Zhan Long Chapter 1253

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I come broken lonesome god for the godship, he wants to demand that unexpectedly god godship, this is having a dream simply! Wants awfully, to take away, but in wish god godship, no way!


I am thinking over the god godship in hand, said with a smile slightly: „Regarding the follower, this godship is the most precious object, the great nation masters should also know simply I will not return?"


Winter tea complexion one cold, said: „, Please the new Great General put best into it!"

Saying, the winter tea was turning around to hold the fist in the other hand to the emperor, said: „Your majesty, the micro feudal official body has ill, first goes back to rest, did not attend the sealing ceremony of Great General!"

The senior king breakneck is enduring happy expression, said: „In battlefield the sword did not have the eye, Li Xiao Yao has also injured accidentally Xue Sand, but also asked the great nation masters to restrain your grief and accommodate change, afterward orphaned Wang Jiang will send for sending to Feng Shang."

„Thanked your majesty."

The winter tea bowed, wields long sleeve to lead one group of aides to walk, Lu Xiong also wielded the battle dress, said: „We walk!"

Looks that Lu Xiongdai one group of palace guards are following the crowd the general to depart with several together, my secret relaxing, luckily luckily, if the winter tea and Lu Xiong launched an attack a moment ago, I died, not to mention I definitely hit two people to collaborate, was I do not hit, after all the boundaries and domain of two super skill god my eternal both were cooling during the rotation, once hit single Tiao also to lose, the war-god king, did not need these two skill I not to hit.

Young your highness laughs, directly to coming to power, bows to salute, said: „Many thanks Li Xiao Yao, many thanks to you we can recapture the empire military authority from the god king hand!"

Nearby, the bodyguard is holding the ribbon attached to an official seal of Great General, was waiting for respectfully I receive, this Great General ribbon attached to an official seal is governed by Xue Sand, others do not dare to bribe, now Xue Sand was killed, but in the mind of people, I became had already dominated the powerhouse above god king, the nature was also respectful to me.

The king also goes down the throne, the sealing ceremony that carries on the Great General, waits for me to leave must return the ribbon attached to an official seal in any case, now temporarily is taking a meeting!


After sealing , to continue imperial prince palace, the garden of this housing was more gorgeous, but I did not have the thoughts to say these, looks in the control was grasping the godship, offline, must offline find Dong Cheng Yue immediately, making her do not fly upwards with that Kress's flame godship, after all was only a godship of lower position god, after flying upwards, to the player attribute promotion was not very remarkable, the Xue Sand godship very suitable East city in my hand, the thunder and lightning and flame double to cultivate actually, but Dong Cheng Yue main skill [Flame Beast Burst Fire] and flame stone belonged to learn suddenly, but [Thunderbolt Finger] this in a big way killed the move actually. Belongs to Thunder Xi, in this god godship customizes for her simply!

Rapid offline, but was quick I to feel embarrassed, Dong Cheng Yue entered god, this contacted with her? Sends the information words to be invalid, can only negotiate with her in the reality!

Goes out, before arriving at the Dong Cheng Yue room gate, thump knocks knocks on a door, has not responded, should in the game, absolutely not have Cooldown offline to open the door, perhaps is preying on anything.


I move the door lock, is useless, what to do?

Clenches teeth, ok, is hard!

Palm, strength of Yang Flame the surges, immediately my palm almost turned into red, grips the door knob to urge the round of flame strength, after several seconds, this of Dong Cheng Yue door locking to be melted, pushes the door to enter, remove the strength, after restoring the normal temperature, arrives at the bedside, actually discovered that Dong Cheng Yue static lying down on bed, wears the game hard helmet, moreover only wears night clothes, personal appearance beautiful fascinating'winsome, although is lying down, but the front twin peaks actually back off like the bowl, the elasticity and tall and straight degree of young girl are the no small matters, moreover a pair of longleg has trod the step on of quilt, rests the skirt. Also disorderly drooping on the leg, reveals the following soft white small underpants.

My instantaneous face was red, always felt that this is not quite good, but is afraid Dong Cheng Yue to fly upwards now, that must waste in Xue Sand the god godship . Moreover the [Zhan Long] first master, can with position god godship flying upwards naturally be it would be the best!

Bends down hurriedly, thump has knocked the Dong Cheng Yue hard helmet, then pasted her ear saying: „East city, do not fly upwards! Do not fly upwards! I have attained in one god godship, you can in the godship of god with this fly upwards, the words that hears, immediately offline!"


Probably doesn't have what sound?

However I carefully look, discovered that right hard helmet green signal light in rows of twinkles, this is the offline procedure is revolving, Dong Cheng Yue really offline!

„......" She did not lift hand to take down the hard helmet, immediately sits sets out, visits me with a smile: „Obtained in one really the god godship?"

„Um." I layer on layer nod, say with a smile: „That is natural, who you visit me are, single Tiaoshen the king definitely is not a problem."

Dong Cheng Yue is delighted beyond measure, opens the arm to grasp me, turned the cheek to kiss on my profile continuously several, joyful saying: „Good, most loved you!"

I was somewhat awkward, said: „Men and women do not give and receive, we cannot like this, be a bit faster solemn, the preparation gets online to take the godship!"

„Um! That this flame lower position god godship what to do? I just took, but also missed for several seconds to fly upwards!"

I think that said: „You directly the father who this godship gives He/She Wei, that the god who called Nike Venerable, making him build up this lower position god godship to restore the supernatural power, was quick he to regain the most flourishing condition, then you made him send you to the boundary, remembers that must make the strength that he benefitted to think Venerable deliver you through the lava level, otherwise you will be burnt, after lava level, you came, the map that I was was called the Turin empire, in the Turin city you!"

„Good, I get online immediately!"

„Um, I go to the Turin city you."

„Well? Did my gate shatter? Lock......"

„, Had burnt out by me, the situation is urgent."

Dong Cheng Yue charming smiles, will rest skirt that short skirt to suspend has downward drawn, exhibits character and style ten thousand appearances, said: „You, if so is really anxious, me told that I will keep the gate to you."

I am utterly confused immediately, the face was also green: „I walked!"


Returns to the room, subsides mood, East city truly is a Little Demon essence, gets online, cannot by her chaotic my cultivation be!


Appears in the imperial prince palace of Turin city, when I, as soon as gets online, out of the door had the bodyguard to knock on a door: „Great General, 14 of empire altogether 14 regiments command the Sir to arrive in the meeting hall, your highness asked the general to go, commanded was waiting for that the general admonished!"


Clearly, the imperial prince is brilliant, knows to strike while the iron is hot, captures the Great General military authority first Cooldown starts to boss around in the empire to command while me, making them for oneself use, to seize the chance to be built on stilts great nation Master Dongming and strength in former General bear, instead is believing firmly in their eyes that my this Great General can resist two god kings, actually does not know in my heart to think that I do not want simultaneously to hit two god kings, that is brings about own destruction, the present is only because the winter tea and Lu Xiong do not know my details, therefore has not killed together.

On the table is laying aside the military rank of Great General, but I have not worn, I wear is Tian Ling Empire holds the symbol of spear as before greatly, this makes me rely on, but this Turin empire, to put it bluntly I am only a here traveller, sooner or later must walk.

Outside the meeting hall, at least several thousand people of armies guard there, commanding of major regiments are the hand grasp male talent with large army, naturally must lead the guard to come.

When I push the gate enters, holding the fist in the other hand of group uneven Shua Shua said: „See Great General!"

Even, I also see the king and imperial prince form, they truly too took seriously me, has regarded Turin empire the straw to grasp of me from the start completely.

Distant bows to the king and imperial prince, I said: „Please sit down!"

After the people sit down, nearby bodyguard looked at a deploying troops for defense map to me, is region that the empire major regiments guard.


Looked carefully has discovered that in 14 regiments, 7 guarded outside the Turin city in not far the military compound, and residence that commanded near the Great General Xue Sand mansion, these people were Xue Sand trusted subordinates, but another 4 regiments were sent the border to go, has created the potential state of being split up, these people were the military officers who was loyal to the king.

The flash I had result, the hand according to the deploying troops for defense chart, starts to mention by name: „Scarlet sand regiment, leaves behind 3000 people to remain behind the camp, other 3 thousand people go to the border to relieve a garrison, original guarding the 4 thousand people of blood spear regiment all return to the Turin city, holds the post of the city garrison guard heavy responsibility, builds Jiangjunfu among the other institute of imperial prince palace, commanding of blood spear regiment is in charge . Moreover, the roaring flame regiment, the red fox regiment and armored hand regiment are also same, relieves a garrison to withdraw to nearby the Turin city completely, commands the arrangement to be also same, these four regiment guarding border merit illustrious, all commands, vice- commands the complete officers to rise first-level, the salary turns time, hopes that you can dedicate."

Commanding of four big regiments are excited, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Many thanks the Great General dispatches!"

Actually promotes military rank matter I not to have the authority, but the beforehand these authorities had been built on stilts by the winter tea and Xue Sand completely, now emperor also here, I naturally can act in own discretion.

In the imperial prince eyes emerges is being excited and frantic, said: „Has not thought that General Li Xiao Yao leads the talent, I think that you are an uncommon follower, now looks like, you will be uncommonly commander!"

I show a faint smile, NND, the brat, did not say that you do not know I mix flamboyant in Tian Ling Empire......


However this saying I naturally cannot say, otherwise was too extremely arrogant.

Continued deploying troops for defense the surrounding army, because many armies of defending the border did not come back for a short time, therefore I comfort around the Turin city army to command suitably at present, simultaneously separated 3 thousand from the 4 thousand people of palace guard elite, was long commanding and Yorozuo of these people, completely the person who multitude of people long changed into the imperial prince, let the palace guard became a palace wall take advantage most greatly, the military authority has given the imperial prince, such will come is the winter tea and Lu Xiong launches an attack will have to dread.

Then, must wait for was the two god king breathless mutinies of!

I must wait for Dong Cheng Yue to take the godship in any case, takes your time, has the opportunity to massacre Lu Xiong or the winter tea, is Wan Er gets so far as in one god godship, if she is willing to want.

Zhan Long Chapter 1253

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