Zhan Long Chapter 1254

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Does not know when Dong Cheng Yue will arrive in Turin, I worried that I will be massacred by the winter tea and Lu Xiong two god kings, therefore hides that thunder and hot attribute god godship in the cabinet of bedroom, when Dong Cheng Yue came to take out voluntarily, because I told the bodyguard, as long as the girl who called Dong Cheng Yue came, that led her to come to my room, can not stop.


Sun set, the setting sun in the western sky, the final afterglow will sprinkle on the wall of palace wall, screens the motley trace, the Turin city experiences for a long time the years also to be able in this god king tumultuous times of able to move unhindered to survive is so long, the reality is not easy.

I raise the butterfly to stand under city wall, one group of fully-armed palace guards, rear area are two produce the labor cheap heavy artillery again, the might must be inferior the Tian Ling Empire dragon crystal artillery, did not need to raise the invincible might artillery, perhaps was this potential surface people are infatuated in the practice of godship, but has neglected the importance of science and technology.

An imperial prince armor, grasps the long sword to stand side me, said: „Great General, you believe firmly that winter tea does dare to revolt really? His hand inside troops are not considered as that too many."

I smile: „But he is self-confident to his strength, this was enough, gets to the heart of the problem, so long as massacres me, massacres you and your majesty again, this Turin city was their, if will trade to be my me also such to manage, continued to command the soldiers to strengthen the alert, perhaps they came quickly, the winter tea could not endure to be too long."


This young your highness pours to me also always follows, has had a dependence imperceptibly.



The fierce whipping wing sound transmits from place above, rides the flame hawk the equestrian to fall on the city wall edge, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness and Great General, Lu Xiong led 8000 palace guards to open the east gate forcefully, the city guarded 20,000 scarlet Sand Jun who to aid to enter the city outside, complete equipment, brought many attacking a city instruments, now the army is opening rushes to the palace wall, over half double-hour cannot kill, how should we deal?"

The imperial prince complexion is somewhat pale: „Really can begin? Do you have the form that sees great nation Master Dongming?"

„Subordinate has not seen the great nation master."

„Draws back , to continue to investigate."


Imperial prince deep looked at my one eyes, said: „All such as the Great General expects."

I show a faint smile: „Does not need to worry that they cannot force one's way into, we have the firm palace wall city wall to defend imperial, the winter tea and Lu Xionglai, was resisted by me, ordered the archer and heavy artillery shields me is."


Other does not dare saying that but there is NPC to help me keep off the words of blade, I have the confidence to challenge two god kings, depends upon the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position and [Blade Rush] displacement to avoid the attack, concentrates own firepower to massacre one, then made another to be good, seemed not too difficult, and archer help of one group of palace guards killed, should be also twice the result with half the effort.


Summon raspberry, a beautiful woman dragon low roar appears in the city wall, I ride on Dragon Bei, the static waiting counter-attacks of two god kings, in the city wall are being the dense and numerous archers and hold the shield soldier, complexions are pale, they know that their match is the terrifying god king, but for the imperial authority, actually has to fight, but they also know that oneself military officer is the person who kills god of death Wang Xue Sand, is stronger than the god king, therefore had the courage to meet head-on by them.

Has the courage, that was enough.

The star light sprinkles on the city, after at nightfall, the distant place has heard the fierce hoofbeat, the palace wall in the core of Turin city, the city wall is firmer, on the king main road dragged the innumerable flares, about 3 thousand troops who Lu Xiong led has been killing, but I was not worried, garrison troops over 5 thousand in palace wall, the pointed weapons grain and fodder was sufficient, dreaded the collaboration attacks of two god kings, I have ordered to kill Going out.

The rebel army settles down under the city, is preparing the attacking a city instrument busily, stone car(riage)s were assembled, filled the torch stone of tung oil, linen and stone to ignite, making this nighttime sky brighter, former general and god Wang Lu bear raised long sword progressing to stand under the city, in the eye brought to kill intent, the order said: „A bit faster prepares, Cooldown are not many!"

Imperial prince actually leap stands on archery target, gets angry: „Lu Xiong, after you come to the Turin empire , the father always waits you not to be thin, you actually suddenly revolt, what meaning is?"

Lu Xiong sneers: „When I amn't thin? Your highness you do not forget, had an executioner just to kill my righteousness brother Xue Sand, has won his godship Regent, this enmity was absolutely irreconcilable, my Lu can Xiong not report? If your highness real knowing the limitation, immediately hands over Li Xiao Yao that boy, my Lu Xiong stops attacking a city immediately, and another 5 thousand troops who the winter tea elder brother assembles outside the city will also stop entering a city, your highness three thinks!"

I laugh in one's heart, words that I hand over, whom the imperial prince and do the king also take advantage of? Did that degenerate into other people's preying?

The imperial prince is not silly, laughs saying: „Lu Xiong, before Li Xiao Yao palace, contends in martial arts to massacre Xue Sand, obtains the position of Great General, this is the Great General who the father seals personally, do you make me give you him unexpectedly? Rebelling of your this treason and heresy, depends is in itself the god king, occupies in my Turin city many years, humiliates my father, shame my elder sister, I and you are absolutely irreconcilable, today is not you dies, is we perishes, has to plant then attacks a city, I do not fear you!"


The negotiations failure, under the city really started to attack a city, the stone car(riage) threw the city torch stones, but returning a courtesy in city was heavier, an all trades heavy artillery counterattacked rapidly, the archer also pulled open the bowstring, rebel army under the undifferentiated killing city, the pitiful yell sound linked up into a single stretch, although the rebel army gave loyalty to the god king, but did not have the strength of god king, the arrow can injure will die, in an instant under the city has lain down several hundred corpses, reviewed the garrison troops not that big loss on city.

The little imperial prince knows that this mutiny is important to the Turin empire, this means that the later hundred years of Turin city will grasp in who the hand, means one and father's life and death, therefore he almost bet all, loud direction combat on city, this year the light imperial prince truly was a rare general's talent.

But saw that under the city the dying in battle population of rebel army were getting more and more, many people have not even dared to attack a city, Lu Xiong also worried, shouts angrily, above the long sword flies innumerably incorruptible, this was excels at the ice is the god king of attack, the long sword transforms the innumerable icy cold awls, has fired into the city along with Lu Xiong directly, this did strike to want one group of soldiers to puncture the candied haw?

I naturally cannot see that Lu Xiong recalls the morale, flew in me who he gets rid instantaneously Going out, jumps to leap about hundred meters high, the left hand opens, the innumerable stars surge in the palm, the rapid condensation is a radiant crystal shield, afterward dives, Lu Xiong ice icicle has formed the innumerable sharp knife blade, shakes with the shield of my stars directly in the same place!


The supernatural power surges, my left arm transmitted a sad strength to make a false counter-accusation the feeling, and was somewhat numb, that was the incorruptible attack effect, this Lu Xiong was not really simple. Is good because, his time attacked completely by the shield of stars repelling, has formed bone-chilling cold incorruptible storm in the place that we hit, changed into the shock-wave to sweep across the surroundings together, in the city the NPC soldiers under city one for it cold.


Lu Xiongluo returns to the ground, I also slowly fall in the city, is good because of having the shield of stars, otherwise does not know catching god Wang Dazhao who simply how can stroll actually does not appear distressed, my this time performance was too important regarding the morale, once I lose presence of mind distressedly, in the soldier also understanding in city fights intent to vacillate.

After returning to the city, immediately launches the offensive, single-handed, the Longteng nine days starts, the overlord fights the knee god optical scintillation, transforms a leader Shenlong energy bombardment in city Xiadade, and about hundred NPC soldiers kills together two stone car(riage)s, the grade of these NPC soldiers were too low, HP are most over 70 thousand, the Longteng nine days cannot the second kill with [Thundering Heavens].

After Lu Xiongluo returns to the ground, does not have to attack again arbitrarily, he dreaded my strength.

He he, before the life and death, even connected Shenwang will also dread, probably Lu Xiong is worried that own fate is the same with Xue Sand, had been captured the godship by me, falls the fate of being frightened out of one's wits?

Attacked a city has continued for nearly one hour, 3 thousand people who under the protracted war Lu Xiong brought about half died in battle completely under the city, corpse horizontally repeatedly, remaining also had half to degenerate into the military deserter, entered in king main road both sides street to escape, they are not willing to fight for the god king, because hit also in vain to bring death again.


Crosses a meeting again, the East was gradually white, wants dawn.

I somewhat am anxious, Dong Cheng Yue has not come, can fall to the enemy outside the city in winter tea? Cannot, after all Dong Cheng Yue be very intelligent.

„Great General, rests a meeting?" The imperial prince end comes a trough fruit, in defending a city to fight also has such treatment, is truly good.

I naturally do not have the thoughts to eat the thing, looks at the distant place as before a loss, asked: „When can recent reinforcements?"

The imperial prince said: „The 7 thousand armies in hot crag city can arrive in Turin at noon, the army command is Duke Li Zhi, the general completely may feel relieved that the Turin city will certainly not fall into enemy hands."

„Um, I know."

This potential surface killed the monster and NPC empirical value was too low, almost can ignore, therefore I have not continued to enter the war, sat in the city edge waits for Dong Cheng Yue.

To approaching high noon, a messenger speeds away to come suddenly, said loudly: „Great General, called ‚Dong Cheng Yue' the female appeared near Nanmen, had been captured by us, we suspected that she was the spy who the winter tea sent, but she threatened that must look for the Great General, needed us to lead her to come?"

I in consternation: „Brings quickly."


After several minutes, Dong Cheng Yue appeared in me at present, tied hands, together tied up including Aiersha scepter.

Repressing laughter that I go all out, walked saying: „East city, how did you make into this appearance?"

Dong Cheng Yue is panting in indignation: „Added that disarmed me without demur bundling, did not have the leather whip drop wax on the difference!"

I repress laughter: „Good good, walks, goes to my room, the godship places there."


Thinks of the godship, the air/Qi of young beautiful woman has disappeared immediately also half.

Zhan Long Chapter 1254

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