Zhan Long Chapter 1256

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This, how laboriously blew out god godship to be able that easily falls into other people the hand?!

Did not need me saying that Dong Cheng Yue first Cooldown stopped, staff waved, airborne ignited roaring flame, a next quarter leader flame beast dropped from the clouds the impact on the body of this god emperor, has not thought that the [Flame Beast Burst Fire] skill can also such use, but I launched one set of attack from the back of god emperor, rode the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men], one set of combo bang the body of this god emperor also slightly shivered, simultaneously I also saw the name of this god emperor

【Unsurpassed Yun Qian】( God emperor)

Level: 255

Introduced: One of broken lonesome god day boundary seven big god emperors, understand sacredly, incorruptible, thunder and lightning and flame four big element principles, in day boundary conceited, making the innumerable powerhouses submit to


Unexpectedly is full Ji BOSS?

I one thump, this Yun Qian my Level has been higher than 20 levels, no wonder during my riding the wind cut 15 to strike unexpectedly 4 attacks by MISS, moreover attack power will also restrain very fiercely, attack injury that every struck unexpectedly only then 200 000 +, if has not murdered the god effect, I can only become 10 thousand + injuries to other party, the Level disparate 20 levels, the attack and defense formula will have the revision, Level low Fang Gongji, defense are weakened infinitely.

Ok, this god emperor estimated that is unable to massacre, only now can do is captures his hand midwinter tea the godship, otherwise I and Dong Cheng Yue this time were Bai Shadong the tea.

„Jie Jie......"

God emperor Yun Qian turns head fiercely smiles to us, suddenly said: „In one god, what is not the small mixed fish, should I kill you to be good? Hey, the in god unexpectedly is a young beautiful woman, good, that makes me take off in the god godship to kindly accept!"

Dong Cheng Yue stares, subconscious soaring has drawn back several meters.

It is not good, this did not have the means to capture the godship!

The palm that I maintain composure raises, [Binding Chains] starts, but fell by MISS, early has a material, electricity shoots to arrive at the god emperor Yun Qian front, the butterfly sword flies to deliver, this god emperor naturally does not have the move, the personal appearance in a flash to avoid my this sword easily, my speed is faster, the wrist skill turned, covered his left hand wrist skill, did pulls out to go the sword anger!


Probably Yun Qian has not thought that my skill, in doing a palm loosen under brushing of sword, revealed the corner/horn of winter tea that godship unexpectedly slightly, the opportunity came! My hurried destiny card sign determination red card, causes the double damage the conditions to establish to Yun Qian, the foot pedal is void, thunder and lightning fall, the Longteng nine days drop from the clouds, the fierce bang on the god emperor Yun Qian body, is having the innumerable thunder and lightning.


Yun Qiancan is howling, actually palm takes over the seal of office in my abdomen, the derringer!


Too painful! My total HP also crops up on 100 thousand, his two struck almost can the second kill me, this did not form dealing of any direct proportion.

However I am enduring the severe pain, the double sword cuts alternately, has created instantaneously swiftly and fiercely the seven time cut to strike the injury, Yun Qian the left hand cannot grip the godship finally, my direct sword hilt pounded fiercely, the godship fell finally, put out a hand to hold at the same time, Yun Qian covered my wrist skill suddenly, said with a smile loudly ferociously: „Boy, you thinks that attains godship also to run? Goes the day boundary to walk one with me!"

He led me to fire into the distant place, but under I was hurried let go rapidly, the sacred and incorruptible god godship of winter tea dropped down, I said loudly: „East city, gives Turin your highness in city the godship, making him wait for Wan Er comes time gives Wan Er, I was possibly involuntary!"

Dong Cheng Yue puts out a hand „" to catch the godship, actually visits me: „You what to do?"

My left hand completely by Yun Qian immobilizing, almost could not move, did the strength not to have including the turn over, said hurriedly loudly: „Few idle talk, a bit faster walk, wants dead together? Your godship will be captured by others in this potential surface!"

„, Good!"

Dong Cheng Yue turned around to fly to the direction of imperial palace.

„To walk?"

Yun Qian watches, leads me to glide to dive hurriedly, in the palm is surging the innumerable flame, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Young beautiful woman, do not walk, leaves behind your godship to come!"

Dong Cheng Yue is obedient very much, running of dying, even linked three times space booklets to leap uses.

At this time, NPC have actually upheld justice, the little imperial prince raised the long sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Arrow, salvo!"

In the city wall archer of one group of palace guards raised the long bow in abundance, the arrow flew like the rain, but Yun Qian outside body had an invisible guard shield, rebounded all the arrow arrow, the corners of the mouth raised wipe to grin fiendishly, scattered Going out the palm roaring flame at fingertips, immediately under became a sea of fire, several hundred palace guards all have become the ashes.

„You and other can the ants, shake Tianwei really?" Is a god emperor, on Yun Qian the aggressive truly out of the ordinary.

However what lets my accident is, that little imperial prince is too not afraid unexpectedly, actually raises the long sword, is getting angry to Yun Qian loudly exclaims: „I am the Turin empire king's son, Yun Qian, you are one of the seven big god emperors, actually unexpectedly enters the boundary to hunt and kill the god to gain the godship, your this openly violates the day of boundary treaty of alliance, did not fear that other six god emperors do investigate your crime?"

These words have the effect very much, Yun Qian stares, as if also discovered that the matter may not be, the person who here slaughters are more, he is been higher by the possibility that six big god emperors chase down together, therefore hey sneers: „Young crown prince, some of your actually balls colors, ok, today I let off you, when I have not come to the Turin empire!"

Saying, Yun Qian jumps , to continue to buckle my wrist skill, but I furiously chop with butterfly sword unceasing chopping in his front, what a pity the toughness of that invisible guard shield strives to excel, my attack injury was also weakened much, the invincible skill opened, as before is actually not able to work loose, can only go to the day boundary, Dong Cheng Yue is looking up to me in the ground, said loudly: „I what to do?"

„Leaves young your highness the godship, making him transmit to Wan Er, then your Going out broken lonesome god, do not come in again!"


Dong Cheng Yue is nipping the silver tooth, she full is unwilling, thinks so that I carried off finished not to have the means that the strength of god emperor was too strong, Dong Cheng Yue is flew upwards for god, but by the possibility of second killing is quite big.


Is narrowing the eye, the movement that I look at Yun Qian, how can he since the day boundary?

Let me not think that Yun Qian flies high is a palm strikes, not scolded the thunder direct bang to break the space, has formed a space crack, towed to entrain me to crash into, at present immediately the group star falls randomly, just liked the shuttle in the entire world is ordinary, the body tear ache, I was the body of mortal enter here, naturally cannot like be the god emperor strolls.


At present one bright, entered the god final level, is most sacred one, the discovery does not have the earth at present, only then mountains float in airborne, the mountain links up into a single stretch, is connected by the tower, the fog winds around, the fairyism is dense, here really very likely was god, as if Yun Qian does not want to make me live, threw suddenly forward me, afterward on my back transmitted a woods cold feeling, was supplemented an incorruptible attack effect foot to trample to drop down by him!

The green flagstone ground is getting more and more near, hit that „bang" falling head over heels above, was somewhat horrible to look, HP also only remaining 40%, the hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique, drinks potion, at the same time stands up from failure, is raising the double sword backlash.

Yun Qian as if did not worry that I will run away, manner free falling gently above this prolonged corridor main hall, not far away, dozens wears the green armor, the hand grasps the person of long halberd to tread to fly spatially, on faces is bringing respectfully, is worshipping on bended knees to Yun Qian in the place, said: „Welcomed the emperor Venerable the return!"

One of them gains ground saying: „Emperor Venerable, whether that godship has succeeded in obtaining?"

Yun Qian cold snort, said: „Not to mention, had gone bad my good deed by this boy, finally the moment godship lost in the boundary, damn, winter tea that boy cultivated to sacredly and incorruptible is be also second to none in the boundary, I let slip unexpectedly!"

This holds the halberd to guard looks immediately to me, brings to kill intent, said: „This brat is a human body every embryo, unexpectedly dares to go bad the misdemeanor that the emperor Venerable, making me put to death him?"

Yun Qiandao: „This boy cultivate to uncommonly, do not look down on him!"

„Yes, Yun every innate discretion!"


Do these hold the halberd guards are the bodyguards who the god emperor raises?

I am thinking silently, simultaneously [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor silent in addition is attached to above the armor, since this Yun wants to kill me, that must make him know that the player is not good to bully, so long as equipment suffices, technique to be strong, human body every embryo can also instead kill the god clan that these is a snobbish SOB!

On the game contact surface, cannot see Yun every grade, but can fight.

The disciple of this god emperor is grasping the long halberd, roars lowly, whole body golden light greatly Sheng, the acme of long halberd is reappearing roaring flame, looks like really uncommon, an arrow step flushed, one that the long halberd occupies a commanding position time chops to cut.

Raising left arm that I want not to think, the shield of stars!


The long halberd falls on the shield of stars, attacks is opened by the complete ball, my making use right hand cold butterfly sword sticks out suddenly, the left hand dispersed the shield of stars in a flash, the toughness of shield of stars only wiped out 10%, therefore CD also reduced, only then after 10% , 1.5 seconds, can condense again one time, exchanged to do the sword, the double sword caused 5 times to cut to strike rapidly, starts while the opportunity that the attack stayed rides the wind to cut, the innumerable golden light penetrated this Yun's every body, afterward killed consecutively for cutting of 5 ordinary attacks, came [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo again, did not waste the attack gap, almost. In 3 seconds have created over 30 attack, this Yun's every HP immediately already less than 40%, the bodyguard of god emperor, real dish!


Yun every also wants to run away, which actually can also be able to escape, I tread the earth, [Ice Domain] frozen lives in it, the under foot glide detours Ping Kan, does not wait for him to run away, fell its result with [Great Realm of Desolation] directly!


Miserable howling, Yun falls down, the blood seeps the flagstone in the crevices, died a tragic death.


„Yun every......" another bodyguard facial color like the snow, gains ground saying: „Emperor Venerable, this...... This boy has killed Yun, he has killed Yun every......"

The god emperor Yun Qian complexion light and shade is uncertain, said: „Yun every technique is inferior to the person, dies pities insufficient! The people disperse, making Emperor this solve this extremely arrogant boy personally!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1256

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