Zhan Long Chapter 1242

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The aerial target was too big, must descend to the ground comes up, newly-arrived, cannot make widely known.

Blows off the body, the body crashes downward rapidly, opens thousand frost wings to accelerate again, the whole person just likes a bullet from airborne crashes into the jungle, hits a leaf of face, is good the body is tyrannical in the game, and does not care about this small collision, but symbolic significance fell several hundred blood, quick restored.

The thick patch of grass technique is self-starting, enters the [Stealth] pattern, static looks.


The distant place, the hoofbeat makes noise, after two minutes, unexpectedly presented one row of cavalry soldiers on the jungle track, I somewhat am astonished however, are these gods? Should not......

mount that altogether 12 cavalry soldiers, ride is the unusual animals that the nose can torch, their armor are very unique, in the surface has plated a glory likely, has very big difference with equipment of player, seems like more dazzling and magnificent, and faces of these cavalry soldiers cover in the hard helmet completely, cannot see the appearance.

On, is not on, this is an issue, I cannot see these cavalry soldiers the step, does not know to be victorious temporarily, but should the person in abyss person boundary, not be weak?

Just is thinking, suddenly of front line wears the cavalry soldier of flame armor to stop mount slowly, raises the arm to hint behind person to halt, the vision goes to the bunch of thick patch of grass that I am , the corners of the mouth raise wipe the smiling face, said: „Is [Stealth]? Comes out, in god, nobody can escape my eye!"

Was completely understood?

I beat a drum, my thick patch of grass technique concealment Level will not be low, even connected Canglan could not completely understand that was been here small by one seeing through?

Sees me not to move, this Knight then slowly draws out mount one side lance, throws suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Since you court death, that do not blame me being heartless!"


The lance broken wind comes, having one to kill intent boundlessly!

I naturally cannot be without a fight, do come out of the sheath sword same Cooldown, from bottom to top selects suddenly, the flame spatters in all directions, stiffly striking to fly its lance, but had also proven a point, I truly was given to see through by them.

The lance in the airborne maneuver, flies back to the hand of Knight in voluntarily.

I have not continued to hide, could not keep, is raising the double sword, took a step to go out of the thick patch of grass, has arrived at these 12 cavalry soldier front, at this time finally saw clearly, these 12 people of steps completely were the loose spirits! The loose spirit, in the surface of god vestige is the occupying land area for the role of king, but here unexpectedly is only cavalry soldier one!


Lead Knight named „Luo Zao", in the eye is having the light startled color, visits me saying: „Boy, which do you are come? Unexpectedly has not worn the god territory badge, are you a hobo?"

„Hobo?" Some of my also surprise, discovered that the fronts of these people have one group of flame badges.

He looks at my vision, cannot bear laugh: „Right, our 12 people are the black flame city advocate the private armed forces of Sir Kress, I thought that your is skillful, the private armed forces that might as well also one and joins Sir Kress, each month monthly pay 8 gem coins, will also obtain granting of maidservant at the end of the year, how is it?"

My brain rotates rapidly, regarding the person boundary, my almost anything does not understand, if randomly to proceeding along no particular course could die here, such as at present, powder spirits I not to pay attention to absolutely, 2-3 powder spirit I also to fight, 4-5 loose spirits, I at least can escape, if over 6 powder besiege me spirit together, perhaps I can only be killed here, with it does not have a fly like this chaotic looks, might as well join here first, understood that here all said again, moreover I almost can look, this god incessantly is one. Opens the map to be so simple, here is more like a world, even compared with our originally that world bigger world.

Joining that however cannot Taishun work as, therefore I grasped the long sword saying: „I am only a follower of travel, Sir Kress like this invite me to enter the private armed forces, was not worried that I do have something else planned?"

Romania is hot-tempered to laugh: „This you do not need to be worried that in god, the powder of our strength level spirit is just the waiter and brave warrior, is unable to contend with the strength of master, if you want really disadvantageously to Sir Kress, I can only for you pray that can keep the entire corpse."

„Good, I am willing to join!"

„Good brothers, from now henceforth you were one of the black flame City Guards!" Romania is hot-tempered the warm lifting hand to throw a badge, with their, said with a smile: „Puts on, after returning to the black flame city, I recommended for you to the Sir am OK."


„Is impolite, from now henceforth was the brothers!"

My goodness, are the people in god territory so straightforward? In this case, I also was really embarrassed begin to this Kress city hosts.


This group of people ride is good mount, therefore I also summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, walked side-by-side with them, inquired while convenient this potential surface matter.

„Chief Luo Zao." I inquired that this Luo Zao title, the team leader of Kress Guards, the strength probably disperses the spirit peak, what a pity could not have entered the boundary of god level, looks the appearance that he still hurries along, I asked: „What duty do this time we go on a journey are?"

Romania is hot-tempered to show a faint smile: „We are not the journey, is the return trip, has completed the task successfully, you looked that the person on last warhorse knew any reason."


I progress to turn around to arrive at end of team, actually saw that on the warhorse sits a body very petite person, forehead by black cloth sack binding, but from the following body is a woman, moreover is a woman in stature very to praise, the twin peaks are tall and straight, the willow slender waist and perfectly round longleg, everywhere all enter the beautiful woman shape standard.

Lifts the hand, picks off the cloth sack directly, actually does not think that the pretty face under cloth sack does not show respect for somebody's ability, the yawn was saliva flew!

Some of my early expectations, lift hand to have the energy of shield of stars to fly the saliva racket, show a faint smile: „Beautiful woman, should not be so impulsive!"

She glowers, as if wished one could to eat me exactly, cursed angrily: „Your these sediments, the shame of god, you wait, the father will sooner or later send out troops to come, you like is pig dog slaughtering!"

Romania is hot-tempered to laugh, curbs a horse to turn around to come, visits her grinningly, said: „Your father? He does not know that now was being bundled by many chains, said again, Iraqi Miss Wei, before your father sends out troops to attack us, perhaps we have enjoyed your fresh and tender human body, dies with no regrets, ha Ha Ha......"

Iraqi Wei gets angry: „Mean such as the thing of dog!"

The smiling face that Romania is hot-tempered vanishes slowly, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „You should better give me to shut up, to capture you, I died three brothers, after this account returns to the black flame city, reckons up with you again slowly, to become Wang defeated the invader, your father has been defeated, must accept the reality, you now were the spoils of war of our black flame city, gave my little darling high, otherwise, when the god Venerable and patrols hunting for and to disperse to enjoy spirit, we will deliver to the ground to come up you while convenient, making the counted by the 100 million soldier slave also well enjoy your this honored body."

Iraqi Wei looks like also on 18 -year-old high and low appearance, was hot-tempered by Romania such frightens, immediately does not dare to speak.


I progress to catch up with Luo Zao, said: „Chief Luo Zao, is our Sir Kress a god Venerable?"

„That is natural!"

Romania is hot-tempered on the face to brim with proudly, said with a smile: „Kress Sir Wu Xue is has been unparalleled in the world in the person boundary, how otherwise to be presented as the hosts of black flame city?"

He as if saw that I want to ask anything, continued: „Six months ago, the Wu Jucheng of black flame city with hundred inside and outside had a war, Wu Jucheng the city lord, had the god Venerable the strength old town main Nike to defeat similarly, it is said afterward was imprisoned in the deep puddle, but his only daughter He/She Wei has actually escaped, conspired to assassinate Sir Kress, this was our 7 th time follows orders to exterminate the remnants of faction, after dying three brothers captured Iraqi Wei this young prostitute to pound finally, snort, turned head certainly to make her some enjoy!"

I exclaimed in surprise secretly that asked: „In the person boundary of abyss, altogether how many cities, how many gods do revere?"

Romania was hot-tempered to be startled being startled: „Brother, aren't you travel follower? Matter how this three -year-old child understands, don't you actually understand?"

„My idling cloud wild crane, too has not paid attention to these."

„Aha, originally is this." He pats my shoulder, Ha Ha said with a smile: „It is not the secret, the person the region of boundary is vast, it is said altogether 21 large-scale cities, more than 500 medium cities, the small cities are countless, our black flame city is one of the medium cities, as for quantity that the god Venerable......"

He hesitates, said: „In ground has almost the follower to fly upwards into the god Venerable every year to enter the person boundary to accept to consecrate, but in the person boundary also almost every ten years at least the god Venerable to fly upwards into the god king to enter the boundary, therefore cannot guarantee that altogether how many gods revere, but total at least also over 1000?"

„, That many......"

„Hey, when you went all over the mountains of person boundary then to know, the god Venerable not many, here was really too vast, I was 34 years old, had not actually walked the complete human boundary 10% domains."

„Originally is this."

I nod, planned at heart secretly that first returns to the black flame city, then found the god Venerable, how the strength that tries the god Venerable, if I have enough strength single Tiaoshen Venerable, that directly seeks for the entrance of boundary, challenges god king, if necessary finally will challenge the god emperor, the godship who can attain the superior god naturally was it would be the best!


Is taking the road of return trip, while is hot-tempered to chat with Romania, finds gradually that the person the boundary is the god most chaotic map, is more chaotic than the ground, 1000 + cities go on an expedition mutually continuous, moreover each city is by having the god Venerable the strength person Military Control, in other words, brightly will frequently revere dead in battle, the godship either was ruined, either others build up , to continue to promote the strength, the war of god territory, simply for a war that the promotion of strength swallows mutually.

Here is the true non- righteousness war, all for own selfish interests.

Zhan Long Chapter 1242

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