Zhan Long Chapter 1245

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The summon system elf, instructs offline, next quarter, body and spirit slowly with game world peeling, at present one black, enters the waiting contact surface of game hard helmet, that dilutedness of body also vanishes along with offline, puts out a hand to take down the hard helmet, has not thought that I entered the illussion already 11 hours, but also thought that short flickered!


Reorganized the clothes, goes out.

In hall, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi three people, but in the kitchen broadcasts the sound that cooks food, it seems like today is the feast, with one group of local tyrants lives together always has to enjoy the endless oral administration.

„Finally gave up offline!" Lin Wan Er ill-humored visits me with a smile.

I arrive at the sofa, in her side relaxed sitting down, arm naturally is hugging her shoulder, said: „I treated in the god illussion was so long, outside what happened?"

Lin Wan Er the sound, said: „If Tu Dragon Fort direction had a new war not to calculate."


I astonished: „Wasn't Tu Dragon Fort attacked? Also what happened?"

„Demon mountain and Gaia want again the reconstruction fort in the former site in Tu Dragon Fort, but...... The rumor has represented the day imperial book repository of Chinese server, thinks that the reconstruction power of Tu Dragon Fort should belong to the Chinese war zone, after all the highest heaven city distance was too far, the demon mountains and Gaia these people absolutely do not have the ability to defend Tu Dragon Fort."

I smile.

Tang Qi also ponders has smiled, asked: „Xiao Yao, what do you smile?"

I said: „Tu Dragon Fort establishes in the canyons of out of office Dragon Clan territory, the topography is not quite good, even said the topography to be somewhat low, once Hybrid Demon attacks, the barbaric wolf rides, the demon palace to ride this ground heavy cavalry to be able the vast stretch of flat land, draws back 10,000 steps, the previous dark blue billows can open the door of purgatory, the summon cold current, can the next time summon the rainstorm, so long as the heavy rain in south plateau high and low one day a night, Hybrid Demon digs out the mountain range, can flooding Tu Dragon Fort, when the time comes not need the soldier to make Tu Dragon Fort be hit by the total destruction. Therefore I think that Tu Dragon Fort can not want greatly, initially chose there builds the territory is acting without wisdom."

Saying, I have supplemented one: „Especially after the Hybrid Demon territory has Pearl this strategy excellent king, this inferior trick was hard to implement."

Dong Cheng Yue curls upwards a pair of beautiful white leg on my this direction tea table, in the hand takes the cell phone to play the game, gains ground to have a look at me, said with a smile: „What is undeniable, rumor must seek for oneself this political integrity yue the existence feeling, this Tu Dragon Fort he almost must struggle."

I asked: „Which guilds has to support to capture the lead(er) land ownership of Tu Dragon Fort?"

Wan Er said: „Rising sun such as the blood, [Flying Dragon], [House of Prestige] wait / etc., [Legend], will struggle mostly, that many Guild support, in addition the highest heaven city domestic opposition, the demon mountain will possibly give up Tu Dragon Fort."

„How Fang Ge Que will support to capture the lead(er) land ownership of Tu Dragon Fort, he should not be able to think these factors that I think." I knit the brows.

The Wan Er shallow faint smile, walks arm in arm on my shoulder, said: „Because Fang Ge Que does not want Tu Dragon Fort to fall in others' hand again, he has posted at the forum, his manner recaptures the reconstruction power of Tu Dragon Fort, but seizes not to construct, leaves uncultivated Tu Dragon Fort thoroughly."

„This is the wise action." I said.

Lin Wan Er swayed from side to side tender body, turns around to me, said: „Said you matter in illussion? I must satisfy 235 levels to enter the illussion tomorrow."

I nod, looked at Tang Qi, said: „Won't Tang seven leak secret?"

Tang Qi touches the nose to say with a smile: „Snort, you regarded as any person me you......"


I brief all experiences in illussion said me, hearing several people dumbfounded, they have not thought in this illussion also to have a that big world unexpectedly, on this day the life game does enough may be really fine, everybody thinks the illussion is one fills the BOSS big map, making the player search for the godship, now actually approximately can confirm that this illussion is a potential surface, a world, more than one map so was by far simple.

„God Venerable...... God king...... The god emperor......" in Lin Wan Er pair of wonderful has filled blurredly, said with a smile: „Sounds fiercely!"

„Yes, I killed a god Venerable, has soon exhausted all tricks."

I by the sofa, am hugging the fragrant shoulder of girlfriend, said: „It is not able to imagine, after entering the second boundary , what situation runs into the god king to be, was right, the situations of other people how? Fang Ge Que and should sky rose these two people enter the god territory?"


Lin Wan Er said: „Has two very unfortunate news, the American players according to iron skull city, the sky rose simply has not entered the person boundary, encounters two powder in the ground of broken lonesome god directly spirit and patrols besieging of hunting, hung! Fang Ge Que entered a person of boundary actually, but single Tiao a god Venerable was defeated."

I in consternation: „Should be insufficient? Fang Ge Que single Tiaoshen Venerable to be defeated unexpectedly."

„Is an assassin god of Venerable, many skills can advance."

„This...... No wonder."

I somewhat am sigh with emotion, the Fang Ge Que single deicide Venerable is the skill of flying a kite, but met an advance skill too many BOSS that only to be able cherishing hatred god, three space booklets leapt use up are the ends . Moreover the resistance that the god Venerable was too high, the Magic hit probability of frozen department was very mean, this also let Fang Ge Que being hard single Sha BOSS.

Perhaps, killed BOSS Class easily is only Heavy Armor is, the resistance was high, moreover walked to fight the duplicate class Heavy Armor department most to have the opportunity single deicide Venerable, after Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others entered god, thinks that will have certain achievements!

„Has not thought that the flying upwards illussion is so difficult......" Tang Qi to say resentfully: „I was hopeful, now looks like...... Waits, after waiting for other players to give enough many fight experiences, entered the god territory again well......"

„Lacks prospects." I despise looked at his one eyes: „You are Tang Men most outstanding young one generation, must have the broad ambition, welcoming is difficult to be straight on, the deicide king, extinguishes god emperor anything......"

The Tang Qi tears quickly smiled: „I have not lived to fantasize......"

Dong Cheng Yue actually puts down the cell phone, has collected, is pulling my arm in my another side, a pretty face is bringing extremely „flattering" sweet happy expression: „Brother Xiao Yao!"

„Do you want to do?" I shot a look at her one eyes.

„Doesn't your lower position god godship plan to use?"

„Um, what's wrong East city?"

Dong Cheng Yue winked the winking star pupil, said: „That leaves me this godship, I tomorrow and Wan Er will fly upwards to enter the illussion together, will leave me to leave me! Otherwise also wasted!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Yo, how our East city became does not have the prospect, can a lower position god godship make you move?"

„Actually is not."

Dong Cheng Yue swollen milk-white bosom, in beautiful eyes was very passing a cunningness, said: „Key is your godship is the flame attribute, but my flame suddenly stone, [Flame Beast Burst Fire] and roaring flame Gang wall, hot Qilin protection and other skills are the flame attribute, you think that the god emperor has 7, moreover basically the root application could not select, how many quantity of god king can have, most not over 50? And has flame attribute godship not over 78, some world how many players? I must wait for that uncertain opportunity with it, would rather directly took a ready-made flame godship, then Level first broke through 235 levels, the good and evil can also work as a while the world Level first person, you said was right?"

I open the eye, at this moment has to hold in high esteem to this small girl, Dong Cheng Yue is truly brilliant in this point, has the choices, has the boldness, has such intelligence to become the [Zhan Long] first method, is very good!

Therefore, after I think, said: „Ok!"

„Real?" She cheers, Wan Er must offer a kiss anything in one side.

I then said: „You listened, my character now in the god first person boundary, was called ‚black flame city' in city, after meeting I got online, this flame godship will give the garrison troops of black flame city to command, the person who called Luo Zao, and it told him, only when called ‚Dong Cheng Yue' the girl demanded can give her the godship, like this your opportunity came."

Dong Cheng Yue, collected to kiss one on my profile joyfully: „Ha, most loved you!"

Tang Qi keeps mouth shut.

I turned around to comfort Wan Er, was good was already used to it because of Wan Er, dug the small mouth to demand my positive kiss gave up, I also thought that very awkward, between I and Wan Er, the East city three people were really too ripe, ripe was almost equal to that close friend's relations to me and East city, but Wan Er knows that I anything did not have with East city, at least I did not have, perhaps otherwise, already will not endure by her Tian Xin Corporation little princess's temperament.


At this time, the chef started to serve food, that Sichuan cuisine master chef also especially swept sweeping on Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue snow white thigh the vision, Tang Qi has groaned saying: „Uncle, looked that enough continued to serve food, we are hungry!"

Uncle awkward continued to serve food.

I have not said anything actually, does not have the means that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are that skin very in vain very exquisite girl . Moreover the both legs are slender, is specially good, even if qualitative will unable to bear have a liking for one by me like this, let alone is the master chef such mortal, so long as they did not have the evil thought to be good, moreover they do not dare to have the evil thought that can in the person who in this villa is occupied by, who can not know that these two beautiful woman behind backgrounds, dare to have they two thoughts, only if were does not want to live.


A sumptuous meal, Cooldown was too late, I do not plan to stay up late, therefore drank a red wine to be helpful to [Lullaby].

Silent night, calmly goes to sleep.

Tomorrow definitely is one day of fighting bravely, challenges the god king, I have the war that Fang Ge Que and sky rose and demon mountain and the others do not have duplicate, skill and coverall superiority, must obtain a god king as soon as possible or is the godship of god emperor, subsequently flies upwards!

Zhan Long Chapter 1245

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