Zhan Long Chapter 1259

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In the afternoon, the ting reverberation in the Tian Ling Empire sky, another player flew upwards together successfully, and as before was the player in Chinese war zone


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Drunken Spear】( China) flies upwards successfully is 【Lower position god】( Great crag), is second flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: The Level + 3, Charm + 200, gold coins several + 500000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the strength growth promotes 70%, Stamina growth to promote 60%, Magic growth to promote 30%, Agility growth to promote 20%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!


Did the short spear trick fly upwards?

Really is the fellow who did not discuss principles practically, Drunken Spear outshines others in [Flying Dragon], he wanted to obtain the help of more companion in god is almost impossible, therefore first cut to kill a god Venerable, flew upwards to break 235 levels of limits to say again that this mentality deserved praise, Dong Cheng Yue also thinks, but after I obtained Xue Sand god godship, had a better opportunity.

Such one, the Chinese area around the world has outshone others, we had two god level players, reviews iron skull city and highest heaven city and Ze deep pool city, seven luminaries city and other servers not to have the player to complete to fly upwards temporarily, approximately is also because the present stage achieves 235 levels of players to be limited, total not over 100 people, therefore cannot collaborate to challenge the god Venerable, the god king and even the god emperor, enters the opportunity in god not to be big, not the careful words directly were also possibly massacred by the second.

Fang Ge Que and sky rose is very good example, posterity's success, establishes based on predecessor majority.


I continue You Yi in Tian Ling Empire, at the same time also waited for Lin Wan Er that side news, Dong Cheng Yue told me, before Wan Er one hour, arrived in the person boundary, she can the [Stealth] stealth, in the god whereabouts should be very secret, does not know how long she wanted to arrive in the Turin empire of boundary, I have left behind the god godship of winter tea, sacred & incorruptible two were the principles, enough outstanding to letting her flew upwards.

Carefully looks at the rule that a player flew upwards, discovered that these limits are not extremely severe, flew upwards the player flying upwards 30 days later can enter god as god as before, kills higher Level god to obtain a stronger godship to fly upwards, naturally, there are struck to kill to capture the possibility of godship, all were in the riches and honor danger strive.

Again shortly afterward, Yue Qing Qian has sent I Ching pill, I have given her 10 thousand, she actually bought 2 I Ching pill for me, at the same time closely examined my I Ching pill to be useful.

Actually the use is very simple, only then I am useful, when I was massacred by god emperor Yun Qianji, is forced to draw back lost forcefully time has discovered that my empirical value originally is 235 levels 99%, killed moment first-level, the empirical value is 234 levels 99%, so long as a I Ching pill, I can rise to 235 levels, will not receive 234 levels by forcefully the disciplinary punishment of transmission, such one, I can have the overlord rebirth 30% entire attribute additions, in addition the purgatory ghost remits the thunder and lightning card 50% is the injury, should have. Opportunity that the god emperor fights, but this is also my only opportunity, perhaps otherwise, I forever do not have the opportunity to kill with one's own hand the god emperor.


Has deposited in the card and I Ching pill the purgatory ghost the warehouse, afterward went to the Hybrid Demon territory to practice the level single-handedly, killed the demon palace that some completed the order form fragmentarily to ride, the barbaric wolf to ride in Tu Dragon Fort ruins mountain range, was 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the empirical value is many, in the evening helped [Zhan Long] first weapon casting master Palace Spirit female fall the S6 transcription again, the empirical value has also reached 235 levels 87%, over the next few days practices a little empirical value to have more than enough to spare.

But nearly 7 hours passed by, Lin Wan Er has not flown upwards as before, does not know that what happened, I and Dong Cheng Yue can only worry dry, cannot play outside awakens her, if she is fighting that not to be good in the game.

Is good because, Wan Er is never disappointing, to the night about 11 points time, a ting reverberation sky over Tian Ling Empire, the player of third flying upwards appeared, in Wan Er success promotion god!


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Cang Tong】( China) flies upwards successfully is 【God】( Sacred & incorruptible), is third flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: The Level + 3, Charm + 150, gold coins several + 300000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the Agility growth promotes 100%, Stamina growth to promote 50%, strength growth to promote 40%, Magic growth to promote 30%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!


Wan Er also reached 238 levels, with Dong Cheng Yue and Drunken Spear compound world Level first!

However will place again shortly afterward will have the transformation, because Dong Cheng Yue has experienced in Shua, before tomorrow, can rise to 239 levels, when the time comes was the entire server Level day list first person of being worthy of the reputation.

In a while, Lin Wan Er appeared in Tian Ling Empire, direct selection returning to the city.

Dong Cheng Yue also from practicing the level comes back to supply, reaches agreement to meet in Dongmenqiao together.

I raise the butterfly to take a step on cool breeze bridge floor slowly, after several minutes, Lin Wan Er appeared, in top of the head golden ID

【Cang Tong】 LV-238 Hermit God

God level: in god

Main city: Tian Ling Empire

Guild: [Zhan Long]

Position: Vice- Guildmaster


Meanwhile I can also see that she behind opens a pair of invisible wing, the gods can fly, what let alone she inherits is the god of winter tea, according to the god emperor Yun Qian words, the winter tea should be in the god of boundary few powerhouses, therefore Lin Wan Er the godship is not general powerful.

Dong Cheng Yue also came quickly, saw after Lin Wan Er, immediately a face is shocking, looks at the golden gloss that on a Wan Er bright moon coverall is covering, then has a look at the Wan Er front the snow white peaks and ridges and deep gully, said: „The Wan Er beautiful stayed simply!"

Lin Wan Er looks at Dong Cheng Yue, said with a smile: „East city is also same, flew upwards the later overall outward appearance changed, now soon turns into the small female celestial......"

Two female in together beautiful stench, my speechless has a look at them, I perform high service through hard work, several godships were I hit, but to finally only then my dingy was killed by the god emperor.

The Wan Er thoughts are exquisite, sees my not being feeling well, with a smile is holding my hand, said: „Good, many thanks to you we can that fast flying upwards, come!"

Visits her to dig the adorable appearance of small mouth, I almost smile, the instantaneous heart has also been drunk, the one side passed by the vision that the players in Beimen Qiao cast to admire in abundance, Tian Ling Empire almost nobody did not know that our three, Lin Wan Er in the people mind is the solemn Cang Tong goddess, at this time dug the youngest daughter appearance of small mouth also to make everybody together be drunk.

Puts out a hand to embrace the slender waist of young girlfriend, just scratching the surface a kiss on her lip, said: „Good good, in game we cannot make widely known, will otherwise be chased down by the FFF group."

„Oh, what do you then have to plan?"

„Had not planned that practices the first Level experience, then waited for that next time will enter god the opportunity, this time must enter the day boundary one time, butchered a god emperor to say again!"


Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile, said: „After that our Level rises to is high enough, again together since day boundary, challenges god emperor, how is it?"

„Good, but I possibly can the first flying upwards god emperor!"

„Hee hee, come on! I am quite hungry, our does offline eat the thing?"



Also for a while, Cooldown does not have anxiously in any case.

offline eats meal, late at night called forcefully several chefs, making them make the feast, they also had no alternative facing our these work and rest Cooldown very anomalous ancestors, was good is high because of the wages that we gave enough, must be higher than several times compared with the chef salary of five-star hotel, therefore they did not have the complaint.

Has made the Tang Qi phone call, demonstrates nobody to meet, it seems like Tang Qi also entered god to seek for the godship to go, temporarily did not need to disturb him, I and Wan Er, East city ate this together already very late dinner.

Lin Wan Er tastes the sweet snack, Dong Cheng Yue is fighting bravely with an edible wild rice stem, but I am grasping a big elbow, felt that god and BOSS of god of emperor rank long Cooldown king in game and constantly challenges, to my Stamina is also very big test, must eat the thing of a heavy taste and high energy to supplement the physical ability, and in the game is treating Cooldown is longer, my exceed felt strength of Yang Flame in within the body, formidable in day-by-day full, this phenomenon basic on indecipherable, perhaps the old man initially participated in a research and development destiny this game time on thinking of this game to follower. Advantage, but why he now is also probably indecipherable Yang Yanji the powerhouse also greatly by the benefit.

Wan Er also ate on the lip to stain the cream, gained ground to have a look at me, said: „I have thought suddenly a point, can let you inevitably to kill the god emperor."

I one happy: „? What means?"

„Is very simple, you massacre a god Venerable or the god king first, then flies upwards, to outside, unceasingly has then practiced the level, practices to over 245 levels, 30 days later since the day boundary, challenges the god king once more afterward, falls before below 235 levels forcefully will not be transmitted, like this you most can superimpose 300% attributes, even connected Canglan also not necessarily is your match, let alone a trivial god emperor?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Um, that Wan Er you said truly is good means that but you also know that my heart is quite anxious, cannot wait to be so long, 30 days, perhaps when I had been massacred since the time seven big god imperial capitals of day boundary, when the time comes my intestines regret blue has not helped matters."

Lin Wan Er has scratched the corners of the mouth, said with a smile: „Um, this but actually is also."


Finished eating the thing, early has rested, tomorrow must continue to get online practices the level, is to enter god once more prepares.

However the matter forever has not imagined is so smooth, when I will soon enter [Lullaby], the telephone has rung suddenly, what demonstration is the number of destiny China area president Ouyang Nuo face, really must have an accident!

„Did Xiao Yao, rest?" She asked cautiously.

„Does not have."

„Tomorrow has free time?"

„Can see me?"

„Yes, tomorrow morning, approximately one?"


By the end of the month, the fervor arrives to the time of monthly ticket list quickly, casts over 2 monthly tickets to bestow the [Zhan Long] medal, but deliveries the payment, over 4 Bao You, 5 monthly tickets send out a [Zhan Long] playbill, was right, after casting the monthly ticket, adds the cold pledge to ask the beautiful stars however to demand the medal, cold pledge group: 213517779, cast the monthly ticket to add, very lively official VIP main group ~ remembers that group confirmation news filling in has cast the monthly ticket.

Zhan Long Chapter 1259

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