Zhan Long Chapter 1241

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Near one hour of making a long and wearisome journey, on road was patrolled by two hunting for „presence" twice, I led 24 soldier slaves of being a rear survival to arrive in the destination, that was a bare mountain peak, was quite rugged, on the mountain completely was some fairy Qi Xing rocks, this truly was the place that suited lives in seclusion, this lived 100,000 years of soldier slaves truly also suffices the personal status.

„Master, on this mountain."

The soldier slave told me saying: „He is the overlord in soldier slave, knew that his soldier slave called him for ‚blood elder', although I have never seen him, but had already heard his prestige, master, we a bit faster, does not know that the blood elder did have at home."

„Um, good."


Leads one group of soldier slaves to start the mountaineering, butterfly flash flash in hand lives the splendor, Ancient Heavenly Tiger is roaring lowly, has followed in my about.

The cavern of blood elder in summit place, the prochlorite outside gate, I walks to go forward, with sword hilt „clang clang" hit two, quick, inside broadcasts the light hoarse sound: „Who?"

„Original visit, wants to consult your something."

His sound non- worried thoughts are not hot: „You walk, here you have not wanted."

I reverse long sword, „clang" a sharp butterfly entire sword blade edge punctures thoroughly this leaf of Shimen immediately, did not speak.

Inside person as if understood anything, said: „Comes in......"

With the low and deep fricative, Shimen opens slowly, then the ray of butterfly sword, I saw clearly, the overlord of this soldier slave looks like also different, but the bone flood is slightly blacker, and on the chin is hanging some beards, carefully looked that these beards are only some mount in the above moss.

The housing is small and narrow, only then the washroom greatly is so little, he pushes in inside, table that the side also stone makes, above is piling up some worn-out reels, a dim oil lamp is glittering in the darkness the ray, sends out luminous even is inferior to me the illumination of any equipment.

He crossed too impoverished!

The my first impression is this , the skeleton of blood elder has produced some cracks, sits in the chair, mumbling visits me, said: „Mortal, what matter do you have?"

„Inquired your matter." I said.

„Any matter, asked that but did I reply that other said that after all, will not handle matters in this broken lonesome god person free gang others."

I already knew like this, smiles: „Actually is not the big matter, I want to ask that the pattern in this broken lonesome god, disperses spirit is a very inferior god, patrols hunting for slightly, again upward, a stronger god? Where do these gods live?"

„Again upward?"

Smiling of his as if somewhat taunt, said: „Should be again downward, the genuine gods live in underground."


„Right, is the abyss."

„Abyss?" I somewhat was confused.

The blood elder could not bear smile: „Mortal, I thinks you is also a mortal, gives up, tens of thousands years ago also has the person to want in broken lonesome god to seek for the godship like you, may actually be swallowed finally, you are also same, before you found the godship who flies upwards to need, you had been swallowed."

I show a faint smile, raise the eyebrow saying: „My result does not need you to be worried that I asked you, found these genuine gods?"

The blood elder look is somewhat dim, said: „They...... They live in the abyss, abyss everywhere toward the underground 10,000 meters, everywhere is the abyss, but is actually not the place that our these dying thing can bribe, we can only admire for 100,000 years, waited for that some day, some patrols hunting to drop from the clouds, swallows our final statures."

Was this too also pessimistic?

I cannot bear laugh in one's heart, said: „What in abyss is, how many gods has?"

The blood elder looked at my one eyes, grief that look could not say: „In abyss is divided into the person, the day three boundaries, the person in the boundary is occupied by the lower position god, the quantity is unclear, in the boundary is occupied by the god, the quantity is also unclear, in the day boundary is occupied by the superior god in legend, the quantity is unclear, but is not fixed, sometimes the superior god also will arrive at the ground, sometimes the lower position god also will go to the day boundary to bring death."


I am out of control to swallow a saliva, looks like in the abyss of broken lonesome god the water is very deep!

The blood elder is sneering, looks that I also said: „Pitiful mortal, can you understanding of the god have the geometry? Told you, I lived for 100,000 years, besides the superior god, what god I have seen, dispersed spirit is one crowd of sediments, patrolled hunting for is the preliminary god who one crowd gave up the dignity, only had the god in abyss to be called the god."

Saying, he as if somewhat yearned unexpectedly that said: „Lower position god, was called the god Venerable by the common people, the in god, becomes the god king by the common people, the superior god, is called the god emperor, in the legend, in the day boundary of abyss lowest level has altogether 7 god emperors, was called seven Lord by god, but you, but is a base and low mortal, which godship can you bribe?"

I smile, was disinclined with this pessimistic fellow theory, mentioned the long sword, asked: „I only want to ask you now, where is the entrance of abyss, always insufficient to want me to dig a pit to dig 10,000 meters to get down?"

The blood elder also smiled: „Ignorant mortal, the bottom deep place has the god demon to tie, you are unable to penetrate, must be able to go from the abyss entrance, but I will not tell you, because makes you die with it in the person boundary, might as well make you die in the ground, at least after you died , the skeleton that leaves behind can become of soldier slave, can promote our strengths."

I have a look at behind one group of piteous soldier slaves, cannot bear say with a smile: „Your population have sufficed many, I think that I didn't need to join in the fun? Like this, I give you a gift, where you told me the abyss entrance, how is it?"


A blood elder muck Wang Hou expression: „What gift can your this mortal give me? None who does not crosses the pointed weapons that is some every produces strongly......"

„You could rest assured that the gift that I give, will certainly make you be unable to put down."

Saying, I pulled out from the package have dispersed that godship fragment that spirit Hu Yong blew out, right, from talk I looked, this blood elder cultivated for ten thousand years is actually only the overlord in soldier slave, in other words, any powder can kill him spirit with ease, did not raise more formidable patrolling hunting , the person who like this was an underling for a long time what most wants to obtain was what? Right, is the promotion of status, he does not know that longs for becomes these bullies own person, therefore I deliver him a godship fragment, such gift exceeds all [Soul Army] sharp weapons simply.


If I expect, the body of blood elder in shivering, looks in my palm flood the glistening gloss godship fragment, said: „This...... This is the godship in legend breaks to pieces...... Fragment?"

I nod: „Right, the thing that after this is I massacre a loose spirit, obtains, for me is not useful."

The blood elder has grasped the godship fragment suddenly, the facial expression visits me excitedly, actually reveals a doubt the expression, said: „Mortal, you come god the goal are to obtain the godship subsequently fly upwards, will the godship fragment that but you obtain laboriously, why donate I? Why, is why, I do not think clearly!"

„Thinks that does not understand have not thought that where do you only need to tell me the abyss entrance?" I said with a smile.

Excited a short time of blood elder is tranquil does not get down, he puts out a hand a finger of rear area, said: „Crosses this mountain top, you will discover that Shan Di has a stagnant water brook, these brooks have the violent poisonousness, you must turn very quiet the breath diving to enter, in the base of brook is an abyss entrance, the premise is you can fly, will otherwise certainly meet a cruel death, moreover......"

His smiling face some demons, said unexpectedly: „Enters the person boundary time is certainly careful, which god did not want first Cooldown by to be revered swallowing!"

I: „......"


Accompanied this old lunatic to chat without Cooldown here, I mentioned the long sword, said: „Good, thank you, when I fly upwards the return, thanked you again well, you were best to pray that I can massacre some god king or the god emperor successfully obtain the godship, otherwise......"

Blood elder: „Otherwise will be what kind of?"

„Otherwise I possibly cannot lead a godship of lower position god to give to you."

„Family member, you must come back......"


Dismisses my 24 soldier slaves at the scene, made them together live in seclusion with this blood elder here, but also calm and steady was too possibly long, perhaps quickly presented powder to conquer these soldier slaves to use for oneself spirit, or was these hungry patrolling hunting for after here, together with soldier slave ate these 24 soldier slaves' in overlords together.


Departs the hut, turns around to dive to descend the mountain, really sees an aquamarine brook in the mountain bottom deep place, looks like looks like a pollution discharge canal of heavy factory pollutant, stench ill-smelling aura sends out an extremely in the brook, I closed the mouth and eye immediately, left hand, the shield of stars have broken out the sewage, leading me downward to fly, this skill was really easy-to-use, stars strengths have formed a guard shield in the body week, became by oneself the water and fire does not invade.

The brook lets the profoundness that I cannot think, about hundred meters depth, downward, wind vigor upwardly stir again, blows to leave the mountain stream, but I am braving this gale stiffly cuts into.


The body is similar to the diaphragm that bullet general penetration this wind vigor forms, at present a darkness, the endless abyss, has opened the wings at present , to continue the downward flight.

10,000 meters, got off the subject did not say that was near, flew some little time, finally in the front has transmitted the light bright, god underground three first, the person the boundary came finally!

My unexpectedly somewhat is at heart excited and excited, does not know that these life revere in the underground god, what life do they cross are?

However, my anticipation has not traded any good result!


At present one bright, I penetrated invisible knot, appears in the sky of person boundary, turns round to look, behind is blue sky, the place that but I penetrate is swinging light ripples, the bird's eye view earth, a piece of green jungle, really in the ground is a world, this person of boundary is a world, such world a little god appearance!

Just is thinking, suddenly the distant place transmits a wisp of fluctuation of energy, some people came!

Zhan Long Chapter 1241

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