Zhan Long Chapter 1251

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The thunder optical scintillation, shines periphery is bright, in imperial prince pupil is producing an inverted image Thunder Guang on myongchon fist, said: „Good myongchon, is really the person with outstanding ability who a non- world has!"

Under the stage has resounded a bravo, perhaps is three big god king power and influenced acquireds over a long period is too long, the ministers feel suffocated, when saw the myongchon bang massacres Xue Dragon at one fell swoop, the people yelled unexpectedly.



The Xue Dragon grandiose body layer on layer knees down, raises the innumerable dust, several well-known colleges and universities Wei walk to go forward immediately, drags to entrain its body, has that two fully is being the war hammer of blood, finally, the slayer was killed.

The myongchon is built on the field, wields the fist, the blood and thunder light clears instantaneously, he puts out a hand on a finger of stage, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Xue Sand, you usurps the empire military authority to be long, come, fights with me!"

Xue Sand stands up outrageously, is grasping the lance, sneers: „Courts death simply!"

Nearby, winter tea said lightly: „Xue Sand, you are careful, today's martial arts contest is not simple."

Xue Sand sneers: „Either, do the great nation masters try this myongchon the skill?"

The winter tea smiles: „You go, what myongchon struggle is the duty of Great General, if you have defeated, this Great General lost did not say, will also lose in your one godship of god."

Xue Sand has a good laugh: „This is I during ten thousand years has listened to the biggest joke!"



In a flash, Xue Sand has stood in the arena, before the myongchon body, lightly said with a smile: „Startling thunderclap fist, a little meaning, but...... Does not know your thunder and lightning principle whether above me?"

Saying, Xue Shadi drinks one, the surrounding space and time as if condensed generally, the invisible pressure opens, the crushed stone in ground flies in abundance, is leading Thunder Guang, airborne is the dark cloud racing, suddenly Xue Sand has formed centered on an own thunder and lightning field of force, not only that the lance in his hand has actually passed through the innumerable flame principle strength , the god king Venerable the god is stronger, unexpectedly the flame and thunder and lightning principle double cultivates, this godship was valuable!

The myongchon in field one appeared compared with under has paled by comparison, his startling thunderclap fist might compared with Xue sand was simply ordinary with the child acrobatics.

„Frightens?" Myongchon astonished.

But is so one is also astonished, the opposite party launched the offensive, Xue Shayang draws out the left arm, the innumerable thunder and lightning flee, kills to the match, the momentum is dreadful!

The myongchon raises the armored hand hurriedly, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Thunder Dun!"

Thunder light of sparkle interweaves a great shield, kills with the thunder and lightning field of force bang of Xue sand in the same place, „bang bang bang" the fulmination sound is unceasing, making people think the accident, this person can in short defend Thunder Wang the attack unexpectedly instantaneously.


A armor disintegration piece by piece, the myongchon resists very pitifully, even the skin of both arms also starts by the thunder and lightning burn continually, what is more miserable is Xue Sand attack not only so, the right hand lance has delivered suddenly Going out, changes into a fire dragon to attack circuitously, kills the myongchon from the rear area directly the back!


The lance penetrates the body the sound to be clear, an entire lance passes, the next quarter myongchon lowers the head to have a look at the front, discovers a giant flame gap.


The explosive sound transmits, the flame strength of myongchon within the body erupts, exploded pile of meat dregs it directly, such died.

„Biting", a godship fell on the ground, flood purple Thunder Guang, was being the myongchon godship, but that was a godship fragment, was incomplete, the myongchon strength was only the loose spirit, was not the god Venerable, otherwise was the true lower position god godship.



Xue Sand walked to go forward, has picked up the myongchon godship fragment, grasped single-handed grinds directly, the godship fragment changed into thunder and lightning spirit strength to buy by Xue Sand, he relaxed the body, after five deep breath, the energy of this godship fragment bought in up, Xue Sand facial expression as if also became well, this then swallowed, game between gods.

„Thank you, right!"

Xue Sand turns around to look at toward right the prime minister, laughs saying: „Many thanks you looked for such a myongchon to bring death, such pure thunder and lightning supernatural power, gives me simply the best gift, on that white beard the general, you also had any strong point person to send freely, the father is happy today, stood here, who can defeat me, position of godship and previous general who who can take away the father!"

Right and previous general is mad trembles, but the crush of absolute strength, they can also have any words saying that can only foam with rage actually a matter unable to do, sends for the challenge also bringing death again, let alone the followers in empire originally few, has the person who disperses the spirit strength to be few, but the god Venerable does not need to raise, once discovered person who the god Venerable the strength, perhaps three big god king very rapid killing, subsequently „eating food supplements".


Four are silent, nobody dares to challenge this to have the god king of absolute strength again.

Xue Sand, this name looks like a curse same falls in the top of the head of entire empire, presses everyone not to gasp for breath, an imperial prince face is angry, but king glassy-eyed sitting there, that was the desperate appearance, the king has been at wit's end, does not know that also had any person to overthrow three big god kings' rule to the empire, if invited other god Wang to come to challenge, may be sends off the wolf to invite the brave fighter, day possibly sad.


The wind blows, under the ground the myongchon scorched disintegrating slag tumbles the martial arts contest stage, the imperial prince watches, on the face with amazement, said completely: „Was better than the myongchon like this dead in battle, Li Xiao Yao you...... Do not challenge Xue Sand, we...... I can need further consideration, waited for after your flying upwards god king, challenges him again......"

I show a faint smile: „Your highness, I may not have that many Cooldown to consume here, I went...... If triumphs, I will return military authority to give you, if I have defeated, when I have not come to the Turin empire to be good."

Actually, if I died here, that 7 days later said goodbye.


Summoned the beautiful woman dragon, I who raspberry appeared entered thousand frost wing effects instantaneously, trod the stair to get on the martial arts contest stage step by step, lifted the hand to draw out behind the double sword, the butterfly, does is a magical instrument, flood brilliance was obviously different from the weapons of these ordinary military officers, and a I overlord coverall was Huaguang is more hidden, no matter what everyone can look.

„Boy, are you?" Xue Sand visits me.

My in addition holds good [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor one after another, at the same time said with a smile: „I am assistant general Li Xiao Yao of your highness subordinates."

„Originally is your boy!"

Xue Shati the lance, is laughing saying: „Dashes, the person of severely wounded palace guard flame general is you? Good, today I well teach your for palace guard, is not right, must defeat the bone to raise the ash you to be right!"

Saying, Xue Shayang sound said to the imperial prince: „Your highness, has not thought that you also started to recruit the military commander, but, my Xue Sand likes making into pile of hashed meat your today the words, should you not be angry?"

The muscle on imperial prince face twitched, said: „Li Xiao Yao will certainly not be defeated, I believe him!"

„Ha Ha Ha......"

Xue Sand laughs wildly: „Waited a while I to fire ash him, your highness said again this somniloquy was not late!"


Was saying Xue Sand must begin, but I have actually raised the long sword, looks to the person on stand, said: „Your majesty, great nation masters and were former generals, I challenge to win Xue Sand to obtain the position of Great General?"

The king nods, the winter tea sneers saying: „Challenge god king, you are really dream of a fool."

I smile lightly: „I have a request."

„What requested?"

„Before I and Xue Sand branch out the life and death, no one must meddle among us the fight, Ok?"


The winter tea said with a smile lightly: „Victory and defeat the minute, has naturally not been able some people to meddle."



What I most am worried is 1 V 2, a person will challenge two god Wang Kending to be killed by the second, restores also without enough time, single Tiao words, will use can try fully.

Turns around to look to Xue Sand, the sword blade edge that I provoke raises, said: „Come, god king!"

Xue Sand roars, flies once again centered on its thunder and lightning field of force, this also means that my near body preying will wipe out HP by his thunder and lightning field of force each time, this is an issue.

Establishes [Azure Dragon Crossbow] + [Black Tortoise Realm] + [Soul Army] continuously, uses up a card , to promote 30% HP upper limits that goes against my HP upper limit to about 100 thousand, this can also fight, I almost am notch completely all, the destiny card sign turns the red card, single-handed, [Great Realm of Desolation] asks the way!



The power to injure is good, can hit!

Did will fly also Going out, penetrated three times Xue Sand body continuously, but I raised the butterfly sword to tread the arc to walk the position, went round Xue Sand near body, the distant raising long sword, direct [Seven Star Fragment Slash] reduced his HP!

During the dust flies upwards, Xue Sand suffered the continuous attack already to become angry out of shame, opened single-handed, the anger exclaimed: „Wan Dian kills, gives me dead, your this sediment!"

Piece killing evil, lets one move that the myongchon how, the innumerable thunder and lightning interwove sharp knife blade to fly, if were struck directly, died does not know how dead.


Fights the boots to tread the sound in the ground, my spin body, the left hand innumerable stars ray twinkle, condensed the giant shield suddenly, the shield of stars, own body perfect protection behind!

„Bang bang bang......"

The fierce sound is unceasing, the attack that Wan Dian kills was almost given to block by the shield of stars completely, but the shield of stars also cracked, at this moment, Xue Sand lance also projected, „tittering" punctured thoroughly my skin, good pain!


Very strong attack power, god Wang really Venerable with the god is the completely different scales, and I with his near body, the thunder and lightning have killed above the body, creates injures continually, every second the injuries of 10 thousand, this was at least more painful!

„You are very strong, but must die!"

Xue Sand corners of the mouth are bringing cruelly, the left fist is having the flame and thunder and lightning rumbles together!

I have not resisted directly, is actually sideways time [Blade Rush] to leave same place, big MISS flies, [Blade Rush] is easy-to-use, treads a [Seven Stars Teleportation] position transformation was arriving at Xue Sand, is withstanding the persistent injury of thunder and lightning field of force, erupts one time to ride the wind to cut directly, falls consecutively for 15 squally shower attack on his body, at the same time resorption that causes the magnanimous damage many HP.

But the chest is also one stuffy, a Xue Sand foot, is 30 thousand + injury.

Zhan Long Chapter 1251

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