Zhan Long Chapter 1246

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Next day, in the morning early wakes up.

Also is the sumptuous breakfast, eats very full, because knows that at noon did not have Cooldown offline to look for food mostly.



Gets online, appears in black flame city, place that I get online in palace, a blue ray lingers in all around, the 1 second of getting online enters by the protective condition, is unable to be attacked, but along with the field of vision clear this condition automatically by the detachment, not far away, two was also ridden the warhorse the powder spirit guards to clash, said flustered: „Sir, is not good!"

„How?" I asked.

And a [say / way]: „Venerable to lead his troops to Xin god already outside soldier Lincheng, threatened that must revenge for good friend Kress, was clamoring is making the Sir go out of town to meet head-on, otherwise he trampled flat the entire black flame city!"

„, Who to Xin is?" I am confused.

He explained: „Is the person who yesterday's Kress god Venerable to run away to request reinforcements, Venerable to Xin god with Sir Kress is always on good terms!"

„So that's how it is."

I show a faint smile, draw out the butterfly sword, said: „Guides, I go to be able this to leave Xin, having a look at this god Venerable many skills!"

Will leave, suddenly in the corner broadcasts a sound: „Sir."

Turns around to look, actually the discovery is Iraqi Wei, that by the young lady who Kress grabs, finally after Kress was massacred by me, she lived in the black flame city, clothing was neat, looks like has not received anything to encroach, but behind with a guard, thinks that was Luo Zao remains her, awaited my „punishing".

„How, Iraqi Wei?" I asked.

She is nipping the red lip, starts to speak but hesitates, will say several seconds later: „Past I followed the father cultivated to see this to leave Xin, what he cultivated was the space principle, can kill people in invisible, the Sir please probably be careful! Is inferior to Kress to Xin's strength, but he wants Kress to want fearful ten times absolutely!"

Originally to remind me, probably Iraqi Wei now also thought that I am a good person, did not think me dead in battle, otherwise she must become to Xin's spoils of war, which the fate also very to went certainly.

I nod, say with a smile: „Relax, I will have to have!"


Outside the palace, Luo Zao in the fitting out troops, 100 + has dispersed the spirit level heavy cavalry preparation to finish, has held up the war flag of black flame city high, crowded around me to move toward the city gate, the black flame city was not big, after five minutes, arrived in the city gate, in the city was standing many guards, at daggers drawn, as if outside invading one's territory with city soon have joined battle.


The front door opens slowly, I in summon raspberry entered thousand frost wing effects instantaneously, the whole person takeoffs one meter gradually to flutter Going out, outside the city, full was the troops, was holding high the black flag, in the crowd dead ahead, was one wears the Chinese-style gown, looked like the person of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, this person to Xin? It looks like the reversed image is an obtaining enlightenment elder!

Luo Zao and the others progresses to follow slowly, afterward is away from me about 50 meters place to halt, said: „Sir, the god Venerable the fight, others cannot intervene, end here aided the Sir and the others!"


I also know that these subordinates actually in waiting to be deciding a victory and defeat, who has won with anyone, does not need Venerable the battle to make contact with an own poor life for the god, in this person of boundary made the city innumerably, the quantity that the god Venerable not 1000 also several hundred, thinks that every day will have such duel?

Fight other people who the gods revere can not intervene, have such custom, the player enters the person boundary to obtain the godship, must depend on single Tiao mostly, thinks that also is really cruel, is makes the player accompany these BOSS to send Cooldown simply.


Flutters to Xin's long gown slowly, features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality visits me, said lightly: „Was boy, you have killed Kress? That is a god Venerable, what despicable method you used to kill him, and seized his city?"

I think funny, lifts the hand to draw out the long sword, said: „What method with, has not defeated him, what's wrong, can you to leave Xin take revenge? That comes, let alone rubbish."

In any case is a war, said that too does not help matters.

This was enraged by me to Xin instantaneously, puts out a hand in airborne to grasp, immediately a green musical instrument appears in his hands, that is...... A suona? Cannot, have the suona in this potential surface unexpectedly, is this must blow the deceased person?

The next quarter, makes me know that to Xin this odd setting actually strong fearfulness, he started to play the suona, but the sound was not unexpectedly coarse, on the contrary was somewhat melodious, the sound trembled suddenly becomes the firm friendship calls, quite some iron Markin feelings, at this moment, the air position twisted, a round invisible blade layer on layer has hit my abdomen!


Really, attack power does not have Kress to be so high, but attacks almost invisible, is unable to defend with square keeps off!

Cannot sit waiting for death!

I flushed Going out suddenly, single-handed distant, [Great Realm of Desolation] locking leaves Xin!


In numerous violent engine knocks, has not caused the too strong damage unexpectedly, he used the space magic to form one to protect the shield in the surroundings! For a penny and for a pound, I opened shield of near body stars to fight!


The space twists once more, this time I have sentence in advance, is sideways to keep off the shield of stars suddenly in the front, the arm shakes, two invisible space shock-wave hits on the shield of stars, but my butterfly also layer on layer pricks in his protecting shield, carries over the [Strength of a Thousand Men] effect, hits including the disappearing belt, the bang draws back several steps to Xin continually, blew the movement of suona also slightly to stagnate.

Good, the attack can break his release magic, this is easy to do!

I secretly rejoice, however the next quarter had proven I wrong must be odd, passed over gently and swiftly to Xin corners of the mouth wipes the happy expression, suddenly the suona left the mouth, the left hand fist, roars, all around wind blade edge dance, my body cannot move unexpectedly instantaneously, next quarter by invisible space magics swallowing!


Fearful, this also?!

Carefully looked at one, this skill was called „distortion field of force", next time will pay attention!

Draws back dozens meters continually, the [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to the blood, fills next health potion, summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger to lead a cheer, but the small tiger at all was not a match, 2-3 made into the remnant blood hum to run, but I have also established [Azure Dragon Crossbow] while this Cooldown, the destiny card sign turned, treads the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position to start [Assault]!


The numerous hits, the [Assault] skill creates 1 second of dizziness effect, rides the wind to cut to make use to go, creates the fearful injury digit continuously, wipes out to Xin HP large scale also attracts many HP for me, the instantaneous full blood, this made me confident, can fight again! The shield of summon stars, adopts „walks to chop" skill to gather round this obtaining enlightenment elder to output unceasingly, simultaneously I also note, so long as I appear in his, can cause his magic to lose the focal point, the space magic of released directly was broken.

Therefore, this showdown became extremely has the technicality, I circled the walk position attack, avoided his magic unceasingly, was not stupid to Xin, frequently a twinkle appeared in the distant place, was separated from my diversion, afterward was a wave of large-scale magic attack, but this magic and second could not massacre me, were chased down by me on the contrary retreat in defeat again and again, HP also little falling.

As for the distortion field of force, cools Cooldown is 35 seconds, this could determine, before his next distortion field of force starts I tread the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position to avoid Going out, this lets be mad to Xin trembles, turned into one type to devastate with my fight for him, this is insults to one that the god Venerable absolutely, even his subordinates also certainly thought that their god Venerable the tactic is suppressed.

Does not have the means that the attribute is a kingly way, I have [Drain] and other special effect, but can also repel, this leaves Xin is BOSS of master department, the strength value is inferior to me, therefore the repelling effect of blade edge of champion became especially remarkable, when 50% probability attacks repelled the interruption magic, 10% probability dizziness, were circled by me to Xin who again walked to chop is almost at wit's end!

More panic-stricken should be Iraqi Wei, Luo Zao and the others, they have probably not seen such god Venerable the fight, in their eyes the omnipotent space principle god Venerable to Xin, now actually plays with by me in applauses, does not have the strength to hit back, all skills were eaten by me stubbornly, must blame only to blame his strength me high, the magic second unable to massacre me, this two are indispensable.


Once grasped know-how, fight also became very simple, near 40 minutes, had only been cut by me to Xin's blood strip remaining about 2%, I had a look at the skill, the destiny card sign and ride the wind to cut CD to be good, in addition one set of can combo, almost the second massacre this BOSS?

Was roaring to Xin angrily, actually did not help matters, the strength that escaped continually did not have, the body was put down by me continuously chops to repel, dizziness, he had certainly any escaping skill, but simply does not have the opportunity to use now.

At this moment, suddenly has after death broadcast Iraqi Wei's voice: „Sir, please do not kill to Xin!"

„Why?" I questioned.

Iraqi Wei said: „My father Nike was imprisoned by Kress in some mysterious deep deep pool, but nobody knows where is, this is in cahoots to Xin and Kress, he definitely knows where the father was imprisoned, where asking the Sir to ask this deep deep pool for Iraqi Wei."

I knit the brows: „Said me to help your reason."

Iraqi Wei is nipping the silver tooth, said: „Father followed the father's younger brother to go to the boundary, he knows that the way of boundary, can lead the god king who you look for the boundary, completes your dream!"

Hears here, I put out a hand to hold to Xin's arm immediately, the strength of left hand imperial day start, grab them to be used to lock in the chains of mount giant beast, will leave Xin's arm to bundle solid, said: „Sends under custody to return to the city!"

To a Xin face shame, does not have the strength to hit back.


As for army that leaving Xin brings, was disbanded together, allowing them to enter the words of black flame city to be able with Luo Zao and the others to form two parties inevitably, when the time comes the battle will get up not to be good, after all I cannot stay here, but must enter the boundary to meet the meeting god king, must make the black flame city stabilize, such Dong Cheng Yue found the black flame city time can attain the lower position god godship.

Zhan Long Chapter 1246

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