Zhan Long Chapter 1257

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Yun Qian is the god emperor, is naturally self-confident can massacre me, moreover since continuously he completely has not paid attention to me, alone seized the day boundary to be inferred me from him, but this was also I best captured the opportunity of superior god godship, Yun Qian understands sacredly, incorruptible, flame and thunder and lightning four big principles, was more suitable than this godship my godship?

Rides the wind to cut, the shield and [Blade Spin] [Strength of a Thousand Men] homemade skill and stars is the sacred department, [Fierce Ice Blade] and [Frost Armor] armor, [Ice Domain] , etc. were the incorruptible department, [Tempest Sword] and Flame Sword Play are the flame department, [Thundering Heavens] and Longteng nine days belong incorruptible are + wind system + Thunder Xi mix magics, Yun Qian this godship I must decide in any case!

The present issue, how can massacre him.


„Humming sound......"

Yun Qian a palm pendulum, condenses a guard shield to protect itself gently, he does not use the weapon, as if both hands are the strongest pointed weapons, both hands one, incorruptible, flame, the corners of the mouth raise the happy expression: „Boy, accepted the death [Judgement], here was god, was not the place that your this every comedian clown can come, no matter I you in the beforehand potential surface fierce, but you arrived at my domain, must die!"

Calls out, this god emperor launched the offensive, the two handed input, with the flame formation two pointed cones, the screw danced in the air to puncture incorruptible suddenly, offensive bone-chilling cold, I do not dare to be negligent, after left foot pedal , the center of gravity sinks, the right fist shakes suddenly, the stars brilliance condenses, the shield of giant stars howls, keeps off in own front.


A bang, the attack bang of god emperor results in the shield of stars to buzz, even the above corner/horn of shield of stars the direct disintegration, NND, the tough value had wiped out 55% all of a sudden, this, again came to strike the shield of stars to break.

Yun Qian has not made me ponder that calls out an innumerable thunder and lightning to condense in the body week, unexpectedly is Xue Sand that move of thunder and lightning field of force, the innumerable thunder and lightning formed macrobrachias to rumble, after an explosive , the shield of stars broke, at the same time Yun Qian the right hand grabbed a handle golden color sharp sword to puncture suddenly, around the sword blade edge the screw was waving flame and incorruptible, my goodness, the offensive of god emperor swiftly and violently and certainly!

I grasp am doing the sword, the sword blade edge gently touch his long sword, after rapid moves, [Blade Rush] starts, „whish" has completed ingenious only, making Yun Qian this stroke in the air, MISS fell, turned around one set to ride the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men], came time [Tempest Sword] + to tread the broken heavenly thunder skill combination again, [Ice Domain] treads departs, one set of skill hit the passing clouds and flowing water.

Yun Qian the luck is not very good, unexpectedly frozen was lived by [Ice Domain] , to continue for 1 second, I make use to fling the butterfly sword, [Blade Spin] puncture continuously suddenly, under the effect of destiny card sign, Yun Qian eats me every time, as soon as strikes must fall 30 thousand + HP, under the repeated attack, the blood strip can obvious seeing have the flaw.

This made this emperor revere exactly was furious thoroughly, underwent such humiliation before numerous subordinates for him is the great shame.


„[Soul Army] minefield pattern!"

He roars suddenly lowly, the innumerable thunder and lightning are swallowing the element elf in air in the surroundings, I was covered by the thunder and lightning field of force in completely, thunder and lightning „this" is exploding fiercely, and slowly the condensation, becomes handle handle Axe, lance, sharp sword and pointed weapons of dagger shape, by me and center, the surroundings at least over 30 handle thunder and lightning pointed weapons already condensed.

My heartbeat soon stopped, such offensive really has not seen, how should I face?

The avoidance and standard keep off, only had so.


Yun Qian calls out one, behind my body transmits „Shua" the sound, a handle thunder and lightning Axe flying shuttle, has turned around without enough time, I lift the hand to condense the shield of stars directly once again, shouted , the shield of stars brandished backward, the arm transmitted sad shock to feel that hitting to fly this thunder and lightning Axe, but turned around, was a handle thunder and lightning lance raids, the rotational speed of shield of stars is not fast, can only come to square to keep off with the butterfly sword, but when that moment of my long sword contact lance, the lance melted unexpectedly in the butterfly sword, directly became the thunder and lightning strength kills me. Body!


Good pain! This is not good, after 30 thunder and lightning pointed weapons kill completely, I can be killed 78, NND, this [Soul Army] minefield pattern was also too thorny, did the god imperial capital have such skill?

The [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to the blood, the feelings of some type of futile attempts, around my eyes view, are actually vigilant, is maintaining the best defense readiness condition, when the next [Soul Army] minefield pattern raids, avoided with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position directly, stepped into an eye knows instantaneously successfully, but actually by another [Soul Army] hitting, HP fell suddenly a big truncation.

It is not good, the resistance slightly missed, Yun Qian the minefield pattern attack was the dual attack of physical + magic, my physical physical defense was sufficient, but magic defense was not as good, large scale broken was defended.



A body anxious spin, again [Blade Rush], avoided an attack, simultaneously already approached Yun Qian, the double sword raised, several times attacked + [Strength of a Thousand Men] + to attack cuts to strike continuously on the opposite party, absorption will certain HP, but behind was sad struck, HP soon saw the bottom, the frontage, Yun Qian was not the affable lord, the palm raises, occupying a commanding position struck, wielded a handle flame sword unexpectedly.

It is not wonderful!

Among the hasty, speedily the shield of opening stars, the instantaneous shield toughness fell 71%, was too cruel!

Looks at the skill state of cooling again, moral nature despaired, the eternal boundaries and domain of also big sections god cool Cooldown, kills the winter tea time has used, who once wants aggressively wanted single Tiaoshen Emperor Yun Qian, was I assigns not well, now can do reluctantly has fought, can achieve to be how what kind of!

Yun Qian happily is laughing, consumes my HP with the skill unceasingly, but I was very been also difficult to hit by the situation of absolute suppression in the attribute, more important, but is, Level was also suppressed 20 levels, almost 30%-40% attacks fell by MISS, MISS simply is frequently heartrending, finally, when Yun Qian second time summoned the [Soul Army] minefield pattern, my HP could not shoulder.


The flame sword cuts into from the cracks of overlord armor, to I have created 50 thousand + injury, wipes out my final HP!



The instance of dying in battle, I started the overlord rebirth effect of overlord coverall, the entire attribute promoted 30%, and fell 1 level, however when I rejoiced, actually saw another System Notification

System System Notification: Please note, you dissatisfied 235 levels of flying upwards conditions, you will have been transmitted the original space potential surface after 10 seconds voluntarily!

Must be repatriated, however in these 10 seconds, I was raising the double sword and Yun Qian has fought with all might several swords , discovered that after the attribute has promoted 30%, as if can also spell with the [Soul Army] minefield pattern, my attribute was also short of this 30% and two big skill . Moreover, so long as I were careful enough, can a more perfect own tactic.

„Does boy, you want to walk?"

When my body week flies the transmission gloss, Yun Qian violent anger: „Do you want to walk? Does not have the gate!"

This feeling looked like this god emperor was saying: „Did you install to force also to walk?"

However, the procedure of system stipulation, the god emperor is unable to reverse, I left the broken lonesome god day boundary after a ray, simultaneously ting transmits, was too heartrending


System System Notification: Please note, you left 【Broken lonesome god】 In the map, due to the map limit, you wraps 【God godship】( Incorruptible principle), 【Lower position god godship】( Space principle)!


Ended, godships who obtains laboriously lost, was really a pity!


Has transmitted transmitting, the surroundings wind and snow sway, unexpectedly appears in side of flying upwards god stone, system System Notification I, 4 days can enter broken lonesome god once more, I must observe 7 days of principles, probably together once more will enter broken lonesome god with Fang Ge Que and sky rose.

Nearby the flying upwards god stone, many players have encircled here.

And, the [Vanguard] gang also here, is headed by Goodbye Tears, Don't be Foolish and North Pole these three big giants, having about 100 + people to defend nearby the flying upwards god stone, Goodbye Tears is raising the buddhist monk's knife, caresses the front lightly the buddha beads, said: „Our Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster just entered shortly after the flying upwards god stone, to avoid having anything to injure accidentally, in 1 hour forbids anybody to use the flying upwards god stone to enter the illussion."

In their directlies opposite, is one crowd of [Prague] player, Yan Zhao Warrior just 235 levels, is raising the long sword, shows a faint smile saying: „[Vanguard] so was when overbearing, unexpectedly also learned Ba Chang to practice the level?"

Six he instigates the white warhorse, a fine armor, is supporting the small milk-white bosom, is inserting the waist, points to Goodbye Tears with the long sword, said: „Flying upwards god stone everyone can use, this buddhist monk clearly here finds fault, Guildmaster, we do not need to be reasonable with this person, let the brothers on directly together, resentment he!"

I do not have Cooldown to study „resentment" am any meaning, from the sky is raising the long Swordsmanship: „Yeah, can not fight do not fight, in broken lonesome god where is so good, struggles any struggle."

Yan Zhao Warrior looks up me, laughs: „Li Xiao Yao, your boy how...... Fell the level?"

„I am not invincible, fell the level is not very normal......" my awkward tracing nose, said: „Challenge god emperor time, was hung to hit, good miserable......"

Six he said: „That truly is quite miserable."

I turn around and look to the [Vanguard] person, said: „Enters broken lonesome god time is the random transmissions, the big map of broken lonesome god surface is bigger than the map of entire destiny mainland, your Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster cannot run into other player, does not need to defend this flying upwards god stone, said again, the words that the resilience is insufficient, are not enough to enter the person boundary, boundary and a day boundary these deeper map."

Don't be Foolish stares, said: „Your this meaning, i.e. Jian Feng Han and do Simple die to decide?"

I laugh: „Only if they can find in the illussion each other, collaborates the deicide Venerable, the god king and god emperor together, otherwise brings death."

About their strengths I quite knew that Jian Feng Han equipment is very good, but absolutely does not have me to be good . Moreover the resilience and skill installed to be worse than much me, most can also single Tiaoshen revere, single Tiaoshen Wang almost must defeat, Simple, attack power was enough, but was a master, single Tiaoshen Venerable is an issue, attack power that the god Venerable was not a lid, hit me to hurt, let alone hits a Master cloth armor.

17 K launches the monthly ticket plan newly, each hiring by the month user can obtain a monthly ticket immediately, but the user of voting can after projecting 2500 distinguished guests obtains 5 monthly tickets instantaneously, anything had not said that the leaf for these years was always maintaining at 17 K the manner of standing aloof from the world, but also this made my rank fall, the present is everybody helps the leaf the time, [Zhan Long] has been free, the leaf plea monthly ticket, helping [Zhan Long] hit the position! [Zhan Long], has you to have me, asking everybody to help, do not let play this classification to vanish thoroughly! Must remember, after recharging, casts 2500 tickets one time, should not be separated, otherwise does not have that many tickets.

Zhan Long Chapter 1257

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