Zhan Long Chapter 1258

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Goodbye Tears and Don't be Foolish and the others was convinced by me quickly, frightened does not want to fly upwards the broken lonesome god matter, they majority of were players between 225-235 levels, can fly upwards to the level one week to half a month, but expressed again wait / etc. at this time, and the others were many enough, carried on the flying upwards ceremony again.


In fact, soon after the pattern of broken lonesome god will change again, will have the massive players to stop over in the surface, the tacit default forms a team to relate, enters the person boundary together, challenges the god Venerable together, contribution big obtains the godship, to going to the boundary, challenges the god king, is the same, but this must have various types compete, after all the godship regarding the player is the priceless treasure, no one is willing to miss this most precious object, but after my this hanging, person who loses two godship, simply is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products.

Leaves the flying upwards god stone, goes to Tian Ling Empire.


Returned to the city in the lively city, Tian Ling Empire east gate square even more lively, many people set up a stall here, sell various types of pointed weapons and equipment, various types of strange stage props and cards.

In [Zhan Long] Guild, many people had discovered that I returned from broken lonesome god

Wolf: „Well, the Xiao Yao elder brother haven't you in Tian Ling Empire, flown upwards successfully?"

I smile awkwardly: „Has hung, was massacred by god emperor!"

Li Mu: „I go, can't select the god emperor including you only?"

„Yes, completely is not the match, was almost killed by the second."

„Fearful." Yue Qing Qian said: „A saying, I do not want to fly upwards......"

Wang Jian hey smiles: „Does not fly upwards for a lifetime stays in 235 levels, later definitely will be bullied by 255 levels of full level players, you look at the office......"

Dancing Forest said: „Didn't East city fly upwards? Although is Brother Xiao Yao helps...... Guildmaster, said quickly in broken lonesome god what appearance, I must fly upwards immediately, wants the material in this aspect urgently needed, what do I need to prepare?"

I think that said: „The map in illussion is very big, altogether is divided into four, first is called ‚ground', is occupying the most preliminary soldier slave and powder spirit, disperses is equal to BOSS of star god level spirit, in addition some patrols hunting, has the godship, first below, was called people the boundary, was occupied by the god Venerable the rank NPC, the strength that the god Venerable is equal to four stars to the five-star BOSS strength, massacred to obtain the lower position god godship, the person under the boundary, was the boundary, was occupied by the god king, the strength of god king slightly was probably stronger than five-star BOSS., Selects the difficulty only strong, as for the final level, is the day boundary that the god emperor occupies, the strength of god emperor by far in five-star BOSS, compared with the Hybrid Demon king must approximately slightly inferior little, will not miss are too many."

„......" Dancing Forest is not very vacant: „Quite difficult, in illussion can single Tiao?"

„Cannot, but the map was too big, the player is unable the interconnection, therefore is generally very speaking difficult to meet goes together, wanted to obtain the godship also only to be able single Tiao, moreover......" I, said: „Truly speaking, god emperor altogether 7, the god king has dozens, the god Venerable more than 1000, the quantity is limited, the godship basically must by snatching, wants waits for many people to form a team to capture BOSS later together the time, at that time godship not remaining several."

Li Mu said: „We what to do?"

I show a faint smile: „I too did not know about and two maps that however the map of boundary knows, turns head to draw up a brief map, where everybody looks gathers."

„Um, good!"


I am the Great General in Turin empire, naturally was looks at their deploying troops for defense to attempt . Moreover the world map of boundary also had, I had have understood carefully, and with the screenshot slightly screenshot some sketchy maps, in brief, four days later I entered broken lonesome god once more time the person who certainly first going wanted the light gate familiar road more.

Now, must do was the preparatory work.

A person bored window-shops in square, after several minutes, a familiar form appears, is Yue Qing Qian, is raising the dagger, said with a smile: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, what want to buy?"

She various types of stage props, this matter asked all her night it would be the best, as soon as I let go, said: „What has to increase the empirical value the stage prop? Best to promote quite many that."

„, Does Brother Xiao Yao think the Shua experience?" Yue Qing Qian cannot stand up smiles, tilts the head visits me.

I: „Pours is not the Shua experience, but is useful, said that what has?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „What is most common cuts the monster command, can at city main there exchange experience, but the empirical value is not many, generally when is the R motherfucker player rank is very low uses to the level, when over 230 levels high-end ranks time, 10000 cut the monster to make to be also not necessarily able to rise first-level, with its flowered that wasted money might as well Shua experience."

I am somewhat speechless: „Must go to city main there to exchange the experience, this is not good, I needed that type to use same place on the stage prop of long experience, had?"

„This, pours also has!" The Yue Qing Qian affirmative nod, said: „Quite are just few, the name was called ‚I Ching pill', can promote this level 1% empirical values approximately, only had the mean probability to blow out on star-level BOSS, is stage prop that the latest edition promoted, entire Tian Ling Empire also few, some also buying have eaten by Cang Cheng and Situ overlord such local tyrant player."

I, clap on the fragrant shoulder of Yue Qing Qian joyfully, said: „That Qing Qian helped me get so far as a I Ching pill to be good, how much money wanted, I left."

„Good, about 10 thousand R motherfucker do, want really? Good expensive......"

„Wants, helping me buy!"


I transferred accounts 10 thousand to give Yue Qing Qian, the return excess, her happy has handled matters, but I continued to walk randomly in the Tian Ling Empire square, now should have a look at the card, what previous time I brought was promotes 30% HP upper limits the cards, were been more by own HP, but hit preliminary BOSS to be good in fact, killed high-level was difficult, especially BOSS of deicide emperor rank, was almost simply useless, the additional resistance was a kingly way.


Wandered for about one hour, had not seen anything to be appropriate, the card majority in the market circulating is to promote attack power, but my attack power has sufficed, the promotion resistance is the first choice.

When I almost soon give up, suddenly saw a stall in the Dashengtang front, above put completely the dense and numerous cards, sold the player of card is 40 -year-old high and low uncle, on the shoulder is reappearing together the symbol, was the [Legend] Guild player, name of name very comedy „card sign master", the sentiment was [Legend] Guild specially sells the rear service player of card, Level was very low, should be this.

I have settled down in the stall front, has swept card in a stall, although many have not actually wanted, therefore said: „Your did here such inventory? Other?"

Who he has recognized me is, said with a smile: „Originally is Xiao Yao Guildmaster, you in broken lonesome god, did not come back, but also fell the level?"

I said silently: „Was hit by all Shendiao."

„, Restrains your grief and accommodates change, has come and that's the end." Although he such comforts, but the expression on face actually clearly loves, said: „These cards have not entered the Xiao Yao Guildmaster discernment? Highest has 9 levels of cards!"

I shake the head, said: „Too was inferior, shows me with your 10 levels of cards directly, what card making me have a look at [Legend] to have the collection."


BOSS that our [Zhan Long] overthrows are not less than [Legend], but Li Mu and fellows of Wang Jian these ruined families had almost Hao Ka directly to be divided into the brothers, has not thought collects the card to supply the special time uses, can see the distinctions of two big Guild from this detail, [Legend] can stand erect in the Guild wind and cloud list does not have the mark homing actually, they regarding this detail grasped compared with [Zhan Long] slightly good some.

Card sign master rapidly the stall of card turning page, the second page impressively is flood the golden gloss card, altogether 7, uniform 10 levels of cards, is the top card of present stage edition, his corners of the mouth are reappearing the self-confident happy expression, said: „The card of entire Tian Ling Empire most high-end here, in the auction room no goods, had not planned to sell, since is [Zhan Long] Guildmaster inquired personally that shows you, has to want?"

On the side of him introduced the cargo with a smile: „Hot Qilin card, 10 levels, promoting 100% flame to be the injuries , to continue for 120 minutes, this, the incorruptible demon good card, 10 levels, promote 50% incorruptible injuries, as well as remits 30% incorruptible that receives is the injury, looks at this again, wild demon Ronkka, this is explodes from the demon dragon Alshvang's body, five-star god level BOSS , to promote 70% comprehensive attack attributes, moreover again the comprehensive addition after the equipment addition, is the same to your overlord rebirth, 70% do attack power, want?"

I truly very much move, after having this wild demon Ronkka, I hit god emperor Yun Qian to be absolutely twice the result with half the effort.

However has not chosen, instead was my vision falls on a lavender card, this was the card that I most wanted

【Purgatory ghost card】: 10 levels of cards, promote the user 10% comprehensive attack attributes with 20% HP upper limits, and remits 50% thunder and lightning that receives is the injury , to continue for 120 minutes.


This challenges god emperor Yun Qian for me simply the card of preparation, remits 50% thunder and lightning is the injury, this means the [Soul Army] minefield pattern that Yun Qian will weaken to my power to injure to 50%, that is unable the second to kill me, moreover in addition added 10% revisions, attacks with 20% HP upper limits, this can enhance my self-preservation and attack capability.

Puts out a hand a finger of purgatory ghost card, I said: „Wants this, opens a price?"

He is startled slightly, says with a smile: „Super does BOSS that Xiao Yao Guildmaster wants to challenge excel at the thunder and lightning is the attack?"

I did not deny: „Ehm, the thunder and lightning injury was too strong, almost can the second kill me."

The card sign master meaningful smiles, said: „This purgatory ghost is our Guildmaster kills BOSS to explode personally card, this, I ask that his how much money sell to you are quite appropriate."


Several seconds later , the card sign master took down the card from the stall this 10 levels of purgatory ghosts directly, gives me saying: „Hey, Guildmaster said that since is Xiao Yao wants, that free delivered you to be good, minor matter."

„Free? That is not good, like this I cannot want." But I want this card really very much, can this challenge the god emperor to succeed to me very importantly.

The card sign master knit the brows, said: „That...... Also the line, meaning, received your 1000 R to be good, how?"


Trades successfully, I give a Fang Ge Que round of news to express gratitude immediately, in fact knows that I must use this card challenge god emperor, the general competitor will not have sold my card . Moreover the conservative value of this card at least in 10 thousand above, said that delivers delivers, the Fang Ge Que mind truly is not the average person can compare.

Zhan Long Chapter 1258

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