Zhan Long Chapter 1243

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Chat that is hot-tempered with Romania, I also find that this world almost knows nothing to that world that we are, at least these powder spirit do not know beside god also to have such a world, they only know beside god to have every, actually does not know that every is any appearance, does not know that every also has Frost, Sif, Gaia these to be similar to the god of exile.

, I understood gradually a point, the channel of flying upwards god stone is unidirectional, can only the player from every enter god, but these gods of god are actually not able to enter every, otherwise, here seven big god emperors lead the innumerable god kings and gods Venerable and patrol hunting for and to disperse invade every words spirit, perhaps the dark blue billows and Frost collaborate, Hybrid Demon and seven big kingdoms collaborated unable to resist.


At dusk, an orphaned city appears in the fertile plain by far.

„We will draw near."

Romania is hot-tempered excited saying with a smile: „Brothers, after entering the city, tonight is Sir Kress and Iraqi Miss Wei's wedding, we will construct this great merit certainly to receive Feng Shang, everybody will spunk up!"

At this time, I also asked the words of treason and heresy: „Team leader, between the god and god make peace, will give birth to the young god?"

Romania was hot-tempered is asked the face to be red, said: „In strict sense as if not, but I listened to the senior saying that the children between gods, when childhood was not the god, but after being grown, had very big probability to comprehend the godship to come voluntarily, must be easier than the common follower becomes the god, moreover strength also pure overbearing."

„Originally is this, we enter a city."



„", The black flame city heavy front door opens slowly, what opening the door is one is grasping the old man of broom, is throwing over the black cape, but on the street a person does not have, we progress on the main road, crossed for nearly five minutes to see a person, was an apprentice in bakery, quick and saw another person, carried the blacksmiths of many weapons, the person in this city was few, but as if everyone talented appearance, at least disperses the spirit strength, otherwise probably did not enter god.

No wonder blood elder that soldier slave will envy the life of person boundary!

Turns around to have a look to be bound Iraqi Miss Wei on horseback, she is also a loose spirit, but should also not grown, otherwise should also be able to fly upwards into the god Venerable?

The city center is a castle, the god Venerable Kress's dwelling, we were welcome grandly, about 100 + the team that disperses the spirit soldier to compose is greeting us, but I thought that to welcome Iraqi Miss Wei mostly, this god Venerable Kress I, although has not seen, but is so rigid to a woman, character who thinks is also a mind love affair.

„Hi, Brother, we had the cushy job!"

Romania is hot-tempered to me laughs, said: „You and my two people send under custody Iraqi Miss Wei to go to the imperial palace of Sir Kress, I also recommended for you while convenient, how?"

„Good!" I nod.

But that Iraqi Wei both hands tied up after behind, the complexion is not very good, bites the silver tooth to look at Luo Zao, said: „Luo Zao, your this degenerate, wishing your soul to be swallowed, never samsara!"

Romania is hot-tempered is only smiles: „This I already expected, Iraqi Miss Wei, you said that these do do? You are our city main madames, the status are now honored, cannot say that these dirty did not draw several words."

I said: „Since is the city main madame, that do not bundle her, I deregulate to her, how is it?"

Iraqi Wei casts one bunch of grateful vision, is really a straightforward girl, likes hating clearly to this situation, the previous quarter clearly also wants to dismember a body me.

Romania is hot-tempered to nod, says with a smile: „You did not fear words that this small tigress acts unruly, that deregulates."

I draw out the long sword, but wields, tied up the rope of Iraqi Wei both hands to shut off, but she slightly struggled, suddenly in the palm the surging flame color flame strength, directly soared Luo Zao back to go, was too hot, once obtained freely must kill people?


The energy surges, I have opened the left hand suddenly, the strength of imperial day starts, is controlling the surrounding air flow, stiffly fetters Iraqi Wei is unable to move same place, her face visits me angrily: „Villain who your this helps a tyrant do evil!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „The person of god will use unexpectedly also the idiom of my China, is really pretty good......"

She: „......"


As for help Zhou to poorly, this I do not care, what I care is can see the god Venerable Kress, then initiates the challenge, having a look at this god Venerable fiercely, naturally, the premise cannot attract he too many subordinates to come, otherwise one crowd dispersed closes in spirit can accept uncritically me, looks at a vision of Iraqi Wei double play person, I said with a smile slightly: „You will understand quickly."

„Snort!" She is in an uncontrollable rage as before.

At this time, we arrived in the imperial palace, here only then two guards, it seems like that this god Venerable regarding own strength super self-confident.

„Goes in!" Two guards allow to pass.


In the imperial palace is exceptionally broad, has not guarded, only then four waitresses, these four waitresses also disperse the spirit strength, the woman of god is truly outstanding.

The giant bed made me think „dragon bed", one side not far away was a throne, the god Venerable Kress to sit there, with past BOSS, this god did not revere to wear the brief Chinese-style gown, in the hand is holding one glass of red wines, about 40 -year-old high and low appearance, on the face was having the light smiling face, Iraqi Wei who looks, opened the arm to say with a smile: „Iraqi Miss Wei, has not thought that we again met quickly!"

An Iraqi Wei face detests: „The bastard that Kress, your this stops at no evil, I will die will not submit to you!"

„Relax, my how giving up will make you die."

Kress Ha Ha smiles: „I will not make you die, relax, my small adorable, how I will make you die!"

Saying, him was walking to go forward, caressed Iraqi Wei's cheek lightly.

Iraqi Wei detested, moves aside hurriedly, said: „Do not bump me, this scoundrel!"


The smiling face on Kress face vanishes gradually, what replaces it is light killing intent, said: „You think really your looks can make me be duty-bound not to turn back? Iraqi Wei, you were too naive, you know why I did find you anxiously? Because in one month was your 18-year-old day, that was also you comprehends the day of godship, you know that captured the godship who a newborn god Venerable, that was a how carefree matter!"

Angry transformation on Iraqi Wei face for frightened, the whole body is shivering: „Kress, your this devil, your this devil!"

Kress is only Ha Ha smiles: „Luo Zao, your this time does attractively, the main body rises you for the brigadier-general, bestows your one to disperse the spirit beautiful woman again!"

„Sir Xie!"

Romania is hot-tempered to knee down, said: „Sir, I also run into a travel follower on the road of return trip, this brother has been willing to join the black flame City Guards, end will have tried his ability, is strong, Sir, here end will recommend to you!"

Kress looks to me: „? The travel follower, has not seen the traveller of such single for a long time."


I walk to go forward slowly, not inferior disrespectful showing a faint smile: „Has seen god your father."

Kress eyebrow said: „Why don't you kneel down?"

„Why do I want to kneel down?"

I asked one, in the smiling face am having the provocation, said: „Sir, Chief Luo Zao said that my strength is very strong, does your this god revere does not want to try me strongly?"

This is the flagrant challenge!

„Brother, are you insane?" Romania was hot-tempered anxiously.

I turn around, the arm wields, under the strength of imperial day front door voluntarily closed, the door bolt also „crash-bang" falls, Luo Zao dumbfounded standing there, obtains my a few words: „Team leader, do not move, stand do not move there, making me try this god Venerable strongly!"


„Ha Ha Ha Ha......"

Kress is one laughs wildly suddenly, pushes single-handed, pushes Iraqi Wei goes to the corner, four maidservants show the smiling face to visit me, the vision seems like looking at a dead, these maidservants that trust to the strength that the god does revere? In fact probably truly is this, the loose spirit and god revere also one to patrol Level of hunting, they always look up to the strength that the god Venerable.

„Since you court death, that main body helps you!"

The smiling face on Kress face vanishes instantaneously, the single arm raises gives a loud shout, immediately the whole body innumerable flame surge, this is a god of practice flame principle, flame have formed a piece by piece armor piece in his surroundings, this was also too magnificent, unexpectedly fights with the mail-armor and helmet that the strength does form? The next quarter, Kress is lust red fights the armor, the hand grasps two handle flame long swords, unexpectedly with me same is the double sword class?


Kress laughs.

I retrocede one step, single-handed, six glow star rotations, the beautiful woman dragon, Kress stares from out of the blue immediately: „Sacred Dragon Clan?"

Under his astonished vision, I entered thousand frost wing effects, draws out the double sword, fights!


Although I do not have the godship, but my equipment and skill are actually the god levels, this made this fight turn into the fight between gods sufficiently, and I also summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger, if necessary did not make it enter the war, made the small tiger participation jamming good, facing such BOSS, did not use the position to come the reasonable circumvention injury is the having no way protracted war.

Kress shouted at to kill, sound such as Thunder Hou.


The sword recited in the sound, his single sword asked the way, another sword was ready.

The hard strength, I am inferior to him at this time, but by the swordsmanship, this inferior swordsmanship pulls on shoes to me does not match!

„Clang clang!"

Standard parry that the double sword almost shoots first with one hand and then the other his double click, I accelerate to hit in his front, simultaneously double sword speed quickly consecutively three swords certainly chop to chop on his right shoulder, first discarded his right arm to say again that making him become the god of single-handed sword Venerable.

But the god Venerable is the god Venerable after all, is entirely still under my hit, the backhand is two sword blade edge flame cuts to strike, removes my 50 thousand directly + HP, but also is really awfully!

The diving posture illness draws back, the left hand raises the shield of condensation stars, the non- injury standard keeps off his following three to strike, simultaneously the step slides in the ground, establishes [Azure Dragon Crossbow], treadons [Seven Stars Teleportation], before under him strikes changed positions, a distant [Great Realm of Desolation] locking bang kills, throws the butterfly to start [Blade Spin] single-handed, this is my perfect tactic, a long sword long-distance kills, another one grasps the shield of stars to defend perfectly.

Zhan Long Chapter 1243

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