Zhan Long Chapter 1240

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Ancient Heavenly Tiger also does for the occasion roars lowly, the whole body hair raises up, and one group of soldier slaves initiated the challenge to the distant place leader, but their people were too many, the assurance that I cannot win, raises the double sword to jump to retrocede, seeks for the best terrain to fight, once otherwise were ganged up on that not quite to be easy to do.

Meanwhile, the vision locked on the body of that leader, looked for several seconds, finally saw that in his top of the head reappeared together the golden phrase

【Disperses spirit Hu Yong】( Star god level BOSS)






Introduced: The loose spirit, scatters in broken lonesome god Wu Yong, these powder spirits produced to give birth in the long-time practice were quite inferior, the incomplete godship, situated in god and demon, but has actually bossed around one group of soldier slaves, scattered in broken lonesome god somewhere absurdly said the king


Inferior godship?

I have been startled being startled, it seems like that this BOSS cannot bring the godship for me, does not manage, the point of no return, killed said again!

A distant hand, [Blade Spin] penetrated this powder spirit body directly, carries over 30 thousand + injury, but also is good, my attack power sufficiently ultra scope broken against, this powder spirit Hu Yong calls out one, in the hand the long spear changes into the spiral tornado blade edge to puncture forward suddenly, directly soars my front, I look clearly, the left hand does the sword transforms suddenly for the shield of stars, the direct standard parry comes, the right hand butterfly sword makes use to fall in torrents [Strength of a Thousand Men], consecutively after three strike, the personal appearance rapid anteversion, „bang" hits his seven meat eight elements, comes [Wind Blade] to conclude again., Creates 50 thousand + injury digit.

This powder was hit not a temperament by my combo spirit completely, holds up the long spear, in the mouth is roaring: „Your this despicable mortal, I must defeat the bone to raise the ash you, you came to the wrong place!"

What a pity, called to be actually loud very much, but he completely was not my match.

Meanwhile, I retreat fighting, not with his dogfight, because I know that the attribute of soldier slave, attack power of soldier slave is good, but Movement Speed is too bad, therefore I fly this powder spirit BOSS kite time also took advantage of opportunity to fly the kite of soldier slave, BOSS has been able to kill, but the soldier slave cannot kill, situated to them „mean individuality" the understanding, I discovered that these soldier slaves in fact a little used.

Star god level BOSS HP is not many, single Sha nearly 15 minutes, this powder spirit already remnant blood.



The sword blade edge shivers to send out the sword to recite sound, direct [Seven Star Fragment Slash] cut to pieces has dispersed the spirit Hu Yong head, cut to kill!


In low and deep roaring sound, this powder spirit entire body is shivering, the body falls fragmentarily bodies, looks like very scary, but lets is actually this star BOSS that I am shocked gives my experience very few, compares 10% empirical values with every BOSS . Moreover, links equipment not to explode unexpectedly, was BOSS of this god vestige too also poor?

Walks to go forward, kicks out of the way this only to disperse the spirit skeleton, in the ground a thing flood the light gloss, carefully was looking that is one is similar to the thing of energy gem, but is not the gem, but is supplementing the light life energy, is very small, and is incomplete, the edge presented the pits uneven trace, is this godship in legend?

Collects, system immediately System Notification I: Congratulates you, you obtain 【Incomplete godship】, After collection uneven 10 incomplete godship, can synthesize is 【Lower position god godship】!


NND, does this have the wool to use? I cannot have a liking for including the lower position god godship, let alone is this type is incomplete, has abandoned the half-day strength, originally hits is this type of trash.

Slightly somewhat is not feeling well at heart, turns around to look, 32 soldier slaves who also threatened a moment ago were honest, small skeleton Lu Xingti the flame sword blade edge is walking to go forward slowly, knees down suddenly, the forehead knocks ping the sound in the stone: „Master, Lu Xing knows that you can certainly kill with one's own hand leader evil person, the master, the deer shape from now henceforth are your person, after saddle lead horse, no matter what you expel!"

Regarding such mean soldier slave, I do not want to expel, but I truly need them to handle a matter for me, therefore asked: „You from now henceforth are my soldier slave, now I must ask your question, beyond Hu Yong this loose spirit, what but also there is stronger god? I must challenge him!"

The deer took the form is afraid very much, shivers was saying: „We...... We are only one group of soldier slaves, the broken lonesome god most inferior person is we, we...... How to know the god where......"

I show a faint smile, lift the hand to draw out the butterfly sword, said: „Since this, you do not have anything to be used for me, come, elongated the neck has made me chop!"

Lu Xing is afraid: „Master appeases anger, the master appeases anger, Lu Xing is not that meaning!"

Another soldier slave also knees down, said: „Master, we, although does not know these ‚various gods' where conceal, but we know that who knows!"

I at present one bright: „Said that who knows?"

The soldier slave said: „I only survived in this piece of broken lonesome god was less than 5000, was quite young , after the leader Sir conquered, in the surrounding area in dozens li (0.5km) is moved, knew nothing about outside matter, but I know that had a recluse, age at least 100,000 years of soldier slaves, he was the overlord in soldier slave, definitely knows matter that the master wants to know!"

I said with a smile slightly: „Good, he is away from here far, immediately leads me to go."

„Yes, the master, he lives in seclusion on a front mountain, we will walk the most not over double-hour."



Has not related, my here some are Cooldown, takes your time, at least must obtain in one god godship to be able in any case to fly upwards, otherwise was unfair to own status, the good and evil was also the outstanding person in player, how can fly upwards as lower position god?

One crowd of 32 soldier slave steps limp in the front are walking slowly, I follow on the heels, leave the lair that they lived, thinks that these soldier slaves are also enough pitiful, the life must just like in the wind the duckweed, following a master to have the new life.


In the desolated ground almost anything does not exist, one crowd of soldier slave crooked marches, are raising the shoddy weapon, probably walked nearly 20 minutes of Cooldown, suddenly in the cloud layer of low altitude transmits a keenly blowing, my soldier slave frightened lying falls to the ground immediately, Lu Xing shouts loudly: „Is patrols hunting, master is careful!"

Patrols hunting, what thing is that?

I knit the brows to have a look airborne, suddenly, a colossus threw, is one rides the riding the wind dragon impressively the Dragon Rider gentleman, the whole body wraps in the black cape, the arm and both legs place reveal the brightly burnished black armor, in the hand are grasping a handle lance, drops from the clouds, is having the wind dragon sad and shrill keenly blowing sound, the dive!

I enter the conditions of thousand frost wings immediately, the double sword one round moved forward to meet somebody!

„Courts death!"

He exudes the light roaring sound, the lance directly soars the slit between my double swords, but this is also the result that I want, the wrist skill turns, the double sword by an ingenious angle anxious spin, twists the lance to entrain with dragging of dragon him to the earth, simultaneously the body flutters, fights the boots rear to kick layer on layer hits above his back!



A foot kicks, HP 10 thousand, this BOSS attribute is good, simultaneously I also discovered the effect that the double sword harasses is not good, this patrols the attribute of hunting to imagine me must be stronger , the lance shakes, bringing the spiral bracing cold to counter-attack in my armpit, carries over 210 000 + injury, very strong, at least was the five-star god the rank!

I do not have any idea of backlash , to continue to start the skill, the golden light from the body flying apsaras, rides the wind to cut the numerous bang to kill together above his body, has caused the damage of exceeding the quota, but this patrols hunting for not to be frightened by my attack power, actually looks at the ray that rides the wind to cut, is out of control to have doubts saying: „Antiquity Wu Jue?"

Saying, he holds up lance is being a series of attacks, I summoned the shield of standard stars to keep off over 50% injuries, in addition own attacked continually, maintained the HP quantity reluctantly over 70%.

In I and patrol hunting to be mutually abundant, 32 soldier slaves who I just conquered lie on the ground unexpectedly completely are motionless, the meaning that a point wants to help does not have, too does not uphold justice, actually I also early should think to be able like this.

But patrols hunting for a long time unable to capture, looks at my HP continuously in more than 50%, knows that could not massacre me, then suddenly withdrew the lance, the corners of the mouth is reappearing the fierce smiling face: „Unexpectedly came a such strong mortal, hey, broken lonesome god must become interesting, this time lets off you, next time do not let me meet again!"

Saying, he instigates to fight dragon to advance rapidly forward, the lance one penetrated the statures of two soldier slaves horizontally, gave to capture them, but I tied up the god locked is the Longxu hook want to stuck this BOSS, consecutively several desperate MISS, did not have the means that five-star god level BOSS attribute after all above me.

Two soldier slaves have not made the too big sound, airborne have transmitted the mastication and skeleton crash, as if...... Two soldier slave patrolled hunting for eating?

I look up airborne, dumbfounded: „This......"

Lu Xing looks up me slowly: „Master...... Are you all right? You are Lu Xingjian first have dared to challenge to patrol the person of hunting, I before with several masters, patrolled hunting for hunting and killing......"

I: „Patrols hunting to be so fierce? Why will he eat the soldier slave?"

The deer shape look is somewhat low-spirited, the ray in eye socket becomes gloomy, said: „This desolated god is a place of law of the jungle, it is said here already not every thing, some dying thing with eternal, dying thing, those who refer to is our these soldier slaves, the body is also preserving some fragmentariness, eternal, refers to is patrols hunting for such god, their lives ancient do not pass, but they obtain the strength the fountainhead to swallow, therefore some gods wallow in degeneration to patrol hunting, looks for food in this piece of desolated god, does not attend to is the dignity of god."

I: „......"


Continues, now I had to this god vestige have understood initially, truly is a place of law of the jungle, without the strength, here is not, will only degenerate into the object who others slaughter, but had the strength, you is a god, is the king.

Zhan Long Chapter 1240

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