Zhan Long Chapter 1247

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Even does not need to interrogate, this left Xin already to adopt „knew says and expresses oneself fully all" the stance, did not have the dignity of lower position god simply, but thinks is also, on this day in the person three boundaries was flooding the law of the jungle, that many dignity of which coming, the survival was first, so long as can live, handled anything yes.


Late at night embarks from the black flame city, Luo Zaodian 100 in city have dispersed the spirit heavy cavalry together, Iraqi Wei, this young lady, because my relations can speak in the black flame city finally, now also replaces that wrap to be the clothes of maidservant, puts on the heroic bearing incomparable light armor, in the hand is grasping a handle flood the light gloss long sword, leads the way along with us together.

Raspberry treads the line in the dragon shape, frequently fans the wing to fly a distance, was bundled to Xin is placing the dragon to carry on the back, he shot a look at my one eyes, said: „Why didn't summon this sacred big dragon to attack me together?"

I also shot a look at his one eyes, said: „Defeats you not to need the help of big dragon, guides well!"


Actually, thousand frost wings have to ride the attribute addition of big dragon, but to Xin this two fools does not know, I do not pity, the father who after waiting to find Iraqi Wei to this person, a sword massacred to Xin and that's the end, he became in the process that the god Venerable, has not known that massacred many people, to destroy completely many lives.

Moreover, after entering the illussion, I gradually have also discovered here blood and iron principle, any person here to survive, in unceasing murder and becoming a fugitive, once obtains the strength, everyone will degenerate into the devil, by the civilization degree, this god boundary must be inferior the potential surface that we are, after all in that potential surface, each empire also has existence of regulation, that is the civilized symbol.


Is quite far to the road that Xin brings, walked for nearly two hours, we also bypassed two cities, cannot pass through there again, will otherwise have the war of god Venerable, although I have the absolute assurance to defeat the god Venerable, but how, I entered god to be too long, equipment wore is also quite serious, should not be durable in unnecessary person waste too many equipment.

„Will draw near." Carries on the back to say in the dragon to Xin that simultaneously a pair of pupil shot a look at a dark jungle of distant place.

I sneer: „Should better not to think running away, you cannot escape my chasing down."

Also sneers to Xin: „I with the wind, can you be able to grasp the wind since birth?"

The strength of space principle he said? I smile: „I cannot hold the wind, but I can hold you."

Saying, was raising the chains, will leave Xin to carry in the hand, the front already presented a Qingtan, Iraqi Wei instantaneously became excited, the tender body was shivering slightly, said: „I induced father's supernatural power, he...... He was imprisoned bottom of this deep deep pool, certain right, the day, the father has not died!"

I nod: „Walks, we get down!"

Saying, was raising was rushing to the deep deep pool to Xin, Luo Zao, Iraqi Wei and the others also in abundance jumped to leap, one group of people submerged to enter, under water was gloomy, has one to raise is leaving Xin, raised the butterfly, illuminated a front short distance using the ray of long sword, moreover I can also induce to that supernatural power of old Nike, for me with Venerable the strength to be the same to Xin's god, has not distinguished.

The Tanshui deep place, Luo Zao and others dispersed spirit is forced by the hydraulic pressure extremely uncomfortably, frowns.

To has a look at me who Xin deeps frown, has a look at the Tanshui deep place, seems thinking how can escape.

After several minutes, Tanshui extremely deep place, a darkness, but an iron pole sinks there, above bundles over the face dragon to old man, is old Nike in that legend, said to Xin: „Nike there, you quickly unties the wire rope, can save him!"

It is not right, certainly cheats, was too bad to Xin's performing skill!

My light nod, said: „Goes to two people, cuts off the wire rope, releases Nike."

Two dispersed spirit swims rapidly in the past, but when they swam to half, suddenly in the darkness a shadow plundered to suddenly, was a seabed giant beast, gooseneck type giant beast, acme, only then a huge mouth, could not see including the eye, „tittering" spirit together gave to swallow two powder, vigorous mastication, blood instantaneously incarnadine deep pool bottom.


My angry turning around pricked the sword blade edge to Xin's heart, he did not have a chapter of blood in the situation of capture, now by the hit strategic point, miserable snort has been hung, blew out a sparkling godship to me, puts out a hand holding to throw into the package the godship, I swam personally in the past, distant lifting hand [Blade Spin], has shut off the wire rope directly, came a Longxu hook, Dragon Zhuizhi to pass the armor edge of old Nike again, its will pull.

Also at this moment, that seabed giant beast raids once more, stuttered two people as if only to suffice it to fill the gap between teeth?

Not slightly hesitant, transforms right hand long sword for the shield of stars, the strength erupts, „buzz" shield of the stars becomes enormous, two meters radii so are big, „bang" hit this giant beast tooth to collapse, I made an effort the swinging arm, the shield of stars hit hard in the energy shape on the head of giant beast, like was patted the fly its bang falls into the darkness.

The instance that the shield of stars transforms, the deep pool bottom was also illuminated well-illuminated, this imposing manner truly a little star territory Wu Jue appearance.

Romania is hot-tempered and the others dumbfounded at the same time, before Iraqi Wei actually rushed, grasps father's body, but old Nike remains unconscious, I am worried also to have other giant beast, immediately said: „Walks quickly, do not stop over here."

One group of people submerge to come ashore, arrives at the shore time was safe, old Nike long waking up, he has also stopped air in the deep pool bottom for at least a half year, always also suffered greatly, and can also be swallowed by the deep pool bottom giant beast, really had good luck ever after!


On the way of return trip, old Nike as before also in process of consciousness, but complexion already slowly flood red, finally some scarlet, Iraqi Wei also relaxed.

„Sir, many thanks you...... Many thanks you help me, perhaps otherwise I forever could not see the father!"

Her grateful saying.

Romania is hot-tempered in side says with a smile: „You should devote to Sir, express thanks?"

Iraqi Wei has hesitated, said: „If the Sir is willing to admit me, Iraqi Wei wants."

My thoughts here, did not say: „Let alone has smiled, Iraqi Wei I asked you, you said that your father's younger brother in boundary, what did he make? What status?"


Iraqi Wei is out of control to smile, said: „Father's younger brother is a talent, in the family the most outstanding follower, he is a god king."

„God king?"

Romania is hot-tempered and the others in great surprise, said: „If Sir Kress knows that your father's younger brother is the god king, perhaps will again not revere to battle with the Nike god."


Iraqi Wei shakes the head, on the face completely is desolate, said: „Once enters the boundary, was equal to that is secluded from the world with us, I never have even seen the father's younger brother, he flying upwards god king hundred years ago, again has not returned to the family, no longer inquired about any business in family, all were the father handle in one, because this had proven the god was heartless."

Romania is hot-tempered to sigh with emotion: „Yes...... What they pursue is the sun, how can reach a limit, how can become most powerhouse, will never consider the weak one."

I laugh.

Iraqi Wei surprise asked: „Sir, what do you smile?"

I said: „After I smiled your this father's younger brother became the god king, truly am heartless, like this after I entered the boundary, the god king who even if ran into was your father's younger brother, I can also under the pain the killer!"

„This......" Iraqi Wei thinks that said: „Father's younger brother's name was called, if were really he, the Sir do not kill him...... Boundary that many god kings, do not need to kill him."

I nod: „Um, I will pay attention, after your father regains consciousness, restores some strengths together to go the boundary with me!"


Iraqi Wei as if also wants to say anything, immerse a lip, had not said.

„What matter also has?" I asked.

On Iraqi Wei face is passing an awkward look, said: „Sir, the father can only send you to the boundary, actually cannot accompany you to enter the boundary, hopes that you can understand our difficulties."


„Strength mean god Venerable to enter the boundary, will be hunted and killed by the god king, the god will revere the had lower position god godship is very easy to be built up by the god king, can say that the god will revere is the god Wang Zuijia tonic, this also frequently the bright king enters the person boundary, hunts for the reason that the deicide will revere, because if not for above also the god emperor, perhaps god Wang already the god world of mortals Venerable conquering by killing up."

„, Why is this?"

Iraqi Wei smiles lightly, said: „Because flies upwards for the superior gods of god emperor starts to establish own order, they reached agreement unable to swallow mutually, therefore the god emperor had his dignity, will not enter the boundary deicide king, but the god king can not enter the person of boundary deicide Venerable, but the god Venerable, if broke into the domain of god king, such was hunted and killed will not offend any is well-mannered."

„So that's how it is, good fearful......"

„He he, broken lonesome god is this, tens of thousands years of custom."


Arrives in the black flame city, after making the rest slightly, old Nike awoke, is really the crabby, wakes up must go all out with Kress, because he thinks that Kress held oneself daughter's body, told him until Iraqi Wei is still the body of virgin time he appeased anger, subsequently led the daughter to have an audience with my this new city lord.

I for fear that after oneself walk, Luo Zao can have the conflict with Iraqi Wei, therefore the position of city lord has given Nike before departure, but Nike goes the boundary with me, Iraqi Wei acts the city lord, Luo Zao will be the subordinates heavy, such will come not to have what conflict.

Just before leaving before, has given Luo Zao Kress's flame godship, exhorts him to wait for called „Dong Cheng Yue" every young girl, when the time comes must ensure her security, and gave this flame godship, such came Dong Cheng Yue almost to become first flies upwards the player of god, although was the lower position god godship, but the young miss did not shut out.

Wise Chang Le, god compared with our these pursues and few civilians of superior god of godship East city in understands this truth fully.

Because must accompany family member Going out to travel every year one time, this year arrived at this point, in the journey the basic character could not write, therefore, 14-17 th four days of single Geng, at noon.

Zhan Long Chapter 1247

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