Zhan Long Chapter 1252

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Xue Sand roared in a low voice, the acme of lance was condensing one group of strong flame, after bullied is near, launches the attack, the flame bursts out instantaneously on my overlord armor, a scalding hot feeling swallowed the body, the flash has caused the damage about 80 thousand once more, my moral nature sent slightly coldly, actually I have been avoiding diligently, but this name „hot spear exploded" the skill is unable to shunt as before, the skill release rate was fast, fatal striking rate over 80%, were awfully, light depends on the response simply cannot shunt, must sentence in advance is good.

HP little tailing off, I also anxious, is trying also to find the solution, how can restrain the injury that the hot spear explodes perfectly, otherwise I definitely could not insist that was too long, this god king almost suddenly to strike can massacre me twice continuously, throughout cannot the protracted war.


Is treading the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position, the unceasing fluctuation position is changing the battlefield, after several seconds, above Xue Sand lance emerges the strong flame once again, was the present!

When Xue Sand roars is sending getting angry spear explodes, my front surface goes, direct [Blade Rush], „Shua" a body rubs in in Jianguang to complete the advance, touches with Xue Sand separates, turns around is the consecutively three swords gives to him, but his hot spear exploded the injury actually perfectly dodging by me, could not bear secretly rejoice at heart, succeeds.

Returns to the escape position, the skill of Q-Sword original creation, in body fights is unparalleled in the world, and this returned to the escape position he just not to develop for over one month, I online have also looked at his fight video, this time looked like, using [Blade Rush] „flashing before" effect can be completed, and [Blade Rush] zero guided Cooldown also to make this walk the position to display the essence!

With holding show BOSS, this is the genuine master!

Xue Sand strikes to fail, roars unceasingly, condenses the thunder and lightning field of force rush once more, but was actually melted by the shield of my stars, after his near body attacks continuously when the round of getting angry spear explodes, I am once more accurate sentence in advance, makes the skill of escape position with [Blade Rush], perfect MISS falls the injury that the hot spear explodes, after several times, is adept, besides being defeated two times other has succeeded, and my 20 levels of [Blade Rush] CD, be only the short 11 seconds, can definitely deal with Xue sand the hot spear exploded each time injures.


„You must die today!"

Xue Sand is calling out, the thunder and lightning field of force of body week even more bone-chilling cold, but martial arts contest outside, the king and imperial princes anxiously look at me and Xue Sand, they have not thought that I have to challenge Xue Sand ability, naturally is hopes at this moment I can strike to massacre Xue Sand, otherwise was as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket.

But Xue Sand attack also even more swift and fierce, not only there is a hot spear to explode, 20 meters long-distance attack effect that the lance punctures suddenly, has the skill of summon floating mine attack, in my top of the head almost momentarily the floating mines drop the bang to kill, walking position avoidance that I must keep, otherwise over 10 seconds my million HP will not be exhausted.

„Bang bang bang......"

Xue Sand thunder and lightning and flame attack interweave with my sword air/Qi in compared with the martial stage , a hard flagstone ground cuns (2.5cm) bang will be broken, is less than 20 minutes, has become compared with the martial stage a piece in confusion, can only see the ground, other parapets was already rumbled torn to pieces, and soldier distant avoidance that the one side protects, for fear that was also killed by the attack complementary waves of both sides.

„Roar roar!"

Xue Sand body starts reappearing blood light, when his HP is lower than 50%, as if obtained some BUFF in addition to hold, hits also the special ache, almost every struck can cause the damage of over 30 thousand to me, even if were Pu Gong is also same, therefore my HP was beating fiercely, soul-stirring, sometimes blew out one time fatally to strike almost awfully.

On the shoulder transmits a severe pain , a Xue Sand lance punctured suddenly, my HP less than 20%, this was not good, must use skill!

Fights the boots to skid the position in the quarry stone, I sway from side to side the abstention of order conservation, started eternal boundary large-scale skill, physical defense has promoted 150%, attack power promoted 50%, restored 20% HP every second, continued for 10 minutes, at least in these ten minutes I not massacred.

Such one, the physical defense violent increased a big truncation, can spell hardly!

I standing firm position, [Azure Dragon Crossbow] starts immediately, grasps the double sword frontage to attack crazily, is almost 100% outputs is spelling with Xue Shaying, left to use the escape position to evade the opening fire spear to explode strikes beside on continuously the dogfight, the double sword brandished swiftly and fiercely, pit-a-pat sections of wiped out HP of Xue sand, but I also in calculating, by such attack output, after 10 minutes of eternal boundary, Xue Sand at least also 10% HP, must use [King's Domain] 10 minutes of skill Cooldown!

Deeply inspires , to continue to fight, at heart actually incomparable is worrying, a god king has compelled me to use up equipment two big skill, does the god emperor this deal with? Xue Sand is not in the god king is strongest, above also winter tea, Xue Sand dies, the winter tea will definitely not let off me, must have continual fierce battle.


If I expect, Xue Sand „fiercely competing and successfully competing", as if his attack keeps superimposing through the attack, the lance hits in is also more and more painful, is good after the eternal boundary I start domain of skill god rapidly , to promote 150% attacks and resistances, restores 10% HP every second, almost sufficed to massacre him.

The butterfly with doing will dye the blood of god king, Xue Sand armor is also hewn completely piece by piece fragment by me, the winter tea and complexions of Lu on Xiong two god kings stand are getting more and more ugly, even Lu Xiong has put out a hand the holding down sword hilt, but was stopped by the winter tea, probably the winter tea also thought that beforehand has the agreement, before deciding the victory and defeat, other people can not intervene, this is also my reasons of beforehand these questions, I have the confidence to challenge a god king, but absolutely does not have confidence 1 V 2 hits two god kings, that is must lose.


On Xue Sand face was stained with completely the blood, likely was a going crazy lion general was roaring, is not what a pity useful, in the domain of god he is unable to cause heavy losses to me, is unable to massacre me, most let be my returns to the escape position that he was angry his hot spear to explode in MISS, the violent striking rate that the hot spear exploded was very high, can rely on this skill to come the second I, what a pity by MISS, that absolutely did not have the opportunity.


Lance numerous prick grounds, but has not moistened to my body as before, this time Xue Sand was thoroughly wild with rage, only also remaining 2% HP, roar unceasingly, wishes one could to defeat the bone to raise the ash me immediately, but was a pity very much the road of his god king has arrived.

„Buzz", above the double sword is unconstrained the golden ray, rides the wind to cut to start, consecutively for 15 times cut to penetrate thoroughly Xue Sand body swiftly and fiercely, carried over a blood, came [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo, [Tempest Sword] + to tread the broken heavenly thunder to start again together, raised single-handed, [Thundering Heavens] wreaked havoc, innumerable crazy thunder undifferentiated bombing compared with martial stage, but I raised the thunder and lightning field of force that the shield of standard stars kept off Xue Sand to kill, entire was shivering in my skill compared with the martial stage, even in the bystander could not see what happened.


After the innumerable dust and mist clear, all people of outside have held breath an cold air/Qi.

God Wang Xue Sand, the Great Generals in this Turin empire kneels to sit on the ground, the lance pokes in nearby ground, he is drooping the head, as if lost all strengths, sitting of being silent there, has come to the life end.

„Li Xiao Yao!"

God Wang Lu xiong stands up suddenly, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Do you dare the deicide king?"

The winter tea also loudly scolds to shout to clear the way: „Li Xiao Yao, under the sword is forgiving! Otherwise I will certainly not let off you!"

These three god kings acted in collusion, I had not planned that they will let off me, only must do is solves this god Wang Xue Sand by eliminating the future trouble, today I do not kill him, will be doomed next time to greet him to double the retaliation that by god Wang Dianji, I am not being wanted like this.

Fights the boots to plunder, I stood in the god Wang Xue Sand front, both hands have gripped the butterfly sword, fell suddenly!


The sword light flashed past, bringing a blood, the god Wang Xue Sand skull to leave the nape of the neck, killed a god, the simplest way was to reduce his head, or destroys his godship, but I want to obtain the godship, can only chop the head.

Finally links one miserably howling with enough time not to send out, Xue Sand died, the head is rolling in the ground, the body knocks down, muscle and a skin cuns (2.5cm) peeling change into the dust, the death of god is frigid, turned over to the dust and earth to turn over to the dust directly earth, in his body complete disintegration instance, „biting", a godship fell in the place.

I put out a hand to collect, godship core is glittering Thunder Guang, that is the strength of thunder and lightning principle, but the godship surrounding lingers is having the light warm feeling flame gloss, that is the flame principle strength, in this god godship is having the dual strengths, grasps as if to feel in the control enormous and powerful supernatural power of implication.

Flies upwards, doesn't fly upwards?

I stand in compared with the martial stage, hesitant several seconds, in the god godship in this puts to wrap silently, does not fly upwards! I must challenge the god emperor, captures the superior god godship!


Xue Sand dies, the three services vacillated . Moreover, Xue Sand is the god king, in the mind that in three sergeants died is war-god existence, today is actually beheaded under glare of the public eye, this impulse is really too big, the military officers of many Xue Sand subordinates were helpless, even some have cried on each other's shoulders.

„Li Xiao Yao!"

Lu Xiong is angry, already drew out long sword one to drink greatly, flew from the stand, layer on layer under shoots down!

I watch, naturally cannot recognize instigated that speedily draws out the double sword, is in same place anxious spin, the double sword sweeps Going out, blows off the sword air/Qi that Lu Xiong this has struck, left hand, the shield of stars condenses, both feet treads the ground fiercely, is holding up shield of collision Lu Xiong stars the strikes!


The stars fragment spatters in all directions, but Lu Xiong also resulted in the body to tremble by shield of star territory Wu Juezhen stars, raises the sword to retrocede, the butterfly sword of my right hand is direct „" to arrive on the breastplate of Shangdong bear, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] erupts instantaneously, penetrates its body, and also has caused 4 times of damage, rumbled directly HP of Lu bear about 1 million.


Lu Xiongdie to stand, but oneself cultivate to good, stops the trend of tenesmusing baseless, the complexion visits me pale.

My hand grasps the double sword, is built on airborne, said lightly: „Wish the gambling to concede, Xue Shaji was inferior that the person had been killed by me, do you also want to bully little inadequately?"

Lu Xiong had been daunted by my power and influence short, the angry glare circle stares, has not said anything.

Is great nation Master Dongming grasps the iron fan to stand up on the contrary slowly, said lightly: „Xue Sand indeed technique is inferior to person, after being killed, the military tally of empire Great General naturally can give the Li Xiao Yao young general, but...... Xue Sand cultivates ten thousand years of god godship, but also hopes that the young general can return to us, we will bury it in the tomb containing clothing without the body of Xue sand, making him be insufficient the body and soul separates."

Zhan Long Chapter 1252

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