Zhan Long Chapter 1248

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Delayed for nearly 3 hours in the game, finally the strength of old Nike recovered much, prepares the luggage, stepped with me together to the battle path of boundary, naturally, his duty is responsible for delivering to the boundary entrance, after entering boundary that was I rushed, after I entered the boundary, mostly will again not return to the person boundary, if after all I flew upwards, that must comply with this custom, the god emperor can not enter the boundary, the god king can not enter the person boundary, the god could not revere to enter the ground, otherwise bad the custom will have encountered chases down.


In the dim light of night, two person's shadows have grazed the low altitude, I fly quite well, the body of Nike has not recovered completely, the speed cannot follow me completely.

„Entrance where?" I asked.

„Very burning hot place." Nike shows a faint smile.

„Can burning hot?" I continue to ask.

„Roasts ashes the body sufficiently." He said.

I was silent.

After how many minutes, we stay in one are spurting the crater front of lava, active volcano, is this wants the barbecue the rhythm? My unbelievable referring to fire mountain pass, said: „Do not tell me the entrance of boundary under this."

„Right." Said: „Space between person boundary and boundary maintains is the superhigh temperature, such temperature makes practice degree mean people unable to enter the boundary, only then adopted the test of rock magma to match is the god king, this was also basically tests."

I am Yang Yanji the strength, the body and spirit practice incomparably intrepidly, and Yang Yanzhen is mad protects the body not to fear the high temperature, but...... In the game other said that draws out the double sword slowly, perhaps if as expected, has the manufacture flying upwards difficulty monster by broken lonesome god urogenous crater, I do not want dead in inside.

„Do you go in me together?" I turn around to ask Nike.

Nike shakes the head, says with a smile: „Sir, my body and strength have not restored, the scalding hot lava will turn into the flying ash the old bones my this, the Sir you are certainly careful, in lava level also some small devils."

„What is that?"

„Lava insect, takes swallowing lava as the insect of lifestyle, their attacks are sharp, many gods Venerable in the process of flying upwards by the lava insect massacring, you were also careful, after all you...... he have a look at my body now", said: „After all now has as before is every body, perhaps basic is unable to endure including lava heat degree."

„This you can feel relieved." My micro smile: „You go back, perhaps soon after I will again come to here."

„Yes, I will await calmly the Sir to visit in the black flame city with Iraqi Wei!"



Deeply inspires, I no longer hesitate anything, jumped to clash, as before, left hand, Huaguang bloomed, stars flat lands raised the condensation for the shield of stars, protected my body to clash!


Although the rock magma under my impulse has not contacted me, but the feelings of some saunas, lift the shield of stars to fire into the volcano as before rapidly the deep place, at first fortunately, the ignition effect creates to me every second several thousand injuries, but can also withstand, the speed of afterward flying was hindered by the rock magma, can only maintain 30% speeds to fly, the body was surrounded by the rock magma, creates every second instantaneously 2 thousand about injuries, very awfully!

I can only depend upon imperial day to push the rock magma to the body forcefully, maintains certain field of vision by oneself, after all buries and in the rock magma cannot open eyes, was needless to say without field of vision words anything.

„Chirp chirp......"

The lava insect came, is one is only similar to the thing of mouse, but the whole body is red, gnawed to the shield and my armor stars, attack power was not weak, is equal to 9 levels of Hybrid Demon levels.

„Go away!"

Instantaneous [Tempest Sword], chops Going out [Strength of a Thousand Men] again, the resorption many HP, continued actually maintains the submersions of body, this feeling is unendurable, as if each quarter will be massacred general!

The lava insect gnawed unceasingly, the shield of stars soon broke, but looked on the map, as if map ZONE knot also soon arrived, at present, presented a blood red big net suddenly, was ties!


When I hit above, the whole body transmits the tear ache, NND, but can also come hardly? Nike that old boy has not told here also such hard knot!

Are not many thinks, attack!

[Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] rumbles together Going out, „" in great online leaves behind sword marks, but this standing net is tenacious, undergoes such attack not to be as before broken , to continue to attack! Rides the wind to cut to rumble swiftly and fiercely, as before broken, hits again, has rumbled crazily for nearly two minutes, during this, depends on the [Cleansing Rain] technique + to drink health potion to restore completely, even was forced to use including eternal boundary super skill of abstention of order conservation, finally, this knot was broken a hole hole by me, the diving posture had overrun, NND, almost died in inside!

Enters the boundary at the same time I secretly have been rejoicing, luckily I am the Heavy Armor department, if I am the legal system, with gathering [Magic Shield] can support nearly 10 minutes of suffering in volcano really? This flying upwards illussion edition Taikeng father, simply was the nightmare of all Mage, archer and assassin, does not know what to do really Wan Er entered in this map should, she indeed was the entire clothing first assassin, but...... After all the physique was placed there, can attain the godship really?

Cannot help but somewhat worried.


At present as before a darkness, are the night of boundary, but I that straight from the sky is standing, this is not good, very easily becomes the goal that others hunt and kill, hurries to go to the ground, hides in the jungle is the kingly way!

Bends down to change into the meteor to overrun together, the recent map is a piece of green jungle, and cannot see any lights, is really a good place!


Has hit certain branches, enters the thick patch of grass technique stealth the condition, has a look at the surrounding map, almost does not have a thing in the world, anything cannot see.

Looks up to the sky, this time saw the heavenly bodies unexpectedly, was really rare, and air as if want compared with the person boundary freshly, this was not the misconception, the person in the air of boundary flood the rich death and blood smell, but Jigyeong-ri did not have, did the rare god king really revere to strive to excel that many compared with the god?

Thinks that here somewhat is excited, challenges the god king, captures the godship! Really a thrilling matter.


Goes through in the jungle fast, I must seek for a city, where has the place of city to know the god kings, otherwise looked like a fly equally randomly to proceeding along no particular course.

Is walking, the East daybreak daybreak, suddenly the distant place has heard a roar of wild animal.


A head length mammoth was miserably howling to clash, the back was pricked a handle lance, on the body was inserting the dense and numerous arrow arrows, was transmits the sound of voices and noise of hoofbeat and crowd, here...... Unexpectedly also do some people hunt?

„Your highness, you, we cannot follow you slowly!"

In the shout, wore the youth in Jinjia to raise the lance and bow and arrow to clash Going out, an excitement of face, laughed: „Hurry up, today will hunt and kill this growing hair great looks like, the father will not say that my military force was mediocre, your this crowd of lazy goods, will walk actually a bit faster, did your equestrian skills waste on the belly of woman?"

Your highness?

Is this imperial prince? Looks at the appearances of some makings actually very official's second generations, has not thought of me, as soon as after entering this potential surface, met the honored person.

About 20 + people of convoy guards flushed, are nervous, for fear that this your highness has an accident.


I still stand on a limb of tree, static visits them to hunt, simultaneously in the mind actually full is speechless, this...... This what's the matter, is unreasonable!

The group of people of present, do not have one unexpectedly are BOSS, even if that your highness, is NPC of Titan level, my one set of skill can the second of killing goods, this mortal appear in Jigyeong-ri, isn't this boundary the domain that the god king lives? This did explain?

At this time, your highness is a lance projects, „tittering" entered among the napes of the neck of mammoth, the blood chaotic wind, the mammoth roared to fall to the ground, was killed.

Before one group of bodyguards overtake, pants: „Your highness, you have killed the mammoth personally, this king will certainly make you follow great nation Master Xuewu!"

„Ha!" Imperial prince self-satisfied laughing of: „That is...... The great nation masters is a god king, following him to practice, certainly quickly can obtain the strength of god."

„Subordinates in advance congratulated your highness here!"


In this time, a bodyguard is raising the long bow suddenly, loudly was shouting to clear the way to my direction: „Anyone, comes out to me, I induced to your breath, came out quickly!"

Was discovered?

I have not hidden, jump to leap to set up.

This bodyguard looks at my terse equipment in consternation, said: „You...... Who are you?"

I: „Initially to expensive boundary, I from person boundary."

„Does god revere?" He visits me, suddenly taunted smiled, said: „On you absolutely does not have a godship strength, unexpectedly dares to say one are from the person boundary, snort, is really disciple of the gaining fame by deceiving people, your below a few words want to say that admires the prestige of your highness, subordinates who wants to join your highness for Turin empire potency?"

„Turin empire?" I cannot bear smile: „Can consider."


This bodyguard held a sword to clash, the imperial prince has not stopped, thinks that wants to have a look at my strength.

I for fear that strike to massacre this am only the NPC bodyguard of elite rank, turns the wrist skill, the sword blade edge hangs upside down, directly with the sword hilt attack, the standard parry that pushes directly into his sword blade edge, the sword hilt fierce hit on his shoulder, stumbles its bang on a wryneck subtree, landing in an extremely difficult situation, spits blood to continue, was too weak!

Imperial Prince eyes have shone instantaneously, said: „You...... Who are you?"

„When I am a hobo."

„Hobo mister, you may be willing to return to the capital city in Turin empire along with me together, I will report you to the father, your strength is powerful, I have witnessed with own eyes."

„Many thanks your highness, I wants." Is exactly as one wishes, I want to go to be able that great nation master!


Zhan Long Chapter 1248

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