Zhan Long Chapter 1250

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Night, the moonlight is tranquil.

I was arranged in the side building, a very small courtyard, several stone stools fall fragmentarily organize, in the corner is small practicing martial stage, on the arms rack the long halberd sharp knife blade under the moonlight flood the fearful gloss, I am looking that suddenly outside transmits a bustling sound, the front door is trampled by a crude foot, a piece of flare.

„How?" I asked.

A bodyguard walks rapidly, said: „General, this group of palace guards said are the night patrols, has a look to have the suspect, even if we have your highness imperial decree to be also useless."


This was also too bold, even connected the imperial prince palace dares to clash hardly, it seems like that the king and imperial prince truly had been extruded an acme in the status of empire, winter tea god king displaces is also only the Cooldown issue, the aborigine of pitiful boundary cultivates not to be high, degenerated into preying on many god king blocks, the strength that revolts against radically does not have.

„Makes them look up." I said.


At this time one crowd lifted the soldier of flare to well up, had a look at their weapons, some that I could not bear want to smile, this crowd of person armor were not neat, on the pointed weapons also had the dirt, even on the long swords of some people also had the obvious gap not to make the blacksmith repair, was really laughable, such one group of sloppy soldiers can become the palace guards unexpectedly, under Han Yuan compared with my hand, Xiao severe Military Control palace guard, this group of people simply was the motley crew!

The soldiers have almost thrown off the entire side building rapidly, finally anything has not looked up, only then I stand before the gate gorgeously.

A 30 -year-old high and low military commander walks to go forward, narrows the eye to have a look at me, said: „Who you are, why before , hasn't seen you?"

I pull out the imperial prince to my token, said: „New assistant general does Li Xiao Yao, have question?"


He smiles, said: „All important posts in armed forces must nod after Great General god Wang Xue Sand can assign, your this assistant general does not make the number, gives me the token!"

I sneer: „Don't your highness have the qualifications to appoint a trivial assistant general? This Turin empire is the world of Turin king, is the Great General Xue Sand world?"

He has been startled being startled, after all god Wang Men is also not the genuine king, possibly also has scruples, then smiled, said: „Boy, you plants very much, but, if my sword handle you kill here, probably on nobody knows that your highness had promoted your this assistant general."

Saying, he already drew a sword to clash, on Jianfeng is dense the roaring flame, the potential of withstanding great pressure is dividing, my goodness, trivial multitude of people long have that big guts unexpectedly, must in the imperial prince palace murder, this guts surely be three god kings gives him, thinks that here I am burning with anger, since these three god kings are the days of Turin empire, then today I, since came, moves this day!

Does to be rapid the sheath the sword, my step one has the movement superiority slippery, will do the slanting hit on his sword blade edge, a perfect standard kept off appeared, the next quarter, the butterfly sword blew out soars to the heavens the golden light, rode the wind to cut shoots down loudly in this multitude of people long front, „puff puff" the continual penetration, the blood spattered in all directions, caused heavy losses to this multitude of people long instantaneously.


He called out pitifully a backlash to fall to the ground, the front full was the damage that the butterfly caused, the butterfly was the five-star magical instrument, was sharp, his armor existed in name only radically, on the face full was panic-stricken: „You...... Who are you?"

I reiterated one time: „I am an assistant general who your highness promotes, has said that hurries to leave, otherwise I kill palace guard multitude of people long words in my courtyard, can claim that is about the multitude of people long behavior sneaks the imperial prince palace theft dishonorably, executed a captured offender on the spot by me."

The look on his face was uglier: „Withdraw!"

One group of palace guards withdraw in abundance.

After they all leave, the bodyguard of imperial prince palace looks to me, said: „General Li, your this time brought the big trouble, this person was the flame general in palace guard, always very much received thinking highly of former General bear, Lu Xiongshen supported the strength of god king, perhaps they will not let off you easily, you must be careful!"

I nod, have a look at the sky, said: „Immediately on the dawn, they should too many Cooldown, before not waiting for the tomorrow's palace, contended in martial arts."



Actually I anticipated actually very much that former General bear late at night can come to here, here solves Lu Xiong, at least can avoid another two god kings, but he disappointed me, has not come to look for the gathering place, to after dawn, the imperial prince sent for sending the breakfast, the thing in game has eaten eats a taste, the player did not need food to support Stamina, ate casually, having an audience with imperial prince.

Today's imperial prince appears has an imposing appearance, has worn one set of military garb directly, rides a white warhorse, lance that the portable handle lingers incorruptible, a style of school of senior general, but the strength was bad, palace guard any multitude of people long can in ten rounds solve him......

„Did General Li Xiao Yao, you prepare?" Altogether 12 assistant generals with imperial prince, but he goes to me the vision only, it seems like truly prepares to challenge the god king the person who to my this to think highly.

I nod: „Good."


About 400 people of teams enormous and powerful from the imperial prince palace, to the king main hall, is not too far, about 10 minutes of traveling schedule, has not waited for us to arrive heard the shocking beating a drum sound, in the vast school ground under king main hall at least gathered over 2 thousand armies, fluttering of flags, looks like this Turin empire is also the military force is truly powerful, but this military force too depended upon the god king, the king own status of soon has not guaranteed.

The king is one about 50 -year-old high and low person, the body very empty appearance, the dark pouche, sits does not have in the throne may say dignifiedly, is built on his both sides people actually looks like very bursting with life, god Wang Dongming, the number country master, wears a black long gown, the hand grasps a flood light fan, the features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, another is god Wang Xue Sand, an armor, is grasping a handle lance, Great General, grasps the national soldiers and horses, as for the former General bear, stands in the front of No. over a hundred military officer, before commanding, armed forces.

I keep silent proceeds along with imperial prince military commander sequence, so long as before is the military officer rank achieves the request has been able to participate in the palace contends in martial arts, except imperial prince beside, after prime minister , the general, on the general and others will also send the certain amount of military commander to contend in martial arts, this is about the winter tea to show own benevolence? As for the martial arts contest, the winner will obtain the duty of Great General finally, naturally, final Challenger is Great General Xue Sand, a god king, before , are so many martial arts contest casualty to be always innumerable, in fact this is also the winter tea and Xue Sand uses to weaken the empire military strength the method, kills off all strength uncommon generals completely, removes the dissident, making the king and imperial prince nobody available.

However this time I arrive at boundary suddenly, is a variable, this will be three god kings will not think absolutely.


Ceremony quick start, right has grasped the bamboo slip, first has brought honor to your majesty benevolence, afterward starts to announce before the palace, contended in martial arts formally started, those who assumed the arena was a number is „imperial guard general" the person, carried one to fight the hammer, the powerful and brave appearance, toward there station, exclaimed: „Who dares to fight with me?"

The imperial prince turns away to look to me, said: „This person is the Great General Xue Sand person, the feelings is vicious, dies, in he fought under the hammer at least to have 20 people."

I pout: „Fierce!"

Some quick people have challenged, the military commander who right sends out just three rounds was smashed the head by a hammer, the blood has sprinkled the martial arts contest stage, several minutes later, on the person of general was also broken by smashing with stone the leg by a hammer, comes a hammer again, direct account.


That full is on general of white beard claps, gets angry: „Xue Shawu I, unexpectedly my cutting edge general massacring, is really really hateful, irritated me!"


Quick, dozens people come up the challenge, but had all been killed to the hammer by that imperial guard general, before the palace , the scene of contending in martial arts soon turned into one to slaughter.

I have held the arm to stand nearby imperial prince wait and see, has not planned to come up the challenge, then waits, now also early, first makes these dozen of soy sauce the deaths one say again.

The imperial prince is also this manner, hints me to be patient, waits again.

Cooldown crossed fast, in an instant soon high noon, but person also over 50 people that on the martial arts contest stage died.

The distant place, General Bai Huzi died in battle 3 military commanders, the air/Qi clashes the bullfight, distant looked to right, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Prime minister, you also in what? I heard that you found one to practice many years of boy in Cheongsan-ri, has strength that close god Venerable, why does not make him go to battle, you are hiding him again, the empire military commanders must die, this military authority will fall in the hand of Xue sand!"

Right has a look at a right hand military commander, said: „Myongchon, do you want to challenge imperial guard general Xue Dragon?"

This military commander looks like about is 40 years old high and low, in the foreheads is passing the heroic spirit, the makings of whole person are different to other military commanders, his nod, said gently: „Wish to expel for the prime minister!"

„That goes, takes carry back to the old man the empire military authority! Once succeeds, the riches and honors enjoys endless surely!"



The myongchon stands up, the under foot step plundered already on the arena, the speed was much faster.

The imperial guard general raised full is the hammer of blood and pointed cone, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Your pointed weapons do not have, why to challenge me? Takes pointed weapons while convenient quickly, how the father will teach you to cultivate the behavior!"

The myongchon cannot bear laugh: „Kills your such idiot, why must pointed weapons, my startling thunderclap fist foot!"

Saying, the myongchon already exhibited a weaponry, a right leg slippery station horse, the fist raises, Thunder Guang is lingering around the armored hand, is a person of practice thunder and lightning principle, looked the stance that this gets rid of knows the strength was uncommon.

The imperial guard general roars, iron hammer waves on the rush that creates an incident goes.


Iron hammer easily accomplished potential, the myongchon speed is just faster, the body sank to shunt this has struck, actually just liked the loach pastes has slipped into the body side of imperial guard general, numerous fist bang on his right leg!

„" One, was the pin bone is hit to crack, but the imperial guard general was a brave general, stiffly stood there as before, raised the double hammer to continue to pound to the ground.


The dust flies upwards, failed, by the speed, the myongchon be higher than him were too too more, moves sideways to arrive at his, the startling thunderclap fist sticks out suddenly, the entire right fist changes into Thunder Guangzhi to pass the back of imperial guard general together, is „" one, passes its vertebra spur, puts from the chest together with the internal organs, even can see the fragment of heart, horrible to look at!

Zhan Long Chapter 1250

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