Zhan Long Chapter 1255

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Imperial prince palace, in my room, when I turn on the cabinet, in that the god godship reappears voluntarily, in the crystal thunder and lightning rays are glittering, the surrounding is dense the roaring flame, looks like magnificent incomparable, but my Dong Cheng Yue looked has opened the small mouth, in the extreme has shocked: „Quite beautiful...... Is this god godship?"

„Guarantees exchange if not genuine!"

I put out a hand to grip this godship, gives Dong Cheng Yue it, said: „A bit faster flies upwards?"



Dong Cheng Yue grips the godship, afterward closes eye, should in the flying upwards procedure of trigger system, the next quarter, rays project from her palm, colorful, has illuminated the entire room, the godship changed into the god of journeys strength to seep the Dong Cheng Yue body together, was building up to melt her body and spirit, for a very long time, after enough nearly five minutes, periphery a glare impact, Dong Cheng Yue was the skirt robe chaotic dance, in the hand Aiersha scepter is having the strong ray, she opened eyes, in a pair of pupil flashed through golden light, and behind „whish" disclosed the invisible wing that flame lingered., in god, can fly!

The next quarter, a system ting reverberation in the sky of boundaries and all maps, the system announced this matter


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Cang Yue】( China) flies upwards successfully is 【God】( Flame & thunder and lightning), is first flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: The Level + 3, Charm + 300, gold coins several + 1000000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the Magic growth promotes 100%, Stamina growth to promote 50%, strength growth to promote 40%, Agility growth to promote 30%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!


Dong Cheng Yue, shakes my hand same place to jump saying with a smile joyfully: „The Magic growth promotes 100%, my Magic attacked 7 thousand +, now had 11 thousand +!"

I am surprised, very strong attribute, and will fly......

Grabs the hand of Dong Cheng Yue, I said: „Walks, since you soon the unmatched in the world, that have helped me work now, first said two god Wang Gandiaozai!"

„." Her with a smile with me, said at the same time: „Should the in god godship's effect on growth be higher than the lower position god?"

„Um." I am assured regarding this point, otherwise the god and lower position god have almost not distinguished, this also makes me long for obtaining a godship of superior god , to promote that in that case, the strength grows at least about 150%, what boundary that should be, by my present equipment and in addition, the strength growth promotes 150%, means 8 thousand + foundation attack power possibly instantaneously can achieve about 17 thousand, that is the true explosive injury!

Now, had Dong Cheng Yue such one to fly god, was not worried unable to defend the city.

When we arrive in the city wall region, I ordered, to open the city gate immediately, killed Going out!

„Yes, Great General!"

One crowd was already eager to try to kill the Going out player to run out of the front door in abundance, but Dong Cheng Yue flies in airborne, has fired into under the city with me together shoulder to shoulder only god Wang Lu xiong, right, must massacre this god king!

However also at this time, has a look at me who Dong Cheng Yue worried, said: „System System Notification I fly upwards successfully, most can also stay for 120 minutes in broken lonesome god, later must be delivered Going out forcefully, or...... Do not mix here matter, do I accompany your next day boundary, the luck good words can help you kill a god emperor?"

„Comes step by step, frailty that god emperor we have not imagined, massacred these two god Wang Zai to say first! The luck good also to help Wan Er attain an appropriate godship!"

„Um good!"


The long sword that under the city, Lu Xiongti is lingering incorruptible stands there, sees me to come to have one to whoosh immediately, when his vision falls on Dong Cheng Yue, immediately exuded one to roar: „Young prostitute pounds, you smelted Xue Sand godship unexpectedly, damn, I must tear to shreds you! After I you first *, kills!"

The Dong Cheng Yue angry glare visits me: „Some people to your spare tire said that this words, can you endure?"

„When did you turn into my spare tire?"

„Did you say?"

„Has 120 minutes, on!"


I raised the long sword to clash, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] greeted Lu Xiong right in the face, simultaneously released [Black Tortoise Realm] to reduce his Movement Speed in the under foot, established [Azure Dragon Crossbow] again, but a Dong Cheng Yue long distance flashed before Lu Xiong behind, Aiersha scepter wielded, the innumerable flame stones emerged as the times require suddenly, created to strike the flying effect Lu Xiong, I made use a time to ride the wind to cut, chop a Lu Xiong temperament not to have.

„Brat, I must kill you!"

Lu Xiong this god king encounters me now, adds on one again the attack of position god Dong Cheng Yue, remaining has only put the ruthless words ability, I have several big displacements and control skills to make his second not fall me sufficiently, but the Dong Cheng Yue firepower exceptionally is also sufficient, hits Lu Xiong to call, when this god Wang Xiang attacks Dong Cheng Yue, actually encounters the rebound injury of roaring flame Gang wall, hits me to be ended Meige to keep off by the shield of stars again, is very painful, the insufficient 20 minutes on close remnant blood, even, Lu Xiong strength were inferior. in Xue Sand, because his attack attribute is pure, has an ice is the principle.

„Ha, my elder brother must revenge for me surely!"

Lu Xiong dies previous miserably howling, is sad and shrill some not to make sense.


I graze to go forward, grasps the godship who Lu Xiong blows out in the hand, was an ice is the god godship of principle, has exploded, in solemn the god only thoroughly understood an element, compared with Xue Shalai, Lu Xiong inferior incessantly little.

Just received in the godship the pouch, a distant place suddenly fulmination!


The end of king main road, the city gate was broken through, was the person of winter tea comes.

„Meets head-on!"

My sword blade edge wields, in city the palace guard covers kills to go.

I and Dong Cheng Yue soar in midair, seeks the form of winter tea, can stop over 100 minutes of precious Cooldown while Dong Cheng Yue, can solve the winter tea quite to be perfect.

In the crowd, the winter tea is grasping an iron fan face whiten, looks at me and Dong Cheng Yue, the anger exclaims: „You smelted Xue Sand godship unexpectedly, has massacred Lu Xiong, my two brothers died in your hands......"

Dong Cheng Yue is supporting the small milk-white bosom, said: „Has the skill you to hit us!"

Her such saying, winter tea immediately hit us, jumped, the iron fan crossed the hands behind the back after behind, both feet trod the space to erupt the woods cold ice is the strength, has created an incorruptible vortex on the earth instantaneously, the wicked beast that ice cones formed plunged me and Dong Cheng Yue, my goodness, got rid to look compared with Xue Sand and bear must!

I fly rapidly, avoidance behind killing of incorruptible big dragon, after several maneuvers throws off, gains ground, actually sees the golden light for the first time presently, is the attack of winter tea, his iron fan raised high, transforms at least several meters huge golden fan energy, epoch-making general rumbling, I can do was the standard keeps off.


The shield of stars resists!

„Bang" a bang, the arm shakes numb, Dong Cheng Yue calls out in alarm said: „This is sacred is the injury, cuts with your riding the wind is attribute, very strong!"

Indeed is very strong, struck has wiped out the toughness of shield of stars over 70%, he rubbed in the body wind, the left leg trampled suddenly, was together the golden light, as before was sacred is the attack, directly kicking to have dispersed the shield of stars, but I will not allow to be oppressed, the shield of stars shatter made use to start instantaneously has ridden the wind to cut, the statures of consecutively 15 sword penetration winter tea, no matter what you are the great nation masters must die today!

Has me, when tank, the Dong Cheng Yue nature output must be more comfortable, five fingers, the thunder light surges, [Thunderbolt Finger] kills rapidly on the winter tea, has caused the damage of over 50 thousand, and is not fatal strikes, this injury digit some explosive tables!

The winter tea miserable snort, the iron fan wields, the surroundings condense the innumerable ice cones once more, the non- difference attack, the shield of my stars is still cooling, can only withstanding such injury stiffly, flash million HP fall 40 thousand about, hurried [Strength of a Thousand Men] attacks [Drain], simultaneously flies high to tread the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position displacement, uses under the sacred iron fan of escape position MISS winter tea to strike, at the same time shouted: „East city, with [Flame Beast Burst Fire], my HP falls to below 20% times uses the snow and ice empress to get angry!"



Some Dong Cheng Yue, although the output has promoted much, but all injuries are I withstand after all, the offensive of winter tea looks like the lunatic is simply ordinary, wave after wave, continuous, was less than five minutes, the Dong Cheng Yue snow and ice empress gets angry to be compelled, froze the winter tea less than 70 seconds, I can only start the eternal boundary to resist.

After eternal boundary, is domain of the god, unceasing is supporting with large-scale skill forcefully.

However is also this, the blood strip little reduction of winter tea, enough nearly 40 minutes, only remaining is less than 5% HP, this is one sacred is the god king of + ice department, makes me believe firmly that must attain the winter tea the godship, this superior god godship was really too precious, because very suitable Lin Wan Er, the Wan Er master gate skill, iced the blade edge maneuver, [Ice Pick Whirlpool] , etc. to be the ice department, but the bright moon storm and this world shield of were the sacred department, this godship at least can promote Wan Er more than 50% battle efficiencies, so long as used this godship to fly upwards, Wan Er was almost an invincible beautiful woman assassin.

Dong Cheng Yue as if also has same thoughts, magic throwing down, wishes one could to be able the second to kill the winter tea immediately.


„Your these...... Mean person!" Winter tea only remaining strengths of cursing.

I hey smile, strikes fiercely has struck, looks HP of winter tea falls to about 1% times, the heartbeat speed also speedily sped up.

However at the final moment, suddenly the surrounding space seemed coagulated generally, my arm is unexpectedly short move.

„How?" Dong Cheng Yue as if also has this sound.

This is the pressure of god, I have experienced on Frost and Sif, but...... But Dong Cheng Yue now can the god, who the pressure blow her can also be?

In the wind, a person's shadow appears slowly, the arm penetrated the head of winter tea directly, the corners of the mouth has raised one to smile: „This godship I kindly accepted!"


Sneak attack, is god emperor!

Zhan Long Chapter 1255

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