Zhan Long Chapter 1244

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„Do not run, your this every sediment!"

Strength that Kress this god Venerable is undeniable, after shouted, my front presented giant flame six glow stars, just blocked off, in I took in the route in position, about after 0.5 second, emerged the flame light beam to shoot up to the sky together, has attacked my body directly, has carried over a big injury digit directly


It is not good, like this was consumed is not good!

What is fatal is this flame column also has the effect of deceleration, my Movement Speed at least was reduced 50%, hurried under lifts the hand is a Longxu hook, dragon awl „bang" in an inserting wall, having the body to non-stop fly, airborne „Shua Shua" interweaving becomes flame X characters strangles to death, this struck makes the words that Kress projected on I possibly probably by the second be killed again at the scene.

The [Cleansing Rain] technique restores, I have a lingering fear to continue the position to detour, at the same time loses the injury skills on Kress's body, must the long-distance effect he, the close combat put together me simply not to have the opportunity hardly.

After 15 seconds, the front emerges the flame six glow stars once again, however this time I had the preparation, attractive [Blade Rush] backward, steps into the star aspect of [Seven Stars Teleportation] position to make a displacement effect, success MISS his attack, turns round long-distance to kill [Seven Star Fragment Slash] on his head, simultaneously starts the [Ice Domain] effect, but the luck is unsatisfactory, fell by MISS as before, resistant ten points of that the god Venerable, to my condition is the skill MISS probability is not general high.

Is good because , the skill of shield of stars cools Cooldown not to be long, the cooling shape of skill design rolls rapidly, holds up the shield of stars to contend with Kress's attack once more, simultaneously directs Ancient Heavenly Tiger to walk the position, the small tiger was roaring, swayed from side to side the buttocks to take a walk in Kress's, this was my double thread operation jamming, must affect Kress's Movement Speed using the pet, otherwise his Movement Speed sufficiently pursued me to chop.


In the imperial palace light beams shoot up to the sky, mix with my Longteng nine days, to ride the wind to cut and other skill gloss, looks at Luo Zao, Iraqi Wei and one group of maidservants is dumbfounded, probably they have not thought that a travel follower can revere to hit equally matched with a god. Moreover volume of blood that in fact, the god Venerable is sliding, but my volume of blood can always , in the [Drain] + [Cleansing Rain] technique + returns to under blood compounded drug and other factors placed over 40%, the person who finally wins can be I!

Especially in I turn in the situation that the destiny card sign is hitting, the output turns time once more, where Kress can bear such power to injure.

The roaring sound is unceasing, Kress roars initial period starting, felt that own dignity was challenged, the intermediate stage is angry roaring, fights intent to be soaring, when his HP falls to below 30%, in the roar that this god Venerable had one to fear, he feels that he here will possibly be killed.

„God your father......" a maidservant dumbfounded looks at the sword light sparkle, at the same time knees down, said: „God your father, do not lose, otherwise we what to do......"

These maidservants were Kress's waiting on concubine, the body have given Kress actually, if Kress were killed, they will degenerate into the condition of without owner once more, they have relied on the practice Kress, the without owner later destiny of somewhat was worrisome.

However Kress not, because these maidservants' prays turn defeat into victory, he is incapable on the great power under the restraints of my multiple skill radically, let alone my swordsmanship Kress is much exquisiter, keeps off, takes advantage of opportunity using the standard and other skills to weaken Kress's attack unceasingly, making it hot tempered, is subsequently blind, became to my injury extremely feels sorry.


When Kress's HP reduces to 10%, the gods in this black flame city revere drink one suddenly lowly, said loudly: „My bodyguard team where? Massacres this adventurer to me!"

Saying, him was jumping, flushed Going out from the crack of roof.

To walk? Where is so easy!

I also jumped to fly to pursue Going out, speed Qi Kai, was quicker than his flying speed, the double sword cut to strike in a flash continuously above his back, attacked the damage of causing to be bigger from the back, Kress that pitiful HP Shua Shua fell, in an instant already soon not good. However the god in god Venerable AI is very truly high, Kress knows one need anything, jumped to fire into the military compound in city, loudly raised the flame long sword to exclaim: „A bit faster saves me!"

One crowd disperses raises pointed weapons to stand up from failure to start spirit, but sees behind chases down his person is I, was shocked.


Layer on layer strikes, chops Kress stumbles in the ground, in an extremely difficult situation, I am also bright the sound track: „No one permits to save him, after I butcher Kress, all of this city are you, nobody will enslave again also you!"

Finally, one crowd of guards unexpectedly really motionless, they also looked that whom I and god Venerable now to be stronger, my goodness, really as before was fellow of one crowd of being concerned only about profit, the god and powder of this god spirit were this morality moral character, without exception.


Kress is cleaning the blood of corners of the mouth, raises the long sword to jump, saw that nobody reenforces therefore thinks to continue to fly, non-stop flies to the East, Luo Zao who immediately behind pursues said loudly: „God your father, are you seek to the help that Xin god Venerable?"

Kress has not responded, I actually almost know that this Luo Zao in warning me, Venerable in the East also god, and relations with Kress is good, must catch up, in he sees before Xin massacres him!

Airborne, two rainbows light passed over gently and swiftly from the city, the attack that my double sword has kept, already attracted own HP completely, but Kress cannot see the hope that wins, but uses all strengths in the flight, what a pity his flying speed cannot compare dragon god's daughter raspberry, this has been doomed his destiny.


Is very magnificent depending on the [Ice Domain] effect of air burst sending out, this luck is good, was frozen Kress directly in airborne, double sword one cold, [Strength of a Thousand Men] + rides the wind to cut + [Combo] to wield together, in addition the double injury effect of destiny card sign, Kress's HP Shua Shua falls, two people have engaged in fierce battle for nearly one hour, this god Venerable also finally must unable to resist.


Big mouth coughs the blood, Kress face whiten, the vision bone-chilling cold visits me: „Boy, who are you? Why...... Why will you have the so tyrannical strength?"

I spoke bluntly: „I from another potential surface, am called the person in world of human beings place."

„World of human beings?"

Kress with amazement: „Can you know Frost god emperor?"

I have been startled being startled: „Frost is my teacher, but she is not the god emperor."


On Kress's face shows a painful look, said: „I unexpectedly...... I go all out with the god emperor Frost student unexpectedly, this is I violates the most serious mistake my entire life, the godship of this lower position god you took away!"

I naturally cannot in this time womanly compassion, after a violent storm attack, Kress is miserably howling dropping from the clouds, has not blown out equipment, gives my empirical value to be also minimal, the crystal that but, flame lingers has actually exploded along with the corpse that Kress decomposed unceasingly, took advantage of opportunity to hold, good, the first godship succeeded in obtaining!


This is a godship of flame element, meaning on the whole flew upwards with this godship, then my flame will be the skill power to injure will obtain the god to promote generally, my flame will be the skill as if are not just many, Flame Sword Play and [Tempest Sword], actually incorruptible will be the skill are many, [Fierce Ice Blade] and [Frost Armor] armor, thousand frost wings, [Ice Domain] and other skills will be the ice department, must fly upwards must choose an essence to ice the godship of department to say specially again!

However this lower position god godship as if also good, admits the package, perhaps will have other use, but brought Going out to fly upwards to others was not too possible, the godship could not bring this potential surface, either also with other players discussed that met in this potential surface, loses to him, this also possibility a little, but was the domain was too big, wants to lose is also unlikely.


At this time, „thump" three, some people were knocking my game hard helmet, outside broadcast the Lin Wan Er sound: „Dear, have you flying upwards illussion 11 hours, offline eaten a thing? Sends the information, to send short note to you System Notification temporarily unable to receive, I prepared to eat with East city, if you heard one to be able on offline."

I am unable to respond, outside hears the closing sound, Wan Er has prepared to eat.

Is good because, here as if also carries on well, after returning to the city, can offline, in the illussion be able offline, but most can stop over one time for 7 days, after leaving the illussion, must wait for 7 days to cool Cooldown to be able again to enter, every day only in the illussion to get online once more 1 time, this establishes, therefore I must use this time to enter the illussion well the opportunity.


Return to the city!

When I raise the long sword is flying to sky over city, Luo Zao and the others dumbfounded visits me, one crowd of guards are raise the pointed weapons to me, loudly exclaimed: „What have you made to god your father?"

I naturally have not made anything, with a smile has pulled out Kress's godship from the package, was shaking shaking to them, said: „What should you have clearly?"

Immediately, this group of loyal and devoted bodyguards knee down, loudly exclaimed: „From now henceforth you are our masters, I and others am willing to follow the Sir, expels for you!"

Really, trimmed one's sails!

I drop the city, the steps in stone steps, said: „Good, from now henceforth this black flame city was me, did all customs as always, know?"


Then, how should inquire to go to the boundary, the person the god of boundary Venerable basically can confirm that I can kill using the skill, should try to occupy god kings in boundary, what the strength of god king can be, thinks somewhat to be unexpectedly excited and anticipation!

Arranges all, making be hot-tempered the troops in responsible entire city, in fact the army total of black flame city also only then 200 + people of appearances, the uniform loose spirit, disperses spirit is the key component of this potential surface, this is one crowd has the false god of shatter godship, in the true God front is only the servant.

offline, is satiated with food and wine handles the following matter again.

Zhan Long Chapter 1244

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