Zhan Long Chapter 1249

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Number of lines ten people progress Ben Hang on the king main road, but I also find that this imperial prince is the only imperial prince of Turin king, is deep the king to like, but the total population of Turin empire is 500 thousand + people, in the cold war era is a not too big nor too small kingdom, conventional army 40 thousand people, and has three god kings, one is the country master, another two are the senior generals, area this illustrious.


The mount of Movement Speed by far in imperial prince and his bodyguard of god fierce fine horse, I march forward slowly, at the same time was chatting with the bodyguard: „I just entered the boundary, does not know here situation, Turin such kingdom, altogether how many in this mainland?"

The bodyguards are raising the saber, shot a look at my one eyes, looks at the look of hick, said: „This doesn't know? In this mainland altogether 57 kingdoms, Turin is one, but also is highly regarded one, although we are inferior to the several empire that well-trained and equipped armies of state, but is situated in far away Turin to have 3 god kings, this made the surrounding kingdom not dare to violate a border sufficiently!"

I in consternation, thought this Turin did have three god kings is very fierce? Therefore asked: „Jigyeong-ri altogether how many god kings?"

The imperial prince turned head to look at my one eyes, said: „Record in the god king of book, altogether 77, but the god king were killed in the duel last month, is really a pity......"

I have a look at the imperial prince, issue at heart cannot bear asked: „I, when the person boundary, lives the person there, weakest also at least disperses the spirit rank, is in Jigyeong-ri, why the strengths of many people even compared to disperse spirit also pale by comparison."

Why actually in my words the words your this group of people so will be i.e. weak at present, but has not said directly.

A bodyguard actually listened, scolded to shout to clear the way: „Do not be dissolute before your highness, boy, although you are very strong, but do not forget, you place in the boundary of Turin now, three god Sir Wang must bow the head to profess allegiance to your majesty, what qualifications zi does your this boy have to be here crazy?"

I have the apology to smile: „Sorry, I really not extremely arrogant meaning, but some did not understand."

At this time, is the imperial prince demonstrated on the contrary magnanimous of prince, said with a smile: „Actually said also unconsciously loses face, although this mainland was called the broken lonesome god boundary, but also was a primary mainland, the entire boundary had over 400 million aborigines, we were one of them, our Xiuwu, practiced Wen, is never willing to give up the survival status here, even if dropped from the clouds in dozens god kings, in the situation of adopting the Military Control stance, we not the status and dignity that gave up ourselves surviving."

So that's how it is, this boundary had the race, no wonder can like this.

I turn over to the sheath the long sword, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Many thanks your highness advises!"

This about 20 -year-old high and low imperial prince whole body passes is not conceding with the stubborn makings, with initial shallow forest looks like how, he was also he he smiles, said: „Hero does not need to be polite, is always advocates the powerhouse most Venerable in our Turin empire, by your strength, although is unable to obtain the god king such honour, but at least will not be bad."

I cannot repress the curiosity , to continue to ask: „God king initially arrived at this stretch of earth, what exactly had?"

The imperial prince stares: „That was the past events that is not willing to speak, also already dust-laden over ten thousand years."


The imperial prince clenches teeth, is not willing to continue, looked at a nearby bodyguard on the contrary, the bodyguard understood immediately, held the fist in the other hand, said: „Sir, was narrated by me."

„Um, please."

The bodyguards grab the reins, stands firm Ben Hang the direction, said on and on: „More than 10,000 years ago, once this mainland only then four big empires, respective peaceful coexistence, but at that time, the first god king arrived, was second and third, their militant bloodthirsty, in the outstanding person in follower the mainland killed completely, swallows their strengths to promote itself, quick, in the mainland had over 20 god kings, they launched the war, went on a punitive expedition against mutually, the entire mainland fell into the chaos caused by war, four big empires were also split up in the flames of war, finally split into over 30 empires, since extended, the mainland turned into 57 empires, The emperors in 41 empires are hold the post by god Wang Zhijie, god Wang Jihu has controlled here all!"

Saying, the bodyguard cannot bear somewhat sadly, trembling sound track: „Aborigine revolts in any event, but strength is inferior to throughout, can only degenerate into the god Wang Men Military Control subject."

I am also out of control deeply to inspire, originally also has such past events, the god king truly is not I imagined existence of that gracious favor common people, on the contrary, the god king is one group of strength control, is one group of vanquishers, god, is mediocre.

Thinks of here, in my eyes none remaining flashes past, says with a smile: „That Turin empire? Our present three god kings how?"

„This......" bodyguard does not dare to speak.

The imperial prince actually looks to me, suddenly stopped the warhorse, said: „Hero, you names, whether you are willing really for the Turin empire potency?"

I also seriously visit him, said: „My name was called ‚Li Xiao Yao', came from your here so-called every, was commanding of day of plume empire palace guard, came here only goal is to seek for an appropriate godship flies upwards, strictly speaking, I was also a phagotroph, but I will not begin to the weak one, but I in boundary one day, I will work for Turin empire one day."

The imperial prince was somewhat excited: „Brave warrior from external star territory? Predicts real?"

„What predicted?"

„Several thousand years ago, a prophet of noble character and high prestige had predicted that the brave warriors from extraterrestrial territory will relieve the sleepiness of Turin empire, brings the light for the Turin empire!"


I cannot bear laugh in one's heart, this is one of the duty links?

A nearby hot armor bodyguard is having the facial expression of ridicule, said: „Your highness, this Li Xiao Yao seems like also powerful and brave, the fluctuation of supernatural power does not have, Don't said that is the god king, the palace first 12 guards in our Turin empire fear everyone to be able in three rounds to defeat him, depends on him also to want with the god king to contend? Simply is dream of a fool!"

The imperial prince actually probably also has such worry, but said: „Do not look down on Li Xiao Yao, after waiting to return to the imperial capital, meets all results."

I said: „Are the three god kings in Turin empire, what situation?"

The imperial prince starts to speak but hesitates, as if there is hard thing to bring up.

Nearby bodyguard spoke frankly actually: „God Wang Dongming, 30 years ago comes to the Turin empire, has obtained first for sovereign's trust, becomes the country master, dominates the court discipline, when this generation of kings time, the winter tea almost grasped the entire Turin empire, he has appointed younger brother General Xue Shawei, grasps the national soldiers and horses, Xue Shayi is the god king, later, they summoned a god king once again, Lu Xiong, was promoted for former general, before commanding armed forces, these three god kings gradually captured from the imperial family hand the entire Turin, last month even married the sister of the emperor, was the elder sister of your highness.."

„Do not say!"

The imperial prince shouted angrily, said: „Do not say......"

I understood all finally, thought three god kings for these average person potencies? Now looks like this king is just a puppet, the Turin empire actual masters are three god kings, this is also good, I will begin not to have anything to worry.

The bodyguard has actually suppressed reddens all over the face, is holding up the sword hilt, said: „Your highness, I and others am a serviceman, actually must see that your highness and your majesty by this big shame, this is to trampling of our generation dignity, so long as your highness issues an order, I am willing to lead 3000 people of subordinate to destroy country Shi Residence, chops three services officers who the dog head of next winter tea consoled these to be driven to death after suffering an injustice!"

The imperial prince angrily rebukes saying: „Li Xu, aren't you clear? You radically are not the matches of god king, how regardless of we do, is only the dead ends, with its this, pours might as well continues to wait for that waits for an appropriate opportunity!"

Li Xu bursting out laughing.

I show a faint smile in side, said easely: „Your highness does not need to worry, since I came to the Turin city, that empty-handed will not walk, I will challenge these god kings, no matter the success or failure, will challenge."

„Are you willing to challenge really? But......" imperial prince clenches teeth: „I do not think that you bring death in vain, was inferior...... You act as chief aide-de-camp in my side first, slowly waiting good opportunity?"

„Does not need, I to oneself very confident."

Nearby Li Xudao: „Since Li Xiao Yao such is determined to challenge the god king, would rather this...... Your highness, tomorrow was the selection day in armed forces, the Great General and god Wang Xue Sand will inspect the final winner personally, while this opportunity, making Li Xiao Yao participate in the armed forces the martial arts contest of military officer, so long as he won finally, can fight it out with Xue Sand, Xue Sand had said that so long as who can contend in martial arts before the armed forces exceeds him, he was willing to hand over the military authorities of empire 40 thousand armies to him!"

„This...... Really?" The imperial prince somewhat hesitates as before.

I hey smile: „This is a good opportunity, but I now probably am not the general in Turin, can have this qualifications?"

The imperial prince actually smiled: „This is the minor matter, father's military tally here, after returning to the imperial capital, naturally can be promoted to you becomes a leaning general, tomorrow will go to the school ground with me together, participates in a soldier to contend in martial arts and that's the end, but...... Xue Sand manner is cruel, reigns among ten several years, before the palace, contends in martial arts has killed person already several hundreds, as long as cultivates to slightly have the uncommon empire brave warrior, almost died in his hands."

„Has not related, I do not fear death, to my a little confidence."

My expression is relaxed, as if the imperial prince also received some infections, then said with a smile: „Good, wishing you smooth, Li Xiao Yao!"


Sunset, arrives in the imperial capital, the Turin city.

The Turin city wanted inferior much compared with Tian Ling Empire, the city was not very firm did not say that the total area also missed were too many, no wonder, Turin empire total population 500 thousand, but Tian Ling Empire, did not say except the player, NPC total population at least about 100 million, otherwise could not recruit the armies of 200 thousand people.

In the evening, lives in imperial prince palace, the persuasive words have rejected the good intentions of several maidservants, waited for before next day palace, contends in martial arts.

Leaf 14-17 accompanies the family member to travel, previous time turns on the backstage also to think that has informed, has not thought that unexpectedly has not informed, sorry ~ the related renewal notice wait / etc. will tell everybody in the micro blog and public micro letter first Cooldown, public micro-signal shiluoye2014, everybody will play the micro letter can add, to the public micro letter message, although I cannot 11 messages, but will look ~

Zhan Long Chapter 1249

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