling of not being able to say.


Controls raspberry to stand slowly, I have a look at the surroundings, afterward turns on the map, the name of map calls „broken lonesome god", should not be genuine god, but likely is forgotten desolated places, will call the god vestige appropriately possibly.

The surrounding red point does not have, means that does not have the monster.

I instigate raspberry to walk in this piece of desolated mountain valley, summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger, although the strength of small tiger could not follow my this Level and equipment level, but good and evil were many a boost, was better than my single Tiao too, but the small tiger was summoned sent out low whooshing instantaneously, the alert looks at the surroundings, kings of even connected Bai the beast became that anxious, obviously this piece of map truly possibly imagined me must be more fearful than many.

Does not dare to fly, like this brings two pets to march forward in the mountain valleys slowly.


Walked enough for nearly one hour, went out of the mountain valley, actually arrives on a piece of jet black plain, as before the eyeful desolateness and void, almost what could not see, even makes me somewhat suspect that is the system is playing with the player, didn't here what have?

Just is thinking, suddenly the front has transmitted a sound, my hurried thousand frost wings, raspberry changes into ice wings to condense in my, reduces to be smallest the sound, bringing the small tiger gradually to flutter, the front is a low-lying land, a pale skeleton is brandishing the rusty stain stained hoe to dig in the soil, digs, while in the mouth was mumbling: „Digs...... I dig...... Dug out one to lead the bone leader of meat not to brush me with the whip, I dug, I continued to dig......"

I look somewhat funnily, but actually sees the attribute of this skeleton, even could not see including the name that as if this gadget is not this game to be common.

It is not good, cannot wait like this, the good and evil must come up to inquire.


„Clang clang" double sword came out of the sheath, the low altitude rapid flight in the past, I lifted the hand am [Seven Star Fragment Slash] cover this skeleton, who once thought him to look up, the vigilant speed was somewhat astonishing, discards raises one's head baseless grasps, the long sword that handle flame lingered appeared in its hand, simultaneously the under foot derailing, has shunted my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] unexpectedly, lifts the hand to grab the long sword to divide to me, at the same time remained silent to whoosh: „Intruder...... The intruder who is covered with the flesh and blood appeared in god, good, I must kill you, captured your spiritual energy!"

His sword chops, I have not avoided, first tries his attack power, result „bang", that flame long sword leaves behind a scar on the armor, simultaneously spatters in all directions 11 thousand + injury digit, my goodness, is it BOSS? This attack power endured compared with three stars god level BOSS to my injury!

However spoke from him judges, this absolutely was a small role, above also had a leader!

Long sword, my [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupts in his front, the attack causes about 1 million damage, simultaneously before his next one strikes the arrival on left hand one cold, the strength of stars changes into rays to condense at the same time the shield of stars, keeps off this small skeleton three attacks along with my movement continual standard, his attack is truly fierce, the shield of stars has produced the crack.

However my attack is swifter more and violent, three next five go to two has projected on his HP about 30%, when I raise the long sword preparation result his meaning, this small skeleton discards the long sword unexpectedly directly on the ground, kneels begs for mercy saying: „Sir forgives, I knew mistakenly, Lu Xing is willing to give loyalty to the Sir!"

„Deer shape?"

I show a faint smile, AI of this monster looks like very high appearance, then said: „Told me, what thing were you? You why here, what also seeks for in the excavation, that leader in your mouth, who is also?"

This named „deer shape" the small skeleton kneels begs for mercy, at the same time said: „Deer shape is only a skeleton, living the skeleton, I do not know one are anything, but these Sirs, as if called us for the soldier slave, we were only a tool, Sir, Lu Xing in excavation food, buried thousands of years food, or was some pointed weapons, the pointed weapons that these god died, in Lu Xingkou leader, was some fierce people, I...... My anything does not know that Sir do not kill me, Lu Xing is willing to give loyalty to you!"

He is shivering, this skeleton is afraid unexpectedly, this looks like funny, looks at his appearance fierce appearance, I do not shiver well, he is afraid compared with me unexpectedly.

Can that leader, be a god?

Since I am seek for the godship, that should grasp the nettle.

Therefore, I pat this Lu Xing head, the finger fall on the smooth skull thump making noise, said: „Since you are willing to give loyalty to me, that walks, leading me to see that leader in your mouth, since he enslaves you, I want justice for you!"

Kneeling that Lu Xing is too busy kowtows on the ground: „Thanks the master, the master long live!"

Saying, his step limps crawls, picks up the hoe, walking step by step in desolated ground, leading me to enter in the endless darkness, raises head to have a look at the sky, star light does not have, not right...... I have shield of stars skill stars, here unexpectedly cannot feel a wee bit star light, perhaps didn't this potential surface have the heavenly bodies?

Lu Xing walks slowly, I also embarrassed urged, such slowly is walking.


However this small skeleton truly person of loyalty and righteousness appearance, drags to entrain the hoe to walk, while then urged: „Master, here ground is hard, do not trip,...... The strength of leader is very strong, you must be careful, Lu Xingke does not want to lose a you such benevolent master."

I nod smile: „Um, I know that you felt relieved."

„Good master."

„Does your leader, where he live?"



„Yes, a broken lonesome god desolateness, except for underground, did not have anything to allow to place again, here...... All living thing live in underground."

Also no wonder, probably truly is this, I also asked: „Deer shape, you know that here what person does have the godship? Your that leader, he is a god, has the godship?"


The small skeleton whole body trembled fiercely: „Master, do not ask my these, godship...... That is not the thing that the deer shape can know, my anything does not know that the master do not ask my these again......"


Continues to proceed, probably walked for ten minutes, Lu Xingzhi has referred to a cavern in ground, said: „Master, we arrived, Lu Xingwei you guides?"

„Good, goes in!"

With the small skeleton, my Qu Shen entered the cavern, the small tiger sends out low roaring, with me.

All the way, deer shape sound hoarse is whooshing to the both sides, on the both sides dikes also presented other soldier slaves, is some look empty skeletons, they crawled slowly, gathers dozens to follow in me behind.

„Clang clang!"

The double sword comes out of the sheath, I had to plant do not feel well.

Proceeds again, the cavern deep place starts the pointed weapons that presented some plain tables, to rust, the light place, a person of wear helmet and armor sat on chair that in the stone carved, pair of red glow projected from the hard helmet, was the master in that legend.

Those who let me not think, that looks like the loyal and devoted deer shape arrives in front of the leader to kneel down rapidly, kowtows hastily, at the same time said loudly: „, My respected commanding, looked that Lu Xing brought anything to you, a bright humanity, just had the mortal of flying upwards strength, commanded, a bit faster chopped his head, slurped his flesh and blood, he can provide more skills for you, making you have the qualification and scarlet blood ghost king fights it out!"

Scratches, is mean?


I put out a hand a finger, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Deer shape, you reach an agreement to recognize me to work as the master? How to renege on a promise!"

The body of small skeleton is shivering as before, at the same time said: „, My dear master, Lu Xing considers over and over, thought that you looked match who you do not command the Sir, let alone commands the Sir also 32 soldier slaves, you at all are not a match, admits defeat, Lu Xing will pray the strength of death for your skeleton, making your rebirth a soldier slave."

Simply was too mean.

The person of this potential surface, is really not a good person, no wonder Frost will make me more careful, thinks Frost and Zi Shu to seek for the godship wandered here had been very long, understands here local conditions and social customs.

Both hands grip tightly the butterfly, to do, since this small skeleton does not think that I can win, that wins to him looks!

Zhan Long Chapter 1239

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